eugene oregon police department bombs
Courtesy KEZI
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The Eugene, OR police department found explosive devices planted outside their headquarters building Monday. That followed the release of police body cam video showing the death of a local Antifa member. Charlie Landeros drew a gun on officers attempting to arrest him at his daughter’s middle school and they shot him to death.

With the release of the bodycam video, the local Antifa crowd there have become even more…angry.

Obviously, the local Antifa crew and/or their sympathizers stand as prime suspects in the bomb plot. After all, these devices didn’t magically materialize out of thin air.

Courtesy GoogleMaps.

Landeros, 30, served as a firearms instructor for the Antifa-related group “Armed Community Self-Defense” (Facebook page now deleted). The group touted itself as a “new liberatory and inclusive space for all oppressed peoples to learn about armed self-defense.”

The radical Landeros, wearing a “Smash the Patriarchy” t-shirt and carrying a concealed firearm showed up at his daughter’s school. In addition to an illegally carried pistol, he also toted a backpack full of loaded magazines. When police intervened, he drew the pistol and fired two rounds.

Here’s an uncensored version of the police body cam video we posted Monday.

Landeros was shot to death by the officers during the struggle. Additional investigation has uncovered that two days prior to the shooting, Landeros posted “Time to start killing pigs” on social media.

Now cops in Eugene have discovered and disarmed a number of improvised explosive devices outside their headquarters building. What’s more, according to police, these devices were the real deal, not amateur-hour hoax toys intended to scare people.

KEZI has the story.

EUGENE, Ore. — Police in Eugene are searching for answers after explosives were found outside their headquarters on Country Club Road late Monday afternoon.

Lt. David Natt said incendiary devices were discovered by a crew who was mowing the front lawn.

“This is not a hoax device,” Natt said. “This is a very serious matter.”

The Eugene Metro Explosive Disposal Unit was called and defused the explosives. Natt would not go into details about the devices but said they are now in the hands of forensic experts.

“Our hope is that we get some physical evidence off it and that physical evidence leads us to somebody involved in the production and/or deployment of these devices,” Natt said.

While the Eugene Police Department is in charge of the investigation, Natt said they have reached out to federal agencies and plan to review security camera footage.

The cops recovered the devices and gave them to our friends at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who have zero sense of humor regarding the terroristic use of explosives. They pour tremendous resources and expertise into finding bomb makers.

And they (almost) always gets them too. They eventually got the brilliant (but crazy) Ted Kaczynski, AKA the Unabomber. It took them 17 years to nab Kaczynski, but they caught him.


Given the skill sets shown by Antifa so far as shown in the above video from their Chicagoland chapter, we imagine the arrest of Eugene bomber(s) will happen sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

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  1. 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂😅🤣, WTF are they doing? Are they “working out”? 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅😂😅

    • “We’re trying to build a space for people who aren’t comfortable with the hetro-normative, macho gym culture.”

      These boys really need to cut back on their soy intake.

      • So… people “not comfortable” with… exercise? Ok… I could break any of those commies like they were dry twigs, and I’m well below my peak.

        • “I could break any of those commies like they were dry twigs,…”

          I’m just waiting now for one the many TTAG newbies (like the “I know fuck-all about *EVERYTHING*” ‘JD’) in here to pipe in with something ‘clever’ like –

          “You wouldn’t know what a commie was…”

          *snicker* 😉

        • Geoff with all the various forms of the leftist cults all ending up with the same results and only really differing in when they point the guns at you to tell you how things are going to be I tend to call them all commies. Yes its lazy but it is sometimes fun putting them on the defensive and explaining how they are different and x wasn’t true whateverthefuck

    • Hard to label them a terror organization when mayors, congress members, police chiefs and governors are part of this “unorganized” group. If the government officially labels them terrorists that would mean they have to start arresting government workers for providing aid and comfort to the enemy. What are they to do without Muslim terrorists or Communist/Socialist terrorists?

      • And where were the mayors and politicians when the antifa were beating up people in in the street in Portland and other places? Is there “honor among thieves?” Hah. Maybe the cops will think twice when the Mayor says “Stand down” and just watch the food cart people get harassed.

