Tim Young Mugged carry permit DC
courtesy timyounglive.com
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Tim Young Mugged carry permit DC
courtesy timyounglive.com

They say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. If that’s true, comedian Tim Young is now a boning up on his Friedrich Hayek, John Locke, William F. Buckley, and Milton Friedman. The political funnyman was walking in the capital on Wednesday evening when he was approached by two men.

As wusa9.com reports, Young was…

“Terrified. You know, when I talk to people about this… you’re scared. There’s no man card involved. I was defenseless,” explained Young, who’s a political comedian and host of ‘No Things Considered’ at the D.C. Examiner. The men ran off with his cell phone.

You might think Young, a native of Baltimore, would be all too familiar with the need to protect oneself from armed criminals. But it’s different when you’re the one who’s being threatened. As a result of his experience looking down the barrel of a gun, Young has now re-assessed his position on gun control.

Now, he said he absolutely plans to apply for a concealed carry permit in D.C., but it won’t be easy. The District is one of the toughest places in the country to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“When you’re in an instance where there’s a gun is pointed at you and your life is being threatened for your property and no one’s going to help—and now I know that no one’s going to help—I want to feel more secure. I want to feel safe, and I have something to defend myself with,” he said.

As some might say, it should have been a defensive gun use.

When asked how the situation would have went differently if he had a gun, Young told Bruce Johnson on ‘Off Script’ that he probably would have pulled it out to defend himself.

It’s good to hear that Young shares our opinion.

The comedian has now discovered why over 16 million Americans have decided to jump through the regulatory hoops required to obtain a permission slip to pack a gun. And that doesn’t count all of those who live in the 14 constitutional carry states in which a permit isn’t required to carry a firearm.

It’s never too late to change your mind. Good to have you with us, Tim, and we’re glad you weren’t injured during the mugging. There’s plenty of room here on the pro-civil rights side for everyone.

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  1. At the end of the interview Tim says to the host: “You’re a better friend than my conservative friends.” Huh??

    • This Liberal white was very comfortable to live in a city where the majority black, and honest, population was disarmed. Now that he was robbed at gun point he wants a gun. I noticed he didn’t mention the race of his attackers. I will assume they were black. So now he does need a gun to protect himself against the black criminal element in the District.

      But to make sure he is still a “good” white liberal, he tells the black host he is “a better friend than those conservative (white) people”. Like nearly all white Liberals he is a racist. And he projects his racism on to other people.

      This new Liberal gun owner is an example of what President Bush was talking about when he described Liberal white people who have a “soft bigotry of low expectations” for black people.

      This Liberal white man is not a friend of gun civil rights. He wants his gun rights NOW. The majority black residence in DC who are robbed everyday don’t get the press attention that a local white celebrity, like him gets.

      • Like most people who rely on stupid stereotypes and generous generalities, you’re reaching into the realm of fantasy.

        • Chris is *fully* qualified to comment on White-Black racial issues, from being a Black man himself for over half a century… 🙂

        • No, he’s got it about right; notice this Tim fellow isn’t encouraging others to carry (especially the quite-disenfranchised poorer set that are FAR more exposed to crime than himself)

          He’s been ‘awakened’ to the fact that he isn’t untouchable…that’s about it.

      • Having lived under the racist Mulford Act, now supported by white Liberals, who by the way call Ronald Reagan a racist.
        I’m glad I make white Liberals so uncomfortable. (smile)

        Your support for the Welfare Industrial Complex has done great damage to the black family as you intended it to. Also your support for “gun free” zone public housing projects has been very effective as well in disarming honest law abiding black people.

        Please continue to comment on TTAG. I like having social intercourse with white Liberals. I can always rely on you for certain “cookie cutter” statements.

        • He won’t be back. Have you noticed how some people adopt some “edgy” or “kitsch” screeenane just to reply to one comment and then leave, never to be heard from again? I doubt he’ll even give you a response. Prove me wrong, “Doubter.”

        • Hey Chris thanks for the tip on tree of logic, good stuff. As an ultra right wing anarchist, im a 55 yo white punk that is looking for info to piss me off.

      • Racist posts like this ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks for giving the anti-gunners a wonderful stereotype narrative.

