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Murders in Chicago

When Donald Trump mentioned that violence in Chicago is out of control, that upset a lot of folks, especially on the left. The inconvenient truth, though, is that he’s right. Homicides in Chicago are on a record pace. Crime in general has skyrocketed as well.


The graphic at the top of this page represents homicides in Chicago versus military casualties among those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. With homicides since September 6th, Chicago is just shy of 8,000 total dead in that time span.  It’ll likely happen by the end of this coming weekend.


Homicides for 2016 as of today:  574.
Total people shot in 2016 as of today:  3325.

To put that “total people shot” number into perspective, in 2013, only 2159 people were shot over the entire year.

In 2015, the Windy City had “only” had 509 homicides. America had 16,121 homicides last year, per the CDC.  Yes, that means Chicago accounted for 3.2% of the entire nation’s homicides. Congratulations, Rahm.

Let’s take a peek at the Chicago Police Situational Report from October 3, 2016 as a snapshot of the incidents.

As you’ll see, it’s almost all gang related.  Typically, it’s scumbag on scumbag, unless innocents find themselves becoming the backstop at America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. Exactly that happened to one 21-year-old female holding her baby while talking with a neighbor.  She succumbed to her injuries.

The “SSL” scores (Strategic Subject List) is a computerized model to predict future (mis-)behavior.  In short, scoring 100+ is a future inmate of America.  300+ and the subject is not likely to die of old age.  500+ and the subject’s not likely to live to his next birthday.

It’s also interesting to see how few cases the Cook County State’s Attorney prosecutes through to a conviction.  And even where there is a conviction, meaningful prison sentences are nearly non-existent.


SUMMARY: The victims who are Two Six members were sitting in a small group on a porch. An occupant of a dark colored SUV driving S/B on Sacramento began shooting at the group, striking both victims. The SUV fled the scene W/B on 41st Place. No CPD Pods in the immediate area & no private video observed. Victim PEREZ is a Mozart Two Six, is listed in the SSL with a score of 376 & has 10 arrests including PSMV, Crim Deface & CDTP. GC-CE-009-002 26 vs SD.

Between the two of them, they have 17 arrests and the soft-on-crime Cook County State’s Attorney’s office has gotten exactly zero convictions.


SUMMARY: The victims were standing on the sidewalk outside of Victim GREGORY’s residence. Two unknown M/1 subjects appeared from the corner of 18th and Kildare and began to fire handguns at the victims. GREGORY was struck in the abdomen and Victim JORDAN was struck in the arm. The offenders then fled to a waiting, dark colored, possible Chevy Malibu with front end damage and fled N/B on Kildare from 18 Street. No firearms evidence at the scene. Victim GREGORY is listed in the SSL with a score of 330 & has 1 arrest for Cannabis. Victim JORDAN is listed in the SSL with a score of 333 & has 1 arrest for FTA. This incident occurred within the GC CE 010 005 NB GD conflict area.


SUMMARY: Victim ROBINSON was walking on South State St when two M/1’s appeared at the corner of 106th Pl and started shooting. ROBINSON was shot in the left hand and took off running. Victim MAYES, an innocent bystander who was holding her 14 month old baby girl, was talking to a neighbor by the neighbor’s car when she was shot twice. MAYES was transported to Christ Hospital where she was pronounced at 1456 hrs. Multiple .40 and .45 cal shell casings were recovered. ROBINSON is listed in the SSL with a score of 343 & has 3 arrests including Sep 2012 Arm Robb w/firearm sentenced to Boot Camp, Cannabis & CTTR. MAYES has no criminal history. Incident occurred in a High Threat level BD/MC vs GD gang conflict area GC-SO-005-003.

An innocent bystander, holding her baby while talking with a neighbor, was shot and killed.  That’s truly tragic.  The probably intended target was a convicted armed robber, released after a few months of calisthenics and running at the Illinois Department of Corrections boot camp.  Is it any wonder why Chicago is awash in violent crime?


