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Zimmerman's locked Kel Tec PF-9---with keys

“The U.S. Department of Justice, overseen by Attorney General Eric Holder, has ordered the Sanford, Florida police department to keep possession of all the evidence from George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial,” reports, “including the exonerated neighborhood watch volunteer’s gun . . . The development is a sign that the criminal section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is seriously investigating Zimmerman to determine if federal civil rights charges should be filed.” “Seriously considering” = “keeping the door open until the Democratic base loses interest.” But with comments like this on the Interwebz—“It’s once again becoming open season on black folks in the Deep South”—that could be some time. Meanwhile, one wonders what the media would say if/when they learn he’s bought a replacement firerarm.

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    • It would be interesting to see what it would go for on Gunbroker.

      Three or four thousand? Just guessing, of course.

  1. I’m starting to think they won’t rest until he’s in prison or in the ground.

    They can’t let go. They just can’t. They have too much invested in this and they’ve decided he has to be locked up for some piddling thing or die.

    • It hasn’t even been a week. Give it time. Something else will come along to divert everyone’s attention. My guess is that Obama/Holder will keep the civil rights investigation open and ongoing indefinitely to keep their base satisfied. They will never admit that they have no evidence against Zimmerman. That being said, the open-ended investigation will quietly conclude (with no charges being filed) sometime in ’16 shortly before Obama leaves office. It will be covered by the MSM in a short article on page C19 of your local paper. Remember to look for it.

      • Just remember this the next time someone pisses you off politically and you say to yourself, “There oughtta be a law!”

        In the right circumstances, we are all George Zimmerman.

      • Or they’ll find something they CAN get him for, some obscure law nobody’s ever heard of, and they’ll be able to successfully put him away. Kinda like how they got Al Capone for tax evasion, and not any of the other various things he did.

        • Probably buying a Kiwi fruit imported from Chile that was grown from a seed in Iran.

    • Double jeopardy is a bitch.

      Along with our freedom of speech (seems like they are intent on making laws so that only journalists from large corporations have freedom of speech) and our gun rights they want to just eliminate double jeopardy protections.

      These guys on the fed level have reached new levels of being assholes. This is unconscionable. This behavior by the feds in this situation should not be tolerated.

        • If Sanford PD has “ever” received any federal funds I.E. homeland sec. & anti terrorism, Ad nauseam they must follow orders! In effect they have sold their “down home’ness” to the fed’s and in essence they have become federalized! OTOH if they were so noble as to remain free from accepting fed funds they could have said to doj we will take your request under advisement and what they want to in following FL law!

      • Zimmerman was not prosecuted in a Federal court, just the Florida trial court. So if he’s brought up in a Federal court for a trial, its not double jeopardy. Never was, never has been.

        • nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb

          Although to a logical person offense would mean the event (following and shooting Trayvon, in GZ’s case), legal “experts”, who twist the wording of the Constitution to mean what they want, rather than what it clearly states, have managed to interpret that to mean the actual criminal charge. So the feds can charge him with anything they want to. Just be happy the fifth amendment requires the charges to be filed in the jurisdiction that the event occurred in, otherwise Bloomie would charge GZ in NYC (I think GZ had a 32oz drink in the truck, so he’d be doubly screwed).

        • They could charge him with discharging a firearm illegally and leave the hoodie boy scout out of it. Jail is jail and that’s all they care about.
          OJ is locked up too and everyone knows it’s at least due to his walk from the murder charge. That jury had a chance to finish him and they did.

      • GZ won’t be tried for murder by the feds. If they try him it will be on civil rights charges so it’s not double jeopardy.

        I’m willing to bet that GZ regrets ever leaving that car. No women were being raped, no children murdered. He had the police on the way and the luxury of time and vehicle mobility.

        He gave those advantages away just to find out that he couldn’t beat a skinny 17 yo in hand to hand. His ego got beat worse than him.

        I’ll bet he wishes he had just stayed his azz in the car.

        • Even DERSHOWITZ said on TV that there is no way to re-mold this into a civil rights case. Killing an assailant cannot be twisted into a “civil rights violation”.

          And I don’t believe those giant sodas ever were outlawed in NYC. A judge struck it down.

          Somebody correct me on that if I’m wrong.

  2. Is anything currently prohibiting him from just getting a new gun?
    PF-9’s arent exactly bank breakers. Let Holder keep it as a memento.

  3. Wondering what the implications are in Florida for Zman as he has been arrested for a Felony? Need the Florida authorities “re-evaluate” his CCW license?

