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The problem with outlandish threats against law-abiding gun owners is they get repeated. That’s especially true when gun control groups seize upon careless remarks by President Joe Biden that the U.S. government would consider using actual weapons of war against those who dare to believe the Second Amendment protects the nation against a tyrannical government.

Newtown Action Alliance’s Po Murray tweeted, “A gun rights activist from Newtown told me he needs an AR15 to defend himself from a tyrannical government. I told him the CIA has drones with missiles. Hellfire R9X/“knife bomb”/“flying Ginsu” was used to kill al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri.”

The irony here is rich. An antigun activist that wants to disarm law-abiding citizens for exercising their right to keep and bear arms is repeating a threat of lethal force – and – comparing those gun owners to international radical terrorists.

She attempted to clarify her tweet with another three days later tweeting, “Let me be clear. The government is not coming for you with a drone.”

Ramping Up the Violent Rhetoric

Newtown Action Alliance’s Murray isn’t a stranger to inflammatory and hyperbolic language. She labeled Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “a racist homophobic misogynistic power hungry fascist,” and tweeted that NSSF is a “Trumpian right wing gun lobby.”

For the record, NSSF works with elected officials on both sides of the aisle. That’s harder these days, as most Democrats adopted a radical antigun agenda that would violate the U.S. Constitution and deny law-abiding gun owners their rights.

Murray, though, thinks it is perfectly fine to threaten those gun owners with lethal force from Hellfire-equipped drones. In her estimation, those gun owners exercising their God-given rights that won’t consider surrendering to her radical gun control agenda are no better than terrorists.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

If the line of using U.S. government-owned actual “weapons of war” sounds familiar, it’s because that was a line repeated again and again by the Commander-in-Chief himself. President Biden said in 2021, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

War Drums

President Biden made the off-the-cuff remark just months after he ordered the hasty withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind more than $7 billion in military equipment – weapons of war -that was transferred to Afghan forces, only to be seized by the Taliban.

CNN reported, “More than 300,000 of the total 427,300 weapons the US gave to Afghan forces remained in Afghanistan at the time of the US military withdrawal, according to the [Defense Department] report. Less than 1,537,000 of the ‘specialty munitions’ and ‘common small arms ammunition,’ valued at a total of $48 million, are still in the country, the report states.”

President Biden wasn’t the first to suggest open war against U.S. citizens. Failed presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) flippantly tweeted that gun owners that would dare consider opposing a tyrannical government attempting to seize their lawfully-owned firearms would face a “short war” because “the government has nukes too.”

swalwell for president
(AP Photo/Elise Amendola) and Bigstock

This is far from responsible speech. President Biden and Congressman Swalwell were irresponsible for threatening U.S. citizens then, and it was irresponsible for Newtown Action Alliance’s Murray to repeat it again.

This isn’t searching for common ground to arrive at real solutions. This rhetoric is dangerous and reveals the hostility these gun control groups, and the politicians they support, have for the Constitution and those who exercise the rights protected by it.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. She is another pathetic knee jerk history illiterate infected with Gun Control just like Gun Contol infected nazis and the kkk.

  2. No drones huh? How about a weaponized banana republic FBI?!? Or IRS? Or slow Joe & the Dim scum? The tree of liberty & all that jazz…🙄

  3. I have said it before; the majority of the people controlling those drones are also Pro-2A patriots. The government may have purged some leadership and silenced the lower ranks, but most of the forces are going to stand with the People.

    • You mean patriots like Mark Milley and the rest of that woke crew? No thanks. They’ll be the first to kill us. The military is less trustworthy than the FBI, and that’s saying something.

      If you mean that the rank and file are patriots, maybe you’re right — but they’re being purged. Or indoctrinated.

  4. Po Murray sounds like a violent individual.

    Maybe I should keep my firearms. If she makes threats like this against people who are armed, what would she do to the unarmed?

