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Yeah, for those with half a brain, it doesn’t make any sense. In a city with the crime problem that Chicago has, where handguns are used in about 90% of all gun-related crimes, stricter controls over handguns would be the logical anti-gunner response. But, as Reuters reports, the rulers of the fiefdom of Chicago have decided instead to institute even more draconian regulations on scary looking “assault rifles” ahead of the impending end of “home rule” gun laws and the new concealed carry legislation  . . .

After the override of Governor Pat Quinn’s veto of concealed carry legislation, cities in Illinois were given 10 days to enact gun control measures in order for them to be grandfathered in when the new law takes control, and Chicago squeaked their new restrictions in right under the wire.

From Reuters:

The Chicago city council voted unanimously on Wednesday to toughen its existing ban on assault weapons by adding more types of guns to the banned list and imposing stiffer fines for violations of the law.

Because of the large number of criminals using “assault weapons” that didn’t already meet the definitions of the city’s “assault weapons” ban? I tend to think that it’s more about banning things that look scary than actually responding to crimes happening in the city.

I seriously can’t wait until the courts have a crack at whether an AR-15 qualifies as a “commonly owned” firearm under Heller.

Emanuel said the tougher laws would improve public safety, but others questioned whether the laws will be effective.

“No legislation, no matter how strict, will keep weapons out of the wrong hands. We all know that,” said Chicago City Councilman Robert Fioretti, who voted for the gun ban.

Wait. So, they know that the laws will do nothing to stop crime… and yet they enact them anyway? Are they familiar with the definition of insanity?

I’ve had this same argument with some of the leaders of the Democratic party in upstate New York. And what it boils down to is that they don’t understand that criminals don’t follow the law. They think that adding one more piece of paper to the pile will suddenly make the world a better place, without any more enforcement required. That criminals will suddenly start following the law out of the goodness of their hearts. “Do you really think that a piece of paper is going to protect your kids?” They had no answer.

The new laws also would increase punishment for possession of weapons, such as knives, near schools.

I wonder what will happen when the school cafeteria needs to slice a tomato . . .

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  1. I doubt that the CPS lunch ladies are actually cooks, I think they are more of MRE reheating specialists.

    • I was going to say sewage treatment workers. All you gotta do is pour and stir, pour and stir. I am reminded of the strips that take place inside Calvin’s body as he is eating a meal from Calvin and Hobbes.

      Cafeteria food is one memory best left lie.

  2. In Maryland, the school cafeterias don’t slice tomatoes; the only sharp things they use are pizza wheels. Knives are strictly verboten on public school property.

    • Are you serious? No knives in a kitchen? No wonder school lunches suck so badly – how the hell can someone prepare a decent meal without cutting something…

      Gad, but this world is just getting crazier and crazier.

      • pre sliced tomatos. If I remember right, one of our school lunch ladies cut the tip of her finger of, and then there was talk of switching to polymer kitchen utensils, but it didnt go through.

  3. So sick of seeing this kind of insanity it makes me want to just bury my head in the sand. How do you fight a tsunami of stupidity?

    • Give them a map to an invisible bridge. Then post a sign on the cliff saying something like “the laws of gravity have been effectively changed at this crossing. This paper sign is proof that gravity no longer applies. If any man, woman or child of and ethnic background or sexual orientation should fall they have broken the new laws of gravity and are subject to prosecution”

        • So you’re saying its like controlling mosquitos you can just target the adults? Maybe if we get a crane and paint it to look like the sky then hang a free candy stand 50 ft from the edge we can kill two birds with one stone

    • Its not insanity, and its not anything to do with crime. This was all about spite.

      They HATE that our side won in the courts, and got a decent start on concealed carry with handgun preemption. This was the only avenue they had to fire back. Even it is completely useless for crime, and it may get struck down in the courts again. Its a matter of insulting our side. They really do loathe us.

      Its not insanity, and its not anything to do with crime. This was all about spite.

  4. “They think that adding one more piece of paper to the pile will suddenly make the world a better place…”

    No, actually, they know what they are doing. They just don’t want civilians owning firearms and they will use anything they can use to keep us from owning it so they have to rely on the police / the state instead of themselves. It’s from the UK playbook, through and through.

    • They do know exactly what they’re doing, but I’m not fully on board with the spite thing.

      They want us disarmed so we cannot fight back against their deliberate destruction of society. When it’s demolished, they’ll rebuild it precisely to their liking. And you are NOT going to like one bit of it!

  5. So 10-12 states have gone completely bat-shit crazy…and Chicago is the poster boy for the thug-mafia goon squad that is destroying the nation.

  6. Is is incredible that these politicians sit in their safe, secure offices and all agree that further legislation and laws banning more types of ‘assault weapons’ will help to stem the flood of killing.

    As I learned when traveling in the Middle East – there is a certain culture of people now in Chicago that have a generational hatred towards each other. They shoot each other as they have no compassion for life, no goals, no family support, no jobs and no education. Their fathers were shot or killed, their cousins, brothers, and friends have all been killed or badly hurt and they will continue this generation to generation unless they make a decision to stop it. They place drugs, turf wars, and killing their enemies above all else.

