Chicago Crime Hot in the City
(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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While anti-gun hysteria continues after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Chicago’s traditionally bloody summer continues apace. Despite strict Illinois gun control laws, Murder City USA racked up another five dead and 46 maimed in mostly gang-related violence this past weekend.

That includes a six-victim “mass shooting” on early Sunday morning in the 3500 block of West Lake Street.

As always, HeyJackass has the details. The bold entries represent fatal incidents.

Final Stupidity Tally: 5 killed, 46 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 1 killed, 37 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 11 killed, 34 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 12 killed, 44 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 6 killed, 34 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 6 killed, 31 wounded

Friday 8/9
4:10p 3400 N Cicero, Portage Park, M/19
6:30p 3300 W Cermak, Little Village, M/31
6:30p 3300 W Cermak, Little Village, M/34
8:50p 100 E 114th, Roseland, M/16
10:00p 7500 N Paulina, Rogers Park, M/40
11:30p 3600 W Douglas, North Lawndale, M/14
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, F/20
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/23
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/24
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/29
Saturday 8/10
12:35a 4200 W Van Buren, Garfield Park, M/28
1:35a 8600 S Exchange, South Chicago, M/28
1:55a 3400 W 24th, Little Village, M/16
1:55a 600 N Sawyer, Humboldt Park, M/19

2:00a 900 S Western, Near West Side, M/31
2:40a 3700 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/27
6:25a 4500 W West End, Garfield Park, F/?
11:40a 8700 S Exchange, South Chicago, M/25
11:55a 2500 S Sawyer, Little Village, M/34
6:05p 2500 W Touhy, West Ridge, M/34
6:15p 3300 W Chicago, Humboldt Park, M/47
8:45p 4000 S Ellis, Oakland, M/43
8:45p 4000 S Ellis, Oakland, M/?
9:00p 600 S Racine, Near West Side, M/20
10:35p 5700 S Aberdeen, Englewood, M/25
10:35p 5700 S Aberdeen, Englewood, M/42
11:35p 4100 W Congress, Garfield Park, M/30
11:35p 5000 W Huron, Austin, M/38
Sunday 8/11
12:10a 7100 S Champlain, Grand Crossing, M/29
1:15a 3500 W Douglas, North Lawndale, M/21
2:00a 3000 W 38th, Brighton Park, M/30
2:15a 100 N La Crosse, Austin, M/36
2:30a 200 W 63rd, Englewood, M/?
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/25
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/27
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/32
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/32
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/37
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/38
3:55a 1200 N Cleaver, West Town, M/23
4:10a 2900 S Dearborn, Douglas, M/37
6:35a 200 S Keeler, Garfield Park, M/21
6:50a 1200 W 82nd, Auburn Gresham, M/24
11:15a 6800 S Hamlin, West Lawn, M/27
3:55p 1000 N Monticello, Humboldt Park, F/8
6:05p 11500 S Yale, West Pullman, M/69
8:25p 8500 S Marquette, South Chicago, M/29
8:40p 7600 S Stewart, Grand Crossing, M/30
8:45p 8600 S Elizabeth, Auburn Gresham, M/37
9:35p 10000 S Michigan, Roseland, M/24
No Accountability Monday
5:50a 5000 W Washington, Austin, M/40

At least that’s an improvement over the previous weekend body count of seven dead and 59 wounded. Somehow restrictions on Second Amendment freedoms do nothing to keep the Wild West that is Chicago under control.

Illinois gun owners, by law, must have a Firearm’s Owners ID card. Think of it as a permit to own a gun – sort of like Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to enact national gun owner licensing.  Of course Chicago’s gang members don’t have FOID cards, but they do have guns. And plenty of them.

To carry a firearm in public, a law-abiding person must have 16 hours of training, pass a qualification shooting test, pay $153 and change to the state and wait four-plus months to get a carry license. None of this past weekend’s incidents featured anyone with a carry license.

The Prairie State has a three-day waiting period on gun purchases. The waiting period did nothing to slow the persistent mayhem on the Windy City’s streets, but it does inconvenience legal gun purchasers who want to purchase firearms to defend themselves.

Illinois also has a universal background check law which requires all private gun transfers to through an approval process with the Illinois State Police. How many of the weekend’s shooters complied with that requirement when they acquired their weapons?

The Land of Lincoln also has a red flag law. It seems that law failed to flag those who committing all of these shootings. No one read the minds of the shooters or reported them as threatening. Then again, local residents don’t help police find the killers after the crimes either. If they did, the Chicago Police might have a murder clearance rate better than 9.5%.

Illinois also just enacted state-level gun dealer licensing, ostensibly to stop the flow of guns into criminals’ hands. But all the bill has done is drive over half of FFLs out of business.

Cook County also has gun and ammo taxes. They’ve done nothing to stem to blood loss.

Chicago also has a ban on modern sporting rifles and so-called high-capacity magazines.  Again, the only result has been more gun control epic fail. Because — brace yourself — criminals ignore laws. All they do is keep the law-abiding stripped of some very effective self-defense options.

Illinois has a mountain of other gun control laws, too.  They inconvenience the law-abiding, not the criminals.

