Muriel Bowser dc mayor
District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
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Washington DC city fathers (and mothers…far be it from us to perpetuate the patriarchy), just like their counterparts in most other big urban areas around the country, make quite a show of decrying “gun violence” at every opportunity.

But the problem isn’t a lack of laws on the books. There’s no shortage of regulations. The problem is incompetent, ineffective and inept government and criminal justice systems that let crooks — many who are caught red-handed (see below) — off the hook and back on the streets to re-offend.

Case in point (complete with incendiary “cop killer” moniker for extra clicks) . . .

On Jan. 27, D.C. police arrested Sean Alston and charged him with possessing a Belgian made FN 5×7 handgun — a pistol the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence labeled a “cop killer” gun in 2005 after tests determined the ammunition could pierce the Kevlar vests worn by police officers nationwide.

D.C. police say Alston was found injured outside an apartment building at 2350 Washington Place Northeast after jumping off a balcony.

Police say officers were called to the building for a “violent assault” and once on the scene entered the apartment “in order to conduct a protective sweep for victims.”

According to a police report, once inside, officers noticed a pistol with an extended magazine along with a “substantial amount of marijuana.”

Investigators then applied for and carried out a search warrant on the apartment and seized the pot, the pistol, $32,000 in cash along with other drugs.

– Paul Wagner in Charges dropped against DC man found with ‘cop killer’ handgun

When Mr. Alston appeared in court two days later, he was “no papered.” In other words, the city couldn’t be bothered to prosecute him (charges included possession of an unregistered rirearm, possession of unregistered ammunition(?), possession of a large capacity feeding device, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and possession to distribute a controlled substance while armed).

He apparently walked out the door a free man.

It’s strange that no one from the Brady Bunch could be bothered to comment on this when asked about the case, no?

How long will it be before Alston gets his hands on another gun and shoots someone. Maybe a police officer. Then we’ll really hear about the “gun violence” epidemic in our big cities and the moral imperative to finally DO SOMETHING.

The real problem, as we’ll be told, is America’s all-too-lax gun laws, the NRA, institutional racism, or whatever other bogie man the anti-gun left can think up for their next sound bite when they get in front of another camera.

Same as it ever was.

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  1. Selective enforcement, selective prosecution. In such an environment, the laws are used to control, not protect, the citizenry.

    • Can’t have them Defective Citizens of the Government Plantation sittin’ in jail. They can’t further the “gun violence” legacy that Demorats want to use to control the Good Citizens.

    • They prosecuted Mark Witaschek, a DC financial advisor, for having some fired cases at his house, but no gun, bullets, powder, or primers. But a person with an actual “illegal” gun gets to go free.

      • They seized his perfectly legal black powder firearm also. There s some indication that the cops did not know what it was. The whole case was payback from an ex-wife. He did have some shotgun shells, but the charge for those was thrown out when the incompetent DA (who obviously knew nothing about guns) couldn’t prove that they were live.

      • You have a voting cemetery? Here in California we have dogs and horses that magically vote Democrat.

        • That sounds like someone is preventing their hamster from voting for democrats, and THAT is discriminatory!

        • Here in Florida we don’t bother with people, dead or alive, or animals voting. Whenever a Demoncrap is appearing to lose an election, someone mysteriously finds another bankers box or two or as many as needed full of Demoncrap ballots. Never fails and easier than digging up all those dead voters and training a hamster to pop the “right” chard on the ballot.

      • When people are young, they tend to vote Democrat. As they age, they tend to shift Republican. But when they die, they go back to voting Democrat.

        • If you’re under 25 and don’t vote D, you don’t have a heart.
          If you’re over 30 and STILL vote D, you don’t have a brain.
          If you’re dead and STILL a registered voter, you vote D EVERY time.
          I had a rather long discussion with a poll employee when I was waiting to vote early in the ’16 election, she had only lived in Texas for a few years, having lived in Illinois prior to relocation (always worked the polls as an adult).
          I made the joke to her about voting early and often. Her response was “the things I witnessed in Illinois”, then proceeded to told me about absentee ballots filled out in polling location “back rooms”, by bussed in “preferred party” campaign volunteers.
          The polling location provided the “list” the vols worked off.

