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Democrats in Illinois have championed “criminal justice reform” for a long time now, implementing their Chicago-style policies state-wide where and when they could. What has been the result?

Well, a judge in Chicago sentenced a 17-year-old drug dealer to three years of probation for stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death last year. Seems the 15-year-old tried to swipe some weed and the drug dealer chased him down and punctured him repeatedly.

From PJ Media:

The unnamed drug dealer pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder. Cook County judge Steven Bernstein told the 17-year-old murderer he was a “bright kid with a bright future” and gave the killer three years’ probation along with 100 hours of community service and told him that he and his parents need to attend therapy together.

Three years probation — no jail time — for murder. How is that even possible?

Well, it takes a woke, soft-on-crime prosecutor like Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to strike a plea deal for a reduced charge. It also takes a judge elected by 73.28% of Cook County voters to think that three years probation is a fair sentence for taking the life of another human being. Finally, it also takes the corrupt media to largely looking the other way.

Cook County residents are getting the policies of the candidates they elected. And they’re getting them “gooder and harder.” After all, 81% of homicide victims in Cook County are African-Americans, yet African-Americans keep overwhelmingly voting for these same anti-gun, anti-self-defense, pro-criminal politicians into office.

Given the anti-police, pro-criminal policies, violent crime now infests the Chicago region. As of this writing, Chicago stands at 835 homicides for the year and counting.

The city of Chicago has had more homicides than 47 entire states had in all of 2019.

Boch screen capture from Bing.com.

As for those who don’t agree with the kinder, gentler approach towards violent criminals in Illinois and other violent hot spots, is it any wonder they’re voting with their feet and moving?

As for this case: I can’t imagine how Elias Valdez’s family feels. First, a drug dealer stabs their boy to death. Then a judge sentences his killer to a hug from grandma? Could anyone blame Elias’ dad for abducting the drug dealer and putting him through a wood chipper, feet first?

The reality is, when the “criminal justice system” slaps violent offenders on the wrist like this, victims and their families will be tempted to exact their own punishment in lieu of any expectation of reasonable sentencing. The more sentences like this are handed down, the more cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia can expect exactly that to happen.

If I were on a jury, I know I’d vote “not guilty” with a giant exclamation point if Mr. Valdez was caught pressure washing the dealer’s remains out of a rented chipper. So would a lot of other jury pool members.

This case serves as yet another reason why I carry religiously when I’m with my family. And you should as well. It seems a lot easier to strap on a pistol than to rent (and clean) a wood chipper.

Especially if you find yourself in Chicago because you have to live, work, or visit there.

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  1. “73.28% of Cook County voters…”

    Does that include deceased voters? Ghost voters? 115-year-old voters? Pet dogs given human names? Voters who cast 40 ballots? Voters who never even knew they “voted”?

    • Not knowing whether or not you voted should have no relation whatsoever to the desired outcome…trust us, we know what’s best for you.

      • And I know of a dead murder victim who will also be voting (D) for several decades. Of course, to avoid improprieties, that dead murder victim will not begin voting until he would have been 18 years-old.

    • I am not really mad that the wannabe using drugs attempted drug thief got himself killed. Handle up justice in peer vs peer violence if as fair as things get in the real world. I also won’t get too worked up if the dead thief’s relatives go after his killer. Step back and let some tit for tat action go on unabated for a few months and a significant chunk of the problem will take care of itself.

  2. Usually, I’m thrilled when one thug kills another. But 15 years old? The kid wasn’t old enough to buy tobacco and now he’s dead, while his murderer gets a slap on the wrist. Welcome to Chiraq. The government you elect is the government you deserve, suckers.

    • Besides the indisputable fact that they were all planning on going to college, the more the vermin eliminate each other, the better.