The bottom line: Illinois’ strict gun control does nothing about crime in Murder City USA.  Let that be a lesson to residents of other states considering these laws. And to Congress.

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  1. They blame gun sales in other states. If they banned them in the western hemisphere maybe the laws would work.

    • ban did not work for alcohol…not working for drugs…why would it work for guns?
      or was that pure sarcasm…?

    • Escape From New York, Part 2

      Snake Pliskin parajumps into the outskirts of Chicago, adjusts his eye patch, breaks out a cigar to chew on, crosses his arms and says,

      “I think I’ll let these mindbrights take themselves out and do my work for me. Wake me when they’re down to the last one. That guy will be worth my time.”

    • Yeah, I read some jackwagon on our local newspaper’s comment board making that same moronic argument. He claimed that most of Chicago’s crime guns come from out of state and that “quite a few” come from wild west Texas. Unfortunately for him, ATF crime gun state source figures don’t substantiate the claim.

      The majority of crime guns recovered in Illinois, came from Illinois, not from other states with supposedly lax gun laws. Less than 2% came from Texas.

      What these failed state apologists never can explain is why the states with so-called lax gun laws never have the same rate of gun violence carnage as Illinois does. In other words, if Chicago is a free fire zone because of other states’ “lax” gun laws, then why aren’t those other states themselves gun violence free fire zones? In twenty years+ of asking that question, I’ve only ever gotten crickets, insults, evasive meandering, or lying in response to that question, never a direct and honest answer.

      • “What these failed state apologists never can explain is why the states with so-called lax gun laws never have the same rate of gun violence carnage as Illinois does.”

        A Leftist would claim it’s because of the ‘white privilege’ of living in a wealthy area, of course.

        And it’s the democrat’s job of repatriating that stolen wealth so they can “spread the wealth around”, as Obama once said to ‘Joe the plumber’ years ago… 🙂

  2. Well according to anti gun people it’s because all the guns come from Indiana with it’s less restrictions on guns.

    I like to see the stats on that.

    • ATF publishes annual reports on the origins of crime guns recovered in each state; free and readily available on their website.

      Spoiler alert: it turns out that the facts don’t substantiate the gun grabbers’ claims.

    • DC and Maryland deflect from their cesspool issues and blame Virginia for “lax gun laws” but if that was true then Virginia should have higher murder and violent crime rate than dc or Maryland and it has lower rates.

      Chicago blaming others is sick. Chicago also has higher knife murder rates than neighboring jurisdictions. Are they blaming neighbors for that also?

      Places like chicAgo and dc have among the lowest time served for gun crime and violent crime – that is the problem

  3. So why doesn’t SOUTHERN Illinois (read: south of Chicago) have these body counts?

    What’s so different between Chicago and the rest of the state?

    Asking for a friend…

    • Southern Illinois is Everthing South of Springfield! I don’t want to be associated with anything north of Springfield THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am so sick of my home state and what a mess it has become that I will be moving to Missouri ASAP.

  4. Why is Chicago such a violent place. Other locations in this country have a higher rate of guns per capita than Chicago and do not have such high rates of violence. It is not the guns.

    • The same reason Memphis is such an embarrassment to the rest of Tennessee. White Supremacy obviously.

    • It’s a 100% democratic run city. It’s our own little venezuela. Just as CA is a 100% run by dems paradise.

    • quote———————Why is Chicago such a violent place. Other locations in this country have a higher rate of guns per capita than Chicago and do not have such high rates of violence. It is not the guns.———————-quote

      Its obvious your not a product of higher education. Chicago is violent for a variety of reasons. We have had 4 generations grow up in poverty because back in the 40’s and 50’s and even the 60’s there were high paying manufacturing jobs that today no longer exist. Other parts of the State (white affluent) have far better schools because they are better financed (a flaw of the property tax system that finances schools). In other words while Chicago kids often sit on floors in the winter without heat and a lack of computers and even desks white affluent parts of the State have everything in their schools they need to succeed in life including better teachers because of the higher salaries paid. When you couple the easy availability of second hand unvetted guns that are funneled in from outside the city and the state from states with lax laws is it any wonder the violence is not even worse than it currently is. Its not rocket science. The whole sordid system is there for the entire world to see and shake their heads in horror. This educational disaster and lack of gun laws do not happen in civilized countries proving its pure horseshit that the U.S. is the best country to live in (only if you are part of the upper classes)

      • OMG…same defense for Baltimore…St. Louis…DC…New Orleans?
        plenty of poor white people in the USA and they aren’t gunning each other down
        please remove your head from your anal cavity

        • No matter what the question is, racism is always the answer. Never mind the fact that democrats, and usually black people actually run the government in these towns. It’s kind of like global warming explains every single weather event that you don’t like. It’s just so much easier to deny reality. Truth over facts!

        • Yes, Chicago can be a violent city, been that way ever since the days of Al Kapone and the Italian and Irish gangsters. It’s more about the situation, poverty and culture class then it is about race or color.

          Meanwhile, here’s another good guy with a whole Lotta guns, right up until his political emotions started leading him down a dark path. Red flag, anyone?

