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A 22-year-old Chicago man learned the hard way that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight (unless, maybe, it’s attached to your gun). It was about 10:34 p.m., and the young man was walking in the Little Village neighborhood on the West Side. According to the Chicago Sun Times, he was stopped by two men who presented a handgun and demanded that he hand over his property.

The young man then pulled out a knife, which caused one of the attackers to fire the gun, striking him in the leg. The suspects both ran away, and the victim was transported to Mount Sinai hospital in good condition, according to police.

No suspects have been arrested in this case, as seems to be the custom in Chicago.

And that’s why you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight – although if Chicago lawmakers weren’t hell-bent on making it difficult for law-abiding citizens to be legally armed, these events might have never taken place to begin with.

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  1. Well he didn’t actually get robbed so maybe it wasn’t that bad of a result. Gunshot wounds do heal after all.

    • Ah… It’s not the best trade off but I’ll take getting robbed over getting shot any day of the week.

      • Makes for a good story though. Not everyone can say that they were shot while fending off two muggers with only a pocket knife. Sounds much more impressive than what Esoteric Inanity tells his dates about the surgical scar on his thigh. They just can’t believe that he was really attacked by a pack of Great White Sharks……Oh well, once bitten twice shy baby.

    • “Gunshot wounds do heal after all.”

      They shot him in the leg. He’s fortunate he wasn’t shot in the femoral artery…

    • How much cash do you carry around? My deductibles on a hospital visit and physical therapy are a lot more than I keep in my wallet. Also, there’s the non monetary cost of the limited mobility during recovery.

      • TTAG bring back the edit button.

        I was saying, before I prematurely discharged.. 😉

        As long as it didn’t hit the tibia or fibula or femur or knee, I’d say it’s worth it. I’m coming off of breaking my leg and it put me out of running for 6 months. That’s not worth it.

        • Broke my tib and fib at the ankle a month ago.

          Not fun.

          I won’t be running for months…

  2. Well IF you are going to pull a knife in a gunfight make sure you are close enough to use it before the assailant can fire on you or in conjunction with disarming your attacker.

    • Yarbles Good luck drawing a knife and stabbing somewhile from any distance they have a fun pointed at you. As noted it’s a dead man’s move.

      How theF$&@ do you know how close he was?

      • Yarbles didn’t assume how far he was. If you’re at bad breath distance, it’s dark, and you know how to use your knife and think you can win, go ahead.

      • How the f, as you put it, do you know that a gun will always win over a knife in every single situation? Best you just shut up and let people defend themselves the best they can. You have no idea at all about the people involved here.

        • Yeah, remember James Coburn’s character in The Magnificent Seven? He was quicker on the draw with a knife than the other guy was with a shootin’ arn in a challenge gunfight. It was in a movie so it must have been really possible.

    • haha I don’t care how close you are, you’re gonna get hurt and probably die if the guy has a real gun- OR you’re so close and such a ninja that you wouldn’t need a knife in the first place if you can disarm him.

      The 20ft principle doesn’t mean the knife-wielder doesn’t get shot, it just means the shooter might also get shot. There is no circumstance where attacking two men with a knife when one of them is armed with a gun and both know of your presence is a good idea except in a movie.

  3. I understand there is a certain Chiraq alderman who keeps a couple dozen guns in his office, that the victim might be able to borrow.

    • And that Alderman’s son was charged with domestic battery last year. Charges dropped days later. Oh, and they didn’t take his FOID (firearm owners permit) card. Surprise, surprise.

      • At least during the time of Al Capone, everyone had guns. And good people shot back at criminals.
        Chiraq is a nice place. I’ve been there. But parts of the city are a combat zone. And the good people have mostly been disarmed. Only the criminals, elected and un-elected have guns.

        I bet that judge who dropped his gun in a city government building will never be prosecuted. A gun hes not suppose to have on city property.

        • Chiraq is a third world cesspool. I’ve been there and will never be back. When I transit or visit Illinois I plan so as to not leave any $ in the damn state.

  4. So I guess that 5 years of shall issue results with blood in the streets? Exactly what is TAG’s argument here?

    • I haven’t figured it out either, It’s as if Moore v. Madigan never happened. Then again, even with shall issue, Chicago can make it difficult to obtain a permit (if CPD files an objection) or if one has the need to use public transportation. And of course, guns are still off limits for some with prior records, but that is true everywhere.

      • I would love to dig into the court records and see just how many citations have been written for CCL carrying on public transportation.

  5. Little Village at 10:30 isn’t a good place to be😏I have had some fantastic food there. My buddy spoke fluent Spanish so he knew what to order. Selling insurance…

  6. If you’re already in the situation where there gun is out and pointed at you I’m not really sure how having a gun is better than a knife unless the robber is an idiot.

    Neither the gun nor the knife is likely to do much good and yanking either one runs a pretty high risk of getting you shot.

    • True. You have to willing to gamble that your friendly neighborhood mugger didn’t have the green to rent bullets along with the gun.

      • Or that said mugger substituted an ersatz prop like an air soft gun or replica firearm. Esoteric Inanity recalls an incident in the early 90s where the cops arrested a man for armed robbery with a banana……

    • Unless youu are Yarbles above. Then uou can draw, knife him, tighten your man bun, comb your beard and be half way through your latte somethingorother at starbucks before he hits the ground. Without even wrinkling your flannel shirt or no nuts possible tight pants. Not even a drop of blood on the tattoo sleeve.

    • It’s marginally better. If you do it right the mugger will be surprised. If he’s surprised by you drawing a knife, he has the time it takes you to charge and stab him to complete his OODA loop. If it’s a knife, you can probably fire before he gets a chance to react and it depends on your aim how things work out. Recently there was a story posted here where someone did just that successfully. You can also see this play out in cases of police officers being killed and it’s why cops don’t want you to reach around in clothing, pockets, etc- by the time you pull something out and they can recognize it’s a gun, decide to act, and physically react, you’ve already pulled the trigger because you already had that set of actions planned out.

  7. It would be better if both criminals were taken to the morgue. Spare us taxpayers all the fruitless expenses to come.

  8. Obviously not a student of Tueller… but then again, I guess Tueller doesn’t count on you holding the gun in your hand at the start of the drill! 😀

  9. Honestly I give him props for having the nads to pull a blade on a gun. That’s some fatalistic Viking style mindset you really only see people talk about, but never actually do. And, the assailents were the ones that fled, so he held the field in the end.

    • They nailed him in the leg and fled because they decided not to execute him. That’s not a victory. The battle was lost before it started; anything else is Baghdad Bob-style spin.

  10. Ha , Ha, Dumb Ass, . ! There not all b b guns , or replicas with the red part of the barrel removed, witch is what the wannabe gangsters do… bang your gone… love it … stupid punks.

  11. Were they wearing MAGA hats and carrying a jug of bleach?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    CPD doesn’t arrest criminals. Why bother? They’ll just get out again and get shot dead so might as well let nature take it’s course.

  12. I do not think that article was 100℅ correct.,. The robber’s pulled the knife, and the victim pulled his Glock

  13. with a knife he had a chance if he would have immediately stabbed the guy with the gun instead of playing show and tell!

  14. If you are going to pull out ANY weapon during a mugging, you must use it instantly and with total determination. This would have turned out the same if the victim had pulled a gun but hesitated to use it.

  15. Tip of the hat for defending himself successfully with bad odds. I wonder about people who think self-defense does not involve getting hurt.

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