SUMMARY: The victim & offender were engaged in a verbal altercation inside of their apartment. The victim went outside to the backyard & the offender followed the victim outside and fired one shot in his direction, striking him in the foot. The offender was taken into custody by responding officers and the victim has refused to sign complaints against the offender. The victim is listed in the SSL with a score of 175 & has 17 arrests including PCS, Battery & Asslt. The offender is listed in the SSL with a score of 198 & has 1 arrest for IVC.


SUMMARY: The victim who is a Four Corner Hustler was walking in the area when he heard someone approach from behind. The victim turned & he saw an M/1 holding a black handgun. The offender demanded the victim’s property & the victim pointed out a police squad car that was driving by, to the offender. The offender then pushed the victim to the ground and fired several shots, striking the victim in the ankle. Victim is listed in the SSL with a score of 258 and has 26 arrests including Mar 2013 Arm Robb/Discharge Firearm finding of not guilty, PCS, Cannabis & Gang Loit.

26 arrests.  4 convictions.


SUMMARY: The offenders were observed on video entering the front entrance of the building at 145 N. Central. A short time later a neighbor heard gunfire & the same individuals who entered the building were observed on video exiting the rear of the building. The victims were discovered in the garden apartment, unresponsive in pools of blood. Victim PERKINS was discovered in the living area of the apartment with multiple gunshot wounds surrounded by mini zip lock bags scattered around the floor. PERKINS was transported to Mt Sinai hospital were he is listed in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his spine. Victim ROCKETT was discovered deceased in the hall between the bedrooms. Witness WALKER related that he was in a locked bedroom of the apartment when he heard the noise and gunshots. He fled out of the bedroom window and called for help. POD 77 ordered. Multiple private cameras were discovered and footage is currently being viewed. Victim ROCKETT’s SSL score is 0 & he has 5 arrests including Cannabis, CTTV & Resisting. Victim PERKINS, a Traveling Vice Lord, is listed in the SSL with a score of 308 & has 10 arrests including Burg, Cannabis & Batt. High threat level (GC-NO-015-010) UVL vs 4CH.

15 arrests between the two of them.  4 convictions.

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  1. Don’t know about Chicago PD but Cook County Sherriff spends more time with civil asset forfeiture than worrying about gangs whacking themselves. Why you ask, more coin collected than policing neighborhoods.

    • There are solutions to the problems that plague Chicago, but I doubt that the political will exists in that hell hole to implement them.
      1. Mandatory birth control for anyone receiving welfare benefits.
      2. End welfare for all able bodied adults.
      3. Deport every illegal alien in the city.
      4.Harsh mandatory minimum prison sentences for anyone convicted of using a firearm in a crime.
      5. Reinstitute the death penalty in Illinois.
      6. Enforce laws against political corruption, bribery and voter fraud.
      7. Legalize concealed carry and AR15s for all law abiding citizens.
      8. Run Rahm out of town on a rail.
      9. Ban Obama from ever entering the city again.

      • Item 1 for birth control reminded me of Freakonomic’s Steven Levitt study claiming that abortion reduces crime. Sounded a lot like inner city eugenics but since they are a NPR program I probably have the wrong impression.

        The idea is that if you abort a population of people that would likely become criminals roughly 18 years later, crime will go down. It seems to me that would be a slippery slope to mandatory abortions, I was somewhat shocked that the NPR liberal icon would have put his name to a study like that. He probably was only thinking of justifying abortion not the similarity it has to eugenics programs. Also interesting is his blog post that claims to refute John Lott’s criticisms of the study. I can’t help but think there are less extreme ways of making cities a less crime ridden place to live.

