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Texas Moves to Make 1847 Walker Colt Revolver Official State Gun

Now that Utah’s broken the official state gun cherry, elevating the Browning M1911 to the bureaucratic equivalent of sainthood, other U.S. states want in. Arizona’s still dithering about the Colt single-action army revolver. Meanwhile, Texans for Walker Colt are agitating to name the .44-caliber 1847 Walker Colt Revolver the official Texas talisman, ballistically speaking. “What a better why to express the rugged individualism and self reliance that has defined the great people of Texas since the days of the Republic than by honoring the Walker Colt Revolver as the official state gun of Texas?” Maybe by honoring Davy Crockett’s .40-caliber flintlock “Old Betsy”? Sorry. Couldn’t resist. OK. Let’s hear their case . .

Without the Walker Colt Revolver in the hands of the Texas Rangers the Republic of Texas might not of survived the trials and tribulations that it did on its path to statehood.”

The Texas Rangers since their founding in 1823 have defended Texas with honor, valor and dedication and exemplified the Texas ideal of rugged individualism. The Texas Rangers could not of done it without the assistance of their trusty sidearm, the 1847 Walker Colt .44 Revolver.

Texas Ranger Samuel Walker used Colt’s earlier pistols, but was unhappy with their performance on the frontiers of Texas and knew Colt could do better. Ranger Walker made some practical recommendations to Samuel Colt that led to the development of the 1847 Walker Colt .44 Revolver which is known as the first truly effective military revolver and a major breakthrough for repeating arms.

Walker claimed that the new revolvers were “as effective as a common rifle at 100 yards and superior to a musket even at 200.” Ranger Walker quickly ordered 1,000 upgraded Colt Revolvers and introduced them into the ranks of the Texas Rangers defending the new Republic of Texas and the rest is history… until now.


  1. avatar Jon says:

    Calling all Texans to support the 1847 Walker Colt Revolver as the official state gun of Texas, please follow Walker Colt on facebook and twitter @1847WalkerColt.


  2. avatar NCG says:

    I don’t suppose anybody asked the Comanches how they feel about this.

    1. I believe history shows that they did indeed ask the Commanche how they felt about this firearm but seeing how they were all dead, they weren’t too talkative.
      Don’t you just hate when that happens?

  3. avatar Mercutio says:

    I read a while ago that the original Walkers had an unfortunate tendency to blow up in the shooter’s hand – and that later models, like the Dragoon, had the cartridge load reduced from 60 grains to 50 as a result. Hopefully not a metaphor for the legislative process.

  4. avatar Magoo says:

    For historical importance, Texas has no choice but to go with the 6.5x52mm Carcano rifle.

  5. avatar Wes says:

    Go ahead, Texas… Make My Day.

    I wonder if Connecticut or Rhode Island will try to state-gun the M1 Garand.

  6. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I want two of those babies, and RI will chose a straw and spitballs over any gun.

  7. avatar Magoo says:

    Of course, official state designations are the basest sort of pandering: State salad dressing, state power ballad, state wire gauge, state firearm. Legislatures can busy themselves with these deliberations, painlessly and uselessly currying votes rather than, you know, running the government.

    1. avatar porschespeed says:


    2. avatar Ralph says:

      And just exactly what is wrong with a state salad dressing?

  8. avatar porschespeed says:

    Oh yeah, TEXAS

    One of those “pro business” ”low tax” “low gov regulation” states. Losing business, losing tax revenue, losing, well, everything.

    Ya know, one of the states that is within a billion as broke as CA ‘cept it has 12MM LESS people in it – not to mention the crap scenery of that depressing flat expanse of dirt.

    Of course, unlike most of those ‘damn blue states’ TX gets WAY more back from the Fed than it pays in – $1.40 for every $1. Unlike CA which still nets about $ .94 per $1.

    Please TX, feel free to go do your “independent republic” thing any time you want. I’m tired of payin’ for your lazy white trash ass and frankly, Mexico can have you back. The SAT Riverwalk is neat, but I can duplicate it anywhere for less than you cost America per day. Highschool football is just a game for kids – it ain’t a religion. Most Americans don’t really like cowfuckers. And, oh yeah, we’ll kick your bull-ridin’ asses anytime you inbred punks wanna start some serious shit.