      • So do that; arrest them whoever they are.

        These jerkoffs are used to normal, hardworking folks being too good natured and distracted earning a living to actually pay attention to their (Antifa types) motivations and actions. I think most folks have considered them to be young men and women acting out to gain attention to their cause of free everything for everyone. They have no motivation to earn anything instead expecting “the government” to pay for everything and therefore it is “free”. They have no clue about how the real world works.

        With this IED placement, I suspect they will be brought into reality about the seriousness of trying to bomb a police station. Can’t happen soon enough; you want to play, you have to pay.

    • For a bunch of leftists who are wannabe revolutionaries, I doubt most could pick Karl Marx from Groucho.

      Hint: Karl has the beard, and Groucho has the glasses.

    • I’d say yes and no to that. Like any other group there are factions. Probably many are not violent. Some will be ready to get violent if they are attacked. Some want to be attacked so they have an excuse to get violent, so they try to instigate. Then there will be some that are always looking to use violence against whoever they figure is pro-fascist. At one end of the scale is annoying mouth breathers who are at least correct to be anti-fascist. At the other end are terrorists who deserve to be shot down and left bleeding to death in the street until it is “safe for paramedics to respond”.

      I’ve no tolerance for fascists, but to many of these anti-fascists have an agenda well beyond that concern.

      • Well said. There also seems to be a strange dichotomy among the group. I’ve met an individual who speaks of “decapitating Nazis” as if it were a hobby. I highly doubt if they’ve ever even met a Zazi or field dressed a rabbit, for that matter. There is surely much disinformation coming from somewhere.

    • Every time I see those commies, my first thought is “I wish a motherfcker would”. I have quite a few anger issues to work out on the faces of well deserving commies. It would be… therapeutic.

      • Right there with you with the rage. I’m always disappointed when I hear about something these litttle pieces of shit did and I’m never around for it.

  2. I have to play “devil’s advocate” on this one…
    This “smells” of not only misinformation but may be a carefully-engineered “hoax” in order to evoke sympathy for the police.
    I have absolutely no use for Antifa and consider them to be “enemies of the public order” that should be investigated.
    Police departments have no problem procuring explosives or other “restricted” items, unlike the rest of us, who generally do not have any access to such items.
    What better way to evoke sympathy than to carefully “plant” explosive devices, and then by “luck” find them before they detonate?
    I don’t trust the government to be truthful. there is always an agenda.

    • Um… Anybody with a high school education should be able to make a decent IED from components found in an average garden supply store. It’s REALLY not that hard. I was making black powder and mixing napalm before I was in middle school.

        • I should hope so… making IEDs is kinda up there alongside digging holes in Combat Engineering 101.

      • It is a true miracle my brothers and I made it beyond the age of 13 with all of our fingers intact. Yep, boys taking their plastic toy soldiers out into the backyard and blowing them up first with firecrackers. Then, when that got boring, collecting the black powder out of firecrackers to make bigger booms. Using lighter fluid and gasoline (small amounts!) to do really stupid stuff trying to simulate a miniature battle scene.

        Good times those were!

        • And it does not matter where you were, we were ALL like that!

          It all started when my older brother (around 18 at the time) discovered the guy across the street had a trash can full of around 300 lbs of some fertilizer (he was the family chemist) and scooped up a pound or two. Then Mom’s sugar got involved along with her stove, and he snagged some CO2 cartridges from my BB pistol, then I found a fake M80 for scaring folks, a dummy M80 with 5 very real fuses which fit neatly into the empty CO2 cartridges, bought several. After he cooked up his concoction and poured in into the CO2 cartridge, let it all cool and stuck a fuse in it, we tested extensively, one of those things could blow up serious concrete! Could have blown a hand off, too!

    • Thank you,
      You are showing good discernment although its not certain. I have seen this game
      before in foreign countries as it is a typical social/political destabilization tool and it has been used on Americans for decades. The apathy, comfort zones and the toleration of corruption in America is essentially destroying this nation. I live in this realm as a legal investigator and former US Marine who practiced Counter Insurgency (COIN). COIN is just another cover phrase for “Counter Intelligence and regime change using the military as a leverage tool to erect a new political condition. That is exactly what is happening in the US as we live and breath.

