Chris Murphy Gun Controllers' Wish List
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (Shutterstock)
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There could be a “popular revolt,” if the Supreme Court blocks some kinds of gun control legislation, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Sunday.

“If the Supreme Court eventually says that states or the Congress can’t pass universal background checks or can’t take these assault weapons off the streets, I think there’s going to be a popular revolt over that policy,” Murphy, an outspoken gun control advocate, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“A court that’s already pretty illegitimate, is going to be in full crisis mode,” Murphy added.
Murphy’s comments came after a federal judge ruled Wednesday that a federal law preventing the sale of guns to 18- to 20-year-olds was unconstitutional.

— Kelly Garrity in Possibility of ‘Popular Revolt’ About Gun Control, Sen. Chris Murphy Says

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  1. The anti-gun control people want to use guns to disarm the rest of us.
    remember …Those in power want to keep it….those who don’t have it want it

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        • These scambots have been making these fake conversations about these suckerbait “investment schemes” on this website for weeks now and the censors sre powerless to do anything about it.

          Yet if you use certain words that the woke masters don’t like your post gets moderated and even deleted.

          It’s easy to see where their priorities are by their actions and inactions as well as letting anti-2A folks like Larry Keane write his appeals for redflag and safe storage laws here on a weekly basis.

        • No, I know Pamela Knight, she lived 6 blocks east of me. Really good looking and well educated. Evidently shes gotten into the same pill bottle that Our President does.

  2. “A court that’s already pretty illegitimate”

    What court is that? When the left wins they are satisfied with the court and its not ” illegitimate” then but let a court side with the constitution and suddenly its “illegitimate”?

    • Same people who insist the 2000 and 2016 elections were illegitimate. The others were all above board of course. Just those two were no good. The 2004 election was okay because the shift had already begun and the libs knew they were really neo-cons like W.

      • Funny how SCOTUS back in 2013 was considered “illegitimate” when the Court ruled in support of DOMA (which was signed by Prez Bill Clinton, a Democrat), but totally “legitimate” when one single Justice flipped only two years later to codify gayy marriage (Obergefell, slim 5-4 ruling).

        If society “revolts”, I assume we’ll see the same degenerates jumping in the streets as we did in 2020 when the Democrats were supporting their behaviors as legitimate? If so, prepare to also see a lot of Rittenhouses.

    • The left has been using the courts as a crutch for a long time. It was a vehicle to bypass legislatures who were reluctant to pass laws that went their way. They’d latch onto a nice use case and bring it all the way to scotus.

      But now, democrats don’t control scotus, so that means they have to convince people that they are right. That’s hard, it requires intellectual capital, quick thinking and coming prepared to the debate. That’s something the left is absolutely terrified of, public debate. Because dissecting their ideas in the public square and having to defend flaws in logic is something they are deathly afraid of having to do.

      • “That’s something the left is absolutely terrified of, public debate.”

        It certainly explains why they’re so fast to censor any speech that doesn’t match their fascist ideology.

        …all while pointing fingers and making accusations of us being the fascists.

        “If fascism comes back it won’t say: I’m fascism. No he will say: I’m anti-fascism.”

        • Eggzackly. Look at their actions, not their claims. The so called antifa are nothing more than the modern SS.

          Ask stalin or mao or hitler if they committed crimes against humanity and mass murder and they would say, no.

          Ask dacian if he is a fascist and he will tell you, no.

    • “.. let a court side with the constitution and suddenly its “illegitimate”?”

      The “basket of deplorables” are being warned, over and again, in speech and writing. When someone threatens to kill you, believe them.

      Yes, voting is worth it.

  3. Sort of like Jan 6 on a grand scale? Or more like the “mostly peaceful” BLM demonstrations?

  4. The question to Chris Murphy should be then that doesn’t the same situation operate in reverse? If tomorrow scotus said “you know what we messed up on Bruen. There’s no such thing as the second amendment. We thought there was but it doesn’t exist, we can’t find it in our copy of the constitution” don’t I have the same right to take to the streets and revolt, with weapons no less? Doesn’t popular uprising work in both directions? If so then don’t the same people, the ones who are armed I mean, have the same rights to protest and demand democrats resign from office in disgrace? Just want to know if it’s a one way street with the tyrant class.

    • Like all would be tyrants they want their political enemies to be unarmed. The best case for having arms is that they want us disarmed. The second and more immediate use case is a defense against their more criminally minded supporters.