    I also see across the various gun blogs folks repeating the meme that “he shouldn’t have left the car”. Amazing how self destructive our community is. Not realizing how this will be thrown right back in our faces. How antithetical it is to the 2A corollary of “personal freedom and responsibility”. Don’t leave the car = live the life of cowardice and fear.

    • Don’t leave the car = live the life of cowardice and fear.

      Replace “cowardice and fear” with “prudence and discretion” and you have standard that most people will be comfortable living with. What do you bet that GZ privatly reconsiders his actions?

      • How about individual choice? Since you weren’t there, how can you say with any certainty what choice you would have made in the same situation?

        So many people want to second guess the decision to leave the car, not realizing that he was perfectly legal to do so. And if thug life did not choose to lie in wait for GZ the altercation would not have happened. The critical difference is that what GZ did was 100% legal, whereas ambushing and attacking someone is not.

    • Say nothing, don’t get involved, don’t help thy neighbor and let the world crumble around you. It’s the mantra of the Sheeple. Some Sheeple are armed. Some of these armed Sheeple never saw the movies “High Plains Drifter” or “Fistful of Dollars”. The woman who is freed says “Why do you do this for us?” The stranger responds “Why? I knew someone like you once. There was no one there to help.”

      I have heard this from several of the better self defense instructors. “I want the people unwilling to take a life when necessary to leave my class now.” Armed or not Sheeple are still Sheeple.

      • Amen

        You can’t complain about cops abusing their power in one post, then say that no private citizen should keep tabs on their neighborhood in a second. Well, you can, but it makes you look like a hypocrite and an idiot.

    • Somehow, I suspect Zimmerman doesn’t give a rat’s ass about floridas CCW laws right now. I’ll bet donuts that he has moved to east nowhere, Kansas by now.

      • I’m suspecting that if he has his passport back by now, its either up north to our Canadian neighbors or to his mom’s home country of Peru. Then again, there is the whole “hide in plain sight” thing.

    • Arrested is not convicted. A murder conviction or pending charges will put him on the prohibited persons list. But as of last Saturday night, he is perfectly legal to buy or possess a firearm.

    • Criminals are forever hoping people don’t leave the car or house and follow the snitches get stitches code. Nothing will change until that does.

    • Attorney General Eric Holder apparently thinks that double jeopardy is a television show.

    • The Civil Rights case is separate and different than the shooting. The bar to prove it is so high, and there is no evidence, they have nothing but they need to give the base their circus and bread. Remember, “they must do something”. Just like gun control, it is meaningless except to the low information voter base.

      • This is legal persecution, plain and simple.

        They didn’t get what they wanted so they’re going to throw the kitchen sink at him. It also violates the spirit behind the prohibition on double jeopardy. After all, the British pulled some similar nonsense on the colonists.

        • Is it me or are we comparing the fed of today to the crown of the 1770s more and more lately.

    • A civil rights charge is not a simple criminal charge; it’s in a category all its own. So I’m pretty sure they can do it.

      IOW, NOT double jeopardy. And it’s a federal charge, so that alone circumvents state double jeopardy restrictions.

  4. I would think this would be a direct infringement on his 2A right. This IS the federal government stepping all over a state’s right. He was tried and his verdict isn’t supporting the “agenda” so the DOI ( department of injustice) is stepping in. Just one question, how many lines in sand are going to be drawn?

    • Federal gun laws trump state gun laws, and federal civil rights violation charges are… well, you know…. FEDERAL.

    • Ha! I was thinking the same thing. He can’t give it back, he lost track of it in Mexico!

  5. My question is: why isn’t Holder being slapped down!! He is the one violating Z’s civil rights!! He was found innocent, no charges, exonerated, and yet Holder and the DOI(kudos for the acronym) are now violating his rights by attempting to charge him for a non existent crime!!
    This is directly Race Related!! Z isn’t black/African American or Colored so Holder and the rest of the race batters like J.Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louise Farrakan and the rest are trying to find Anything they can to Hirt Z in anyway and everyway possible!
    It’s discrimination, biased an prejudiced all rolled into one little package of whine!! They just can’t admit that Martin was a useless thug and a disgrace to the Black People in America!!! If Z had been black and Martin “Whote Hispanic” it would have been quick and quite and after the verdict just the sound of crickets!!!

    • There are many people that make a lot of money from degrading race relations.

      For example the news networks had a ratings bonanza from this circus. Millions of viewers watched their coverage of the trials. Normally they are lucky if they break 6 figures. Almost nobody spends time watching the 24 hour news networks anymore, but they made a metric ton of advertising revenue from this farce.