    • Right, it’s a big conspiracy between the city of Eugene Police and now the ATF. I hear the Freemasons are involved, too. It’s Bush’s fault.

      You need to get a grip.

      • Anarchyst is the same guy that said that the Holocaust was a hoax and that history would vindicate hitler.

        I judge every comment he makes based on this.

    • Haven’t you ever heard of “The Anarchists Cookbook”? It has been floating around various electronic samizat reproduction methods before the internet was public.

      We only hope the bomb makers score an accidental “own goal” in the near future.

      • I remember downloading the text version of that at a screaming 1200-baud and printing it on my brand new Okidata thermal printer.

        As someone else said, it’s amazing that I still have all my fingers.

        • Thermal printers were indeed available.
          They still are. A lot of the receipts you get are thermal.
          The Brother PJ622 is still available used.

      • Yes I have heard of The Anarchists Cookbook!
        I’ve read it cover to cover.
        I may have a copy somewhere in my junk.
        However I love that book! It’s the perfect instructions for idiots like Antifa! Using what is in that book can and has killed the likes of the Antifi idiots. If you have an IQ of over forty do not use that book for anything in it. It’s so bad it will get you maimed or killed.
        If you want good instructions to make explosives, search a bit farther. The info is available but damned if I’ll tell where.
        Yep I think the more the Antifa idots get the hands on The Anarchists Cookbook the better. Might thin them out a bit.

        • P.S.
          While we are at it lets be sure to give them The Hit Mans Cook book. That will get the killed and or caught. Both these books are for total idiots so ignorant they can’t spell IQ!

    • And some of the best arsonists were firemen. (insurance scams, abandoned buildings) Who better knows how fires start?

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. And there was somebody on the grassy knoll too. And! We never went to the moon either.

    • 100% Staged Hoax!!!

      The Police in Oregon, are working “Hand in Glove” with Antifa and allowing them to abuse Citizens, while standing by and doing nothing!

      This was staged, to Try and elicit sympathy from Conservatives for police and law enforcement so the American people ( In theory at least ), will go along with the passage of now pending Tyrannical: ‘Protect and Serve’ and ‘Blue Livers Matters’ Hate crimes legislation, now pending here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts legislature and United States Senate and House, that basically allows police to arrest and abuse Americans for the slightest provocation!

        • That number has already been eclipsed. Please, don’t be so close minded to not be all-inclusive with the others. There is unlimited genders.

        • I tried to describe gender fluidity theory to my son, who had just turned 10 at the time. He laughed uncontrollably for 20 minutes.

          If this theory doesn’t pass the child test, what hope does it have in the real world outside of kooky academics who are trying to sell textbooks on the subject for a course they are teaching?

  3. “Everyone’s welcome except for police and people that are affiliated with strong Right Wing groups.” So much for diversity of thought. Sounds kind of like a lot large colleges and universities.

  4. Well there it is, we’ve transitioned to the bomb-throwing anarchists phase. Time to bring the hammer down on these fools.

    • Is it too much to wish for that membership in Antifa made one eligible for ‘Shoot on sight” status?

      *Sigh* 🙂

  5. The video is good for some laughs.

    Stalker step and throw a completely improper rear naked that shows the entire world that you have no idea what you’re doing. You couldn’t even choke out a 90 year old lady with that “technique”.

    It’s no wonder they can’t handle a real gym. They’d get laughed out of it after getting the shit beat out of them.

  6. I’m no fan of the police.

    I’m even less of a fan of the advocates of a genocidal Maoist police state.

    He only got what he’d give to ANYBODY who disagreed with him, including other communists.

      • To be fair, the fascists weren’t all that competent. They were actually pretty bad.

        The Italians had trouble beating Ethiopia and got into so much trouble that Hitler had to bail them out in Greece and Yugoslavia.

        The German fascists wasted huge amounts of resources and talent building weapons that were too complicated with the result that productivity was the 2nd lowest of all the major powers in the war. (Japan was lowest) They also wasted a lot of resources killing Jews and other civilians.