  5. Illegitimate court?
    Popular uprising?
    Sounds like he’s fomenting insurrection. Somebody call the FBI.

    Why is it the disarmament crowd is always threatening revolt and violence? Can’t they see the irony?

  6. Has a popular revolt ever been triggered by a government expansion of freedom for the entire population?

    • LOL, the new Democrat chant for protest marches:
      “What do we want?”
      “Less freedom!”
      “When do we want it?”

      But seriously, it sounds like he’s threatening an insurrection.

      • As sad (and unlikely to be popular) as it sounds, that’s exactly how their base thinks: because of either projection or pure spite, everything they’re too weak, stupid, or lazy to do themselves must be regulated out of existence. Because “equality”.

  7. Chris Murphy sounds like an insurrectionist as he espouses the communist theory of revolution from above. Once again the democrat party is pushing the SCOTUS illegitimate narrative, This is extremely dangerous and encourages the democrat base to commit acts of violence.

  8. “Though there is a right to gun ownership, ‘there is also an ability for Congress to regulate who owns weapons and what kind of weapons are owned,’ Murphy said.”

    Even Congress is subject to the constitution. Although congress may be able to “regulate who owns weapons and what kind of weapons are owned” in some context, what they do must still be constitutional – and congress has already done that ‘regulation’ but the problem is the democrats along with the ATF thinks it gives them blanket permission to do as they please and create ‘de-facto unconstitutional law’ under the guise of calling it ‘regulation’ claiming Congress gave them that authority. And that’s what Murphy wants to maintain, that democrat ability to bypass congress and simply create ‘de-facto unconstitutional law’ under the guise of calling it ‘regulation’. In short, what Murphy is advocating is called ‘tyranny’ with ‘rule by decree’ to bypass the constitution.

  9. So, the logic seems simple enough.
    if(ban==revolt and strike ban==revolt) then No ban=no revolt.

  10. Not sure what makes Chris Murphy an expert, but I think a public revolt is almost a sure thing because of tyranny not gun control. Pretty funny that a guy would think that non gun owners would start a public revolt knowing that the rest of America is armed to the teeth and buying firearms at the rate of 1 million a month. I think there is something wrong with the logic and rationale of these Leftist proponents. They seem to have everything backwards. If the tyranny continues it will be them on the short end of the stick not the armed American Public.

      • Just remember it is not particularly effective against thicker steel, moderate priced ceramic, or anything level 4. 855a1 gets the steel and some of the lv3 ceramic and the actual AP is ……….less than legal for most circumstances in 5.56 and still gets blocked by many lv4 plates. Just the typical rant from an armor nerd.

        • Well yeah that too, even when you have thigh and hip armor it tends towards UHMWPE anyway so 855 “should” be fine and that is about worst case absent some really weird stuff.

    • My thought exactly. You say you are going to engage in insurrection? With what guns?
      As a separate matter, even if he only means that states will enact restrictions no matter what the Supreme Court says, he fails to recognize that although the Court cannot directly enforce its decrees, it has the power to require all courts to respect those decrees and refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws. Further, any law enforcement officer or department would be subject to a civil rights action for enforcing unconstitutional laws. I’d be the local counties and cities would be real happy when hit with multiple multi-million dollar verdicts. The insurrection will be extinguished without a sound or a shot being fired.

      • Mark N, On the contrary. the SCOTUS can enforce its decisions by fining the offenders and finding them in contempt.

        • Who will enforce those civil rights actions? The fines? Who will prosecute the contempt charges? The Garland Justice Department?

        • Mr Wilson It is really very simple. If your civil right to own a firearm is abridged and you bring your case to court, it would depend in which court you file your case.
          In the case of the District Court (Federal) your judgement would be enforced by the US Marshal’s Service.
          In the case of a state court judgment, it would be enforced by the county Sheriff in which you obtained your judgment.

  11. A popular revolt is a good thing. Would you want to be part of an unpopular revolt?

    I don’t think that this revolt would be as popular as Murphy thinks it would be.

    • I’d prefer my preferred revolt to be popular, but since I generally disagree with the world, I’d be part of the unpopular revolt by default.

    • no name,

      Well, theoretically, at least, if it’s popular, you shouldn’t need a revolt, right? Just set up the guillotine, get the tumbrils rolling, and start the party.

