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Taxpayer funded National Public Radio tries to downplay and trivialize the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, without letting the facts get in their way.

By Lee Williams

To be clear, there are 1,930 counties that have now become Second Amendment sanctuaries, which is more than 61% of all the counties in the United States.

Of these counties, 1,137 made the decision to protect the Second Amendment on their own. The rest are located in the 15 states — the most recent being Texas — that declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, according to Noah Davis of and its companion site

Davis has the most up-to-date maps and data available on the topic. He has tracked the Second Amendment sanctuary movement since its inception in his home state of Virginia.

The fact more than 61% of the country has chosen to protect the Second Amendment rights of their citizens has largely been ignored by the legacy media. If they have bothered to do a story on sanctuaries at all, their goal has been to downplay if not belittle the movement. Of course, that, friends, is what we call spin.

Taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio is the latest to try to torpedo the movement, which is growing every single day.

On NPR’s June 21 edition of “Here & Now,” the host falsely states there are only 400 counties that have become Second Amendment sanctuaries, not 1,930. This is a common error among the legacy media.

Davis has said it stems from a story originally published more than a year ago by Bloomberg’s anti-gun propaganda factory, The Trace. The story keeps rebounding around the internet, even though the numbers have increased significantly, because of lazy reporting and shoddy research.

This wasn’t NPR’s only attack on the grassroots movement.

The show’s guest, Anders Walker, a constitutional law professor at St. Louis University’s School of Law, tore into the sanctuary movement even more.

“It’s a bit of political theater,” Anders said. “They’re using language made popular during the Trump Presidency.”

Asked whether he believes the Biden/Harris administration will “crack down” on the sanctuary movement, Anders said Biden has been “very savvy about not pushing issues that are going to generate an explosive backlash.”

“However, I think he has made it clear he does want to go after things like the AR-15.” Anders said, adding that if the Democrats win the midterm elections, they will likely “reup the Assault Weapon Ban.”

The NPR host and the good professor then staged a bit of political theater of their own.

“What message does this bill send even if it is almost purely symbolic?” the host asked.

“I personally think is sends a losing message, which is: ‘We’re gonna double-down on opening up gun sales to everybody.’ I don’t think that is a good look for the NRA. It’s not a good look for gun owners. It makes them look irresponsible,” Anders said.

I sent an email to the “Here & Now” program alerting them to their missteps and asking when and how they intend to correct their errors. Although I received an automated acknowledgement that they received my email, I have not received an actual response.


In my humble opinion, the Biden/Harris administration, the legacy media and the folks at The Trace and other anti-rights groups are scared witless by the Second Amendment sanctuary movement,

More than 61% of the country has drawn a line in the sand — telling the federal government not to infringe upon their God-given and constitutional rights. The movement ceased being “symbolic” a long time ago.

Despite the good professor saying it’s not a “good look” for the NRA, neither the NRA nor any other civil rights organizations have anything to do with it. This is a pure grassroots movement. It’s organic. It’s hyper-local. It’s about citizens standing up to their government — period. No one person or organization is pulling any strings.

That NPR and other outdated members of the legacy media are now belittling and downplaying Second Amendment sanctuaries shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. They’re scared, after all, but not nearly as scared as the politicians. The movement positively terrifies them. It strikes at their very core. It tells them very plainly that we will not comply with their tyrannical edicts.

As the movement grows — and it is growing by leaps and bounds — we will see more attacks from politicians, which will then be parroted by their staunch supporters in the legacy media, assuming, that is, they can break a reporter loose from their hard-hitting, investigative coverage of Joe Biden’s ice cream cone du jour.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.


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  1. It’s not undercounting, it’s just lies so that people doesn’t realize how much they cater to the illegals.

    • I was not at all surprised to see that I’m not in one. However, it was gratifying to see that this little island of progtards is surrounded on all sides by a wide sea of freedom-minded locales.

  2. My home is a sanctuary for undocumented guns.

    (legal, Agent Smith from ATF…legal)

  3. They’re probably closer to the truth.

    Having spent several tours in Norfolk (antigun and D-voting even when VA was more progun), my curiosity was piqued when I saw it “Green” on this map. Not only can I not find any news online about final approval, but even the linked website doesn’t list it among the 2A sanctuaries.

    I also think it’s fair to say that Green and Blue are largely symbolic. The Rangers aren’t going to save you if you’re arrested in Austin. The locals in a “Green” county aren’t going to obstruct state troopers either.

  4. Sorry, it is still entirely symbolic. Sanctuary movements only provide that local and state police agencies will not enforce federal gun laws. This in no way prevents federal authorities from doing so. If Mr. Chips gets to be Director of the ATF, I am sure he would be thrilled to dish out some federal pain to the citizenry.

    • “If Mr. Chips gets to be Director of the ATF, I am sure he would be thrilled to dish out some federal pain to the citizenry”

      one of the reasons given on why the waco siege was pushed at the end was that “federal resources were stretched to the breaking point enforcing the law at waco”. the feds have considerable resources they can bring to bear against any one or two situations, but that’s about it.

      no, what they’ll do is what I keep saying – to “dish out pain” to multiple targets they’ll cut your (singular or plural) financials and net access and leave you to rot.

  5. “They’re using language made popular during the Trump Presidency.”

    made popular during the revolutionary war.

  6. A boatload of “sanctuary” counties are in ILL inoyed. I believe it’s some kind of leader in the nationwide movement(according to Reid Henrichs anyway). Whatever. Still good!

  7. I sure would like to see my county and state on that list. Two neighboring counties are there, but not mine.

  8. If all these counties and states truly were 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, they’d kick the ATF out of them.

    I’m not holding my breath that it will ever happen, and it would be a bit of a jurisdictional sh*tstorm, but wouldn’t it be nice?

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