        • Hey, at lest they were trying. The Soviet Union was, and China is, such a clusterfuck that they spend more time executing their own leaders for corruption / incompetence than actually doing their jobs.

        • NSDAP! National SOCIALIST Democratic Workers Party.

          Nazi’s were Socialists, NOT fascists.

          That’s kinda an important distinction to make.

        • RB says: “Nazi’s were Socialists, NOT fascists.”

          It’s long been my opinion that socialists quickly become fascists. There’s really no way to force socialism on a population except by using force. The socialists must suppress their opposition. The economy must be nationalized. The people must be regimented.
          That, and, of course, the ruling class must be properly compensated for their energetic work towards their goal of everyone being equal.
          Notice the strident tone of the Dems who say socialism is good.

        • So they nationalize the means of production to be good socialists. Then they un-nationalize the means of production to be good fascists.

          You realize that both Socialism and Fascism are economic paradigms rather than political ones?

    • Antifa is supported by the CPUSA and several other US based socialist/communist factions. IN past decades they would have been targeted by the FBI CI department for dissolution. The leaders would have been arrested and tried for both treason and/or conducting espionage. That fact should warn us as to our present condition. Free speech dose not legally protect anti_American activity. However, due to the apathy of Americans and the corruption within our LE & Judicial systems, it in fact does protect criminals and anti-American activist as well as criminals within our congress and senate. Thee are many!

      • It is too late! The anti-american, anti-constitution, anti-law-and-order faction has been in the Democrap senatorial and representative branches of Congress for YEARS.

        All you have to do to confirm this is to listen to Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Ocasio-cortez, Sanders, et. al.

    • They’re communists who use Brownshirt tactics.

      Look at who’s behind them, namely the “No Business as Usual Network”, who have behind them, Bob Avakian’s Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party.

      When I lived in Chicago in the late ’80s they were bludgeoning with baseball bats, other communists whom they considered “revisionists”.

      They’re the Marxist version of the Westboro Baptist Church, cranked up to 11.

    • ANTIFA came out with a 47 page manifesto last year where they openly said that they were “Mao Communists”. They are however using the same intimidation tactics that the NAZI party in Germany used back in the 1930’s against their enemies. As far as their training program, you have to remember that this is the face that they WANT people to see. A bunch of effeminate soyboys who are in terrible shape. What better way to make average people let their guard down and make them think that they’re not a credible threat when they are. Don’t underestimate them. They already have the backing of some extreme left politicians and will be getting more and more recruits in the future. This is just beginning.

      • An “ANTIFA Manifesto”? It would either be very funny with the constant ramblings and contradictions, or extremely boring like Karl’s original work.

        I could sum it up with this summary of a group of Social(ist) Studies student’s presentations I saw while at university. “The bosses are exploiting the workers by making profits”.

      • Where do you get a copy of this Manafesto? Sounds like a few laughs. I’d like to add it to my collection of writings by other useful idiots!

  7. Three letter fed agencies too busy providing 29 agents with full-auto weapons to pick up a 62YO Roger Stone rather than to infiltrating Antifa.

    I place some limited amount of blame on Trump for not cleaning house.

    • Trump’s FBI doesn’t appear to be any better than Obama’s.

      The more I learn about the FBI the more I think it needs to be abolished. They appear to be involved in a lot of political corruption, allow attacks to happen or entrap dummies by convincing them to attack with the bombs or guns the FBI gave them.

    • Trump would have been smart if on the first day he took office to have made an executive order that anyone who had been hired by Obama during his time in office was now fired. He would have saved himself a lot of grief.

    • Who says they haven’t infiltrated them?

      I can’t help but notice that the bombs were discovered before hurting anyone.

      • If Scientology could infiltrate the FBI and a number of other federal and state agencies I see nothing stopping ANTIFA members or sympathizers from doing the same.

        Or it could be like some environmental and protest groups where the most radical members were bureau infiltrators.

  8. They got to be the only police station in OREGONE without cameras on the outside of the building, & the police in OREGONE can thank their useless governor & corrupt mayors for letting antifa get out of control, by stand down orders given to officers wherever Antifa starts trouble,especially in Portland, The I-5 corridor is a liberal shithole,.