  7. well, to be fair, we would not want Chicagoian’s to be carrying concealed assault rifles, now would we? I mean, its one thing to be hiding a pistol in your pants, it another to be hiding a fully automatic AK47 with 600 round drum. Am i right?

  8. Ingenious! Politicians are afraid to support 2A, so they do the exact opposite of what’s needed to stem violence. Eventually the populace will come around to supporting constitutional carry!
    Come on people, give them credit. Nobody can really be as stupid as the politicians are acting.

    • “Nobody can really be as stupid as the politicians are acting.

      Only the people who re-elect them. If Chicago wants to stop the violence do not re-elect anyone in state or city government until violence is reduced. You could actually make it a law, violence goes up and current office holders can not run again. It would probably take years, but at some point the elected officials will understand to stay in office they will have to make intelligent reforms.

    • This isn’t stupidity. This is cold calculation, pure and simple. They’re stripping away as much as they can before the law stops them. Then after the law stops them, they’ll drag their feet and do everything within their power to disobey the law without actually breaking it.

  9. Why would he want to improve public safety? Wouldnt that keep him from having to call in the National Guard? In other news, The city of Detroit is filing for bankruptcy. Should be interesting to see where that goes.

  10. i am a Chicago resident for 25years & i absolutely HATE this city/state. Crook county home of the defenseless & over taxed

    • I bet you could download a map that would show you the way out. And some other places to go to.

  11. Thomas Sowell once wrote “Policy is judged by its consequences. Crusades are judged by how good they make the crusaders feel.” Gun control policy has been a failure. The crusaders, on the other hand, are just getting started. Moral superiority is just too intoxicating.

    • Bingo!

      Reminds me of this great quote from C.S. Lewis:

      “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  12. for the sane ones amongst our ranks, we use Chi-town as an example of what not to do. But the gub’t has a different idea.

    I for one knew it was gonna happen, I mean, if they banned “assault weapons”, and crime continued with black powder revolvers, they wouldn’t lift the ban and ban something new, they’d just add it to the list. We hate the 90% of American support gun control claim, but when “90% of assaults are with handguns” and they jump on that fact, there wont be much to say.

  13. Yesterday, Larry Elder told Piers Morgan that he PM is stupid. LE went on to say that race is no longer the biggest problem in America. Elder said the biggest problems in the black community are children born out of wedlock and the unemployment rate of black males.

    • When you don’t have to do things for the good of your family, the door is wide-open for a short-lived career as a street thug.

  14. IMHO, HBD 183, the Illinois CCW law preempts all of the handgun regulations of the home rule cities such as Chicago, Highland Park, Skokie, etc. The “10 day” grace period is for so-called assault weapons as defined by state law and precedential court cases, meaning these home rule communities can ban “high cap” mags for so-called assault weapons, read long guns, but not handguns that do not have magazines in front of the trigger guard, etc.
    Of course we can expect these communities to fight for their preempted laws to the last taxpayer dollar, meaning connected law firms who contribute to these politicians can expect a lot more business.

  15. I must be feeling charitable today, or perhaps what follows is a result of having been feverish for days. I wonder if the people effected by and who vote for the pols who come up with this madness will ever latch onto the truth. While it may be calculation on the part of the politicians it is surely ignorance on the part of the electorate that allows the former to be reelected in the face of near war-like casualty numbers (500 dead and nearly 1500 injured by crime last year in Chiraq) while passing law after law that will not and, given the reality of the type of crime, cannot have beneficial impact. Is it too much to dream that someday the citizens of Chicago will come to the realization that their liberal politics have miserably failed them?

  16. I have to say this. Earlier this year I decided to read the “Turner Diaries”. While I don’t agree with the philosophy of the author, I’m afraid that many of the scenarios he created are happening. This is what scares me.

    • If you paid for that with a credit card, there’s a drone headed your way with your name on it.

      That book isn’t just vile for the philosophical underpinnings therein; it’s full of slimy little mind-traps. And it snared you in some way, shape or form. Get away while you can.

  17. this doesn’t surprise me. the anti gunners want to do something to make them feel good, not do something productive. i would be easier to pass more laws on scary black guns than on handguns. making more laws for either ARs or handguns wont reduce crime but it would make them feel good about themselves if they passed another law.

  18. “Yeah, for those with half a brain, it doesn’t make any sense.”

    This is not the ideal way of phrasing it. It easily sounds like people who think it doesn’t make sense are missing half their brain. Suggest: “even for those with only half…”

    • Yep. As ever, the problem is not with the ones who understood your intentions, but with those who didn’t.

  19. The people of Chicago asked for this. I don’t see the problem. Excuse me while I go get beer and popcorn.

  20. “I seriously can’t wait until the courts have a crack at whether an AR-15 qualifies as a “commonly owned” firearm under Heller.”

    me either. kind of a big deal in Maryland right now.

  21. You guys had better be careful what you wish for. We might end up seeing the assault weapons bans upheld in the SCOTUS. Or one of the conservative justices could bite the bullet (no pun intended) while the case is occurring. As for Chicago, I assumed they had already banned AR-15s.

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