          “The FBI arrested an 18-year-old from Ohio for making online threats — including against the federal government and Planned Parenthood — and found a large cache of weapons, authorities said.
          When agents raided the Boardman, Ohio, house where Justin Olsen was living they recovered 15 rifles, 10 semi-automatic pistols and roughly 10,000 rounds of ammunition, according to a criminal complaint written by FBI Special Agent Themistocles Tsarnas and seen by NBC News.
          Olsen, who wrote under the name “ArmyOfChrist,” was charged Monday with one count of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.
          “ArmyOfChrist discussed supporting mass shootings, and assault and/or targeting of Planned Parenthood,” according to Tsarnas.”

        • miner. I was wondering when you would drag out that leftist trope, ‘he was a good guy with a gun until he turned bad’. Which leads to,’ since there are no good guys with guns the guns have to go’ trope.

          I do not support attacking planned parenthood. Since the majority of abortions are performed on left leaning women it helps us cut down the other side a little. Fewer vlads and miner49ers in the future is a good outcome.

          But the real reason the left supports abortion rights is the overwhelming majority of abortions are performed on black women. And the left are racist right down to their toes. They won’t admit it, but their actions speak much louder than their bullshit lies.

        • Dear Racist Cavendish

          The majority of mass murders were committed by white conservative guys not blacks so what is your racist excuse on that one.

          And yes you are correct to mention all those other cities as they too have much the same problems. And to say poor uneducated white people are not killing each other , selling dope and robbing people is again racist as hell.

          Sorry try again, maybe the Klu Klux Klan can give you some more warped talking points. Now who is the one with his head up his racist anal cavity. Your a real member of the out house gang.

        • Here’s another:

          “A neo-Nazi with a predilection for patrolling Las Vegas streets with a semi-automatic weapon over his shoulder has now been charged with plotting an attack on a gay club and a synagogue.
          The FBI have arrested and charged security guard Conor Climo with planning bombings in Sin City. Authorities say the 23-year-old was “communicating with individuals who identified with a white supremacist extremist organization using the National Socialist Movement to promote their ideology.”
          “Threats of violence motivated by hate and intended to intimidate or coerce our faith-based and LGBTQ communities have no place in this Country,” said Nicholas A. Trutanich, United States Attorney for the District of Nevada in a statement. “Law enforcement in Nevada remains determined to use the full weight of our investigative resources to prevent bias-motivated violence before it happens. I commend our partners who identified the threat and took swift and appropriate action to ensure justice and protect the community.”

        • Yes, miner, you’ve proven your point with a few cherry picked samples out of a nation of 350 million. The point being that socialists of any stripe are dangerous. But in America, unlike one of your preferred socialist paradises, we don’t blame and punish the village for the acts of the few.

        • JWM lives in a fantasy world

          quote————-Yes, miner, you’ve proven your point with a few cherry picked samples out of a nation of 350 million. The point being that socialists of any stripe are dangerous. But in America, unlike one of your preferred socialist paradises, we don’t blame and punish the village for the acts of the few.—————-quote

          The real facts are that over 70 per cent of terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been committed by White Racist and Religious fanatics. That is a fact JW cannot lie his way out of no matter how often he tries to twist the truth or totally ignore it as it keeps coming back to haunt him with the unvarnished truth. Nice try JW. lets have another one of your lies today.

        • to JW

          ””””””””””””””””’vlad, show me a citation on that 70%.”””””””””””””””

          Your a real hoot. Turn on your own damn TV for once and get off of State Run TV (foxy news) the 70 per cent figure has been the talk of the news now for over 2 weeks and even on foreign news channels which of course you never watch as you are too terrified to see and valid criticism of your warped and erroneous beliefs. Better to hide out on Fox News and avoid reality.

      • Maybe if black males stayed in school..and females did not have multiple kids with multiple “unknown” fathers…
        maybe if black millionaires and billionaires invested in black inner cities…built and staffed private schools…built businesses…
        blame everyone but the individuals…typical dem/lib tactic…
        plenty of poor and uneducated whites out there, too

      • Vlad: While we’re on the subject of “higher education”, the correct spelling is “you’re”. This is the third time this egregious error has appeared in your posts. I must insist you stay after school and recite Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book fifty times, and then take a helicopter ride with the nice Mr. Serge, who is standing by with a roomy well-appointed Bell UH-1.

        • Hahahah I thought the same thing. I understand misspelled words, (as in el or le,) but your & you’re errors? Drives me nuts.

        • “…and then take a helicopter ride with the nice Mr. Serge, who is standing by with a roomy well-appointed Bell UH-1.”

          Serge is more of a Mil Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter gunship kind of guy.

          As one Taliban insurgent once said : “We are not afraid of the Russians, but we are afraid of their helicopters…”

      • Moron, you know squat about the inner city. It is racists like you who used the welfare system deliberately destroyed the black family and create a culture of dependency on the Democratic Party. I lived in the newly black neighborhood on the Westside in the early 50s and there was little difference between the black and white families. By 1970 the project to destroy the black family was well under way and crime and violence were spiraling out of control. Pat Moynihan wrote a prescient article 1966 predicting the way thing were going

        And, moron, gangs that import drugs can get whatever firearms they want so why don’t you just STFU already. You are just a mark 1 mod 0 white racist.