    • “They got to be the only police station in OREGONE without cameras on the outside of the building,…”


      *EVERYONE* wears a dark hoodie up there…

  9. Sort of looks like a terrorist cell.

    1. Their boxing mechanics are incredibly wrong and will not hold up against an average street fighter.
    2. Part of fighting is learning how to get hit and they didn’t demonstrate any medium contact sparring.
    I can guarantee once one of these snowflakes get hit in the face they will curl up in a ball and start crying.

  10. Good. Now antifa will go the way of the SLA and the weathermen, etc. A fiery end.

    A lot of the soy boys playing at revolutionary will get scared of these extreme tactics and drop out. Only a handful of the real deal will remain and they will be tracked down and dealt with.

    • “Only a handful of the real deal will remain and they will be tracked down and dealt with.”

      It may be starting. The leaders of D.C.’s “Smash Racism DC” ANTIFA ‘cell’ have been charged with multiple felonies for, get this – “”Ethnic Intimidation” Attack On Latino Marines”.


      • They’re just the meat shields for the real fighters to hide behind. The betas stand in front being in the way, the combatants swing the bike lock or other reach weapon from behind them. When the victim of the assault tries to go for the combatant, the meat shield obstructs the victim as the combatant backs off and blends into the crowd.

        There’s video of this on youtube. Someone is training these $hits, and they aren’t stupid. Do not assume they are all dumb beta meat shields.

        • The guy with the bike lock was identified from the video, charged, arrested, lost his job as an assistant professor at a community college, and went to jail after pleading guilty. The leader of that little Bezerkely group, don’t remember her name, also lost her job teaching 5th graders after she brought an anarcho-commie to ” teach” the kids. I know she was bucknig for a felony too, but I don’t know the status.

  11. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Violence escalates against police force

    Andrew Haut’s June 25, “Good job done on crime news articles” came from a resident of Lassen County, Calif., (Susanville). Andrew mentions in his letter about “fatal attacks” on law enforcement. According to the “Support Your Local Police” section in the July 2017 John Birch Society Bulletin, “violence against police escalated to record numbers in 2016,” an increase of 54 percent over 2015. In my own Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Herald and News letter, “Law enforcement a tough profession,” I alluded to the demands, danger and stress of those in law enforcement. This letter remains archived in this newspaper.

    Again, I publicly endorse the “Support Your Local Police Campaign” of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. Learn more by by accessing Three online videos appear, including: “What’s Happening to Our Local Police?” “Local Police vs. National Police,” and “Police Under Fire.” Additional sources for our law enforcement officers exist and include: “Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. “ at, and a Dec. 20 article titled, “Officers Need Your Prayer” via

    The Christian Community/Body of Christ (including Catholics) can likewise be in intercessory prayer for our law enforcement. The Bible states:

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” — 1 Timothy 2:1,2.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    Note: Merrill, Oregon is a semi-rural farming community of around 860 residents located 21 miles south of Klamath Falls in Klamath County along Highway 39.

    • I myself would not want to be a Law Enforcement Officer. What a damned if you do, damned if you don’t, job. Can’t really blame a cop for hating on me when all they get is hate from us( the general population). It’s a mess

      • Yes sir it is is seriously a sorry affair.
        Thank you men and women in blue.
        Please remember there are those of us here who are with you in mind if
        not in body.
        I am with you in body as best as an old Vietnam veteran can be at this age.

  12. “I’m speechless when I find out that people are planting bombs and bad things around town,” Ward said. “I don’t know why they’d want to do that, why would they want to hurt innocent people?”

    Because they’re terrorists, Ward.

  13. Its too bad. I’ve spent years of time in Eugene, Medford and Ashland areas. Its as if somebody imported thousands of untreatable mental patients. The environment is beautiful. On paper thee demographics would indicate happy, friendly, sociable a and non-criminal residents but man when you actually set foot on the ground there its a non stop freakshow of assholes and douchebags.

  14. “Oppressed peoples” what a crock! The poor in America are so oppressed that compared to the rest of the wo=edrld’s poor they’re rich! People like this a-hole should be sent to third-world countries and encouraged to attempt to organize those “oppressed”. I’m willing to bet many would wind up as the main course at family dinner.