  5. What these walking windbags don’t seem to grasp is that they are only temporarily part of the Machine, and once they’re no longer in office (and therefore no longer useful to those who are really pulling the levers behind the curtain) they’ll be on the same side of the fence all of us plebes are standing.

    Think of the wording the Founders used in the DOI:

    “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

    The term is not overthrow (which is an offensive action), but throw off (which is defensive). In other words, if I am standing here and minding my own business while you and I disagree on a matter, but you choose to walk over to me and constrain me, you are the one who is infringing on my liberty and I may then throw you off and put you back into your place.

    That being said, I’m becoming more and more convinced – especially in light of yesterday’s unprecedented FBI raid on Trump’s residence – that the Left is attempting to goad Patriots into sparking a hot war, which would enable them to evoke Federal law and declare a state of emergency to postpone the upcoming elections.

    • While that should be outlandish I wonder if they are desperate/stupid enough to try such a thing to retain power. Guess they figured out monkey pox and omicron strain persei 8 will probably not get the same response for election precautions that Alpha did. But my governor is looking to appeal the Covid camps being ruled unconstitutional so who knows.

    • Well, As a dedicated forensic ‘student’ of this sort of government below radar movement, I’d have to shake my head and completely agree with you. The graffiti, as they say, is written on the shithouse wall.

      If it looks like they won’t be able to ‘work’ the polling results as ‘good’ as they did the last time, they’ll bring back another virus, as I mentioned last week, and sure as shit, You have the new Monkey Pox, and a new resurgancy of the China Virus again, and even Polio was ‘newly’ spotted the other day!
      And of course that would allow them mail in ballots up the yang which the Post Office already got the word on preparing for last week also!

      Coincidence? HAhahahah!

      And I like your explanation of -throw off/overthrow. The Marxist had always been a fan of misrepresenting words in their overall Tyrannical, Racist, anti-Constitutional agenda.

      It started way back when it all started. We had a Revolution, that was really a secession. Nobody wanted to go over to England and overthrow their government. We just wanted to get away from them and be left alone. They started sending troops over to threaten us, and started raising taxes and seizing firearms, home invading any time they felt like it, and all that stuff to squash our dissent–you know just like this current Brandon Regime will continue doing. And we decided we had enough and got locked and loaded.

      But my pet pain in the ass fake word is ‘Democracy’ I’ve been telling morons for years that we are not a Democracy.. That just describes a country that votes as part of their way of choosing leaders or bureaucrats or other politicians or public servants. A straight up Dictatorship or Theocracy, or Kingdom is a ‘Democracy’ in that sense but are not necessarily ‘of the people, by the people and for the people as is a Repuplic. Yeah, yeah, China called itself the ‘Peoples Republic of China. Mainly as an inside oriental joke for them. And Putin says Russia is a Democracy but he picks himself as the only candidate! So even mention anything bad about the Chinese G and it’s jail time! No due process. Mention impeachment in Russia’s Democracy and you disappear forever. That’s why the Marxist Left here use it. It obfuscates A Republic which means government controlled only by the consent of the people.

      But yeah, I don’t think they want to goad conservative American libertarian Constitutional Patriots into a ‘hot’ war.
      They don’t have to. They’ve got enough people on the Marxist leftist Billionare payroll to start up again so they can declare a national emergency anytime they want?

      Patriots don’t want violence and chaos, We just want what the Framers set up for ‘throwing off’ a government that’s getting too deep into statist Totalitarianism. The electoral process. Then as one Republican politician said, “… we’ll fire all these destructive leftists, hold them accountable under the law, fix the economy, and re-build a Constitutional value producing nation again.

      The problem is that these commie mofos won’t go quietly into the night…

      Marxism has a dirty little sibling called Nihilism. If they can’t get what they want by lying, cheating, stealing, weaponizing government assets against political opponents, then Nobody gets Anything! They’ll burn it all to the ground! They’ve said so in the past.