      • Apparently you don’t live in Illinois. Other parts of the State are much poorer and do not have the violence. Chicago is not very poor overall, but it has its sections of poverty. Can’t blame that on the conservatives, hillbillies or the right wing since the left has been in charge there since 1931. And that last Republican, was as corrupt as those Democrats who followed. It is as they say the Chicago way.

        The difference between the poor in Chicago and the poor in the rest of Illinois is the gang culture. Along with the gang culture you have corruption in the political ranks. Add to that the catch and release of criminals. Violent offenders spend very little time incarcerated and often are back on the streets before the victim has recovered or the body is cold in murders. The gang culture changed over the years and it is more violent. Try researching it sometime. Poverty and unemployment are easy things to blame, but are not the whole story.

        When the penalties of your actions are less than the reward, you don’t avoid the same actions.

      • Typical comment. Look for someone else to blame. And cry racism. Better yet, how about taking responsibility for one’s own life and actions? Novel idea, huh. Pull up your pants, take out the gold grill, let go of your crotch, stop screwing anything that’s still barely alive and get a job. There’s no one to blame except oneself. RESPONSIBILITY! And stop playing the victim. Your leaders are all democrats and all black. If you want to question something start there. And where’s your savior, Obama?

      • Vlad,
        You seriously have to at least acknowledge that all of the problems in Chicago that you point to have occurred under Democratic leadership. Chicago hasn’t had a Republican mayor in 88 years. Own that!

      • Hey, Vlad! I posted the question knowing you would respond as you did: facile, easy answers with no dimension.

        And, yes, I have a graduate degree and several professional certs. Lots of letters after my name.

        Enjoyed baiting you.

        Now, go ahead and spew some venom.

        • Oh, and Ii fully realize that ‘lots of letters after my name’ does NOT mean I am smart; it only means I am trainable ( although my wife will stridently disagree). Smiling and whistling.

        • And you had no rebuttal to my dissertation on Chicago’s problems and what has caused them so who is the one who is really educated.

          Nice try with spewing your venom but what was the point except to say you do not agree with me.

      • You know nothing of southern Illinois. Poor, very poor. Poor = violence? No. Never has.

      • Many years ago, Kansas City schools in poor neighborhoods were as bad as Chicago’s schools. After a federal court decision that this was unfair to the residents, millions of dollars were spent to upgrade those schools so that they were comparable to those in wealthy suburbs. Despite that, nothing improved. The same kids who learned nothing in poor schools learned nothing in the best schools money could buy.

        If you want to be a middle class American, you have to behave like a middle class American beginning at least by kindergarten age. Your parents must teach you how which requires them to care enough to do so and to live middle class values themselves. When they don’t, it’s beyond the ability of any school to rectify the damage. What schools could do, but won’t, is to focus on the kids whose parents have raised them properly and quit wasting resources on the troublemakers who make it impossible for anyone to learn.

        • The key word in your past is WANT, these kids do not WANT to be middle class Americans. There are hundreds of gangs, sets and crews ranging in membership from a local handful to city wide, national and even international gangs with thousands of members each competing for a piece of the city to ply their trade and they maintain their viability by recruiting children and indoctrinating them at a very early age blinding them to any other possibility and removing anyone who might resist. The presence of the Mexican drug Cartels has contributed greatly to the violence in Chicago and other major American cities and the total disregard for human life pervades the entire gang culture which is the greatest contributor to the high body counts and it matters not where you are or how many people are around you if YOU are my target I will shoot everyone and everything that stands between us to get to you. But in the end we all know the truth, as in every disaster that has befallen the planet in the last century or so “It is ALL DONALD J. TRUMPS fault and his RACIST, homophobic, anti Muslim, misogynistic, Immigrant hating, White Nationalist, Nazi, womanizing, bullying rhetoric with his crazed, racist, irredeemably deplorable, smelly, Walmart shopping, gun toting, mass murdering, bible thumping blind followers will continue to “cling to their God and their Guns” (Barack Obama) and belief in their tired old Constitution enacted by a bunch of “Old White Men” WILL lead to the complete and total destruction of the civilized world and will be the SOLE instigators of the Second coming of Christ and the battle of Armageddon leading to the end of life as we know it…. (do I need to point out the sarcasm)

        • “What schools could do, but won’t, is to focus on the kids whose parents have raised them properly and quit wasting resources on the troublemakers who make it impossible for anyone to learn.”
          Hard to argue with that logic. Sad but true.

        • To Kendahl

          Spoken like a true typical white racist. Your post is dripping in hate for minorities. Sorry Adolf everything you posted was a blatant lie right out of Nazi Germany. It was word for word I might add.

          The real facts are that when schools were improved not only with more money but higher pay to attract better teachers the scholastic achievements of children did indeed improve. There were less drop outs and class attendance went up and graduation improved immensely. I really get sick to my stomach when I have to read racist diatribes from people like you. Your part of the problem in this country.

