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Some gun-toting Texans embrace Democrat’s call for tougher firearm laws

The mainstream media managed to find a rancher who supports gun control. It’s cute that he thinks Beto won’t mess with the guns he currently owns . . .

Texas cattle rancher Bill Martin is a lifelong Republican who owns more than 20 firearms and has been shooting guns since the age of 6.

He is now considering the once-unthinkable: voting for a Democratic Senate candidate who wants tougher gun laws.

Martin, 72, has a simple explanation for his change of heart: He is sick of the gun violence plaguing America and his gun-loving state, where 26 worshippers died in a church massacre last year.

“Even as conservative as I am, there has to be a middle ground on guns,” said Martin during an interview on his ranch near the city of Carrizo Springs.

Martin’s nuanced view on firearms – he loves them but wants to see tougher restrictions – is one U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke hopes is gaining traction in Texas.

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Washington DNR Should Ban Smoking, Not Target Shooting, for Fire Risk

Well, it’s Washington State, so…

Why was it determined by the state Department of Natural Resources to ban all outdoor target shooting statewide for two months, regardless of possible rainfall? We now have a precedent to repeat this annually.

How many fires, (of 20 in 2017), were larger than one square yard, an acre?

How many fires in 2017 were caused by ignorant smokers, 100, 200, more? Why is there no campaign to educate smokers to use an ashtray?

courtesy Sacramento Bee

Suspect in California Deputy’s Killing Prohibited from Owning Gun

So…tighter gun laws in Calfirornia didn’t stop a criminal? You don’t say . . .

A 38-year-old man on probation for a gun crime has been accused of killing a sheriff’s deputy and wounding another in a shootout that started with an argument at an auto parts store in the Sacramento area, authorities said Tuesday.

Anton Lemon Moore of the city of Rancho Cordova, just outside the capital city, was hospitalized after being shot multiple times during gunbattles with deputies Monday, the sheriff’s department said.

Deputies responded to a report of a dispute between a customer and an employee at a Pep Boys in Rancho Cordova in a “routine call” that gave no indication the customer had a gun, Sheriff Scott Jones said.

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Chuck E. Cheese Patron Panics Fellow Partiers by Accidentally Shooting Himself

Oh, the outrage that he CCed a gun there. Is he competent? Probably not. But this was Tacoma, WA, gang-banger central for Western Washington. I carried there, too (without incident) . . .

Chuck E. Cheese has long billed itself as the place where “a kid can be a kid,” but the restaurant clearly draws the line at gunplay.

On Sunday, a 22-year-old Chuck E. Cheese’s patron in Washington state needed to be hospitalized after accidentally shooting himself in the leg inside the restaurant.

The incident took place shortly after 5 p.m. at the Tacoma location, according to KOMO, causing adults and children alike to begin panicking upon hearing the gunshot.

“A bunch of people started running down towards the end and then they said somebody has a gun, so everybody starts running,” Nick Jones, the father of a 4-year-old who was attending a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, told the outlet.

courtesy (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Stanford Doctors Lead National Effort to Stop Gun Violence

How about we all put our degrees away and debate this based on our knowledge of firearms, statistics and related laws? No?. . .

Although they stood just yards away, even the best and brightest trauma experts at Stanford Hospital were no match for a small single bullet.

Inside the doors of the hospital’s Emergency Department on a routine day this summer, the award-winning team of surgeons, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians scurried about, helping fix and heal.

Just outside, sitting in a chair and unnoticed, was a man with a gun. He put it to his head and fired — one of nearly 100 gun-related deaths in the U.S. that day – and died instantly.

“Terrible,” said Dr. David Spain, chief of trauma at Stanford Health Care. “Senseless. Just senseless.”

On Monday, angry and frustrated by gun violence, over 2500 medical students and healthcare professionals at Stanford Medical Center, UC San Francisco and over 30 other leading medical centers are holding events to treat firearm violence as a public health crisis.


Burt Bacharach Supporting School Gun Violence Survivors with New Song

Just an interesting aside . . .

Burt Bacharach isn’t mellowing with age.

At 90, this multiple-Grammy and Oscar-winning songwriter seems more socially and politically engaged than ever in his storied career. His pointed comments lamenting global warming during his recent August concert with the San Diego Symphony led to fisticuffs between at least two attendees.

“I told the audience,” Bacharach recalled, “‘If you’re a non-believer in climate change, maybe I’d ask you to look at something else about the water that your children will drink, the air that your children will breathe. Your grandchildren, what they will have? What (are) we leaving them? I mean, we’re burning up the planet.