      What I’m worried about is something called the ‘October Surprise’ tactic. Remember that? It was a last-ditch political tactic, usually creating some perceived if not actual Nationwide emergency, preferably a War, to rally the swing vote for the incumbent because historically people tend to stick by the incumbent administration they already know, rather than take a chance with a new administration, or Congress.

      Brandon has been setting himself up as an established ‘Defender’ against America’s enemies with his recent droning of terrorists and giving Ukraine a Billion $s in advanced weaponry yesterday and trying to get new countries in Nato.

      China and Putin are becoming real war buds over all this and If it keeps going the way it is, October will be right on time for either China taking back Taiwan, and or Russia answering HiMARs with Thermobaric big boy bombs or small tactical nukes just to use in Ukraine.

      In any case, it’s imperative to get the midterm vote out. It’s our only chance. Plus, it’s our duty. I’m ringing doorbells and helping out at the local Republican headquarters and speaking at senior citizens facilities and VFW halls almost daily.

      • Wow. That was a good response worth the time to read it.

        “We just wanted to get away from them and be left alone.”

        Pretty much sums up what most people want…to simply be left alone to live their lives without power-crazed elites hovering over their shoulders to micro-manage their daily lives. And a strong reason why the intro to Peter Jackson’s masterpiece LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring hit its mark so well, in that the Kings of Men (who would later devolve into the Nazgul) were said to have accepted Sauron’s offering of rings because they craved power.

        There are always those among us who believe the path to their own happiness lies in establishing dominion over others.

      • I always wondered that C0mmunist regimes saying they are presenting “the will of the working people”, how much mental gymnastics were required to justify oppressing the people in the name of the people. And how upset these regimes get when workers form unions to represent their interests.

      • “…historically people tend to stick by the incumbent administration they already know, rather than take a chance with a new administration…”
        well, our history has never seen anything as blatant as this, and we’re not looking at a new administration if trump’s on the ballot.

    • Your analysis is probably right on target but the problem in their thinking is that they cannot deploy the regular military against the civilian population and most national guardsmen will not partake in that sort of military action because they all have family and friends who would be impacted by that as well. It is a miscalculation on their part that they would have sufficient backing by the various military and police who only number about 3 million, most of whom are not trained to subdue the public against some 150 million irate armed citizens many of whom can handle a firearm better than most of the people they will be up against. I do not believe they could survive a guerilla war with the American Public.

  6. Well yeah, “A gun rights activist from Newtown … needs an AR15 to defend himself from a tyrannical government.”, basically Biden, Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), and this loony toons Po Murray character has stated as much and provided the justification.

  7. If being able to stop a hellfire missile from a drone is the bar for having a Constitutionally protected right…..

    I wonder if prayer will turn one away? Gathering in a public place? I wonder if a news report about the strike after will bring people back to live? OOOOoooo, maybe saying they can have a fair trial will save someone from a Hellfire missile flying their way?

    No? These things have impacts outside of the very specific situation where a drone has launched a missile? I wonder if there’s some situation…. oh, I don’t know…. like cops going door to door where an AR might prove an amazing deterrent? Maybe the soldier in the tank has to get out of it at some point? Maybe the drone pilot who’s been tasked with bombing people might have a home to go to?

    yOu ThInK YoU cAN stOP a tANk?!? Clowns, every single one of them

      • Still don’t understand what you were trying to say. Sounds like you were sitting on the fencepost giving your support to both sides of the issue at the same time.

        • Nope. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of these clowns claiming ARs shouldn’t be Constitutionally protected because an AR can’t stop a Hellfire missile by pointing out that if a Hellfire missile is coming at you, NO Constitutionally protect right will stop it.

          I then went on to point out times when an AR would be extremely useful.

          Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

    • there is no need to stop a tank or missile from a tyrannical government with an AR-15, that’s not the purpose of the AR-15. The purpose of the AR-15 is to stop the tyrannical government people who order and send the tanks and missiles.

