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Chinese armed attack robot (

China has “armed attack robots” equipped with rifles and grenade launchers designed to be “the latest line of defence in the fight against “global terror.” That’s how the People’s Republic characterizes their contribution to Skynet. But really, is this such a big deal? Are these dinky killers – revealed at the 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing – autonomous? And how scary is a robot named “NOBODY” armed with “minor-caliber weapons, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers?” When drones get a mind of their own, then we have issues. Until then Hammacher Schlemmer is aware.

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  1. Hitler armed Germany by mfg weapons for use by their Olympians during world games.

    It’s a scaleable ruse. Equip a tank with a similar getup and voila. The only nation with an ample ‘disposable’ populace for conflict, now needs robots too. Hmmmm

  2. Hatched out of the knowledge that the Chinese people have no stomach for war…… Their leaders on the other hand….

  3. Just going by what I know about other things made in China, I don’t think we need to worry. It looks like it wouldn’t survive a hit from BB gun let alone full out war.

  4. Man makey, man breakey.

    Methinks some spam can Moisin Nagant Ammo would provide performance inhibitors.

    Especially those shiny camera folder thingy’s.

  5. I wonder how long until hobby king gets these in stock…..

    Seriously though I wonder what would happen if you set up a bunch of these with some neural nets and let them loose what would happen….. (of course setting initial weights would be a pain)

  6. “When drones get a mind of their own, then we have issues.”

    That is totally not the issue. Drones don’t need a mind of their own to be a big deal. We have Air Force pilots in Nevada flying drones over Afghanistan dropping ordnance, or so I’ve read. Scale this up to tank size remote controlled from Beijing and you think it’s not a big issue? Of course if you think our guys aren’t doing this in some secret lab as well, you’re fooling yourself. This is the future of warfare, or at least part of it.

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