        • [calls cook county]: you have your vote totals yet?
          [Cook county: We’re waiting to see how many votes the Democrat needs to win, then we’ll give you our totals.

        • LOL I must always have been a heartless bitch then. Except for a short period of time while I was at uni but even then what I saw with the socialists was quite educational to say the least. I also tended to play devils advocate with them a lot… something they really loved me for…. NOT! At that point I was almost 30 and fed up with some of what I was seeing with mainstream politics here hence why I looked into the left for a short while. What i saw left me with no doubt that even the “right wing” major party here is indeed left wing and the voting system is rigged so that the minor parties dont have a chance of forming govt themselves. They are only “allowed” to keep up the facade that we have an actual say and yes sometimes they are able to do some small amount of good but that is limited

        • And when they wake up, they figure out it is best to find a third-party like the Constitution Party because the GOP and Dems have shredded the Constitution and violate our rights each and every day and could care less. I remind you of bipartisan support of the misnamed Patriot Act, the NSA, Perpetual War, and piling debt onto the National Debt.

  2. Wow! Yet if I carried my pistol concealed with its standard capacity magazine there I would’ve been hit with every charge they could muster.

    • If you had a single bullet in your center console and a cop saw it during a traffic stop you’d be sitting downtown in cuffs in 20 minutes.

        • Ditto… I’ve got ammo somewhere in there for guns I got rid of, for ones I have, for ones I haven’t bought yet, and probably some ammunition for stuff I never have any intention of getting.

  3. And here is how it was originally INTENDED:

    A Bill

    For establishing the government of the Territory of Columbia. [Washington District of Columbia; (D.C.)]

    [Now before the House of Representatives.]

    Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the government of the territory of Columbia, (with a reservation of the constitutional authority of Congress over the same,) shall be exercised in the manner following. . . .

    [Pg. 2]

    . . . . Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That no law shall be made respecting any establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, otherwise than by a liability to private action for falshood in point of fact; or abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition for a redress of grievances; nor shall the right of the people to keep and bear arms be infringed . . .

    [The National Intelligencer And Washington Advertiser. Vol. II. No. CXCV., Friday, February 5th, 1802. Pgs. 1 & 2]

  4. This article mentions an incident where the suspect was accused of all victimless crimes. Possession of a gun, magazine, and ammo which are illegal in D.C. as well as having a lot of money and weed. Sounds like a self employed entrepreneur who cares about his personal safety. Where is the issue?

    Allegedly cops were called to the scene because of an assault but there was no mention of victims and the man arrested was never charged with that.

    • Victims of a gangbanger being unwilling to press charges against said gangbanger? Imagine my shock. It’s almost like they knew there was no point since the Demokkkommies would just let him out and he’d come back to deal with any loose ends.

      • In DV cases where the victim refuses to press charges the state can step in and press charges.
        I wonder why the state refuses to do the same when some thug is terrorizing an entire community.

        • Because they would still need a witness. Without a complaining witness, it is almost impossible to get a conviction.

        • Witness? The suveillance density in D C was off the charts when last I was there 15 years ago.

          Or ask Jim Treacher about the several jurisdictions that came by to ticket him after he was hit in a crosswalk by a Fed SUV (State dept AIR.) Maybe he was out of place, as charged after tbe fact. Maybe he wasn’t as he, n witnesses claim. How about we see the tapes that led to the charges?

          Somehow anti-eavesdropping laws get used when some individual sticks up for themselves. Meanwhile those limited, single use license plate camera shots are getting shared around like warez. Meanwhile, “known wolf” whack jobs seem to have trails of breadcrumbs all over the place, that is when they don’t pre-publish a manifesto.

          The records are out there. Like Farenheight 451, the point is to have people to throw into the story of the moment.

          Open records innoculate against shenanigans on the sly. Closed dossiers are there to drop into the story of the moment.

          So, no witnesses about The Armed Entrepreneur, there, n the paid observers we pay for get ignored.

    • on a high level you are correct, the laws against the gun, ammo and mags are unconstitutional but when in DC either obey the law or be oppressed.