      • 1. restore the rule of constitutional law in the entire state of Illinois.
        (there, fixed it for you)

  2. It doesn’t help that the extremely liberal, gun hating county board president has instructed the judges to release people on bond or electronic monitoring to help ease the over crowding in the jail. These criminals awaiting trial are back in their neighborhoods. The press refuses to report this because of their love for the board president. One judge has a defendant out on bond for murder and he’s picked up a few other cases and is still on bond. Thanks for looking out for the county toni preckwinkle (board president)

    • Thanks Rahm. Congratulations Mr Mayor Emanuel. 574 people killed in Chicago this year on your watch buddy. More murders than days. It’s been a murder everyday in Chicago, several murders a day many days. That’s fuckin insane. This is insanity. This ain’t got nothing to do with poverty. Plenty of people in this country are poor but they ain’t killing people. You got to be sick in the head to kill for no reason. Innocent people getting shot and killed for no reason. Rahm Emanuel got a bullshit mentoring program called Be a Man, fuck you. Get the fuck outta here. Innocent black men who work everyday, hold stable jobs getting killed everyday. Little Kids catching stray bullets every day. Mothers and grandmothers getting killed everyday in Chicago. Every fuckin day. Mr. Rahm Emanuel, you be a man and fix that.

  3. It is as it was during the William “Bill” Thompson Administration of the 1930’s. It will be this way until thigs change from the top down *yawn*. If you’re looking for outrage, I would be glad to supply it when the both the people and the City Of Chicago pull their collective heads from their rear ends, let the people defend themselves and stop attempting to habilitate the career criminals that have no intent to change. These individuals have decided that their life of crime is both lucrative and permanent. These people are best “removed from the ‘gene pool'”. I care not about their mothers that wail, cry and blubber… “He din’ do nuffin'” and/or “he was turnin’ his lahf aroun’.” The continued legacy of Barrack Hussein Obama… The “Great Community Organizer”.

    This crap is getting old.

    • Big Bill “the Builder” Thompson left office in 1931. He was the last Republican Mayor of Chicago

      • This is what 85 years of Democrats gets you.

        Give the rest of the US about 15 more years of Social Justice, and we’ll be living the SJW dream just like Chicago.

        • We know who they are and we know what they do.

          If we continue to tolerate this anarchy then we deserve everything that happens. Voting won’t solve the problem.

          The decent people of America must organize and then fight in the streets to eliminate all the enemies of our society.

          Do I sound like sound like some kind of right wing maniac? If you (all of you) think so then they’ve won.

          Continuing to work within the system that gave us Barack Obama, and likely enough Hillary Clinton, only guarantees the eventual (imminent!) destruction of our once great nation. We’re a long way down that road already.

          I, too, have done nothing but watch. I’m no hero. Does anyone else feel shame over their cowardice and inaction? I know. If talk is cheap then I’m a plugged nickel. I admit it!

          You, me, and all of us must act or we’re done for.

          Can you deny it?

  4. Meanwhile they opened the new Hydaya Pendleton park with the Tiny Dancer presiding over the “celebration”. She got shot by a teen punk shooting into a rival gang. And democrats cared ’cause she danced at Odumbo’s emaculation…and the shooter got probation after pointing a LOADED gun at po-leece. It’s almost like it’s Planned to control the plantation…

    • it’s like Planned Parenthood, only this kicks in after 20 years or so. The liberals in charge are ridding the planet of useless black folk. I know, I’m a conspiracy freak, but hey, 75% of abortions take place in the black inner cities, and liberal city leadership like this do nothing to stop blacks from killing each other. Looks like it’s intentional to me.

      • Dems are chucking the brothers under the bus and gutting their ladies babies. Full embrace of 3 world workers south of our border with a side of Muslim love for no other reason than votes to keep lusty liberals writing checks people have to pay for.

      • It is an interesting phenomenon where the demtards kill off millions of potential voters (pre birth and post birth) then import millions more non citizens from totalitarian third world hellholes Almost like that is what Moscow would want.

  5. Given the fertile ground, I wonder if, with sufficient US Govt grants, we could round-up all the gangers and ship them to Chiraq? Let the gangs sort each other out. We could advertise that people in the inner city can have free transportation, and govt housing when they arrive. Then we fence-off the Chicago metro area, patrol the outside perimeter and provide a living museum for criminologists to study.