    • It’s like when the Soviet Union tried to discourage people from emigrating to the USA by making a documentary that showed the conditions the poor lived in. The result was that emigration applications increased several times over.

      When applicants were asked, they had all seen the documentary and said if the poor in the USA cam live in their own house, own a car, and eat enough to be overweight, it is better to be poor in the USA than to live in the Soviet Union.

        • Several reasons. For one, brain drain when university educated people want to leave. This is the main reason behind the Berlin Wall and the inter-German border. For another, politics when people would prefer to live in poverty in your arch-nemesis. It indicates the failures of the communist system.

  15. It’s curious that there’s no mention on mainstream news feeds about an attempted terrorist bombing in Oregon. You’d think that would be news.

    • At the times of their demise Koresh and Weaver just wanted to be left alone while they waited for their eschatological end to arrive. This antifa guy was actively picking fights and wanted to “tear it down” whatever “it” was. There is a difference. He has more in common with the folks who shot Sam and Vicki and burned all those kids alive.

    • Nice try. I despise all of the above. I don’t care if they’re a racist nut job, a religious nut job, or a communist nut job, they all suck and I hate them.

      Notwithstanding that fact, I’m also capable of a little thing called a nuanced analysis which enables me to hate someone AND find fault with the government when their rights are infringed upon. Crazy, I know.

    • Landeros did not have to die. He chose to. He went to the school to pick up his daughter notwithstanding that, due to a pending divorce, his wife had complete custody and a stay-away order. With all of the ammo in his backpack, one must suspect that he did not plan on allowing the child to return to her mother. He was asked to leave. He decided to stand on his “right” to kidnap his daughter in violation of a standing court order (because of course all government is illegitimate), he pulled a gun first, and he paid the price.

    • Nobody sane has claimed that Koresh or Weaver were good folks. The issue is the Federal government murdering innocent people in heavy handed raids

    • You sir have totally misconstrued Randy Weaver.
      He was anti government and rightly so. However he was not a physical threat to anyone.
      He just politely left society but the Governament criminals tracked him down and slaughtered his wife and child. NO you are totally wrong about home.
      Actually I’d call him a patriot.
      Now they are calling Edward Snowden a traitor!
      In fact they are right but “THEY” are the corrupt liberal state.
      THEY are the Democrats and the Obama corruption. He did in fact commit treason against them. “THANK YOU MR. SNOWDEN!” He committed treason in the same light as those who did so against the Nazi’s in Germany. Hero’s, one and all of them.
      Thank you Mr. Snowden I hope President Trump wakes up and brings you home as the national hero you really are!

  16. Boch’s articles always prime triggered boomer. He writes likes a leftist. Big bold headline proclaiming Antifa, but no proof, or even evidence they did this.

    • Agreed. He has made up his mind and writes his articles to suit that narrative. He often states opinions as if they are facts to “inform” (or misinform) the reader. Now, in this case, he may be right, but he brings forth no concrete evidence as noted. That said, I’m not a big believer in coincidences, so I agree that it is likely that Antifa placed this IED.

    • Trollolol, now’s your chance to give us the full story. If you don’t like John’s article, write your own. I know TTAG is looking for writers.

      • The full story doesn’t exist yet. It could be Antifa, it could be the Little Mermaid. If I asserted that Godzilla planted the bombs I’d have as much evidence as Boch does its antifa.

  17. “The cops recovered the devices and gave them to our friends at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who have zero sense of humor regarding the terroristic use of explosives. They pour tremendous resources and expertise into finding bomb makers.
    And they (almost) always gets them too. They eventually got the brilliant (but crazy) Ted Kaczynski, AKA the Unabomber. It took them 17 years to nab Kaczynski, but they caught him.”

    Actually, the FBI and ATF did jack diddly squat to get him. His brother turned him in. The FBI thought the Unabomber lived in the Chicago area and might be an airplane mechanic, whereas Ted Kaczynski lived in Montana and was a math professor at Berkeley before moving to Montana.