      Most “revolutions” weren’t “popular” when they happened. They rarely commanded more than (at best) a plurality of “the people” (and usually got less popular when people figured out how bloody and unpleasant they are). Revolutions are fought by radical activists, almost always a minority of the population, but what’s that old saying, “One man with conviction is a majority”, or something like that?

  12. It was once said that Republicans buy guns to protect themselves from Democrats, now even the Democrats are buying guns to protect themselves from other Democrats. Keep going this way Chris.

    • Yeah, I thought it was funny when people in California started figuring out they needed guns for protection when ANTIFA starting burning cities down. I will never forget the one who was shocked when they realized they could not just take their gun home with them after purchasing it, but had their waiting period. They were pissed, and exclaimed, “but I need it now”. You just cannot fix stupid, and these are same democrat fools that are promising a revolt if they do not get gun control?

      • Same thing happened after the Rodney King riots. God bless the rooftop Koreans. Celebrities went to gun stores and were pissed that there was a waiting period. They were told, this is what you push for and vote for. D’oh!

        • Oh yes, I remember that. Funny how the one shop/restaurant that did not get torched/destroyed was that one….

  13. The only reason for any kind of ‘popular revolt’ is because of all the lunacy the left has ginned up within their voter base. This whole idea of SCOTUS being illigitamate is cazy. They all had their say and every judge was officially confirmed. They are ALL legit. Although it’s very disturbing that we have a judge that doesn’t even know what a woman is.

    The left is just upset that SCOTUS isn’t their puppet anymore.

  14. If you want to ban guns you have to ban tools. If you want to ban tools you have to ban raw materials, and books.

    Anybody who says he “supports the Second Amendment, but…” has let that abnegatory but start him on a path that ends in a pile of blazing books.

    Or blazing people.

    Take our guns, we still have our tools. We will make new guns and take them back.

    Take our tools, we still have our books. We will make new tools.

    Take our books, we still have the knowledge in our minds. How do you propose to take that?

    • Nice logical progression. 🙂 However I suspect the Dems/Left would be fine with lobotomizing everyone who opposes them. They’re good with killing unborn babies after all.

      • The Dems method of providing a lobotomy is via a bullet to the back of the head and you falling into the pit.

        Dacian’s hands-on approach.

        • Southern,

          Right in spirit, wrong in application – dacian the demented hasn’t got the stones, OR the ability, to actually use a firearm. He is the gun community’s version of “stolen valor” – he pretends to knowlege/experience, then proves by his every post that he is an ignoranus.

          He’d love to see most of us shot . . . if someone else did the dirty work. If he had to do it himself, he’s either crap his drawers and/or shoot himself in the foot trying.

    • Did abnegate pop up in your word of the day this morning? Congratulations on working the adjective form into a sentence with this post!

      • Nikita,

        Personally, I kinda liked it. But, then, no name says I’m a fop, so there’s that.

  15. Itspretty obvious Murphy wants to cntrol us.Why else would he want us all disarmed and incapable of standing against his tyranny? A disarmed society is a slave society.

  16. If it really was all that “popular,” they would have the votes and the state legislatures needed to amend the Constitution.


  17. What you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.
    -Jayne, Serenity

  18. According to the Dems own standards, Murphy’s ass needs to be locked up with no trial indefinitely, for the good of our country.

  19. The supreme court is already overturning gun control laws and theres been not a sniff of a “revolt” as far as i can tell.

    • No, but there has been backlash from democratic majority legislatures in California, New York and New Jersey, and much muttering in Maryland, Massachusetts, and even Maine and New Hampshire.

        • That’s it, the insurrection to which Murphy seems to refer is not popular, it’s by legislators, courts, and other government officials.

  20. LOLOL!

    They’re demonizing half the population and destroying the economy for the sake of the Climate Change fantasy, and they’re wondering why people are buying guns by the f*ing truckload.

    The revolt won’t come from those wanting gun control.

    • Climate change is the excuse. The real purpose is the same as it ever was: consolidation of wealth and power among a small elite cabal.

      Nobody in the upper tiers buys into climate change. If they did they wouldn’t be spending hundreds of millions on ocean front property and guilt would prevent them from flying private jets and sailing private super yachts. Only the plebes and fools actually believe the climate change story.

      Don’t you eat the apples or drink the milk. You eat the bugs.

  21. We are already well IN TO a cold Civil War right now. Further escalation and violence seems inevitable unfortunately unless something to deescalate the conflict that is growing almost daily specifically because of comments like Murphy’s and other domestic enemies to our Republic.