    1. avatar Patrick Brown says:

      Damn… have you ever considered buying a puppy or something to calm you down?

      1. avatar porschespeed says:


        I do have a dog (4 year old white golden I’ve had since he was 8 wks) and he does help me realize what really matters.

        Honest, any of my employees will tell you I’m laid back – ’til the BS starts.

        I’m pushing 50, so I have no tolerance for the manipulative crap the Statists calling themselves ‘Conservative’ or ‘TeaParty’ try to sell. I know better, and so should everyone else.

        1. avatar Patrick Brown says:

          I’m knocking on 50’s door as well, but I gave up getting riled up over crap I can’t control. One of the best things I’ve learned is that there aren’t too many problems a few Earth rotations can’t solve. Except that my dog still bites me… 🙂

        2. avatar Ralph says:

          I’m past social security age and the only thing that gets me riled up is when the grocery store runs out of prunes.

        3. avatar porschespeed says:

          I’m a dick, and make no bones ’bout being anything else.

          I know what is shit (as I used to make it) and I know that it ain’t good for the everyman.

          That is why I quit, I figured out the game.

    2. Son,

      I’m not sure where your getting your information from but anytime you’d like to come visit just say the word. I’d be happy to show you around, buy you a beer and try to find out what planet you were born on. For now all I’ll say is “sticks and stones”.

      Wake up and then grow up.

      1. avatar James Boatwright says:

        It is NOT “…. where YOUR getting your information….”
        BUT “…. where YOU’RE getting your information..”
        Note: “you’re” is an accepted contraction for “you are”;
        “your” implies possession.
        Samuel Colt couldn’t spell either; I have a copy of a letter that he wrote to the War Department in which he mis-spelled the word “come” wrong in three different ways ………..

        1. avatar Drawer22 says:

          Well, James Boatwright, I’d have to say that Jeffrey Lynch sure is in good company if he’s spelling pals with Sam Colt!

    3. avatar John says:

      Better get on some psycho-meds. Really; they will help.

  9. avatar Gunnutmegger says:

    If this gets approved, they need to have Bush read the official pronouncement.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      He can read?

  10. avatar Jeff O says:

    What’s the smallest gun available?

    I want that to be the State Gun of where I live, ’cause we’ve got nothin’ to compensate for around here.

  11. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    AAAAWWW! Guns and puppies! Here it is after midnight and my 2 lady-loves, Sheri-my fiance and Piggy-my staffordshire bull terrier, sleep soundly to my left. My wolf-st. bernard mix, Odin, is crashed in the doorway as usual! Thinking back to the days I ran a gunshop, I reminisce the auction lots of police confiscated guns we’d get. We would get hundreds a year, but one particular make of handgun was always predominant. THEREFORE I humbly submit, for your approval, South Carolina’s Official State “Gun”- the HiPoint 9mm pistol!

  12. avatar BC; MT says:

    “could not of done it”


  13. avatar everett walker says:

    I tagged the Walker as the Texas Official Gun right after I heard about Utah and Arizona. Why not? we already have a state bird- Mockingbird, A state flower- bluebonnet and a state flying mammal- the bat. John S. “RIP” Ford was the adjutant and medical officer of the USMR in the 1848 war. He said that green troops, unfamiliar with picket-type bullets thought that the Walker bullets were supposed to seat nose down to facilitate loading. According to Ford, this invariably caused the cylinder to blow.
    “Some (Texas Rangers) wore buckskin shirts, black with grease and blood, some wore red shirts, their trousers thrust into their boots; all were armed with revolvers and huge Bowie knives. Take them altogether, with their uncouth costumes, bearded faces, lean and brawny forms, fierce wild eyes and swaggering manners, they were fit representatives of the outlaws who made up the population of the Lone Star State.”
    -Observations of an officer of the United States Mounted Rifles

  14. wow i love the walker colts replicas where a good place to bye them a tradeing forum ? on black powder guns

  15. avatar pipe cutter says:

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