BREAKING: Illinois Concealed Carry Amendatory Veto Overridden



On the last day before a federal court order to enact a workable concealed carry law would have, by default, allowed constitutional carry in the Land of Lincoln, the House and Senate took Governor Sockpuppet’s Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto and wished him a hearty ba fungul. And with that, Illinois joins the rest of the nation by, at long last, recognizing the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and putting in place at least some form of concealed carry. Is it all it could be? Of course not. This is Illinois, we’re talking about. The most corrupt state in the nation. And with competition from locales like New Jersey, New York and California, that really means something. But it’s a huge step forward, particularly for the downstate population who’s chafed under the iron-fisted control of Chicago for decades. It’s been a long time coming. Click here for the details of the approved legislation.