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Actually, we shot two airbags with Chris’ Howa 1500 chambered in .300 WinMag (review pending). You know, for science. Results were achieved!

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  1. It’s much more fun just running two leads about 20 feet away to a 9V battery… especially if you remove the bag and place it face down in some dirt.

        • “Abraham Lincoln and the guy in front of Peewee Herman.”

          Oh, man! That was a local story here when it went down in Sarasota.

          It was the Genesis of the best joke I ever came up with:

          Q – What did Pee Wee say when they were snapping on the cuffs?

          (In a Pee Wee Herman voice, of course)

          A – “Excuse Me! I’m trying to c#m!”

  2. Surprised the airbag wasn’t removed from that junker, before you destroyed it, it probably had about a $1,000 value on the used market.

    That was roughly as interesting as those vids of folks shooting brand-new model iPhones on the day they are released…

    • Takata airbags killed via shrapnel, a shotgun-blast to the face and neck. The propellant gas was inert nitrogen.

      If Jeremy can record the VIN, there are databases online to see if it is a Takata…


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