        • Even more the trucks and people who deliver the supplies for the armored vehicles. Our military supply chains are not designed to handle disruption within the CONUS.

    • Don’t tell them the worst possible thing about tanks is infantry and a grenade. Or a Molotov.

      No fancy ATGM’s necessary, but they do help.

      Wrote up a fantastic guide on how to prevent most of those F-15’s et al from ever getting off the tarmac, and even the few that do are not going to have a crew left for refueling & rearming when they get back. No fuel bowser’s to do so with either, and all around will be awash with flame.

      Added bonus, they severely underestimate precisely how conservative leaning the military even is.

    • That F-15 needs a lot of maintenance. Their can be faults, parts shortages, unexpected breakdowns. And if it gets into the air the pilot might decide to “accidentally” target an empty field instead.

      Civil wars are usually the dirtiest wars.

  8. Murray, though, thinks it is perfectly fine to threaten those gun owners with lethal force from Hellfire-equipped drones

    Sounds like a party.

  9. I think these “people” are enjoying rubbing gun owners’ noses in it by showing us how powerless we actually are against the military might of the country. The point is the military is not supposed to use their might inside of our country, which is the reason so many of us want to stop the militarization of the police.
    Our country is limited by the BORs in what it can do against the people. Our checks and balances are many, freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment come to mind. So, if we do make a stand, any limits should be against the government as well as the citizen. The government has to get a judge involved(hopefully one that takes his job seriously). If a citizen is being railroaded and does make a stand, he should be declared innocent of any charges.

    • They think in depth about how things like freedom of speech, religion, the press, and public gatherings can spread ideas and turn the population against government tyranny.

      They think the only time a gun capable of being used is when a tank levels its barrel at you to shoot.

    • The point is the military is not supposed to use their might inside of our country, which is the reason so many of us want to stop the militarization of the police.

      The cops won’t be the problem it’s the 175000 well-armed IRS agents that will be active by the end of the year and the billions of rounds they have stockpiled.

      • They are not soldiers any more than the police are soldiers. I am vastly more afraid of a company of US combat infantry than 1,000 numb nuts running around without a clue, leadership, and real training.

        • You should probably look at the current training programs for IRS agents AND pay close attention to where the 87,000 NEW hires come from and how they spend the $80 billion in NEW funding. The IRS is now the largest agency in government and will have an army larger than the Israeli military. They are equipped with M4s, Glock 22/23/27 in 40 cal, body armor, armored vehicles, electronic surveillance vehicles.

  10. Considering how many innocent civilians get killed by their “precision strikes”, I’ll take that bet.

  11. When the Democrat left publicly states things like this…

    THIS is inciting a riot.
    THIS is inciting insurrection.

    These ARE the things that a president is to be impeached over.

  12. I seem to recall a nation of barefoot illiterates armed with rusty AKs ejecting the most powerful nation in the world from its borders.

    Drones be damned.

    • NO. The demtard party surrendered after we WON on the battlefield (despite Johnson’s incompetence). The NVA won in Paris at the hands of the US State Dept incompetents. See also Afghanistan.

      • And ironically the USSR’s intervention into Afghanistan was to depose a Communist regime THEY thought was too extreme.

    • Almost 250 years ago, a bunch of barefoot, largely illiterate, poorly equipped colonists began the process of tossing out what was then the most powerful nation on earth.

  13. Statements like this used unironically picking up frequency is how we will eventually get to a full scale war here. It doesn’t take much in the world of three second attention spans for crazy, unthinkable hyperbole to morph into reality.

  14. Normal people need to internalize the idea that the Left wants us compliant, incarcerated, or dead.

    They don’t just disagree with us – they despise us and don’t think we have a right to exist. And, right now, they control the governmental levers of power.


    • Can’t have us all dead. They need our money to keep their socialist programs going.

      • They have too many “social parasites” to support.

        Those whose “careers” are poets, writers, musicians, and philosophers.