      • Sooooo wait for it… you’re saying that you need mo money fo dem programs?
        Do you have a big key in your back, or batteries?

      • It’s not the best country to live in? Hmmmmm. Then why dont you leave and find a better one. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.

      • More liberal lies….

        The facts are that of the top 1,000 school districts nationally by enrollment, the average spending per student is $9,562. In Chicago, spending per student is $14,246. So Chicago actually expends 49% MORE per student than the national average. Moreover, Illinois spends more per student than ANY other midwestern state.

        Do Chicago’s student perform 49% better than the national average, or even equal to the national average? Nope, Chicago students on average are a full grade level behind the national average in both math and ELA (English Language Arts, in education-speak.) Ouch!

        You can’t blame modest spending on teachers, either. HALF of Illinois education spending goes just to teacher pension costs. The reality is that too much of the already excessive school funding in Illinois goes to the teachers and the abundant number of administrators, all of whom operate without accountability for student performance.

        Quit blaming phantasmal racism and some imaginary funding chasm, and start challenging the obvious corruption and incompetence of the leadership you lemmings repeatedly and unquestioningly support.

        • Many of those unnecessary districts are run by administrators who receive executive-level pay. Over 80 percent of Illinois superintendents currently receive six-figure compensation packages, and they’ll each receive $2 million to $8 million dollars in total pension benefits over the course of their retirements.

          As one can see pensions and bloated salaries to the greed monger superintendents simply mean that the Children do not get the funds that White Students get in upper class white Schools. When CNN shows students sitting on floors with no desks, heat or even computers it shows how misleading the stats are when they show that more money is being spent on students than the national average, when in reality it is being spent on administration.

          Again my original statement that White upper class schools are giving white students a better education than minority students is still valid.

          • So I guess you think Administrators and Superintendents in those WEALTHY white schools work for less than those in Chicago? News flash, there are WHITE kids going to school in Chicago too.. Your usual line of bullshit once again fails to launch… If you were only as bright as you think you are… I really hope you don’t live in the U.S. because that would actually make you even dumber that you sound, after all your bashing of America/Americans, EVERY person posting on this site, any politician that identifies as a conservative and trying to berate everyone as being ignorant and or uneducated.. In everything you’ve posted on the various subjects I’ve been engaged with you have been nothing but a condescending, self righteous asshole that is obviously far superior intellectually (in YOUR mind) to anyone who breathes and your opinion IS the only acceptable option in all matters.. So while all the JETHROS sit back and read your crap basically for amusement you are basking in the glow of your smugness confident that you’ve made a fool out of your intended target when all you’ve really done is displayed your ignorance and your reliance on google and wikipedia…..

        • quote——————–So I guess you think Administrators and Superintendents in those WEALTHY white schools work for less than those in Chicago?———–quote

          You do not live in the real world. Sure, White schools have well paid administrators but they filter down more than enough money for the students because wealthy white suburban people would roast their ass and fire them if they short changed wealthy white kids. In Minority communities they have no where near the political power the whites do in the wealthy white suburbs so the Administrators in poor neighborhoods rake in all the cash simply because they know they can get away with it.

          • Do you ACTUALLY read your own bullshit before you press the Post Comment button? It amazes me that such an intellectually superior being as yourself would embarrass itself with such a lame, rambling and absolutely senseless response…

    • Because white Libertarians Liberals and the Left believe the Welfare Industrial Complex is best for inner city black people. The white homosexuals in this group also support separating the black father from his family and replace him.

      They believe government $$$ can replace a father. And his guns are replaced by the guns of a big city police department.

      The three L’s have publicly supported single motherhood saying it’s just a lifestyle choice. The traditional family has always been the best way to keep a society viable.

      You will never find a white Libertarian, a liberal, a leftist, a homosexual, with the courage to admit they were wrong. Because sexual gratification is more important. They’re big supporters of free government housing of course with a gun-free zone included.

      • I should add that it was the atheists who started to destroy the private health care system in the USA, because it was created controlled and operated by churches. John Stossel has done segments on this with Larry Iannaccone on his fox business program. Religion imposed self control on its members. And atheist didn’t like it.

        So they replaced private funded health care with a super sized government health care. And atheist discouraged self control. And causing serious social problems.

        Larry Iannaccone talks to Oliver Marc Hartwich on the Economics of Religion 23 minutes long

      • Well when your stated goal is to destroy the patriarchy, then of course you aren’t going to encourage fathers and traditional families.

  5. This situation reminds me of a live stream I watched a few years ago over on Tim Pool’s channel. He’s a journalists that used to work for Vice in the early ’10s. Left wing, but not one of the lunatic left wingers that are causing so many problems now-a-days. The live stream in question was on the topic of Chicago’s gun violence and was an interview with some idiotic activist from some ‘community outreach’ organization. She started off talking about how she was personally involved in committing criminal actions with illegal firearms as well as explaining how these criminal actions are just a part of that gang culture in that city. As bad as that is she also had the gall to then claim that the NRA was still responsible for the illegal acts that she and those like her committed and that the NRA needs to give people Chicago money because of the trauma they had suffered from gun violence.