  2. Drawing on a person who has a gun drawn on you? Nah not having a gun in this instance might have saved his life, he needs some training.

    • There have been many instances where a CC has successfully protected himself with a gun when the perp was holding one on him. The thing is the perp chose you because he thought you were a easy target. The last thing he is expecting you to do is pull a pistol and shoot him.

      • Never said there wasn’t.

        Good lord one post calling for the guy to get training and all the tactical American mall ninjas get bent out of shape.

        • I didn’t read it like that but, to be clearer the guy ‘failed the interview’. Bad guy saw an easy target for any number of reasons. Staring at phone, not paying attention of surroundings, not looking at body language of bad guy approaching him. ect.

          Thats not a range/shooting training issue.

          It’s a ‘Don’t look like Prey” issue. Guess you could call the comedian seriously ‘Woke’ now.

          just sayin…

        • Manse jolly, training and self defense are more than just the gun.

          With some proper self defense training he might not have been mugged at all. Yet people here act like somehow he would magically have the ability to understand when, if the oppurtunity presented, to draw a fire arm. Let’s be real, this dude was afraid of firearms for most of his life, if he got a gun he would probably never carry it to begin with, and if he did it would probably be on an empty chamber.

          Even if he had, drawing a gun isn’t always the answer, sometimes compliance is. The dude survived the encounter, that’s the goal.

    • Interesting, JMR, I wonder if you recognize that you have just expressed the reason why defensive carry is USELESS and legal self defense with a firearm is IMPOSSIBLE.

      If we accept your assumption that no one can ever successfully defend themselves against a deadly threat, then there is absolutely no point in carrying a gun for defense. After all, according to you, it is suicide to draw against a threat who already has a gun out, but you also cannot legally draw your gun until there already is a deadly threat — so apparently all those instances of defensive gun use that we regularly see reported are all fake??

      I’d say that you need more training in your trolling skills

    • While drawing on a gun that is already drawn on you is problematic (but not impossible), drawing on a gun that is already drawn on you when you do not have a gun to draw is even MORE problematic, don’t you think?
      I think that at least having the option to do so is better than having only the options of saying ‘Certainly, Sir!’ and giving over your stuff, maybe getting shot even then (thus eliminating the best, or even only, witness), or saying ‘No!’ in a firm, defiant voice, and then getting shot, after which the mugger goes through your pockets for what he wants anyway. Or maybe he just shoots you first, removing the worry of choosing an option from you completely.
      You do you, of course.

      • Never said it was impossible, that is an assumption you made to try and strengthen you’re argument, which is…. unclear at best.

        What is you’re argument here? I’m assume that it’s better to have the option of being able to draw. If that’s the case where did I argue against that?

        This guy has been an anti-gunner all his life, and now that he wants a gun because he went through a tramatic experience you think he’s capable of recognizing the dangers and optimizing his chance of success?

        I hope he does get a gun, and I hope he gets training, because he’s about to enter a whole different world, a world that if he had any insight into before hand probably would have prevented him from being mugged in the first place.

    • YOU seem to be the one that needs training. Someone with a gun on you may get caught off guard at some point if they think you are unatmed. Being unarmed means you cannot take advantage of ANY situation.

      THAT’S what training is for, not to do nothing at all. It’s also not training you to commit suicide.

      Pretty obvious you are ignorant of what training is for.

      • Where did I say any of that wasn’t possible?

        Do you think someone without training who bought a gun because of one tramtic expiernce will be able to see those opening? A guy who’s been anti-gun his entire life until now?

    • Training schmaining. Get a gun you’re comfortable shooting, shoot it as much as you can, and be prepared to pull it if the opportunity and need present themselves. You’ll be way better off than you were. Plenty of old ladies have pulled out their .38s and defended themselves without playing Bourne on weekends.

    • JMR,

      Complying with an armed mugger has risk because muggers sometimes shoot victims who comply.

      Trying to draw your gun on an armed mugger has risk because muggers sometimes shoot victims who try to draw and shoot their attacker.