  15. Murray … thinks it is perfectly fine to threaten … gun owners with lethal force from Hellfire-equipped drones. In her estimation, those gun owners exercising their God-given rights that won’t consider surrendering to her radical gun control agenda are no better than terrorists.


    The sad reality is that a huge number of the Far Left have the same position.

    And the irony: that Far Left mindset encourages people who own firearms to insist on keeping them in case the Far Left decides to finally act upon their desire.

    Thus, it is a classic “vicious circle”.

  16. Peacenic leftist always go nuclear option when dealing with law abiding American citizens. How committed to peace and the Constitution are they really?

  17. quote————The irony here is rich. An antigun activist that wants to disarm law-abiding citizens for exercising their right to keep and bear arms is repeating a threat of lethal force – and – comparing those gun owners to international radical terrorists.——-quote

    Total falsehood. The lady was telling the Far Right Lunatic that he would have no chance in starting a revolution to overthrow the government with a Trumpite dictatorship because of all the modern firepower and electronic surveillance technology.

    Biden was correct. The mention of Afghanistan is laughable because the U.S. was fighting a guerilla war that financed by a multitude of foreign countries and supplies could come overland making it easy to carry on a war of attrition for years until the U.S. went bankrupt fighting it and that is exactly what happened. There would be no foreign countries supplying a Trumpite insurgency to overshow the U.S. Government and the U.S. is an a nation isolated by two worldwide oceans.

    Besides having no outside foreign support the electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens lets the government know what everyone is doing 24 hours around the clock. A 1776 style revolution is laughable. Even the U.S. revolutionaries of 1776 would have lost without the millions in aid and arms and troops from the French.

    • Whaddya mean no outside foreign support? I thought Russia has been behind everything remotely right of California for the last 6 years.

    • “There would be no foreign countries supplying a Trumpite insurgency to overshow the U.S. Government and the U.S. is an a nation isolated by two worldwide oceans.”

      That is pre WWII thinking of being isolated by oceans and false. The French an others were able to support our revolution across these oceans. We were able to do so as well.

      Today the support would be easier. China and Russia would happily support both sides to further destabilize the US and take us out of the equation in the East and Europe. Wouldn’t cost them more that 1% of their respective GDP to do so. Land routes used by illegal immigrants who crossed the same oceans and aerial delivery is a feasible way to supply a internal war here. Not to mention Countries in this hemisphere who would allow their Countries to be a staging point for logistics.

      Electronic surveillance is dependent on the internet. NK, China and Russia could easily shutdown major systems. Most of our computer chips were made in China. Do you think China is smart enough to add to the chips to make them easily disabled remotely?

      You really don’t have a grasp on many subjects. From guns to economics to geopolitical strategy you are severely in the dark.

      • One 200kt nuke exploded 125 miles over Kansas while we are distracted would fry 95% of the electronics and send this country back to the 1800s, completely removing us from the world stage. And 50-75% of our population would likely be dead within a year. Nobody will win if we get into a civil war or revolution.

      • Storm Trooper, I never read such a laughable reply in my life. You cannot really believe such Far Right nonsense.

        And by the way why did not Russia aid Trump when he tried to overthrow the U.S. Government. Believe me even a 5th grader that access to the internet knew what he had planned and so did the Russians.

        Land routes? Oh brother what a screw ball post. Mexico could be invaded with tanks and run over in a few days if they harbored foreign enemies supplying arms to any American Insurgents. The entire western hemisphere is controlled by the U.S. Military. Obviously you were never in the U.S. Military or you would not have made such a laughable post about invasion of insurgents by land in the Western Hemisphere.

        And the internet is necessary to run the country and trying to claim it would be permanently shut down is laughable.

        Try again Herr Hauptman. The replies are very entertaining. You really went over the top on that way out reply.

        • “Storm Trooper, I never read such a laughable reply in my life. You cannot really believe such Far Right nonsense.”

          Further proof your education level is not as you claim, nor is your knowledge of warfare any better.