  6. What a misleading chart “Chicago compared to American war dead in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2001”. I guess if you were not an American, your death doesn’t count in a war. And how many casualties has America suffered over there in the past 2 years, less than 10?

    • After the Kenyan Eunich surrendered casualties DID drop. The rest of the Mideast/world went to hell. But Hillary didn’t know.

    • The point of the graphic is to show that a resident of Chicago was safer if he joined the Army and did multiple deployments to a war zone.

    • More like, if you’re not an American, your death, while likely tragic, wouldn’t be of much value in a comparison to violent death in Chicago. If you wanted to compare to deaths in Paris or Brussels, then maybe taking American war deaths out of the numbers would be appropriate.

  7. I feel bad for the people who end up as “collateral damage.” I feel bad for all the decent people of Chicago. As for the gangster scvmbags, I think that they deserve a bounty for bumping off the other gangster scvmbags.

  8. It’s an ongoing tragedy, though I don’t know what the point is posting about it on a gun blog.

    Chicago is one of relatively few large cities in America where shall-issue concealed carry is a thing. While our concealed carry law is relatively new and Cook County has the fewest licenses per capita in the state, I don’t see this story as gun-related.

    • While guns are not responsible for the murders in Chicago, the left would like you to believe they are. They’re not at all shy about using the endless parade of American deaths to justify more restrictions on liberty for law abiding citizens- so anything that exposes the true root cause of the violence and shows how useless gun laws are when the rest of the laws are not enforced is most certainly gun related.

    • “Chicago is one of relatively few large cities in America where shall-issue concealed carry is a thing.”

      Illinois does not have a shall-issue carry law, despite the claims of people like John Boch. The application has a ten year address history. Any cop from any jurisdiction where you ever lived can file an objection with the IL State Police (for free) and your app. process is frozen. Thousands of citizens have been waiting over a year for review by the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, with no help from the NRA. Need a lawyer? Hire one yourself.

      This is what happens when you let retarded hicks like Brandon Phelps from Harrisburg in southern IL sponsor your bills. It’s Klan law. If you’re a Good Old Boy, the police would never object to your concealed carry application.

    • Matter of principles, rule of law is circumvented to save incarceration dollars. Failure of government only to enrich its self.

  9. This is the direct result of groups like BLM and the mainstream media, who enable them at every turn, as the average LEO is more worried about becoming the next Darren Wilson then actually stopping these animals from killing each other. Why risk your neck for a community that will just turn around and attack you at any moment even if the use of force was completely justified?

  10. Hating the white police is now great sport. Even libertarians get more excited by possible police shooting misconduct than the number of black people killing each other.
    The democrats are happy to be in charge. Pass out more welfare to break up the traditional black family. The republicans are the ones who fight culture wars. And there are not republicans around in Chiraqu to fight for a change in Chicago culture.

    • Hey I’ve known several black Chicago cops-it ain’t just white cops. Honestly with how corrupt the po-leece in Chiraq are I don’t know why it’s not WORSE…

      • It will get much worse. Just wait for the cell phone videos the killers will post of their crimes.
        ISIS already did this in Paris when a man broadcast on his cell phone himself killing the parents of a two year old boy in their apartment.

  11. How is it that there are so many of these ni ggers to kill and be killed? Who is breeding and feeding these little shits? Oh, our taxes and Democrats, that’s right.

    • Statesiesvil. Are you some kind of Nazi? Are you in the Klan? Cause that sounds like some Nazi shit your talking. You sound like a right wing racist. Your hatred and your bigotry is obviously something your mommy and daddy taught you from a diaper. Obviously killings are perfectly Ok with you because it’s black people getting killed right? I see mommy and daddy taught you well for you to get on this blog and spew hate.

      • Why would that make him “right-wing?” Beliefs like that run across the political spectrum. Let’s not forget that a now deceased Democrat Senate Majority Leader was once a grand kleagle in the KKK. Referring to anyone they deem a racist as “right-wing” is a typical liberal smear tactic.

