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In the Land of Lincoln, prison sentences are a lot like dog-years, only in reverse. A home invasion conviction in Chicago proves the point. Christopher Johnson, 16-time felon fresh out of prison on parole, found himself a weapon (go figure!) and committed an armed home invasion in 2019. He forced entry on an occupied apartment in a ritzy neighborhood a couple blocks from Lake Michigan.

Cops caught up with him after the (legally) armed resident shot the home invader in the butt, narrowly missing Mr. Johnson’s Johnson.

Christopher Johnson. IDOC photo.

The criminal justice system in Cook County moves at approximately half the speed of smell. Almost three years later, Johnson has finally pleaded guilty to a single, reduced count and a judge sentenced him to…six years.

But wait! There’s more!

Mr. Johnson will get to claim all that time spent on affordable pre-trial release towards his 6-year sentence in the armed home invasion case. In real-world terms, he reported to prison, but after the accumulated credits, he will be released on May 6th.

He was sentenced to six years. He’ll serve about 16 weeks. See how that works? It’s dog-years in reverse. And Chicago wonders why it has a crime problem.

From CWB Chicago:

A 16-time convicted felon who was shot in the butt while burglarizing an Uptown home in 2019 has been sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of residential burglary.

But, after getting the state’s standard 50% sentence reduction for good behavior and credit for the time he spent sitting in jail before entering his plea, Christopher Lee Johnson will be released on May 6, according to Illinois Department of Corrections records.

Johnson received a 14-year sentence for his last burglary conviction in 2009 and he was on parole for that case when he allegedly forced his way into an Uptown man’s apartment through a sliding glass door on May 24, 2019.

The victim, a licensed firearm owner, confronted Johnson inside the apartment on the 800 block of West Lakeside Place and fired a shot that struck Johnson in the buttocks, according to a CPD report.

Prosecutors dropped two counts of home invasion with a dangerous weapon and six residential burglary charges in their plea deal with Johnson. Judge Shelley Sutker-Dermer oversaw the case and sentenced Johnson.

Cops caught him two weeks before his May 2019 arrest after breaking into a garage.  Soros-funded State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s prosecutors would only approve misdemeanor charges in that case, so he was promptly released under the city’s affordable bail program.

Again, Chicago is getting the policies of the officials they’ve elected…good and hard.

Hey, it could be worse. It could be like the case of the drug dealer who stabbed a 15-year-old to death and only got three years’ probation. Arm yourselves, Cook Countians.

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  1. uptown is no longer a ritzy ‘hood. once the playground of luminaries and visiting entertainers, it houses the lions share of the mental health occupants. pretty bizaare driving through there.

    • Hasn’t been a hangout in many years tsbhoa. I met a few Jesus People USA folks indistinguishable from the bums & homeless there(in the 80’s). Judgemental crew. Big homie got a good deal. May his next victim aim between the eyes…

      • had a gal on malden that lived in the rooftop penthouse. used to be bob hope’s old chicago digs. old manual iron elevator with the handle to the top, then a narrow staircase to the roof. kind of a brick quonset hut surrounded by roof.
        there’s some hella posh stuff hidden ’round there.
        there will never be anything like powwow night thursdays at the green mill.

      • “Jesus People USA folks indistinguishable from the bums & homeless“

        Heck, I heard that Jesus fella had long hair, beard and sandals and a bunch of funky friends.
        Reckon we’d just run him off, if he comes back again.

        • Run Him off, just like the last time. Given the opportunity, I’m fairly certain most of society would do just that. If the story is true, it probably won’t work out quit the same..
          Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly. We need you really really badly about now…

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      • The middle brother followed Rez Band & similar for several years, and spent a weekend working one of their soup kitchens. His opinion was a sheep in wolves’ clothing outfit that was helping the homeless, but the lifestyle didn’t connect for him. I never really studied their theology, so my info is secondhand.

    • NO! STAY! Suck it up and live with what you voted for. Don’t come to my state and screw it up just like you screwed up Chicago. This is what you wanted, this is what you voted for. Now choke on it. Stay in Chicago, and either fix your problems or stop whining about them. But DON’T BRING THEM TO ME!