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  1. ““I told the audience,” Bacharach recalled, “‘If you’re a non-believer in climate change, maybe I’d ask you to look at something else about the water that your children will drink, the air that your children will breathe. Your grandchildren, what they will have? What (are) we leaving them? I mean, we’re burning up the planet.”

    Yeah well NASA, yes NASA, and yes this is real, just literally came out with a study that said all the CO2 we’re producing is actually good for the environment because it’s driving an explosive growth in plants, and actually “greening” the planet. But you’ll never see that reported in the news. Yeah this is off topic but I battle ignorance everywhere.

      • I’m no climate change expert, but I thought carbon monoxide, not dioxide was what is produced by most fossil fuel usage? Do two carbon monoxide particles combine into carbon dioxide somehow?

        • EDIT – It ‘adds’ an oxygen to make CO2.

          I’m relying on a *faint* memory here, but I recall something about carbon monoxide (CO) has a short ‘life’ in the atmosphere. It ‘wants’ to turn into CO2.

          (Found it, about 5 years max. It ‘oxidizes’ from CO into CO2.)

        • “Perfect” combustion will take a hydro-carbon (fuel) and oxygen and produce water and carbon DI(2)oxide. But things are rarely perfect, depending on fuel and contaminates and conditions you can get carbon MON(1)oxide and oxides of nitrogen and other stuff. With most cars made in the last 20+ years, the combustion is near perfect, to the point of sitting in your garage with your newish car (OBDII) running properly, the car will run out of gas before you’ll die of exfixiation or CO poisoning.

        • Carbon monoxide forms when incomplete combustion occurs (e.g. not enough oxygen in the environment). The usual product is CO2, which is also a product of respiration in plants and animals. CO is toxic, but the main threat from CO2 is that it can displace oxygen and cause asphyxiation if you’re in an enclosed space.

    • Yes, good for the environment.

      “While rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the air can be beneficial for plants, it is also the chief culprit of climate change. The gas, which traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere, has been increasing since the industrial age due to the burning of oil, gas, coal and wood for energy and is continuing to reach concentrations not seen in at least 500,000 years. The impacts of climate change include global warming, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and sea ice as well as more severe weather events.”

        • Earth’s atmosphere was *far* richer in CO2 many millions of years ago, and the thick jungle vegetation that eventually turned into coal is where it got ‘sequestered’. That and ocean plankton extracted it from seawater to form their shells into calcium carbonate.

          There is a *really* neat book out there that deals with all 5 of earth’s major mass extinctions, what kicked them off, and how life drastically changed after each one. And CO2 was a big part of some of them.

          It’s a mellow, very entertaining read. After reading it, it seemed like I went on a field trip back in time with him.

          Highly recommended :

          “The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions”

        • Geoff, if that stuff interests you, check out the Joe Rogan podcast with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson.


      • The oceans have risen 400 feet in the last 20,000 years and will continue to rise regardless of anything humans do or do not do. They would max out at another 270 feet of rise. More than 96 percent of that 400 foot rise occurred before the industrial age.

        The greatest threat to humans will occur when North Korea opens the Pyongyang Nukes-R-Us and starts selling and trading atom bombs for cash, food, gold, oil, etc.

        • There’s some evidence we may be in a ‘little ice age’ for the next few thousands of years.

          Big changes have happened on earth every roughly 250,000 years or so. Coincidentally, that’s about the same length of time earth makes a full lap of our galaxy, ‘Milky Way’…

        • “I’d like to see and review those reports and documentation that were filed 500,000 years ago.”

          No problem, those reports and documents are written in the rocks. With pages and chapters.

          See it for yourself, with your own two eyes.

          Start at your nearest rock outcropping. The page numbers are determined via Radiocarbon (C-14) dating. The less the ratio of radioactive carbon vs regular carbon is how old it is.

          Study geology to learn how to read the language those reports…

        • 500,000 years ago is too old for Carbon dating. That’s mostly a tool for archaeologists, not much good beyond 50k years, maybe 100k under special conditions.

          More likely we’re talking about Potassium-Argon, or Rubidium-Strontium isochron methods.

        • Wasn’t C-14 dating discredited and found to be terribly inaccurate years ago? And even so, isn’t the result of such a test based on the theoretical interpretation of the test? Besides that, I don’t need to study Geology to tell if a rock is old, just like I don’t need to study Human Anatomy to determine that you are a ****head.

  2. “…but wants to see tougher restrictions…”

    And what restrictions, pray tell, do you have in mind that will actually work. (I’ll wait.)

    “…tighter gun laws in Calfirornia didn’t stop a criminal? You don’t say…”

    Yeah, they _don’t_ and _won’t_ say.