  18. Shouldn’t these folks be learning coding? According to AskMen, figjting is soooo 20th century. Bunch of retards….

  19. In Oregon, if you have a CHL, it is not illegal to carry concealed at a school. I heard that this guy had a CHL, did he not?

    • That part isn’t what the trouble was, the trespassing and resisting arrest was. That and him drawing on police because he wanted to “kill some pigs”.

      • I was responding to the part of John’s article where he says the deceased was illegally carrying a firearm on school property. From what I hear he had a CHL, which makes it legal to do so in Oregon.

    • Yes it is illegal to carry in or on School property via the liberal shit head
      “Gun Free Zones,” AKA “FREE KILL ZONES.” Just like in my state where I
      have a “CHL” an infringement on my constitutional rights.

      • Nope, it’s legal in Oregon if you have a CHL. I lived there for 13+ years. I believe that federal law has an exception that allows states to decide that those with CHLs can carry on school property.

    • They are the useful fools for plausible deniability and cannon fodder for when things go wrong. And willing enforcers and executioners for when things go right.

  20. “incendiary devices were discovered by a crew who was mowing the front lawn”

    Antifa? Maybe it was be the work of a disgruntled landscaper. Or an environmental kook (they hate lawns). Or maybe — and I’m just spitballing here — maybe it was Clint Eastwood.

  21. Good lord…. first of all, good on the officers for ventilating that useless sack of shit.
    The whole IED things seems a little suspicious, sho UK ld the police station have surveillance cameras?
    And that video of the Chicago militants is just awful. I’m all for people learning self defense, but what the hell are they doing? That’s not self defense.
    And their motivation for it is a joke.
    Must be funded by occasional-cortex.

    • Same reason Chief SmokesTheMeth thought it was a good idea to assault a minor on camera in front of the Lincoln memorial. Sadly, not every veteran is worthy of their title.

      Social Justice claims the unwary or the incomplete. A true man may flinch away its embrace, if he is stalwart, and he girds his soul with the armor of contempt.

  22. As is the case with any professional or government group, their actions are sometimes questionable, if not flat in violation of the law, and constitutional rights. In other cases, they actions are fully supportable, this case seemingly one such.

  23. Antifa hopes and relies on inaction of their enemies and for the police to do nothing. If they face organized opposition you get Charlotte VA or worse. Basically they are looking for trouble itching for a fight and someone eventually will give it to them

  24. Ya know, pulling a gun on a police officer is a bad idea.
    And don’t tell me he was trying to surrender his weapon.
    He could have stated from the beginning he was armed and they would have confiscated it.

  25. prediction:
    they wont get any fingerprints or dna from any of these devices because this wasnt a deep state run false flag bombing operation carried out in the immediate run up to a mid term election with the explicit goal of framing one individual who is then rather conveniently declared to represent an entire political group
    this was the real deal
    yes these guys are as amateurish and misguided as the day is long all right but dont fool yourself for one single solitary second
    they play for keeps

  26. Yes Antifa amounts to a domestic terrorist group. They use violence to achieve a political goal and do not care about mixing it up with random people who are not the fascists they are after.

    It is a sad thing that a young girl lost her daddy, that’s terrible. But he was obviously up to something seriously bad and trying to shoot the cops stopping him only proves it. He set the table and he got served what he had coming to him.

  27. I’ve lived in Oregon for 25 years and have seen and experienced some of the craziest shit since moving here from NYC. And I think that says a lot. I’m more nervous walking around Portland late at night than I was the Bronx or Harlem. And I couldn’t carry there. Thats F’d up. Seriously. That said, extremists of any sort bother me. Antifa, American Nazi’s; all cut from the same cloth and I just don’t get it, and don’t want to. I just hope they catch the dip-shits who put that shit outside the PD building. That would be a good day.

  28. I guess that reacting to the arrest / death of one of their leaders with bombs against local LE was to a degree predictable given what Antifa is.

    But it was probably the dumbest thing they could have possibly done. The shirt is definitely going down on them now!

  29. People in Oregon still have to mow their yard the end of January? I am further south than them and I haven’t mowed since the end of October.

