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Image: Nick Leghorn for TTAG

The Sako Safari is a gorgeous brute of a gun, a traditional dangerous-game rifle that will stop a charging…well, anything on Earth dead in its tracks. This gun would probably be my answer to Monday’s Question Of The Day, if I had my druthers. Nick and I both got to shoot it, but I think I flinched the best so it’s my video and not his that’s headed for YouTube immortality . . .

Even if you ignore the recoil (and that’s a assuming a lot) this gun isn’t for everyone. The rifle itself weighs nearly ten pounds empty, and costs at least $9,000 depending on where you buy it.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

If you can swing that kind of money, you probably won’t mind paying at least $4.75 per round¬†for its cigar-sized cartridges. Another upside? At prices like this, .416 Rigby ammo is almost never sold out.

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  1. *Puffs on solid-gold cigar*

    Yeshh, Yeshh. And how well does it do shooting White Rhino out of a Luxury Dirigible?

    Good Day.

  2. The .416 is cool.
    Great upper end cartridge. Enjoy the pain. Relish the recoil.
    I love big boomers.

  3. This is when you don’t need supressing fire against the dino’s. It’s for when you want to pick their leader off from the crowd. Kill that one and the rest become compliant.

  4. I wonder how many walkers you could take out with one shot out of this, if you could get them to line up just right.

    • Or “Biters”, dependent on where you hail from.

      Answer: None, unless it was a head-shot!

      Nice “Walking Dead” reference!

  5. I’ve never “boomed” one of those. How much more recoil does she yield compared to a .300 WinMag?

    • Off of chuck hawks recoil chart,

      300 win mag produces 26 ft-lbs recoil

      416 rigby produces 59 ft-lbs recoil

      So more than double the recoil. Also at a higher recoil velocity so it is sharper as well which greatly contributes to the “felt” recoil.

  6. Big game rifle…………………..$9,000
    Exotic ammo per round……$4.75
    Demonstrating conclusively that I’m not at all fit for high society safaris, by slathering Grey Poupon all over my Spam on Wonderbread sandwich…….priceless

  7. I’m just delighted you took the chance to shoot a well-built buffalo gun. The high cartridge cost problem is ameliorated by the fact that history records no one ever alleging that they burned up 200 rounds of .416 Rigby in a morning “just because the recoil is so minor and surplus ammo so cheap.” If $9,000 sounds like too much for your elephant gun, a perfectly serviceable Winchester Model 70 in .416 Rigby, complete with dual cross-bolts, a model more than a few PH’s use, can be had new-in-box for $1,300. Buy a $1,300 exhibition-grade English Walnut stock blank, pay $3,000 to have it shaped, fitted, and finished to fit you and the action, and you have, for $5,500, a gun you and your heirs will never forget, even if you use it for nothing but exploding watermelons.

  8. Can someone explain this gun to me? Why is it nine grand? I’ve heard of Sako before, but I’ve never actually seen one, and I know nothing about them.

    • Sako is finnish. They have a well built rep for well built guns. They used to take cast off Russion Mosins back in the day and refurbish them to a high set of standards and these in turn were used by the Fins to inflict horrible casualties on the Russians that invaded their country.

      Sako has been around for 80+ years and their sporting arms have a very good rep indeed. 9 grand worth? If that’s what the market will bear, why not.

  9. Just want to correct a comment by Ropingdown: Winchester does NOT make a rifle in the 416 rigby caliber, they do in the 416 remington.

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