    • while real esstate prices are still hhigh. One moreyear of Chi-Town being the Murder Capitol of the USA and leaving town will just turn yur home into a crashpad for the next iteration of riffraff stumbling along. Get out now whilst prices remainhihg. Once they start dropping its all over. then your only way out will be abandon or burn, or find a decent long term tenant.

    • Democrats stay. It’s the utopia you have created. Normal people may leave. I have been around a long time but hoping I’ll live to see the big Leftie cities crumble and look like 1945 Berlin before I die.

    • I moved my family out of the Chicago area last summer and couldn’t be happier. We have friends who are still there who in two separate incidents recently had to run from gun fights which broke out in “good” areas, car jackings are prevalent, they’ve had the police with police dogs searching their neighborhood for criminals, etc. It’s completely out of control, and I question the sanity of anyone who’s living under these conditions and keeps voting for this.

    • Chicagoans- Stay right where you are! Draw a line in the sand and do what has to be done to save your communities… Bow to neither the criminals on the streets, nor to the criminals abdicating their duty in the courts and the justice system.
      “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” ― George Orwell

  2. I don’t have a big problem with this turn of events. More and more citizens across the country are arming themselves. If we’re lucky, Mr. Johnson will do another B&E of an occupied dwelling, and get shot again. How many times can he be lucky enough to survive being shot? Maybe the next time, the victim will be scared enough to do a mag dump. Hopefully with a large caliber manstopper!

    Every criminal buried is a win, IMO.

  3. Plead down to Spitting On the Sidewalk…with aggravated enhancement for being in a Non-Crosswalk Zone. Take that Mr. Johnson…that’ll learn ya!

    I can hear Foxx’s comment now…”Just you wait until his 17th felony…then we’ll get tough…no soup for Johnson”.

    What a (blanking) travesty of justice and the concept of public safety.

  4. The real punishment was getting shot in the ass. It’s also a deterrent. In an ideal society, the judicial system would put Johnson in prison to deny him access to future victims. In reality, at least some of us could live with providing our own protection as long as the judicial system didn’t persecute us for defending ourselves.

  5. Now remember people:

    Repeat violent criminals are not the root problem.

    Prosecutors who let violent criminals serve little to no prison time are not the root problem.

    No, the root problem is “privilege” and “inequity” in our society. See, if everyone who has stuff would give all of it to people who have less stuff, then everyone would be happy and there would be rainbows and unicorns in the sky. And there would be no more domestic abuse nor rape.

    Oh, and law-abiding firearm owners are the root problem as well.


  6. I guarantee you that if you were a good citizen who tripped up and violated a gun law you didn’t quite understand, they’d throw you away for life. Sure, ignorance of the law is no excuse, but it seems they want to throw legal gun owners to the lions and maybe find a way to charge them with a felony to strip them of their rights. Sure stopped this guy.

  7. Imagine, sleeping on your stomach in a custodial facility for several years. What an open invitation.

    Let’s see, parole violation, burglary, assault, POWPO (that would be 15 years with the Feds). Next victim would be doing society well by just lighting his ass up (figuratively, literally I’m saying his whole mortal self).

  8. So, here’s hoping he learned his lesson. Because it would be cold to say here’s hoping his next victim is a better shot. So I didn’t say that. “OMG! You value your stuff more than somebody’s life!” No… sounds like HE values somebody’s stuff more than his life! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  9. Libertarians Liberals and the Left have always supported people like District Attorney Kim Foxx. They all are thinking on the same level. They all believe the jails are overcrowded. They believe that many things that are considered crimes. Should not be crimes at all. Therefore they are not prosecuted for these crimes. The criminals are allowed to plead to a lesser charge.

    The only real way to solve this problem is to do what Col Jeff Cooper said. Provide guns to the residence of the inner city and they will solve their own problems.

    But free individuals solving their own problems for themselves, without governemnt influence, it’s not what Libertarians Liberals and the Left want.

    These people would prefer see City residents live with the consequences of drug legalization and not enforcing shoplifting valued at under $1,000.

      • fyi
        I do agree with many things this “libertarian” says. But most don’t think the way he does. He supports killing people who steal. Like I do. I like Eric July.