          “And by the way why did not Russia aid Trump when he tried to overthrow the U.S. Government.”

          What a erroneous statement, moronic actually. Trump did not attempt to overthrow the US Government. If 1/6 was an attempt to overthrow the government, then it was the worst planned coup since Maj Giroldi tried to oust Noriega.

          “Land routes? Oh brother what a screw ball post. Mexico could be invaded with tanks and run over in a few days if they harbored foreign enemies supplying arms to any American Insurgents.”

          First, your idea of who are the insurgents is wrong. You are an insurrectionists today, tomorrow if you take direct action, you will become an insurgent. It is you and others like who who want to change the US Government from the framework of the Constitution. Own what you are.

          2nd, if there is a battle ongoing within our Country, the forces required to interdict supply lines with Mexico would already be tied up. Remember, the majority of the military is more to the right than the left. You need more than just the US Military to fight a internal war and another front. Do you really think the cartels in Mexico don’t have the weapons to stop an armored advance? They will align with the Mexican Government in a loose confederation if we sent tanks. I typed this slow for you, maybe that little cartoon light will illuminate above your head?

          “And the internet is necessary to run the country and trying to claim it would be permanently shut down is laughable.”

          Well little man, your knowledge of electronics also seems to be lacking. You do need electricity for the internet to work. You also need secure routers and devices. Considering the majority of the devices and routers were made in China, with Chinese manufactured chips, the Chinese could shut us down quicker than your mom denied your advances.

          You are fully delusional. Have you ever sat in on a large wargame that brought all these elements and more together? I don’t think so.

          We haven’t even got to the force protection of logistic trains to support the forces against the true insurgents, like yourself. I know how your people will fight, I have studied and participated in planning and ops. You will not find glory in what you plan.

          Dacian, you are willfully ignorant and place too much faith in conventional warfare, which will not be the war you want to bring.

        • …” obviously you were never in the US military, or “…
          Whew lil’d, you almost slipped up and used your AlbertHall persona – good catch not using ” Her Majesty’s Service ” , but since you’re a freshman college dropout, you also have had no military experience, so NICE TRY

  18. And if there’s nobody left can maintain, fuel, load, and fly those drones? What now brown cow?

  19. Go ahead I say. Kill as many of us as you can. Use Drones and what have you.

    And every death of every little child, every death of helpless families, every death and collateral damage you cause will fill our ranks until we are an unstoppable Army.

    Then we’ll come for you and yours.

    Go ahead.

  20. How do you stop a drone attack with a .22 short one shot derringer? You shoot the pilot in the ear the night before the mission. Point is a civil war happens where you live. Do these arrogant asses think they will be allowed to attack our families and not have the same happen to them!

  21. Well I’m sure my reply to her on Twitter is going to get me in Twitter jail again.

    See TacoBritchesCortez (my troll account) LOL.

  22. And one other comment I would like to make. The last two years there was a gun and ammo shortage that proved that the U.S. arms industry is barely keeping up supplying the U.S. Military let alone supply a bunch of Hillbillies trying to overthrow the U.S. Government as Herr Drumpf tried to do on Jan 6th. Remember the government can take over ammo plants or ban sales to civilians overnight. So dream on about another 1776 style revolution , its laughable, its logistically not possible and its socially not acceptable by the American people as the Far Right comprise only 3% of gun owners and gun owners in general are only 22% of the population and most would not support a one party Right Wing Dictatorship.

    • herr dacian. Again with those made up stats. If you fascists had a leg to stand on you would not need to lie. The far right, fascists, already occupy the white house. Corporate billionaires own biden and you. Look at the tax breaks biden is trying to give the wealthy and the thousands of new irs agents they want to keep suppressing the people.

      The only hope for freedom now is a leader. it doesn’t have to be Trump, to plant his flag and call all who oppose tyranny to rally to it.

    • Well, I guess that’s it, Herr dacian has spoken, give it up, turn in your guns go buy a Prius and enjoy your Soylent Green.