    I bring all of that up as kind of an illustration that the city of Chicago is intrinsically broken. And nothing so simple as the law is going to correct that issue, let alone actually prevent violence. Gun or otherwise.

      • +1 for the reference, though Snake Pliskin would walk in with the nuke in his backpack and set it off himself. Then he’d walk out from under the mushroom cloud and join up with Chuck Norris for a brewskie and argue over how unfair it was that Chuck lost the rock-paper-scissors.

        • Thanks for that. I had a good laugh.

          My gosh. What a hell hole chiraq has become. Got to travel through there many times in the early 80’s. Nice city. A bit crowded then.

          I would never, ever go there now. Not even to those fine museums.

  6. Anyone want to lay odds this *Breaking News* goes down the memory hole, never to be seen again?

    “Armed civilian kills gunman, stops shooting spree at Walmart in Washington state”

    “A gunman who opened fire inside a Walmart in Washington state and injured at least two people during carjacking attempts was fatally shot by one of two armed civilians on Sunday evening, according to police.”

    Weird, I thought Shannon told us this NEVER happens…

      • Even at a year old, I still never heard of this incident anywhere but here, whether from TTAG itself or from one of its invaluable key contributors. I’ll cut you all the slack you need on this one, Geoff. No need to delete, imo.

  7. The main reason is for over the last100 years Chitcago has had Commiecrat control,change that and it will change the weekly death toll.

  8. Week in, week out, year in year out. The problem is cultural, ingrained, created by decades of totalitarian corrupt Democrat rule, and has nothing to do with the tools used to carry out the rampant criminal and cultural violence.

    Truthfully, if you’re really serious about solving the problem of entrenched cultural violence quickly, you would need to remove every rotten Bolshevik Democrat politician in the US from office, right now, immediately. Send in national guard to secure and keep peace in areas like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit (there are many more). Re-establish order and the rule of law, and expeditiously arm and train every (willing) law abiding citizen to defend themselves, their homes, and families.

    That would be a very good start.

  9. Meh…Chiraq’s new diminutive bug-eyed happy mayor ran on a “law and order” platform-sorta. She pitched a bitch when Ivanka Trump got the other week’s mayhem totals wrong. SLIGHTLY. Chicago is NOT fixable save martial law and mass chain gang’s. It ain’t happening…

    • Didn’t say it was fixable. Just offered a prescription.

      Look, sooner or later, we’ll need to send troops in. This is nothing new. Seen it before, and (sadly) we’re about to see it again, and, again, and again.

  10. They seem not to understand crime in general must be attacked to reduce violence. Really and truly dense.

  11. I guess I have a different perspective on the problems in Chiraq and any number of big cities across OUR nation. I don’t see it as a problem with gangs,drugs,guns,poverty or even politicians. The problems lie directly the the laps of the citizens and the choices they have made and continue to make. Apathy is the bane of Liberty,Security and Prosperity. Accepting their lot in life and refusing to do what needs to be done to make it better. Refusing to be a part of anything that has a chance of making a better life for themselves or their city. Pretending bad things won’t happen to them and then refusing to do anything when it does. Expecting someone or some agency to do the heavy lifting and the dirty work. Instead of doing it themselves. Standing up and being counted regardless of lot in life or fear of harm. These cities are no different than any other city. It’s the determination of the citizens that makes the difference. Courage,Fortitude and Determination are the Bane of Apathy. At the end of the day it comes down to choices and the decisions made in regard to those choices. Many if not Most of the citizens of Chiraq have not chosen wisely. The proof of this can be found in the circumstances they now find themselves in. Stock Up Stay Vigilant Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Same old Conservative horse shit. Work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you too can become a success. Sorry educated people know that life is far more complicated than your fantasy world of perfect Conservatism which by the way never existed not now and not in the past.. Do you think Trump would have been anything more than a street bully punk and dope pusher if he had been born in the slums with an inferior education, on welfare because of a lack of high paying jobs and no connections to get him at least a job paying a livable wage. Upper white society has many advantages never given to the poor including superior education, political and business connections and living in neighborhoods where children are not preyed upon and influenced by street gangs even if they come from one parent homes.

      • Plenty of black people pulled up their bootstraps and became successful after being born into poverty. Plenty of white people were born into wealth and still managed to be be poor and failures.

        Many blame their circumstances on birth, but do nothing on their own to change things. It is easy to blame others for your own failures.

      • Vlad the Idiot, isn’t there an African American Supreme Court Justice that is the son of southern sharecroppers? Oh! That’s right. He’s a conservative and an embarrassing conundrum to the left. Although, I suspect if he were a liberal he would be held up as a shinning example of what can be accomplished by the oppressed if given the opportunity. Vlad you really should get better and this. It’s like an F-18 vs a Sopwith Camel. Guess which you are?

        • Reading comprehension Jethro, Reading comprehension. Get out of the out house and pay attention. I never said everyone born into poverty stays there. What I did say was that the odds are always stacked against them as compared to the privileged white class that lives in affluent areas. Its obvious you never had a sociology class in your entire life by jumping to such conclusions.