  30. We’ve been living under a bankrupt “benevolent” totalitarian police state enforcing socialism for over 86 years.
    Didn’t you catch the signs?
    [] Internal passports (picture ID req’d) [] Masked, anonymous “enforcers” [] Confiscation of property without paying just compensation (arresting property) [] Everything not mandatory, is regulated, registered, licensed, taxed or otherwise forbidden [] unceasing inflation / devaluation of circulating medium of exchange [] Despite a growing workforce, tools, and automation, there’s greater poverty and unmet need, unemployment, and closed factories. That takes REAL TALENT to manifest !

  31. Maybe sort of like the idea of antifa folks tooling up.

    If the “leftys” start arming, it might be the beginning of the inevitable MAGA/libtard conflict.

    Then we poor conservatives may have to “defend” ourselves.

  32. We can all joke about these thugs being weak punks, but I recall the faces of the Khmere Rouge, 14-15 year old girls and boys, with their milky faces and thin arms rounding up the people point of gun in Cambodia. Result? Millions dead. Weak people with power, not good!

  33. Staged Hoax!

    “No video cameras outside of police station?…Well how “Convenient” ( Sarc )…Just like at every questionable mass “Shooting” location here in the United States…Just more proof that this was STAGED!

    This was staged to Try and elicit sympathy for passage of Now pending Tyrannical: ‘Blue Lives Matters’ and ‘Protect and Serve’, Pro-Police Hate Crimes legislation, which basically allows the police to arrest and abuse anyone looking at them “The wrong way”!

    The Oregon police ( From patrolman to supervisors ) has bent over back wards to help Antifa and all of a sudden we are to believe that they are Enemies?…Gimme a break!

    Full Disclosure: Have no “Axe to grind” with law enforcement and have had nothing but courteous and professional treatment from police all of my 64 years but this along with all of these alleged “Mass shootings”…Stinks to High Heavens!

  34. Can we finally start treating them as an actual terrorist organization, abd not some celebrated group that harrasses trump supporters as portrayed by the media?

  35. These kids are the product of the skimping and sacrifices of their parents so that the youts could attend college. You know that ALL kids MUST go to college nowadays.
    As for Landeros……..well….. he won’t make that mistake again.

  36. What, did the KLANtifa morons run out of black cocktail dresses? Is that why this Fruit Bat was wearing something other than the standard KLANtifa uniform?

    Good shooting, officers! That’s one less Libtard Democrook Fruit Bat Whackadildo running around loose.

    Fine the whack jobs who have been planting bombs and do the same to them, please. We will all feel safer once ALL of the KLANtifa goons have been put down.

  37. These white “men” have a history of attacking black Trump supporters. That is all I need to know. I hope I never have to shoot multiply targets with my standard capacity magazines.

  38. Still not national news.

    Pretty odd considering it – happened at a school – media LOVE to sensationalize any violence at schools, especially involving firearms.

    The officers are white and the suspect is not and was killed in a shooting by the police- again media LOVE that.

    Apparently the suspects daughter was present when he was shot – family pain – media LOVE that.

    Begs the questions as to why no interest. Heh

  39. Quote: “They eventually got the brilliant (but crazy) Ted Kaczynski, AKA the Unabomber. It took them 17 years to nab Kaczynski, but they caught him.” I thought they finally got the Unabomber because his brother ratted him out.

  40. i live in eugene. we knew this was coming. we need to take to the streets like the proud white people we are and put a stop to these anti white leftist cults. e cannot let eugene become portland

  41. These are terrorists plain and simple. A threat to our cops, that thin blue line, is a threat to all and should be dealt with accordingly. I have more respect for ISIS , which is just about none, than I do these warm buckets o of ****it.

  42. While I agree with most of the points in this column, as a conservative and gun owner who lives in the Eugene area, I do need to point out one discrepancy: from the reports I’ve hear and read, Landeros had an Oregon CHL, so he wasn’t violating any law when it comes to possession and carrying. He was being escorted away from the school due to a custody dispute, and he was shot because he first scuffled with and then tried to draw on the police. His own actions certainly brought that outcome on him, but it had nothing to do with possession and everything with actions.

  43. First of all I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I’ve had trouble clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I truly do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or hints? Cheers!|


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