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A photo of Dr. Phil, left and Stephanie Hayden Ford on DR PHIL that aired on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014. (Photo by © Peteski Productions)

I didn’t watch the Dr. Phil show where Stephanie Hayden Ford talked to the eponymous balding individual, but a writer from did. In her interview, Stephanie discussed her father Will Hayden and the current trouble he finds himself in, vis a vis the alleged inappropriate touching and rape of small children. Stephanie originally came to her father’s aid and defended him against the allegations, but as the charges have mounted and her own sister has come forward she has changed her tune. She had the following to say to the future Hair Club for Men member . . .

Hayden told Dr. Phil, in the prerecorded interview, that when she was 12, her father got drunk and began kissing her on the neck.

“He said come give me some love,” Stephanie Hayden said, recounting the events she claims occurred more than 20 years ago. Hayden said her father pulled her shirt off and began kissing her chest. Soon after, she immediately jumped up and got off of him. Hayden said her father never touched her again in that matter.

Stephanie Hayden Ford says she is now coming forward to be strong for her sister.

“I know my sister needs someone on her side,” she told Dr. Phil.

I’m usually the first person to point out that not every arrest leads to a conviction and that we live in a place where “innocent until proven guilty” is a thing, but this really doesn’t look good for Will. The charges keep piling up, and the witnesses seem credible enough.

Sons of Guns is as dead as Jimmy Hoffa. Red Jacket Firearms as a brand may never recover, mainly because their entire business was built off their name recognition and without the show they are dead in the water. And as for the Hayden family, this is something that will take more than a drunken Thanksgiving dinner to smooth over.

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  1. It just gets more and more sordid, doesn’t it?

    If Will Hayden is in fact a preferential sexual predator, he’s been doing bad things for a long time, maybe since he was a teenager. Because the seal has finally been broken, victims will be coming out of the woodwork.

    Now-adult victims who have moved on are likely to remain silent, but I expect that for every accusation, there will be twice as many victims that we will never hear from.

    • Yes, will did molest her at age 12, also will has threatened the life of anyone who comes out against him. Now I am not on his side, I am on the side of the law. So I have to say this is all according to her. It has yest to be proven.

  2. RedJacket is toast. If you realize that Will Hayden’s Indian Name was Red jacket (watch the show, he claimed to be indian). So the namesake of the business is a rapist.

  3. At this point, can we possibly say “enough” to the Hayden stories unless there’s a political tie-in via MDA or something? To be honest these stories are starting to feel less like a potential gun-politics story and more like rubbernecking.

  4. For those who didn’t watch, a few new facts came out.

    The original allegations, which were said to be from a “disgruntled employee” were pretty serious. Turns out this wasn’t just an employee, but a very close family friend. This person walked in on Will Hayden mostly undressed passionately kissing the 12 year old girl.

    She noted that friends of hers have come forward to her now, telling her that he had inappropriately touched them as well.

  5. I feel sad for Stephanie, her kids, and the rest of Will’s family in that they have to deal with all of this, whether it is true or not. I recall Will mentioning multiple divorces in his past with the implication that his devotion to the business was the problem. Perhaps his ex-wives picked up on something going on.

    • Maybe. We can speculate all day.

      But I am a bit annoyed how that I read in past stories everywhere that Stephanie said she was raped or molested too.

      The situation she described in the interview is sexual assault. Sexual assault and rape are not the same thing.

      If it was truly something that happened only once, that’s super icky but it makes it more understandable why she would initially defend him.

      My guess is that the older sister heard from the younger sister first hand what was going on and said, “oh hell no.”

        • Splitting hairs can be the difference between legal and illegal (25″ vs 26″ rifle for instance) and the difference between a 2 year sentence (if convicted) and a 20 year sentence.

          Semantics matter when it comes to law.

      • Could also be a possibility that she wasn’t ready to talk about forcible penetration on TV yet (if at all).

        • This is possible too.

          Either way, nothing about this entire SNAFU is positive or even salvageable in any way.

  6. Yeah, Rape Jacket is dead alright. Joe needs to shut the Op down, move, and start a new biz somewhere else, if he wants to stay in the industry. Can’t believe he wouldn’t see that by now.

    As for Will… if he’s found guilty, should be put down like a lame horse.

    We, should probably stop talking about this sometime soon. The real tragedy here is of course the children (whether the allegations are true or not, if you think about it).

    The show sucked and so did the shop, so no loss there.

    Other than than, nothing else to say until the Trial.

      • Good point. Would prefer not to see a trial for the children. If he’s guilty, he should probably save everyone the trouble and take his place amongst the monsters.

      • If he’s found innocent, well we have to believe the system works. If found guilty, I’m betting his backside may do some things that’s never been done be-fo.
        Can’t believe no one beat me to that one.

    • “As for Will… if he’s found guilty, should be put down like a lame horse.”

      I disagree. A crippled horse should be put down quickly, humanely, and painlessly. Anyone guilty of raping a child doesn’t deserve such respect.

    • The only redeeming factor for Dr. Phil as far as I’m concerned is that he’s good friends with Ron White.

  7. So she wasn’t actually raped now?so he said come give me some love and the next thing is she’s on top of him? How did that happen? Cause she said she jumped off of him! Then he just left? WTF? That sounds like total bullshit now doesn’t it?.. Something is amiss..she is lying if not total then she’s not telling the whole sorted’s so obvious her storie is very,very strange! And that is how peoples lives are many times have we seen it before in the news? At trial it all falls apart when the truth comes out..very strange storie that’s for sure..

  8. Thank you for the summary. Now I can ignore the rest- this is like passing a bad car crash- with firemen and EMTs handing it, you know its ugly, and there’s nothing there that you need to see, or slow down to hold up traffic already bad enough.

  9. This story now needs to play-out as it will. Red Jacket Firearms, as a brand, is ruined as are many lives radiating out from Will Hayden. Personally, in Season Two, I decided Mr. Hayden was controlling, intimidating, domineering and a bad-tempered man. I would have pegged him for the kind of man who would hunt down and strangle a pedophile with his bare hands, but NEVER imagined he would end-up being accused (and I emphasize “accused”) of BEING a pedophile.
    I am done with this sad saga, too.
    I do hope Joe Meaux can salvage something out of this garbage pile.

  10. Maybe now that they no longer have a show guaranteeing them endless profit, Red Jacket will produce some firearms worth owning.

  11. well her story is missing some parts but do take into account if it happened its not easy to talk about to one person let alone millions on TV. Also she may be under a legal order by lawyers handling the case not allowing her to disclose every detail or certain details. This is heartbreaking but the show is destroyed and red jacket as a brand unless they restructure, change their name, disavow will, and donate a portion of their profit for the next 10 years to meaningful charities I am pretty sure they may not be able to come back from this. Will is mental he is perverse in the mind and will be punished if the courts and lawyers can prove the case against him. if he is human at all he should just plead out accept his time and therapy (or whatever) and at least not drag his family and friends through anymore trauma.

  12. Hayden I think a life sentence is to easy for him. Someone like Hayden just needs to be brought out back an spend about 35 cents on a bullet an shot him in his junk an slowly watch him bleed to death the suffering . But Not Louisana they rather use our tax payer dallars to support that mother f**er for the rest of his dam life in jail .Save our money an buy bullets they are cheeper then 50 cents a pieces . An the money Louisana save from feeding his ass that could fix yall dam road across the state. . As for as Hayden A eye for a eye an tooth for a tooth. Sick man Hayden I hope u know that carma never f***in sleeps. I hope carma knocks on ur door everyday.

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