        • vlad wins the argument because…vlad says so. Priceless. You argue like a 13yo. Which means you’re 20-23 in a liberal arts program at college. The real world is going to eat you alive.

      • Vlad:
        A little history on the Darkman. To Prove my point. I grew In a house with no running water. No indoor bathroom. Wood heat and No Mother from the age of 4 years old. We were so poor We didn’t know We were poor. Grew nearly all of the food we ate. Killed the rest. Sometimes having food meant hunting for it. Which meant no luck no eat. Missed my share of meals. My father never accepted any kind of government assistance. Life consisted of hard work and well taught principles. I attended 2 different one room school. That were straight off the little house on the prairie. Later a more modern school. Studying was required after chores both morning and night. I was raised to be self sufficient thru hard work and determination. Times were hard but the lessons learned allowed for me to become reasonably successful in life. At least comfortable. I never blamed anyone for my lot in life and always stove to live better everyday. I know what being poor and desperate means. I know what hopelessness feels like. Yes it sucks but, at the end of the day I chose to fight regardless of the challenges. Every Man,Woman and Child has this inside them. Regardless of Race, Color or Creed. Millions of people of all races have faced these same obstacles and yet succeeded in life. Unfortunately for You Vlad. You have fallen into the it’s Not My Fault crowd. Who blame everyone except themselves for their failures in life. People with this attitude are destined for the trash heap of failure. Which is truly Sad. As all people. Even the truly evil have good inside them if they only have the courage to follow it. It must be a sad life knowing you could be a better person. Yet not having the courage to do the hard work necessary to get there. Go in Peace… There is still Time.

        • Ah, Comrade Vlad…. An occupant of his parent’s (or someone else’s) basement or couch. His chosen handle indicates he fancies himself a murderer and impaler of his enemies. Seethes in perpetual indignation of imagined wrongs those he secretly perceives as more powerful, (virtually anyone who draws breath), and publicly dreams of socially righteous revenge.

          Looking for a “red flag”” Well there it is! “Vlad Tepes.” Look it up.

          What we have here ladies and gentlemen is an individual who obviously hates the world, specifically hangs out on firearms forums which he believes most oppose his twisted world view, where he makes thinly veiled threats about what will happen in the future when he (they) are in control.

          Yet, because the forum owners are libertarians and constitutionalists committed to free speech, “Vlad” has through their good graces, good nature, and goodwill become a fixture here.

          Personally, I don’t buy Vlad’s gabble, and see him for what he is.

      • Vlad here sounds just like the profile of the typical, hateful, anger-filled liberal that constitutes the majority of spree killers we’ve seen.

        You shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a firearm…..or a car, or a gallon of gas and book of matches, or even anything as potentially injurious as a stick with a nail in it. Really, in your mental state, you shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets without a qualified custodian.

        • Don’t judge him too harshly, John. According to what we’ve been taught by Hollywood, and the leftist lexicon (and my well intentioned psychologist liberal Jewish mother) his pathological hate, and thinly veiled threats are simply ‘cries for help’, and need to be taken seriously by those of us from whom he desperately craves approval, and validation.

          Nonetheless, I strongly suspect you’re exactly right.

      • Why would Trump be a dope pusher? He doesn’t even drink. Privileged people born with a silver spoon in their mouth have an easy road compared to the rest of us. That’s why it’s so easy to be envious of them. Politicians exploit angry people like you to get votes.

        There are plenty of examples of people winning the lottery and losing everything with their life turning to shit. There are also examples of people growing up on welfare and becoming very successful. Those poor kids that end up being successful have one thing in common. There was someone that believed in them and pushed them to do better. Ben Carson, another black conservative, is an example.

  12. We have to apply Occam’s razor…

    black people are just violent…

    Thanks to a J’s and their Welfare Programs and the destruction of the Church, you get CHIRAQ.

    We need a country for the people our founding fathers intended: “free White persons of good character”.

      • no- i am right-wing / alt-right…

        I used to be libertarian, then it was everyone walking around naked, drugs, mutualism and “what if the child consents?”

        i just want to ban abortion- that is so wrong

        i just want to ban psych meds – those are wrong too

        people joke about the flouride stare, but i can see the prozac stare

        why can’t you believe there’s right wingers out there that choose not to perform the sean hannity ZOG mental gymnastics?

        My making racism the worst thing, you cede moral authority to the left!

        Have fun losing our gun rights, just like we lost gay-marriage, prayer in schools, etc…

        It’s so much easier once you stop worrying about being a called a racist and speak the truth. Go back to church. Have kids. Don’t watch zog-flix! Don’t use faceBerg! Eat real non-soy meat that you hunted! Repel the invasion of muslims- who hate dogs BTW…

        don’t get divorced like the orange man who builds 0 ft of WALL…

        don’t use WEED/POT/CBD

        follow twitter accounts like WeihanZhang @liangweihan4

        do you math homework, and make sure your college education includes linear algebra and differential eq

        enjoy burning wood, it is a healthy heat source with healing powers- avoid those chemical logs

        don’t let your child get married under a chuppah- tell them to get married in a church… the chuppah is a symbol of rejection of Christ

        • this is the funniest shitpost i’ve seen yet

          cant tell if you are crazy/genius… both?

          well played, esp the weihan zhang twitter

          interesting notice on the marriage arches being chuppas

      • How come anyone makes an alt-right argument, people here just resort to *ad hominem* attacks? And name calling?