      Now, let’s add four FACTS to this discussion:
      (1) Slightly less than half (43% if I remember correctly) of criminals’ firearms are inoperative for various reasons.
      (2) It is a LOT harder to shoot a moving target than a stationary target.
      (3) Hits on a moving target are less likely to be well placed and therefore less likely to be fatal than hits on a stationary target.
      (4) About 80% of gunshot victims survive.

      When I consider all of this, I am almost certainly going to try to move, draw, and shoot (while still moving) my armed mugger if I am ever in this situation. For starters, there is a decent chance (just under 50%) that the mugger’s firearm doesn’t even work. Then, when you factor in that your mugger will have a difficult time shooting you while you are moving — and even then if the mugger does shoot you, you have an 80% chance of survival — I am going to respond with ballistic force every time.

      And actual statistics bear this out: violent crime victims who resist their attackers fair much better than victims who comply.

      • You’re projecting you’re knowledge onto him.

        Do you think a guy who has for most of his life thought “guns are scary” knows any of that?

        No, he doesn’t, dude probably never thought he was going to get mugged either despite DC being a cesspool.

        You know where he might learn some of that? Training!

        Also have you ever been shot? Your plan seems nice, but you know what they say, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. I like plans that lessen the odds of me getting shot, sometimes compliance is the best option.

        • Man, don’t waste your time. Most on here think all you need is a pocket pistol and zero training because some old lady pulled a gun and shot her mugger in her apartment. It’s blatantly obvious these people are the same people I see at public ranges who set a target 15 feet downrange and when they’re done shooting it looks like it was hit with buckshot at 50 yards. They don’t have the slightest fucking clue.

  3. A classic paradigm shift. Lucky to be alive in order to make this lifestyle change. Hopefully this wake up call truly enlightens him and others why arms are a personal right to self defense no matter where you are, and moreso in public since that’s where greater odds exist of confrontation. He better emerse himself into proper knowledge and skills development asap.

    • This ^

      From the source article:
      Published: 9:08 PM EST January 19, 2018
      Updated: 9:10 PM EST January 19, 2018

      TTAG writers once again failing to do five minutes of research before clicking POST.

    • Columnist Mike Royko had a similar epiphany back in the early 80s, also in Chicago. Went from a raving antigun dependable to a believer in about half a second. His latest columns always relflected this and he was not ashamed to say he’d been wrong all along. I miss him.

  4. Well that’s nice, but it’s not particularly useful until it happens to about 50 million more people. Not understanding a problem until it happens to you is common but unfortunately it’s also a downside of democracy- and why a constitution is so important. That way the majority of people who have never been held up a gunpoint don’t get to pass stupid, useless laws that hurt the minority who have.

    Too bad the courts have basically ignored it.

  5. A couple of oz’s of C-4 in the phone would have been good,, give em the phone, click the delay button & walk away, BOOM, you needed a new phone anyway…

  6. The full saying is:

    “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality”, originally attributed to Barry Goldwater.

    And it’s a true statement. The “mugged by reality” statement could be an actual mugging, or any other life altering event that awakens you the raw truth of humanity. This is because conservatism, capitalism, Republican forms of government, don’t rely on “arguments of utopia.” Nearly all other political beliefs, be they left wing or non “conservative” right wing, all rely on this premise that “if we just do x, and then y, and finally z, the world will finally be a better place.”

    Conservatism rejects that notion entirely, and just accepts the realities of the world and human nature, and then tailors a system to that nature.
    This is because you cannot forcefully change human nature. That’s why every single system that tries to do so, results in either the state killing off millions of people, or suffers violent rebellion. “Control” of any people, or object, is an illusion. It’s a far better system to have the people govern themselves, and place the restrictions on the government.

    • This is the distinction in Sowell’s “A Conflict of Visions.”

      I suspect you’d like how he develops it, having a whole book to work in.

  7. Fine but whatever. If someone’s beliefs can be changed by violence they’re still intellectually spineless. There will always be a portion of them meandering or getting pushed one way, and a portion going the other. They’re warm-bodies, one is as good as any other. I’d have taken it woth a grain of salt when he was anti-gun and I take it with a grain of salt now that he’s saying he’s pro-gun, this month.

    It’s unfortunate he had a bad experience, but he was a subject before and probably a subject after. Maybe he’ll sprout principles some day but there’s no reason to believe getting rolled will be the catalyst. Violence is not reason.