    “…songwriter seems more socially and politically engaged…”

    Please, write good apolitical songs or go home. Thanks.

    🎶🎶 What the world needs now, is fewer self-righteous celebrities.
    They all think, we ca-a-a-re. 🎶🎶

  3. Let’s summarize the round-up.

    A Fudd wants gun restrictions. What restriction are middle ground are undefined as the anti-gun groups really want nothing less than total prohibition and the pro-gun groups have had enough of compromising.

    A criminal who doesn’t follow the the law? And…?

    When someone wants to kill themselves, it is very hard to stop them. A gun is the tool used. Otherwise they could overdose, jump off tall structures or landmarks, hang themselves, use poisons, gases (carbon monoxide or cooking gas), or asphyxiation.

    And an aging celebrity, which most people under 55 would have never heard of, jumps on the gun control bandwagon to gain attention.

    • You are correct. People who truly want to die don’t text their friends or post messages on social medias, they have a plan and they execute it. If the plan involved a firearm and you somehow manage to get rid of all firearms in the world, they will use a blade, if you ban all blades they’ll take pills and drink to death, if that is also not available they’ll jump from somewhere or go for the suicide by cop method.

    • The manager is lost. I am not sure where you live and what the laws are, but in my state a manager could get rid of you in a better way by stating this is a private property, you are causing a disturbance, and he/she will call the police to have you trespassed if you do not leave. This is just to show how some idiots are promoted manager in this kind of shitty companies.
      Anyway, back to the point…You were polite, and asked a very legitimate questions. WHO IS HERE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN? the answer is simple, either someone with a concealed gun who said “F this sign”, or nobody.
      I am a cop, and some of the things I see and hear from some decent people are scary. I would say more than half of the population is completely unaware of their surroundings, and does not have any sort of plans if stuff was hitting the fan in any way. They just think “I will call 911, problem solved”.
      I am always thinking of the worse where I go places, even when I am stopped in traffic, be it on the job or off duty. It surely does not mean I am invincible, but too many folks are sheep waiting to get slaughtered.
      If laws with punishments leading to prison time do not stop criminals and crazy people, a “no weapons, no firearms” sign will not work either. Back to one of my previous point, this kind of signs are designed for the sheep, they see it and they feel safe! You were rationally thinking “who is protecting the kids?”, the sheep think “Great, no guns in here we are sooooo safe”. Sad, and scary. The sheep have kids and they bring them to the slaughter house with them.
      Take care, and be safe.

    • Rancher Bill Martin,
      Please remember all you said about gun control when the predators(4 legged and 2 legged alike)start raiding , stealing , killing and butchering your cattle , and there’s nothing about it, because you have no means to protect them. Good luck !!!

      • Perhaps our gun owning Fudd needs to consider what is the difference between a AR-15 and his Mini-14, other than appearance?


        What is worse than a Fudd is a hypocritical Fudd!

    • Bill & Burt’s first date: “How many planet-wrecking cow farts are you responsible for, Bill? How can you live with yourself?”

  4. I used to think a bit like the rancher, that there is a middle ground on guns. Then I realized it means letting gun grabbers and libtards gain ground, little by little.
    There is no middle ground with people who want to annihilate you, and who believe freedom is only valuable if it meets their criteria and mood of the moment.
    These people want a “middle ground” on illegal migration (invasion), on sanctuary cities, on raising taxes to pay for the “free” stuff they promise to their brain dead voters. Of course they never compromise, you have to compromise to meet them in the “middle”.

    Criminals, evil minded, and insane people cannot care less about laws and regulations. Some people smoke pot every day, some sell it by the pound, despite laws criminalizing the drug in many States. Gun “control” laws? If you have any doubt check the news in Chicago southside, Baltimore, D.C, NJ…

    So this rancher who has dusty guns somewhere in a barn does not care anymore, because he knows he may not have much time left on earth. He should care about the younger generations.
    It is the duty of every American to do his/her best, in any way, shape, or form, to keep this country great and to care about the young ones coming. Some folks died at 18 year old on the beaches of Normandy, and it seems many Americans forget it. What a disgrace!

      • So I assume these busybody Dr object to suicide on what, religious grounds? They can’t allow commission of a mortal sin for fear of the soul of the individual? Not likely.

        This would be same bunch of quacks that would support abortion up to crowning and of assisted murdercide of the elderly/infirm.

    • It was developed by focus groups funded by bloomberg when he found out “gun control” doesn’t sound good to the gen pop.

      • Years ago in journalism school I was taught to avoid using the word “reform” if possible because whatever the proposal is, it’s bound to PO half the population.

  5. It’s all the guns fault that some guy blew his brain out just outside the ER. Yep, no one but the gun’s fault. The gun made him do this.

