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The Colorado Senate State Affairs Committee has killed House Bill 11-1205 by a vote of 3 to 2 across partisan lines. No real surprise there. Under the bill’s provisions, Colorado residents could have carried a concealed weapon without applying for a permit. And the Rocky Mountain State can’t have that because . . . blind people could carry concealed. “Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle spoke against the bill and said he revoked a permit from a man with a brain injury who woke up in the night and began shooting at imaginary intruders,” reports “He also denied a permit to a blind man who wanted to carry a hidden gun to thwart harassment on the bus. Under HB 1205, both people would have carried concealed weapons because they believed they met the legal criteria, Pelle said.” I guess someone dodged dodging a bullet then.

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      • Majority vote of Senate committee = “jack booted storm troopers.”

        The iron fist of the state wins when the iron brain of the state wins.

        • That doesn’t even mean anything. When people stop thinking and keep talking, that’s what it sounds like.

        • This doesn’t apply to the TTAG Intelligentsia of course, but “The people get the government they deserve”.

          And they do.

        • “When people stop thinking and keep talking, that’s what it sounds like.”

          You would know.

    • Blind guys carrying concealed guns is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, at least today. With you guys, there’s no shortage of stupid ideas. No-permit concealed carry is a pretty good example too.

      • True that My Kull. Because all those little permission slips we need to exercise our 2A rights are keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and blind people!

        Uh, well wait a minute..

      • Please look up the definition of “legally blind” But lets say for a moment that your not just ignorant or stupid, but just another one that feels rights are only for those people like you that deserve them. The Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, there is no disclaimer that handicaps need not apply. The first Amendment is in there as well, would you suggest that people that don’t think like you should need permission or training to speak? oh wait from reading your comments you kind of do.

  1. I grew up in Boulder, and it doesn’t surprise me a bit to see the Sheriff carrying the water for anti-gunners. Boulder politics are not ‘liberal’, they’re nearly Marxist. Anything that smacks of individual liberties or exceptionalism (other than disgusting displays of body modification, body hair, or body odor) are firmly discouraged in the People’s Republic of Boulder.

    In Boulder it’s easier to buy pot (and less trouble to carry it) than it is to buy a .22 rifle.

  2. Ugh

    Why is it that just because someone *might* do something, the masses always lose?

    Guilty before proven innocent.


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