  3. You know, there’s a certain logic to this approach.

    The victim, being dead, can no longer contribute to society except perhaps as fertilizer; He will not vote (except vicariously and for Democratic candidates, of course), will not breed and thus create more Democratic voters and grateful recipients of Government largesse, will not get elected to public office as a Democrat, or appointed as a Liberal Progressive to some bureaucratic slot. Therefore, the corpse has literally no value.
    On the other hand, the poor, downtrodden, misunderstood victim of white supremacy, white hate, White Castle, and systemic racism that killed him is salvageable; He, being alive, CAN do all of those things that the corpse can no longer do, and thus has great value in the Liberal Progressive mind. He will, for the rest of his life, contribute to society in SO many ways, from voting Liberal Democrat to siring more downtrodden victims to providing ad hoc pharmaceuticals to our underserved communities, a dire need when CVS is no longer available. Clearly, it is far better to give this pillar of the community a second chance, as it is impossible to give one to the corpse. He had his chance, didn’t he?

    Yes, it all makes perfect sense.

    • One of the best examples of delicately understated sarcasm that I’ve ever read…nicely done.

      Merry Christmas from the Lower 48.

    • Ahh…CVS and California. I never shop at CVS due to a Walgreens being nearest to me, but last week I was near one when I remembered I needed a specialty battery for a Christmas decoration in the Haz home. I bought one (only $5), walked out to my car, realized I had mistakenly selected the incorrect version, and walked back in to return it.

      The cashier told me she needed my driver license. I casually reminded her I had just been in the store, paid cash, and had my receipt, so it should be a simple cash refund. She stated that CVS had a new POS (Point Of Sale, not the other meaning) register system now programmed to require swiping of a customer’s driver license information for all returns. I asked her why in the world is that policy for a cash purchase, and she said it’s because shoplifting has become such a big problem for the company across the State, that they now need to track everyone.

      I shook my head in disgust, told her to disregard the return, and stated I will never spend another dime at CVS again as I tossed the battery into the trash with other customers looking on.

      Home Depot has recently implemented the same policy, for all returns including cash purchases with receipt. And they’ve collaborated with manufacturers to have power tools inoperable until “activated” at the register, all because of massive theft here.

      But the Dems in Sacramento call us conspiratorial and kooky for wanting a return to traditional values (insert eye roll here).

      • “I asked her why in the world is that policy for a cash purchase, and she said it’s because shoplifting has become such a big problem for the company across the State, that they now need to track everyone.”

        It’s a real problem, when a store tries to have a no-hassle return policy while the shelves are being wholesale looted by ‘shoplifters’. Walmart does something similar. If you return something without a receipt, they issue a store credit instead of cash…

    • Beautifully done sir.

      Have a Merry Christmas and best wishes from the land that has no real winter. Projected to be about 30 Celsius today.

      • Merry Christmas to you to SC.
        BTW the temp here was 75° farenheit. That’s a first for this part of the midwest.
        Usually our tongues are stuck to flagpoles by now.

      • “Projected to be about 30 Celsius today.”

        Mid-summer for you, then. Then again, when it’s hot here, you’re freezing your ‘naughty-bits’ off… 😉

  4. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t believe in send murders to prison. In fact they have been releasing them early since 2020. They complain there are too many people locked up. They were very grateful that criminals were released early last year.

    • Back in the 1800’s in the border area in Texas, a Texas ranger caught some cattle rustlers and decided to do things the right way. He carried them into the sheriff and the sheriff and judge let them go right away. The judge told the Ranger that he would have to get justice in the brush. Well folks, here we are…….

  5. It’s never been all that hard to carry a gun. Doing it legally is a very different thing.

    It isn’t all that hard to rent a wood chipper either. Finding someone to throw into it – well, it’s been done.

    What seems to be incredibly difficult removing leftist loons from power.

    • Ho hum…just a joke to you Boch. “We” didn’t vote for this BS in Cook county.Dumb Dims did. Now it’s definitely moved to the suburbs ala Oak Brook last night. And Ralph do you really expect sympathy living in Taxachusetts?!? Have a swell holydaze…

      • It’s ok
        Some of us aren’t part of giving the gift that is Lina Hidalgo either.