    • Oh, c’mon! Surely you’ve heard their mysterious whisperings in your ears and in you dreams, felt their cold grips slithering into your hands, that oh so gentle tug on your trigger finger as the gun lifts itself to your head despite your best fearful pleading. Everyone has, right?

      Yeah, me neither.

      • I have heard the whispers that force my credit card to come out of the wallet and my fingers to fill out a background check without my conscious control…. “But I already own 3 1911’s!” I cry… but I suddenly find I have no control and the next thing I know, I own 4…

  6. Re: ” Stanford Doctors Lead National Effort to Stop Gun Violence”:
    Just because they’re smart, doesn’t mean they’re right or that they have the correct answers.
    And just because they’re doctors does not mean they are looking out for your best interest.

    Arthur Z Przebinda, MD
    Project Director
    Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

  7. Those doctors might want to get their own house in order first, since about 16 times as many people die per year as a result of avoidable medical errors than die as a result of gunfire in the US. That’s just my two cents.

  8. Bill Martin is a damned fool. He should read more history. I remember the history from the German actions before ww2. An individual wrote ( and my memory may fault on specifics ) that ” They came for the Jews, but I am not a Jew so who cares.” Then they came for the Catholics but I’m not a Catholic so who cares. This continued until one day he wrote,” now they are knocking on my door ” . By studying true history we are not doomed to repeat the same mistakes. But who studies history and learns from it ?

    • That was Martin Niemöller:
      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  9. The old Fudd is going to be turning in that rifle and magazine under the democrat’s Australian Style Gun Control.

  10. “And: semi-automatic weapons have no role in contemporary civilian life.”

    Says who, Dr. Dean Winslow?

    Here’s an interesting tidbit, according to a John’s Hopkin in 2016 over 250,000 deaths a year are caused by “medical error” which is 7 times the 35,141 number quoted in the article for total forearms related deaths. Subtract the appropriately 23,360 deaths attributed to suicide and your down to 11,781 deaths. So 21 times more deaths are caused by “medical errors” than shooting deaths and Dr. Winslow is more concerned about firearms? The good doctor needs to reprioritize his interests.

  11. Oh Martin, Martin,,Martin, now I’ve got to cut fence and burn pasture in TEXAS TOO I Cant Keep Up!!!…..( This was written totally jn jest and is not intended as a threat or action thereof)

  12. “Just outside, sitting in a chair and unnoticed, was a man with a gun. He put it to his head and fired — one of nearly 100 gun-related deaths in the U.S. that day – and died instantly…”

    like a dozen paragraphs on “gun violence” (which this wasn’t) and not a single sentence examining why this man outside a hospital decided to kill himself.

    You guys think maybe it had something to do with the hospital? No wonder they want to talk about an “epidemic of gun violence” instead. And pay no attention to the hundreds of thousands of people killed every year by doctors’ mistakes.

  13. The problem with republican Bill Martin is the same with every white democrat socialist progressive. This includes some Libertarians. They all want to take care of Black people, and everyone else.

    Instead of leaving people alone he and others support the welfare industrial complex. The traditional family structure has kept Americans safe.

    But Libertarians Liberals and the Left hate the traditional family. The father would have passed down gun knowledge. Taught both son and daughter. Now the “father” is a welfare check.

    • Libertarians are not pro welfare – they are socially liberal(whatever floats your boat – as long as you don’t affect others) and a financially conservative (don’t want to finance wars for big business, our military is for defense, not offense)

      Sadly, some also seem want open borders, they feel that someone should be able to come here and support themselves and family without sponging from government.

  14. “Martin, 72, has a simple explanation for his change of heart: He is sick of the gun violence plaguing America and his gun-loving state, where 26 worshippers died in a church massacre last year.”

    Wait, you mean the one where the shooter was STOPPED BY A CIVILIAN WITH AN AR-15?

    Yeah, more gun control would definitely have helped there…

  15. There can be no middle ground because the other side doesn’t want a middle ground. Football games don’t end in a tie and neither will this contest.

  16. To the FUDD rancher in TX, when the types of firearms you own are used in a mass shooting (as they certainly will, sooner or later) they’ll come for those, too. And perhaps at that point, you’ll realize that we were right all along.

  17. I just wonder how many electronic coin eating games at Chuck E Cheese use a rifle or handgun as a controller for the game? If Chuck E Cheese really cared, they would scrap out those games for other types – but then the kids wouldn’t enjoy themselves as much.


  18. I got all the way down here, and not one comment on the missing blurb about NRA membership numbers? I guess I am not the only one around here getting senile….just sayin.’

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