      And it didn’t cost them a thing. The court did all the costs of video recording the incident. They had no special costs associated. They didn’t have to pay any of the ‘actors’.

      They are going to keep this going as long as they possibly can and will stoop to any level to keep people paying attention to the coverage. This includes getting their man Holder to make a fool of himself by talking up prosecuting him on thought crimes.

    • Because the Senate is owned by the libtard party and the House is controlled by spineless RINOs.

  6. “He shouldn’t have left the car.”

    No. Martin shouldn’t have tried to beat him to death. And then go for Zimmerman’s holstered weapon.

    • Martin had a psychotic break due to all the LEAN or purple drank he was doing. Why did this kid buy a drink and skittles and take almost an hour to walk home, and not consume them? Because they are used to make LEAN or purple drank with cough syrup.

  7. I would say it was a throw away gun but I would reserve that for Lorcins and HiPoints. I know it’s the principle of the matter and I would fight for it back myself. Holder et al seems to think if you lose you still key the guy’s car in the parking lot as a small personal victory.

    I say get the gun back, attach it to a plaque, wrap it up as a gift and send it to Holder as a memento to personal freedoms over government tyranny.

    • Good Idea!!! Hell I will make the plaque if anyone can engrave a plate for it!! Nice brass plate would be good!!!
      Get a picture of it all on the news right before it is mailed to him!!!

    • The PF9 is probably the nicest gun that KelTec makes. I have no interest in the rest of their lineup, but would seriously consider buying a PF9 if I didn’t already have something that fills the same role.

      • Dude, the KSG (not gotten to fire one yet), but as far as handguns go, yea youre probably right.

      • I have one and all I have to say about it is “meh”. It’s very thin and concealable…good to take on late night insomnia/dog walks through the neighborhood and it is quite easy to carry it when wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. Other than that, the PF9 isn’t much fun at the range, not particularly accurate beyond 5 yards, requires sanding and polishing when brand new and FTEs make it impractical for EDC. GZ probably only fired one shot because the thing jammed . Nice backup gun though, and cheap.

  8. Zimmerman needs a replacement firearm? As long as its legal for him to have a pistol, I’d donate a bit of money towards a new one for him. He needs one considering all the idiots on twitter and what not that have the “We’re coming for you!” posts, why arent those people in jail for death threats?

    Zim was screwed over by the media (CNN, NBC) now he is about to be screwed over by the DOJ.

  9. Too bad holder isn’t having to deal with 1 of 6 certain sheriffs in Florida that would tell him to pack sand.

    • One of the biggest mistakes that happened in this country is allowing the federal government to have the ability to have domestic law enforcement capabilities.

    • Where is Ruger, S&W, Colt, Glock, _____. (Or aftermarket builder). Is there not ONE mfg with a pair that will donate (as a public event) a decent handgun with gear to Zimmerman?

      How about Remington? They might earn their way back into by positive opinion by such action.

      Same way the gun obviously needs a double barrel IdiotJoe shotgun and an AR for home defense. I’ll bet Magpul would kick in the accessories. Has to be some mfg with a backbone.

      And Yes Zimmerman would be very welcome to move into next door to me. My neighborhood has no need of a watch and one, or a hundred, gangbangers/welfare deadbeat activists/agitators will be VERY obvious as targets to be monitored. Zimmerman obviously needs to get out of Florida and metro areas and to fall off the libtard/Holder radar.

  10. It looks like Zimmerman and his attorney need to file a lawsuit against the DOJ. They should not be able to force local governments to do anything unless they have pressed charges.

  11. Guessing George Zimmerman already has a weapon. He has friends who have probably already given him a “loaner” Fla. LEO needs to tell Holder, under state law, to butt out.

  12. Why has Kel-Tec not offered George Zimmerman a sponsorship yet. I would love to buy a Zimmerman Limited Edition Pistol

    • Because its in poor taste innky opinion. All though it is fully within their rights to offer one and yours to purchase.

  13. Has anybody considered that Zimmerman has no desire to own or carry a gun now? After he was set free by the court and the police were told to return his property did he make an effort to retrieve his gun? That gun is linked to the worst night of his life.

    GZ had a mental image of himself as a tough guy. A wannabe cop and hero. 1 skinny 17 yo beat him bad enough to have him screaming like a little girl. Not his finest moment.

    • Ha!

      I’ve always found the tough guy line to be hilarious. If I thought I was some macho, invincible fighter there would be no reason to carry. Carrying a gun shows that, on some level, you know you’re not always the strongest guy in the room.