        Merry Christmas 🎅🏻

  6. Well about the only good thing that comes out of a situation like this is more and more people are waking up to realize just how out of touch Democrats are. Don’t be surprised if Joe Manchin doesn’t become a Republican or Independent. Don’t be surprised if Biden and other politicians poll numbers don’t approach zero by late in 2022. Don’t be surprised if more and more of the police departments are refunded. Don’t be surprised if more and more of these Leftist judges are not reelected. What goes around comes around and when people are fed up they will demand a change. Thes Democrats are so far over the line now, I doubt they will have a chance to change their dwindling poll numbers.

  7. Not in IL any more. voted with ny feet. Greetings from Wisconsin. Well, I am visiting my folks in southern il but other than that…..

    • Cool…heading to Indiana eventually. Wife getting her gubmint check next month. All about guaranteed income when yer old. Oh and Indiana has a budget surplus😎

      • Yeah I’ve been on that ” Guaranteed Income ” for awhile.
        Kinda scary really, what could I do if it wasn’t there.
        To old to work at the sawmill, construction is out, maybe farm laborer?
        I’ve gotten used to the easy life and dont want no alarm clock telling me I’ve gotta get up and go to wha,wha,wha ,, WORK. (damn that was hard to say, but I did it.)

        • Oh I’m not quite retired possum. Still sorta an antique dealer. Not the workaholic supporting wife n kids by my luck and skill…yeah I hate getting up too. Merry Christmas my marsupial brother!

  8. The victim’s family may in fact become so broken from this injustice they destroy themselves with PTSD type behaviors. Almost never do victims have the energy to “vigilante”. Society depends on Justice. So I believe it is more likely the “bright young drug dealer” has destroyed that Family. Why didn’t the judge at least ask for unpaid taxes on the dope sales?

    • “‘Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,’ Biden responded”

      Just like my demented troll…

      *snicker* 😉

  9. Last time I was in chicago was the 80;s. I carried a gun everywhere. It wasn’t legal.

    I don’t give a fuck. Legal and illegal will never replace right and wrong.

  10. Everytime I see a news story like this I’m reminded of the time I got banned from a chat room for saying that Chicago is a sh*t-hole. The admin insisted I was trying to use some sort of ‘racist dog-whistle’ when I was very specially making a statement about that city being a crime riddled hell-hole ran by openly corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that allow crap like what we see in that article to just go largely unpunished.

  11. Pelosi said: “…But the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from I don’t know where…”


  12. I know (knew – former employee) a guy in Iowa who’s currently serving out a 50 year sentence for 2nd degree. And he at least claimed the shooting was an accident. Guess that’s why there’s a lot less crime here than there.

  13. I would say “unbelievable”, but nothing is unbelievable anymore when it comes to the courts and the judicial system.

  14. If it were me who lost a child, even a bad seed/kid thief, to a scumbag drug dealer like this, it would be time to find a spare barrel and firing pin for the 1911.
    Do what you gatta do and melt down the barrel and firing pin used.
    Or, just shoot, shovel and shut up.
    Just bury him deep Small Mammals like to dig up shallow graves.
    As I told someone who threatende my son several years ago. I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. And no diver will jump in a gator hole.

  15. So fucked up.

    If this was my family member or a loved one I know what I’d do. Sad but true. And I’d repeat it to anyone who tries to punish me for it.

  16. Well, that drug dealer is just a murderer, it is not like he trespassed upon a plinth or paraded without a permit.

  17. “Could anyone blame Elias’ dad for abducting the drug dealer and putting him through a wood chipper, feet first?”

    I blame him for not taking out the judge instead. It would save a lot more kids.

  18. Plea deals are a cancer on the justice system. It’s just as well for a man to go free if he doesn’t get the punishment he deserves. Half-assed “justice” isn’t justice

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