  8. Hey, the vast majority of people questioning vaccines were once very pro vaccine until a child or family member was injured. Too bad freedom has to be the result of negative circumstances, but many people are far too indoctrinted until harm forces their conscious and critical thinking.

    • That’s because all these supposed “vaccines” are actually viles of mercury. It’s been kept under wraps for too long but the truth is finally coming out. The mercury is used to dumb down and make impotent the masses. The mercury is also infused with floride and we all know what that’s for.

        • No trolling here brother, it’s been proven there’s mercury in vaccines. Do a quick search on it, the CDC website even admits it but claims its “harmless.” I’d leave you the link to the CDC website to get you up to speed but I don’t like pasting links in comments sections, too many bots. There’s a ton of info out there on it brother!

        • @Larry, no doubt that’s his intention…to make my viewpoint(asking for legitimate vaccine safety science) seem crazy. He’s 100% a pro-vaccine troll.

        • Thanks to all the anti vax hippies in WA state the measles has kicked off it’s reunion tour. It pisses me off as I have one still a little too young to get her first MMR so the threat is very real. You’d rather watch a child die a tormented death than possibly (but almost certainly not) have the prevention aggravate a spectral disorder? Are you that afraid of autistic people?

        • @broke….so you’d rather have a permanent neurological disability than a weeklong fever and rash? That sounds rational.

        • @broke….what was measles death rate prior to vaccine? Somewhere between .01% and .002%? What’s the autism rate today? 2.5%? And climbing? Yeah, you’re playing with a full deck.

  9. I was under the impression that D.C. is formally “shall issue” as a result of a court of appeal order. Other than getting any required training, that shouldn’t be so hard. Get up to speed, TTAG, you reported that case!

    • Yes, DC has been shall issue for about a year and a half. A permit requires two days of DC specific training which means that you have to take the training class in the immediate DC metro area where approved training providers are located. Also you have to apply in person at the DC police HQ. DC does not recognize any other state permit. You can carry a maximum of 20 bullets with10 round magazines, with no more than one spare mag allowed. Not the best circumstances but a hell of a lot better than two years ago.

  10. The only things more powerful than guns are:

    1. The human mind

    2. The force of will to use a gun defensively

    The first thing also happens to be far more dangerous then guns.

  11. “And that doesn’t count all of those who live in the 14 constitutional carry states in which a permit isn’t required to carry a firearm.”

    South Dakota just became 15.

  12. N.B.: Professor Milton Friedman often said that he self-identified as a libertarian (small l) and a Republican (capital R), but not necessarily a political conservative. 🤷‍♂️

    Still, if this comedian seriously studies “Friedrich Hayek, John Locke, William F. Buckley, and Milton Friedman,” there might yet be hope for him. He probably will find, however, that his leftist friends will turn on him very quickly for doing so.

  13. And some will say the robbers obviously only wanted his stuff, and him having a gun would have made it worse. To them i say, no one has the right to tell another person that they must rely on the whims of a criminal for their safety.

    If someone ever makes a serious threat to me, unless they’ve already got me dead to rights, i’m fighting back. not out of bravery, but because the thought of sitting there with “I sure hope they don’t want to hurt me” as my only tactic is unconscionable to me.

    or rather, i’d rather fight back when i don’t need to than not fight back when i do need to.

  14. Any time an individual says “Makes for a better world” what they really mean is ” Makes for what I consider a better world”. NO individual can speak for all. NO GROUP of individual can speak for all. The error of the Constitution is the first three words ” WE The People”. Implication: If you do not agree, YOUR OPINION DOES NOT MATTER. Different but related issue: Self defense is a RESPONSIBILITY not a right. An individual that refuses to defend them self puts the cost of their defense on those who will defend themselves. And does not deserve your defense. Several years ago the city of Albuquerque’s hired thugs in the police union were once again threatening to go on strike and “leave the people without protection”. The mayor had a press conference and told the people to arm themselves because he was not going to give in to this storm-trooper blackmail any longer. There would be no more negotiations. Results: crime dropped dramatically. Talk was: We do not need those badge wearing, blackmailing, thugs. Union thugs went back to work rather than loose their door kicking jobs.


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