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Cla-a-a-a-ang! It’s hard to beat the instant, positive feedback of shooting at a steel target. Unfortunately, they’re generally cumbersome and slow to assemble on the range. Not a big deal for targets that live on the range, but most of us have to set up our targets at the start of a range day and break ’em back down to take them home at the end. Stake Out Targets and Hammer Targets are seeking to make that process faster, easier, and tool-free.

First up is Stake Out Targets with their simple silhouette design. This slab of AR500 steel has a grab handle on each side and two sharp feet on the bottom. Just slam it into the ground, angled slightly forward to deflect bullet spray downward, and get shooting.


It’s sweet and simple. I like it.

Hammer Targets gets more complex with a 10-inch swiveling gong on a target hanger system.

Built into the base is a sliding steel hammer. Simply lift it up and slam it down to hammer the target into the ground.

Two good looking solutions for getting steel set up on the range quickly and easily.


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  1. Those do look pretty slick. I am kinda concerned about the sign showing a cartridge zipping through the air rather than a projectile. 😳 Still, these do look like great options.

    • Art out West,

      …a cartridge zipping through the air rather than a projectile.

      Good catch.

  2. I like the concept and wish them well.

    I have my own proprietary system which is simple and fast:

    I have two steel rods (3/8-inch diameter) with a sharp point at the bottom and a black (natural gas) pipe “tee” welded on the top. (The “tee” just barely fits over the steel rod and you could use two-part epoxy if welding is not a simple option for you.) Both of those rods are about 4-feet long and you just shove them in the ground. (If the ground is hard, I use an AR500 steel target as an improvised mallet/hammer to pound the rods into the ground.)

    Then I have a third steel rod (3/8-inch diameter) which is about three feet long that I push through both “tee”s and voila: I have a steel target stand which goes up in 30 seconds and does not require any tools.

    Once the stand is up, I hang AR500 steel targets with chain (and “S” hooks if necessary). Easy peasy.

    • Thank you for your idea, and your clear description of its design, too. On this particular day, you have uncommon sense indeed. I’m going to make a couple this weekend with your model.

  3. Um, I’m sure they had good intentions, but I hope they’ll make these in adult sizes. The one pictured is the silhouette of a three-foot-tall child, waist-high to an adult, not much bigger than a toddler, complete with little arms and short legs. Shooting at silhouettes of little children seems likely to induce a well-deserved shudder of horror that might throw off anyone’s aim. It may be good target practice for school shooters, but not for anyone else!
    I’m not sure whether to laugh or shudder.

  4. I periodically remove bandit signs advertising credit repair, lawn care, and so forth in the neighborhood. On range days I just bring a few signs and a cordless drill with an extra long 3/8 bit to drill holes in the ground for the legs.

    Other great static targets are balloons, clays set on edge, and store brand charcoal briquettes. Balloons are generally just for confidence boosting new shooters starting out.

    • What a GREAT IDEA! I never would have thought of it. Outstanding! Thanks for the tip, and I’m taking your suggestion.

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