    • The “sides” in this ongoing “cold civil war” are generally identifiable by those who call our beloved country “R democracy” and those who refer to our “Republic”.

      • Indeed. And they have topcover from an “education” teaching kids “Duh, isn’t a ‘republic’ just a representative democracy?”

    • I always have like the picture of him giving a speech where he has his mouth wide open. Reminds me of a comedian’s dummy. Seems appropriate to me.

  22. I just cant stand how these same people constantly threaten violence and stir crap up yet accuse the right of doing the same. Sickin theyre abortion freaks on the Court Justices homes, AOC constantly stirs crap up and talks out of the other side of her mouth about how the right should be censored for inciting violence and yada yada. Makes me sick.

    I think AOCortez is absolutely horrible for this country

    • AOC should be deported forthwith to her native country- which isnt, BTW, the USA.

      • I’ll refrain because i dont want to end up on a watch list but theres some things I’d really love to say about AOC and what i wish would happen to her

      • “AOC should be deported forthwith to her native country- which isnt, BTW, the USA.”

        Citation supporting your assertion?

  23. There could be a “popular revolt,” “I think” there’s going to be a popular revolt over that policy,”

    What could also happen, to the detriment of the gun-grabbing left, people begin to catch onto the meaning and the words of our constitution and Bill Of Rights. Once that’s happens, the left has really lost. So far they’ve had the luxury of a sympathetic money hungry media, but the media follows what’s popular for the almighty advertising dollar.

  24. this guy just can’t stop threatening violence if he doesn’t get his way politically. he’s a terrorist.

  25. Pretty big mask off moment from a democrat. ‘We’re going to over throw the government if we don’t get out way.’

    • Not the government, just the Supreme Court. They will find grounds to impeach the conservative jurists, starting with Thomas, just like they did to Trump.

  26. Both liberals and conservatives have been making the same crybaby complaint when they disagree with the court ruling. I expect any so-called popular Uprising to be very similar to what happened on January 6th. there are morons of all political Persuasions and someone somewhere is always going to be dissatisfied with rulings that follow the law as it is written.

    • What ruling that followed Constitutional law as it is written (not “emanations and penumbras” made up by Founder-hating activists) elicited crybaby complaints from conservatives?

    • v4lu3s (dude, that’s a lame-ass ‘handle’ – do better),

      “. . . follow the law as it is written.”

      Just curious, if that’s all we have to do, why do we need a “Supreme Court” in the first place??

      I hated Roe the minute I read that steaming pile of excrement (NOT for the holding; the opinion was an offense against logic and reason) . . . but I lived with that for 40+ years.

      My opinion of what the law ‘clearly says’ may not agree with yours (or SCOTUS’). As Samuel Langhorne Clemens said, “Differences of opinion are what make for horse races.” I’m OK (up to a certain point) living with decisions I disagree with, or even think are objectively stupid (like Roe), but I’m probably not inclined to go all “boogaloo” over a court decision (although if would have dearly loved to just b***h-slap the crap out of that disgusting little spineless windsock, Roberts, over the “Obamacare” decision).

      The courts have a place (particularly in a politically-divided country), and that is to look to our actual founding documents and try to “set guiderails” to keep us true to them. You apparently think you are smarter than our Founders – pro tip: you ain’t. Get a grip on reality.

  27. If the “revolt” is so popular, why don’t they amend the constitution and the 2nd amendment?

    The truth is that there will be no revolt. Americans love their guns and the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment persists because a large majority of Americans support it.

  28. “Revolt” eh?

    That sounds mighty “insurrectioney” to me.

    Where are the DOPEs & FEEBs, will they be monitoring Murphy’s calls, emails, and raiding his home and office just before sunrise?

    • Mechanic,

      You’ve forgotten the basic operating principle of the Dimocrats: “Never legislate what you can litigate (or regulate)” – after all, you might lose.

  29. Denne lorteplet på menneskeheden burde være blevet knust i livmoderen på landsdiens hore, der fødte ved at kneppe en død, døbt munk.

  30. Next up, Chris Murphy predicts if you throw a pig out of a 60 story building, it will fly for a certain period of time…

  31. There will never be another republican president that doesn’t get the Trump treatment. We saw it start during Bush’s 2nd term.

    • Agreed. The very next Republican President MUST decapitate the deep state departments and agencies. For a guy that made a TV show about firing people, Trump did not fire nearly enough people when he took office. This was an administration killing mistake.