      • Dacian is too stupid to realize that the first person fed into the Soylent machine will be him.

    • There’s fools, damned fools, and fucking imbeciles. I’ll leave it up to you to guess what everyone thinks you are.

      Hint, it’s the last option.

      3% of gun owners, lolloool00lLOL! Fucktard.

    • So c0mrade, what will you be when c0mmunism is achieved? Aside from being the worst serial killer, err executioner since Vasily Blokhin, do you have aspirations of being a poet, writer, musician, or philosopher?

      The USSR had a name for such people. “Social Parasites”

      You will find yourself doing what you’re told, when you’re told, and where you’re told. But you will probably find being freed from choice to be liberating.

    • I’ve watched as much of the video as has been released. What insurrection are you trying to declare? I’ve been in countries where there were actual insurrections and attempted/successful coups. The majority of those involved in the little riot/demonstration were taking selfies and pictures of their fellow trespassers. Between the DNC run media and the idiots running the so called investigation, they are trying to create something out of nothing.
      Next is the whole revolution line of talk. Hate to tell you but with the last couple decades of constant warfare, there are thousands of well trained, combat experienced veterans out here in flyover country. Next is just as in our own revolution that created this country, and the majority of wars in the last 75 years, the home team, guerrillas don’t need to win major set battles. Just keep bleeding the major forces and continue to keep pushing. We wone every battle in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We won most battles in Korea. But, we still lost those wars. Why? The same reasons the government would lose a war with the citizenry here at home. You don’t fight tanks with rifles. You don’t use an AR against an attack helicopter. You destroy the support system needed to make those machines and troops effective. Attack our homes and families and we will return the favor.
      How many soldiers, sailors, Marines, or airmen are going to go in harms way if doing so puts their families at risk? How many police officers are going to kick in doors and arrest joe gun owner if he knows doing so will result in his children being taken? And yes, many on the right wing will fight dirty. Because when it comes to war, the only winners are the survivors.
      How long do you think the leftists in the major cities will support the government when food no longer gets delivered? Or water supplies get cut? Never forget nearly all the food supplies needed to keep cities fed, and troops supplied is grown/produced in very conservative parts of flyover country. Push the food producers too hard, or start killing them and you cut your own throat.

      • Asymmetrical warfare. You don’t fight a more powerful adversary on their strength. You fight them where they are weak.

  23. “…let alone supply a bunch of Hillbillies trying to overthrow the U.S. Government … on Jan 6th.”

    Where only a single shot was fired from a single gun — and it wasn’t from the protestors, asshole.

    Worst. Insurrection. Ever.

  24. While I pray for a peaceful resolution to the Feds threats to those of us who are avidly resisting a total Government takeover of our lives and activities, should they use their “weapons of mass destruction” mentioned in the article against Citizens, IT IS THE GOVERNMENT THAT WILL HAVE INITIATED AN ARMED SURRECTION AGAINST THE SWAMP RATS. And THE CITIZENS WILL WIN.
    I have a plan in mind, but I can not and will not share it here.

  25. I’ve said essentially this before but, seems appropriate to this conversation: If the government turns the might of its weapons against the people, since the government is “of, by and for” those people, then, at that point, there is no government and, thereby, no law. If there is no law, the architecture that keeps all of us “law abiding” gun owners in check ceases to exist. So, if there is no law, there are no limits to what might, can and will happen. People should plan accordingly.

  26. I’m not worried about tyrannical governments because China isnt going to let the United States of America be taken over by the United States of America.
    No way are they giving up this piece of their pie.

    • People have been known to kill the golden goose. Thus, the phrase, “kill the golden goose.”

  27. If she had half a brain she wouldn’t invite civil war. Especially if she stopped for a moment to consider that most of the military and police would be on our side. The Hellfire missiles would be flying both ways, but mostly towards here people.

    • Regardless of which way they fly (not that I disagree), there is a finite number of them and, if you start killing the people who make them, there will be no more.

