Testing Out OSS Suppressors’ New Can


Johnny, one of Kevin’s Brittingham’s friends and subsequently one of mine, is part owner of a new silencer company called OSS Silencers. Their whole shtick is that the cans don’t increase back pressure, don’t blow any crap into your face, and can be tuned to either increase or even decrease the cyclic rate of the host firearm. Which is pretty nuts.

I had the chance to try one of these puppies out for the first time on H&K’s 5.56 AR-15, and from the small test I had it seems to work flawlessly. Oh, and the gun is nice too.


  1. avatar lolinski says:

    They wont tell how the mechanism works?

  2. avatar Diesel Dan says:

    Isn’t that H&K piston-operated? How could you tell if the can mitigated the powder-blast-to-the-face syndrome?

    1. avatar rawmade says:

      Good point. That looks like a HK416 so definitely short stroke piston.

    2. avatar Paladin says:

      Piston guns still have blowback, just not as much as a DI gone does.

  3. avatar Oddux says:

    This might just be the ticket for me then. I’ve not been very interested in suppressors for my AR because I shoot longarms left handed. With your face on the right side of the rifle, right behind the ejection port, taking an huge extra helping of carbon and gas blowback each shot sucks.

    1. avatar lolinski says:

      Ambi for the win!

      Piston rifles dont have as much blowback. Though I am interested how the suppressor reduces blowback.

  4. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

    Interested to see how they meter and how the mechanism works….

  5. avatar El Mac says:

    Another AR another can.

  6. avatar Dan says:

    It’s not really a suppressor in the traditional sense, no baffles. It just routes/delays the gases through long passageways instead. So suppression is less than traditional baffle stack suppressors but this is to be expected — they are trying to eliminate backpressure and cyclic rate changes. to do this they have to sacrifice some sound suppression.

    oss claims the modularity has been approved by the atf, but have yet to provide the letter showing this. until they do, skepticism about its legality remains.

  7. avatar Daniel says:

    Sent my Knights Upper Receiver to this company “OSS” for them to measure the barrel profile back before they offered .308. They sent my Receiver back damaged and never took responsibility waiting me out. Luckily I had taken time stamped before pictures prior to sending it out. This company is bad news. BEWARE OSS IS NEVER TO BE TRUSTED

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