i will not comply
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I will not comply
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Now that the trend has moved out of the middle flyover states, CNN has apparently noticed that more and more counties are declaring themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. The trend appears to have started a year and a half ago in Illinois.

The interesting part will be when local law enforcement refuses to enforce state or federal laws that impinge on the right to keep and bear arms. Or has that already happened?

In Lake County, [Commissioner Josh] Blake said his resolution is an answer to gun buyback proposals from Democratic presidential candidates.

“Many Americans have been absolutely shocked to hear recent pronouncements by prominent national candidates who are vying for the presidency of the United States threatening and even outright calling for national gun bans on some of the most popular and commonly owned rifles in this country,” Blake said.

“Many of them … have demanded mandatory buybacks which is just a fancy way of saying we’re going to force local law enforcement to confiscate weapons — legally owned weapons — from their fellow citizens,” he said last week.

– Christina Maxouris in A Florida county declared itself a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary.’ It’s not the first to do so

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  1. Good. All empires collapse due to their multicultural nature giving their peoples the chance for sovereignty, reciprocity, and distinct excellence again. 🥰

    • Yep. Even Merkel said the words, “multiculturalism has failed.” Merkel, the epitome of the European multicultural mindset.

    • That’s good. Reflecting a famous punctuation in gun law, this might be even better:

      “…multicultural nature *,* giving…”

      Penn n Teller’s take on that inspiring comma is glorious. Was all over on line.

  2. Their side thrives on not just ignoring the law but making a big show of flouting it. Going so far as to ask those tasked with enforcing the law “how dare you!?!”

    Long past time to do the same.

    Political protest as an excuse seems to work for just about anything from smoking dope on the lawn of city hall to shitting in the street to beating the elderly with bike locks. Refusing to comply with laws which go directly against the BoR sure should count as political protest.

  3. Finally something gun related that originated in my home state of Illinois that I can be proud of, usually when they talk about gun rights and Illinois it is not good.

    • Amazing ain’t it?!? Reid Henrichs has a great video on YouTube interviewing the leader of the ILL sanctuary movement and especially details jury nullification. Check it out!

    • The cops and their bosses in your state, are who the Founders meant the Second Amendment to be used upon in order to defend the Citizens’ Liberty from.

      Wealth over Liberty is what turns Citizens into subjects, as you understand and practice daily. The only time the thugs in Chicago can be considered good Americans is when it comes to defending their Second Amendment rights from state thugs. The cops know they will get the Second Amendment invoked upon them in the ghettos, which is why they go after the material driven cowards in the burbs.

    • Yeah, I pity you. They are dreaming of doing the same here in Texas. been sending all of their liberal trash from socialist states here. If they try this here I predict a rope shortage and overweight buzzards.

      • I totally agree with you. I live in Maryland and we already have the toughest gun laws in the nation.

  4. It would be interesting if the federal government banned firearms and then expected local law enforcement to round up the weapons. I think there would be a lot of 2A sanctuaries, even in very liberal areas of the country. Imagine the DEA expecting a local Colorado sheriff’s department to do raids on pot farms or dispensaries. I’d bet they’d get a lot of ‘that’s your job, not mine’. Compare that with the ATF handing a sheriff a list of ‘suspected gun owners’ and expecting him to conduct raids. I don’t think they’d get much enthusiasm for that.

    • Dunno about that. Just last night while at the gym, I overheard some buffed 20-somethings talking about their LE Academy training and how they want to move along in their careers. One of them spoke excitedly about applying for SWAT because – and I quote his words here – “they’re badass and they get to be the ones to kick in the doors. I want to do that”.

      Seriously. That’s what he said.

      There are definitely some LEOs out there who will relish the idea of putting their training (and testosterone) to use.

      • Usually the one who kicks in the door is the first to get shot.