    • His finest moment would count if he was performing for a crowd and it was for money/glory. I believe his prize was being alive after the encounter. If anything it would reenforce the idea of being armed because you were reminded how mortal you really are and how crucial being prepared is when the bad guys take it to that level. One thing this might do is send him to a MMA/Martial arts/self defense training school to make sure the gun isn’t the only thing he can fall back on. I know he was there before, but he hadn’t become proficient yet.

    • jwm: when Zimmerman turned himself in for arrest in Jacksonville, 40 something days after the shooting, an FN 5.7 pistol was located in his rental car, with several loaded magazines. Finding out a few facts in this case before running your fat pie hole would be a good thing.

      • Interesting I hadn’t heard that. If more people knew he was packing that kind of firepower, maybe they would hold off a bit on the death threats. I doubt he can afford the ammo for it though.

      • J&D, he took himself to the cop shop to surrender on a felony warrent and he was packing a gun? What happened to the 5.7 after he surrendered?

    • jwm – You lead a rich fantasy life. As in, you espouse your latest pet theory, and we say, “HA! THAT’S rich!

  14. Rachel Jeantel’s appearance on CNN should make the feds shy away from pursuing Zimmerman. Their “star” witness is on record as saying she egged on Martin who went on a homophobic rampage. Her public statements clearly make Martin the aggressor in a hate crime. The best the fed can hope for is that she has no crediblility

  15. We all know this is double jeopardy. It was double jeopardy when such prosecutions were used against the Klan, and in my opinion it was allowed to slide because, hey it is the Klan, screw them. But if they seriously do this with Zimmerman, I suspect the courts may be forced to strike down that part of the civil rights legislation.

    The cases are not similar. We are not talking about Emmett Till here, who was beaten and shot for being disrespectful to a white woman. Where the jury acquitted, because hey who cares about blacks. Where the system was obviously rigged. In that case, federal prosecution, while still double jeopardy (same underlying act), is understandable. No one wants to defend the corruption of such a system.

    This case…a haze of reasonable doubt. I have had people scream at me that Trayvon did not swing the first punch, Zimmerman was trying to rape him (wth?), Trayvon was merely grabbing the gun to push it away, etc. My question is, interesting theories….prove them. The scary thing is people just cannot grasp the whole innocent until proven guilty. Zimmerman could have fired his lawyer, asked no questions of witnesses, simply said “whatevs” as his opening and closing statement, and presented no argument or evidence. If the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt…acquittal.

    You would think the NAACP would be more concerned with the fact that the majority of imprisoned are black and that ignoring the benefits given to the accused only means more black people arrested, tried and sent off, guilty or not

  16. The folks who are arguing that a federal prosecution, if one should arise, would not violate the constitutional protection against double jeopardy are correct. George Zimmerman was tried and acquitted on state charges of 2nd degree murder. Should the feds decide to bring federal charges, it would not be based upon 2nd degree murder, a state law crime. I sincerely hope that they do not. But if they do, no double jeopardy. Its the law, we can’t change that. Its been that way for a very long time.

  17. you know how ttag has those quarterly activity charts? itd be cool to see a comment activity chart on these zim. series articles vs. others series. seems like everyone’s got something to say about this.

  18. I’m guessing that GZ already has another gun, or two, or three. I know Brad Thor (the author) offered to buy him a new one. From the looks of things when the verdict was announced and every deputy in the court room, including two African Americans, came up and shook his hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them didn’t lend him a weapon to get to his car.

  19. I see this was mentioned once already, but Pompano Pats in DeLand has offered to give George a free gun. In a letter to Mark O’Mara:

    “Upon receiving your confirmation that he is well within his legal rights to concealed carry, our company would like to offer Mr. Zimmerman a free firearm. We currently have the same model in stock, or he could (choose) another weapon suitable for concealed carry,” the letter states.

  20. “Meanwhile, one wonders what the media would say if/when they learn he’s bought a replacement firerarm.”

    Better still, learn his new firearm came from a Mexican druglord who got it from AG Holder.

  21. Silly me, I thought him being an innocent man would be entitled to his property to be returned…ya know that whole 5th Amendment thing about not having property taken from you…and that gun now has value…to me, it’s a symbol of self defense…so it’s value would be a lot more than just the list price on that model…The DOJ should have to compensate him for “renting” it…

  22. Funny how GZ is looking at federal civil rights charges and the black panthers in philly got theirs deleted.

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