        You would think a gun blog would be a *safe space* for people who are right wing 🙁

    • Bullshit! I’ve had more trouble with white people than black. I will admit to a prejudice. White, lower class males between their late teens and late twenties only know how to get drunk and start fights. They are best avoided.

      • Males in general are to be avoided. This is not a racial issue. That is why I prefer the company of females, I’m not into being surrounded by excess testosterone.

        • “Flying Fish”. Is that maybe a reference to the odor typically emanating from your nether regions?… Asking for a friend.

  13. Obviously all those farmers in the rest of the state are selling their firearms on the black market to the gang bangers.

  14. But, of course this only proves why we need more gun laws. After all illegally using firearms to commit crimes isn’t illegal enough, otherwise why would it continue. And, why you are at it ban assault rifles, since the NFA does not make select fire rifles illegal enough. And, add additional sentencing guidelines for those who use firearms to commit crimes since committing crimes with firearms isn’t illegal enough. Firearms are just are not obviously illegal enough! (never mind that AG’s won’t prosecute career criminals, judges allow revolving door justice; God forbid a law-abiding citizen uses a firearm to defend him/her-self, they will throw the book at them, no revolving door, no failure to prosecute).
    Thus, we need more gun laws because those scumbag law abiding citizens are reducing the client pool of all those Politically Left defense attorneys who economically depend on the lenient laws against their repeat clients to support their guaranteed continued income.

  15. Yeah but, according to the new Mayor, The count is down considerably from the 52 shot and 7 dead from a couple of weekends ago proving that new GUN CONTROL laws ARE working..

  16. The proud gay mayor of Chiraq is socialist progressive in her political orientation. She is like all elected homosexual politicians. They only believe in good satisfying everyday gay sex. They don’t believe in civil rights. No free speech. No guns.

    If you disagree with me. Then tell me the name of a elected gay politician who has a voting record supporting gun civil rights. Or is “A” rated by the NRA. As if that really means anything in this day and age.

    I’m sure she will enjoy the same level of armed guard protection, at taxpayer expense. That the previous mayor had. Rahm Emanuel the son of a jewish terrorist. Who also never supported civil rights.

    “Rahm Emanuel’s Son Mugged Outside Mayor’s Home”

  17. 4+ months? No way. Came in under 30 days.

    The high cap ban in Shitcago is anything with more than 15 rounds. Not much of a ban. So your Glock17 can hold 17. Really too big for CC anyways. The 19 fits the bill perfectly every way you look.

  18. Stop calling them “modern sporting rifles.” it’s so cowardly. They are weapons of war – made for battle – and they are precisely the arms necessary for the security of a free state.

    • “Weapons of war” all have a selector switch to go with their bang switch. Or fire high explosive rounds. Neither is present on a sporting rifle.

  19. Face facts, all large metro areas with large populations of POC are in decline. High crime, fraud, poverty, lack of any realistic economic plan, and they all have a common denominator, all run by democrats. Why even discuss this. If you value quality of life, it does not matter your skin color, MOVE.
    Where I live we have no race issues, it’s because we have less than 1% black population. I know it sounds racist, but it is factual. I choose not really to waste much time thinking about this BS, I don’t care what happens in Chicago, because as long as Dems are in control, nothing will change. I get on with enjoying life. Just yesterday I was fishing, caught three, scouted for bear, season started August 1st. Went swimming and enjoyed the day, not once did I think of Chicago.

  20. The “gun violence” in Chicago results from culturally created sociopaths. The culture in the violence prone sectors creates people who operate on a variation of the “you are either with me or against me” meme. Being ‘with me’ is very tenuous and can change in an instant because the operative corollaries are “trust no one completely”, “everyone is expendable” and “everyone else is a potential threat”.

    These people are so terribly damaged that there is likely no repair or correction for them because everyday they see their broken view of the world validated by what others like them do and experience. No “gun control laws”, no threat of legal punishment, or other consequence dissuades them from their beliefs.

    THIS is the real tragedy in Chicago.

  21. we don,t need gun control.we need radical do nothing democrat control.we control our firearms just fine.that damn 45 we put on the table just won,t fire by itself.maybe if we wait a little bit longer it may fire by itself.someone told once it takes a finger,to pull the trigger and that that finger is attached to a hand.and if that hand belongs to an evil person.then it probably will be used for bad things.was it a democrat who told me couldn,t have been a do nothing democrat.alan ladd said it best in the movie shane.a gun is a tool no better or worse,then the person using who want to disarm us.why don,t you democrats lead by example,and give up all your armed security.and fireams of yours if you own any?and then allow us to put gun free zone signs on your lawns.and gun free stickers on your home/car show us you really mean what you say?

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