      The next Republican president, on his/her first day, MUST remove the top leadership at CIA/FBI/DOJ/DOE/EPA/HUD and any other 3 letter agency that is not explicitly specified in the constitution. These are, for the most part, zombie agencies anyway – their lack of leadership will not negatively affect the day to day life of most Americans. It would be far better for these agencies to be without leaders than to have them wage war on the American people.

      • “The very next Republican President MUST decapitate the deep state departments and agencies.”

        Politicians come and go; the bureaucracy is forever. The bureaucracy can rarely be disciplined, unless an employee violates the politics of the general bureaucracy. The mid-level management of bureaucracy is all about self-protection.

        National government bureaucracy can actually function quite well, without agency/department political appointees at the top.

      • SAFEupstate,

        And don’t forget the free Nikes and Gucci handbags! Which they absolutely need to feed their families, amirite?

        • Oddly I was less bothered by that than the wannabe commie antifa larpers setting businesses on fire.

  32. Anyone notice the revolts, riots, mostly peaceful demonstrations always seem to happen in Dementiacrat controlled cities?
    And always with the police either ordered to stand down, or demoralized and demonized to the point they are not going to risk actually stopping the riots.
    As for the “Popular Revolt” crap, does the idiot not understand any revolt, or uprising would likely require the very arms he wants eliminated? Signs, fireworks, and improvised bludgeons aren’t particularly effective if the opposition has real firearms and are willing to actually defend themselves.

  33. if chris is threatening a revolt he should reconsider since most conservatives and libertarians are armed while his demoncrat constituents are often unarmed.

    • “if chris is threatening a revolt he should reconsider since most conservatives and libertarians are armed while his demoncrat constituents are often unarmed.”

      “Know your enemy”.

      The Dims are talking about a revolt where the populace demands the federal government turns the US military against the deplorables. He does not envision an armed revolt by anti-gun drones. Gun owners, by their basic nature, are right-wing extremists. The President of the US declared right-wing extremism the most dire threat to democracy. The federal government is now justified in using the US military to put down armed rebellion.

      If “we” cannot sell freedom and liberty to the majority of the populace/voters, the result is on us. There won’t be any boogie, Lou.

      • Yes, Murphy isn’t talking about mobs in the streets, he’s talking about government entities defying the court rulings. For which they will claim popular support, and that might even be true in some cities/states.

  34. What is his definition of a popular revolt? He says those words, but what does he think they mean?

    Many of the far left use words that the meanings don’t align with reality. So what does he mean?

    • A revolt’s popularity is defined by the winners of the revolt. Said another way, history is written by the winners.

      We are engaged in a cold civil war right now. We better make damn sure we win it – or we will end up in the gulags.

    • Trooper,

      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      Chris is more the Humpty Dumpty model: “When I use a word… it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

      Chris Murphy isn’t (quite) the dumbest man in the Senate, but he’s got to be in the top five.

  35. Democrats want an armed revolt believing that their supporters will attack the court presumably with weapons or at least that is the veiled threat. Unfortunately, Anti gunners don’t usually own guns!!

    In addition, we see dems like Swalwell, Biden and now Murphy effectively threaten the use of Government military might to destroy the 2nd Amendment and confiscate privately owned guns stating that you need F-15s and more to beat the government and by the way the government has nukes should there be an armed revolt against them. Arrogant pukes! In that regard we should use the nukes first on California and New York/Connecticut!!

  36. 1. Sorry my state sent this clown to the Senate. . . but I sure didn’t vote for him.
    2. What are the disarmament crowd going to use in their uprising? Since they’re anti-gun, they certainly wont have any firearms!

    • “Since they’re anti-gun, they certainly wont have any firearms!”

      The “revolt” will be led, propagated, conducted by those holding the levers of power, with the utter cooperation and “support of the people”.

      • And (in their fantasies) the support of the US military and police.

        Good luck with that, morons.

        • “And (in their fantasies) the support of the US military”

          Been waiting for someone to include this remark; thanks for the springboard.

          NOTE: the “US Military” is not who you think. Currently, DOD is targeting queer nation for recruits. The DOD is full “woke”. The US Military you remember as protecting/promoting “traditional values” is quickly morphing into an internal security force.

          Just as with police, the military are not “gun people”.

          When asked about a military career, I caution parents and teens that the military should only be considered as a tech school, fleeing just as soon as possible after obtaining the needed training.

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