  5. It is not clear from the reporting that the accused did any actual harm to anyone. If there is a criminal history on the man, it has not been reported. So we are left with a gun, ammo and a magazine that by themselves should mean nothing (yes, 2A infringing laws in that city).

    If there is evidence of harm to somebody, I’d take a very different view of this thing. As it stands, the reasons for the arrest look as bogus as the laws that rob a person of their natural and Constitutionally enumerated Rights.

      • Nope, missed nothing. He was found injured outside the apartment and transported to a hospital. The circumstances of how he came to be injured have not been shared with us. How the police determined that he owned that “substantial” amount of pot has not been shared with us. More information is needed and it is not being provided.

        There are plenty of very clear cases of judicial stupidity in releasing violent morons who rapidly do more violence, more serious crimes. Chicago area courts multiple times a week!

        So far, this story isn’t one of those.

  6. Yet these same people think Roger Stone deserves 9 years in prison for lying during a fraudulent, fruitless investigation. In other words, the fake investigation created the crime. Oh yeah, but he threatened someone’s dog, even though the dog owner said he knew it wasn’t a serious threat. Call the police and tell them someone threatened to kill your children and you’ll be met by a big, fat yawn. Democrats are complete hypocrites.

    • Roger Stone deserves to be hung by his ankles and used as a pinata’ for his career of dirty tricks and political corruption. Feel free to use a really big tree with a stout limb, to hang additional politicians and their powerful scummy pals side by side for the same treatment. Dems, Reps, whatever, there’s plenty of corrupt scum to join the pinata’ herd.

      This case of the gun, ammo, magazine? The news reports simply lack the data to say the guy was a criminal beyond the unconstitutional gun laws being broken. Who owned the pot? Why was he outside, injured? What happened there? Where’s the evidence he is a dealer or a thug?

      Maybe he deserves to be stood against a wall and shot, but the news reporting isn’t telling us a damned thing.

      • “Roger Stone deserves to be hung by his ankles and used as a pinata’ for his career of dirty tricks and political corruption.”

        That’s the democrat mentality. They’re punishing him because he’s a political enemy. If you want to punish him for past crimes, then he should be prosecuted for those crimes first. Otherwise you’re just acting like a dictator. But Trump’s the wannabe dictator, right?

    • Yes, empty cartridge cases and shotshells have been treated by DC cops and prosecutors exactly the same as guns and ammo. People have been arrested for as little as a single used/empty case spotted inside their vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

      That’s a real thing alright.

    • I believe they also prosecuted him for possessing ammunition for a firearm not registered to him – because it was a muzzle loaded and thus exempt from registration.

  7. They took his evil firearm away, so now he can turn his life around and be a law-abiding, productive member of society.

    • This!! They got the gun and the cash, they don’t care about the guy. Gun can be melted, and cash can go to pad a budget, siezing the cash is great for business!

  8. No matter what century, for a democrat freedom is always the problem and slavery is always the solution.

  9. These people want criminals to create chaos. It lets them break down the current fabric of society and to herd the scared people in the direction they want. These people are all Marxist hacks that want to usher in their unlimited government power utopia, and these criminals are their foot soldiers. Disarm the people in the neighborhood, make them, dependent on the government for all of their needs, and then set criminals upon them. They will say remember to vote Democrat, only we can save you with our ever expanding government programs. Even though their policies created the problems in the first place. It’s all for the children of course.

  10. More women, and particularly women of color, would solve this problem.

    Because the glass ceiling has created a toxic environment of masculinity.

      • Perhaps you need to be rounded up and placed in a re education center, forced to watch MSNBC 24/7 for a few months to get your mind right as to the value of women and their current state of oppression.

        President Bernie will continue Obamas hard work to free US from the shackles of past prejudice and ignorance.

        • Gd you’re a fkn IDIOT….. Women, especially women “of color” have NO BUSINESS in roles of judgement….
          It’s a well known fact that women’s hormones and emotions come into play when straight reasoning is necessary…
          Take your commie bs somewhere else, you won’t find anyone who thinks like you here, so why don’t you go back to your pathetic life living in your mommies basement…fkn loser

        • Mayor Pete is rising hard in the polls. He is pounding away on what matters, digging deep, and not coming up for air until finished. You wont see Mayor Pete on his knees, he stands tall.