    • Don,

      If she had half a brain, she wouldn’t be a Leftist/fascist, anti-gun troll, either.

      Suffice it to say, I think the “smart money” is on”she doesn’t have half a brain”.

      • That’s why I no longer live close to a city. We may be nothing but old dogs and marsupials out here, but at least we can scavenge up something to eat.

  28. Narrow-minded comments from folks who are narrow-minded.

    The millions and millions of poor slobs defending themselves with ARs don’t fear drones.

    It’s the poor slobs who work for the government fearing their heads being turned into a pink mist.



  30. My comment is very simple because the solution this dim wit brought up will not happen. Second all I have to say is “Bring It On” as there is nothing most people would like more than for the Left to declare all out war on us and we will annihilate them.

  31. I cannot see a threat here all the supposed anti gun #’activist said was whatb is available in the public domain he or she did NOT threaten to use any of them. In anycase I rather doubtbthat he or she would have access to such armaments. That ‘acivist’ is far more likely to get killed in a random MASS SHOOTING with a Semi-Auto Rifle which a a relatively common occurence in the USA than a pro-gun activist is to get a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR DRONE armed with HALF MILLION HELLFIRE MISSILE up his chuff.
    All the guy was saying is that there is tech out there than can target the HIGH WORTH individual which everybody and their dog knows about anyway. I seriously doubt that a single American wannabe Rambo is such a HIGH WORTH individual.
    Much more likely to get a $US0.50 shotgun shell, one of his own Semi-Auto bullets or a 9mm up his or her arse.
    Them gun nuts tend to overstate their own importance somewhat do they not??

    • Dumb as a fucking rock, about as informed as a 2×4, intellectual capacity of a small soap dish yet somewhere in that dim brain a small voice shouts out “hey dumbass, strive for relevance SOMEONE will listen no matter how fucking STUPID your supposed point may be”. Anyway, thanks for playing AND above all KEEP trying, you have an entertainment value of a 6 which is better than SOME of the other clown shows on here, and who knows? One day you MIGHT actually get SOMETHING right… You know the blind squirrel and the nut thing or the broken clock. Just sayin’

      • Maxx,

        You give him WAY too much credit. Rocks are much smarter, 2 x 4s are much more informed, small soap dishes have far greater intellectual capacity. He does beg for relevancy, yet it eludes him, and the harder he reaches the further away it gets.

        But he remains cheap entertainment, with his fake-Limey, fake-military pretensions, he remains a mole that is fun to whack. IMHO, that is his sole value to the universe . . . cheap entertainment.

        • I was feeling generous earlier, suns out, no rain on the radar, the ol lady is on her way home early and the Harley is freshly washed, full of high-octane fuel and ready for an evening road trip so fuck the limey(?) I’m going for a ride.

      • MAXX, I take exception to your allusion to the broken clock. Albert has not been right even once, much less twice a day, since I’ve been reading TTAG.

        • Exception noted; however, I did not say he HAD been right, I said that IF he CONTINUED his efforts, SOME DAY, he MIGHT be right LIKE the proverbial broken clock. I was simply trying to encourage the fool for my own selfish purposes as I find his abject stupidity to be most entertaining, but it also provides insight into the beliefs of others who suck up the left-wing narrative from the MSM as dictated by the Progressive left not only in the U.S. but in other parts of the world as well. Our local trolls are a prime example of how dangerous ignorance combined with blind faith in what they are spoon fed by the left AND an unwillingness/laziness to seek out information from other sources can be.

  32. Funny how these leftists don’t understand asymmetric (Guerilla) warfare. Like you are gonna use a nuke against someone with an AR in front of the White House gate. Ya don’t poop where you eat/sleep. Also, MILLIONS of hunting (sniper) rifles behind every tree, corner, vehicle, etc… And the police, military, govt. would be basically firing on their own friends & family…many believing in the cause of the Guerillas. We ARE the military/police.

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