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Who better to test fire a true “shell from hell” than TAOFLEDERMAUS? What started as an online joke turned into a real shooting range session with some gnarly ammo.

Watch to see if they’re actually effective, and if you’re jonesin’ for more after that (understandable), check out TAOFLEDERMAUS on or on his YouTube channel.

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    • Yeah, I used to have that kind of thing as a hoodie sweatshirt in high school except that the rats were all that super reflective safety silver stuff against a navy blue background.

      That hoodie got me tossed out of a class or two. I came to find out that the principal didn’t share my sense of humor either.

      When there was a “meeting” about that sweatshirt with my parents, the vice principal and the principal over I looked at the floor and said “Rats!”. My parents laughed. The humor was lost the on the administrators.

      I didn’t wear that article of clothing to school again.

  1. Not so much ‘badass’ as it is ‘dumbass’. When are they gonna make a shell loaded with broken glass and rusty drywall screws? Or did I miss that video?


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