          Mayor Pete will become President Pete, then we will know who has our back.

  11. Then what gets me is a gun owner, who is otherwise law abiding, makes a mistake and they want to send him straight to the gallows and make a huge example out of him. One case in point was a power line worker who went to NJ from NC to help after Sandy and a police officer saw a gun in his truck. He didn’t think to not take it to NJ with him because he always had it with him. Another was years ago, man in DC was caught with an EXPENDED shotgun shell and they were going to give him 30 days.

  12. More needs to be done to out the actual problem…the direct link between democrat party policies and gun crime in democrat controlled cities…..I like your article, but using the generic “Cities,” is not getting it done. There is a direct link from democrat policies, created by democrat politicians, and implemented by democrat party judges, and prosecutors. If defenders of the 2nd Amendment start pointing this out in direct ways, articles and statements… would be a way to take the fight back to the democrats. It is their policies…..I have articles from democrat party controlled cities that show the revolving door for gun criminals…created by democrat politicians…..if we stopped the democrat party from releasing violent gun offenders over and over again, our gun crime rate would drop 95%………we need to take this fight to them, and state directly, and vigorously that the democrat party is causing our gun crime problem……

  13. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left are comfortable in their socialist progressive thinking, in letting dark skinned criminals go free to rob, rape, and murder, other innocent dark skinned people. They believe they are “helping” poor criminals by supporting “bail reform” and other self hating policies that they support.

    The best way to deal with criminals is to let other poor law abiding residence shoot them dead on site. The white three L’s don’t live in these War Zones. And that is an accurate name for some neighborhoods in the USA.

    They all support single motherhood as a “Lifestyle choice”. Women on Welfare with 5 children from 5 different men. The Libertarian Reason and the communist Nation magazine both agree on supporting this Lifestyle choice. And they both hate the traditional family one man one woman structure.

    They support replacing the father and his guns with a welfare check and the guns of a big city police department.

    • And the sad part is, a stronger family with both a father and a mother would mean fewer kids growing up to be criminals. It’s an endless cycle that the dems seem to want to continue.

      This isn’t ground breaking news. A kid’s family life is also tied to their future financial success. Asians are the highest earning Americans. They also have close-knit families. If democrats really wanted to help the less fortunate, wouldn’t they tell them how other people succeed? Instead, they pretend that all of your problems are due to racism, misogyny, and, oh yeah, those evil republicans, so just vote for us because we love you!

      • The white three L’s and white homoseuxals, who hate the traditional black family, are just as racist as the KKK. They never supported the Black Panther Party for Self defense carrying guns. They support the mulford Act. Including the politicians who endorsed the Mulford Act in the 1990s. But these same racist pigs all proudly supported the KKK marching thru black neighborhoods while carrying guns. The 1st amendment you know. But not for blacks who open carry.

        Col. Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite was correct. The best way to deal with these War Zones is to give the people who live there guns and plenty of ammunition. This way they will take care of their own problem themselves.

        This solution is what is necessary since the traditional family was destroyed by white outsiders who hated the idea of a traditional family.

        In Virginia it was white conservatives who supported blacks openly carrying guns. At Lobby Day. The white Liberals tried to hide them and their Black Guns that really do matter.

    • the part of the “libertarian” movement you are talking about has been pretty much hijacked by the left. Why? Because genuine Libertarians want small efficient govt. I dont care which section of the community you want to give welfare too but you are not going to get small efficient govt while doing so… EVER. You also will not ever cut taxation in any meaningful way either which is also another tenant of the Genuine Libertarian Movement. TBH I see no reason why the individual should be taxed at all if you are keeping govt small and efficient. They should be able to raise enough from import and export duties while also doing their Job of protecting the nations borders.

      • Based on your comment. I assume you are a Libertarian who is now embarrassed. About supporting bail reform another justice department reforms that cause criminals to be released early.

        But now you’re incapable of being honest and saying you supported these policies for decades.