        Sure there’s plenty of cops who have no business being cops. But even his enthusiasm might wane quite a bit when the list of suspected gun owners consists of 20,000 names. 20,000 doors that need to be kicked in knowing that the person on the other side is likely armed. And what kind of enthusiasm for this is his boss going to have, knowing that he’s the one that has to face the press when either a non-gun owner or LEO gets killed?

        Of course the model for this kind of confiscation is already set by the DEA. Share the plunders of the War on Drugs with the local department. They don’t seem to have any trouble getting the locals to help with that. The difference here though is that a) there are many more times as many gun owners than drug dealers, b) there aren’t likely to be very many bags of cash to be seized, and c) once word gets out, they’re even more likely to face armed resistance. In fact it’s likely that in some cases neighbors of the raided parties might join in, leaving the SWAT team in the middle of the crossfire. They could literally end up on the wrong side of a Battle of Lexington and Concord.

        Much more likely would be a scenario where the locals tend to look the other way as long as you keep a low profile. Of course you wouldn’t be able to just walk down to the local gun shop and pick up a banned weapon, but busting in doors looking for weapons should make any cop pretty nervous.

        • Choose wisely.

          120 million gun owners. Not everyone will resist with force. It’s the math, what percentage of 120 million will. Even a small percentage is a large number.

          Civil War his inevitable.

  5. when push comes to shove it will be amazing how many mouth jobs will kiss ass and grovel in the boot prints of the oppressor, then turn on their friends for points and or money or extra privileges.

    • It happened in France. It might not be for money, points or privileges. It might be for a job or food. Everyone’s brave when nothing hurts. Even more are brave when sitting in a warm house with plenty of food and a good game on TV.

    • Kap-You are correct that plenty will drop to their knees for a corrupt government like they were in a california public restroom, but many of us younger folks will fight for our Liberty, that previous generations traded for false government security.

      The cowardice you speak of is like how conservatives made it to where cops can murder us Citizens, simply because WE are armed.

    • Idaho is, indeed, a bastion of freedom. Having lost Washington, I’d like to move there myself. But, I wouldn’t get too complacent about your current status. There are thousands of liberal voters down in Boise, Pocatello, and Haley that would just love to turn the Gem State blue. It only took a half-dozen election cycles for Washington to turn from a very gun friendly state to its current sorry condition.

      • Gun owners need to get active now in Idaho. You should start waving the 2A flag to put any newcomers on norice.

  6. Unless we wake up and rise up against these thugs even Idaho will be lost its going to take guns and bloodshed to reverse this sad we have let go on for so long

    • If you really want to make them feel unwelcome put up signs advertising “Gun Range 300 yards” next to every new development. Make sure to hold informal shooting competitions every weekend near those new developments, and paper every vehicle that shows up with to those developments with gun range membership advertisements. So what if anyone can set up a range anywhere for free…the lefties visiting from Californian don’t know that, and regular gunfire on the weekend when they are most likely to be visiting will help run them off.

  7. From the CNN article:

    ” But Darrell Miller, the co-director of the Duke Center for Firearms Law argues sanctuary resolutions are merely “constitutional politics.”
    There’s no legislation or court decision that infringes on Second Amendment rights, he says. ”

    Seriously? No legislation? What planet do these guys come from?

  8. Because of the promises of our Blackface Governor and the Bloomberg/Soros money that bought the legislature for the Demorats, Campbell County in Virginia has declared itself a 2A Sanctuary county and several others are in the process. I have talked with two of our Board of Supervisors yesterday and they are ready to do it as soon our new board members are sworn in ( we got rid of some bad ones).

  9. When we the Masters of these Public Servants with whom we grant rights to …remind them who they serve with rope…..they will get in line like good little servants very quickly!

  10. If I were a cop I’d think twice about confisticating firearms, not kicking in the doors, that would not be a problem. But after the guns are gone, guns are not the only weapons around, and in that atmosphere I certainly wouldn’t want to be walking about carrying one. As it is now people go to the LGS and buy guns and ammunition, in the future people might just go to the local cop shop and take what they want. Lots of unintended consequences when you start playing fast and loose with people’s rights.

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