        From the comment section.

        1. Idiotic Tirades
        There’s nobody libertarians argue with more than libertarians.

        2. TrollBoothAttendant faxu
        Why are so many libertarians obsessed with this Democrat tactic of purity?

        3. Handsom Jack
        Thats Why I use the term “Social Libertarian”, and not “Socialist Libertarian”. A social libertarian is okay with Gay Marriage. A socialist libertarian wants you to bake the cake bigot. =D

        4.ersey Hammer
        Jesus Christ does this guy not understand that you need a culture that respects the non aggression principle above all else for librertarianism/anarcho-capitalism to even work. Without that foundation all disputes will be settled by who had the bigger stick.

        “Looks like we have a hater to monetize…: Video 29 min long.

    • Libertarians are not Liberals or the Left. They believe that victimless crimes should not be crimes(drug use and prostitution) and are fiscally conservative.

        • Only in your mind did all 3 write Prop 47. Say the Republicans have far more people in power than Libertarians and yet do nothing to stop the left. You really need to reexamine why you keep voting for Republicans they are an equal part of the problem. Also you are still clueless about Libertarians.

      • “They believe that victimless crimes should not be crimes(drug use and prostitution)”

        Public drug use and public prostitution are destroying the cities. And the people who support these legalizations do not live in the neighborhoods, where these destructive activities are being conducted.

  10. There’s arming yourself, then there’s avoiding the problem. IMHO, the latter is more effective than the former. If the law-abiding all moved away from these s*holes, plus withheld their labor and tax money, TPTB would wake up quick. Sadly, this won’t happen.

    • Yup they can move next door to you.
      Moving is fleeing, fleeing is cowardice.
      Fight to the bitter end.

    • Great, but wanting to move and being able to move are two entirely different things. There are thousands of people in Illannoy who have a desire to leave, but for whatever reason are not able to.
      Also, if all these people did move, who is going to buy their homes that they would need to sell? At some point the buyer’s market for the area would dry up, and they would either not be able to sell, or would have to sell at a huge loss.

      • My family has made their life here in SoCal. I am not going to leave them to live where it snows in the winter or is hot and humid(or both). I enjoy seeing my kids, grandkids and great grandkids on a weekly basis.

      • Gipper, I think you are describing Detroit, and you are correct. Which is a great reason to leave NOW!

    • “If the law-abiding all moved away from these” …

      … the problem would follow them. “you don’t understand mr. rearden, you’re the one with something to loot.” the ones behind all this have nothing, are nothing, except for what they get from us. they will pursue you to the ends of the earth demanding your submission and slavery, or your elimination otherwise. they’ll have to be dealt with.

      • “they’ll have to be dealt with.”

        So Cooper’s idea may have some merit? I don’t know that I’d want my daughter to marry a guy like Harry Callahan, but he did have some great lines.

  11. ” law-abiding all moved away ”

    A short-term strategy at best. Crime will always follow opportunity, and wherever the potential victims go, the bad guys will find them. No, the best strategy is not to run, but to gear up and blow the motherf***ers away when they come to collect. Make crime too risky and the crimes will stop.

  12. As I understand it, the excuse that many of these liberal prosecutors give for such lenient handling of crime is because they want to have equitable consequences as a result of past “institutional racism”.

    As an old white guy with a clean record, does this interpretation of the law mean that I would get a complete pass because of my “privilege”? Or does it mean that I would get the book thrown at me for the same crime?

    • You know the answer to that. But for those that maybe don’t yet…

      They think (or at least pretend) that they can eliminate racism, oppression, and unearned privilege — by pointing it all at someone else. It was wrong when those other people did it, but now it’s right because *we’re* doing it.

      Reality is, it’s all about inflicting pain on you for things you can’t change: the color of your skin, your biological sex, where you were born.

      • +1

        It’s a power struggle, like animal instinct level, and it’s going to get messy either way, putting it down or letting it advance.

  13. It’s a shame the bullet didn’t land about 24 inches higher then there would be one less scumbag walking the earth and breathing free air.

  14. 6 years may be too lenient but I’m not sure about the rest of the hand-wringing. Should time served before trial NOT be counted towards a sentence?

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