    • Do you mean like when I lived in DC, where DC police would round up all the prostitutes every weekend and, instead of wasting time filling out arrest reports to only find the same persons back out on the street the next night, would drive them across the Key Bridge and dump them in Virginia?

  14. Some of this is good ol’ governmental incompetence, of course, but quite a bit is by desire and design, as well.

    Ultimately, these people want illimitable dominion over our lives. They want the wealth creating class to continue doing so and supporting the system without question or deviation, and for the dependency class to continue leeching off the system and voting Democrat without question or deviation. Then they can sit atop the corrupt and corroding structure throughout their own lives and profit personally and immensely.

    The only way to get from Here to There is to perpetuate and exacerbate all of the problems they’re supposed to eradicate. So long as they can escape culpability and accountability, they can forever offer phony solutions and rights restrictions that only progress us toward their real goal of total control.

    • Not that any of it will really matter when we’re all controlled from Beijing, which is a far more realistic prospect than most people would like to consider.

      • “Not that any of it will really matter when we’re all controlled from Beijing,…”

        China has more on their plate right now than they want.

        It looks increasingly likely China’s economy may melt down thanks to that coronavirus outbreak. As in a massive depression :

        “China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero”

        Factories and businesses, places where people congregate and get infected are forced to shut down, with zero idea of when, if ever over the next few months they can re-open. Re-opening risks more reinfection.

        A serious question to ask your doc wife – What can China realistically do to fend off mass starvation once more of the big cities eventually get hit?

        • China ain’t going ANYWHERE…. Open your eyes…. WE’RE ALREADY BEING CONTROLLED BY BEIJING…..
          This country is doomed because there are too many LOW IQ people making decisions… and bringing their retarded and primitive ways of thinking into things they have NO BUSINESS making decisions about…….js

  15. There might be some that wonder but city leaders/controllers/managers are creating this chaos on purpose.

  16. So, when Alston eventually does commit that “senseless” gun crime (be it assault, robbery, or murder) it will somehow be my fault. THAT is the definition of senseless.

  17. Considering the way the law is applied in DC it seems to me that legalizing the pot would be the way to go.

    Then the question would be if the guy had the appropriate business licenses, had paid all the right taxes and fees etc. IOW, they’d put him through the ringer because money and paperwork.

    And the Dems would love it because they’d be nailing a capitalist to a cross for not “paying his fair share”.

    • And the economically challenged would continue to buy their drugs on the street from someone supplied by someone like Alston because they cannot afford the more expensive heavily taxed “legal” (Feds still have not made it legal anywhere in the USA) marijuana. Cf., opioid crisis. Opioids are legal but it is still easier for a person dependent on them to get them on the street than to go through the legal channels.

  18. Gun control for whites…not for blacks…that would be racissss
    afraid to ruin a young black man’s future with a felony gun conviction…

  19. Liberals turn the world upside down with their alternate universe policies; let criminals (with guns) free and turn law abiding citizens into criminals with gun control.

  20. “Cities Let Weapons, Drug Offenders Off, Then Wonder Why Their Crime Rates Soar”

    The dems entered these cities over 5 decades ago. They said “you have such a nice city here, it would be a SHAME if something were to “happen” to it”. Then proceeded to trash EVERYTHING they could get their hands on.
    The final step was convincing the stupid sheeple that their EXPENSIVE and corrupt kickback and payoff riddled bureaucracy (that kept them well paid and in control) was the ONLY solution to the dystopia THEY created.
    Keep drinking that cool-aid.

  21. Having weapons is not a real crime. Having plants is not a real crime.

    Kidnapping and stealing, however, are real crimes – both of which this guy was a victim.

  22. The same thing is going on in one of my state’s basket case cities. The DA made no bones about it and said they were overwhelmed and under staffed. They will only take and I quote “SLAM DUNK CASES” to court. They are dismissing everything else. Some of the cases they are dismissing out right are the use of a gun in violent felonies resulting in injury or death. What a world. What a world.

  23. Sorry, even though I have never taken drugs, the government has no business making it criminal what you put in your body as long as you aren’t affecting anyone else. If they are committing other crimes, than charge them with those crimes.

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