        • Let’s not forget Nazis were socialists, leftists. Nazis were never “right-wingers”. Nazis were socialists/statists.

    • Statesiesvil: You’re either an anti-gun troll who will then screen cap the post and put it on twitter calling us all racists or a nazi who got lost going to whatever dark crevice of the internet you naturally inhabit. In either case, you oppose basic and fundamental human rights and don’t belong here.

      • This guy’s been popping in and out of the comment section on TTAG for years. This is the first time I’ve seen him go full racist, but I guess he had to get there eventually…dude is kind of mentally unbalanced.

  12. Chicago is a very corrupt city. Rahm Emanuel is more crooked than a barrel of snakes. Chicago is microcosm of America. I love Obama and the first family but with all that’s going on with the police shootings and killings of unarmed black people, black men especially and nothing is done about it and it’s increasing. All of this under a black president. And all the violence inChicago being all black people killing one another, I’m not convinced. I question that. How can mass shootings with multiple people shot and killed every God damn week with no witnesses and no suspects, that’s suspicious to me. I believe that the police or some government are doing a lot of the shootings. Which is why cops are solving fewer and fewer cases in Chicago. Probably cause they the ones doing it. But I know that there is a hidden hand at work here. I just don’t buy into the whole gang related killings. I don’t think so. I believe that mayor Emanuel is somehow involved in these killings. Not doing the killings per se but he definitely knows something’s going down but he ain’t saying nothing. He helped cover up the Laquan McDonald shooting by one of his cops. He’s a snake, I don’t trust him.

    • The police and .gov don’t have to do the shooting if they can get people to do it to each other.

      Rahm & co. are snakes, that’s for sure. They present themselves as caring parental figures while manipulating policy and law to keep the violence bubbling and keep the votes and money flowing their way. They don’t want people to die…it’s just that they *need* it.

      • Ing. I hear you buddy but how can all them murders with drive by shootings every weekend consistently go on without no arrests and witnesses coming forward? Cause when Tyshawn Lee was killed in November of last year, the community came forward, even a jail house informant helped out by getting a confession on tape. And in turn solved the murder of Brianna Jenkins who the killer of Tyshawn Lee also bragged about killing. This sick bastard also planned on killing more children. What’s even more disgusting is that the sick fuck who murdered these 2 children, 19 yr old Brianna Jenkins and 9 yr old Tyshawn Lee had 2 jobs, one at his father’s construction company and one at his grandfather’s landscaping company. So that let’s me know that his family aint no good either. And parents know their children and his parents knew this boy was gangbanging. They knew he committed these murders and they still gave him steady employment and a place to stay while he was out killing people. And they were willing to stay quiet and take that dirty secret to the grave. But the community was not going for it. Cause the murder of a child crosses the line. And the community also came forward in the murder of Blair Holt when that little bitch ass nigga shot up a CTA bus killing Blair Holt and wounding 5 others. All kids. The kids came forward and put that little bastard in his rightful place, a deep dark prison cell for life. A major victory for the community. So with all these unsolved killings, it raises and eyebrow buddy.

  13. 15 arrests, only 2 convictions. obviously innocents who are the victims of profiling and harassment.

    • Obviously…… Let’s get the “Rev” Al on this right away!!….. 2 conviction are WAY too many… /s

  14. so it appears the answer is to have less idle people, with nothing to do but commit crime, being funded or enabled by the families and government system. we need to stop funding these criminals, and parents who cannot afford nor have the morals and standards to properly raise productive members of society should not be having more kids. But, of course none of that will happen, as that would be a step toward personal responsibility for one’s self. Carry on, all is well.

  15. Crimers gotta crime.

    Rampant in pockets of evil (D) called liberal cities. It’s not just a problem in the U.S., although, in the U.S., guns keep it bordered up and not spilling over into the adult sections.

  16. Obviously, Chicago lacks something. Might that towns problem revolve around it’ sad lack of gun control laws?

    • The displayed comment didn’t come out right. It should read as follows: One wonders who the law making persons in Chicago and perhaps Cook County, aka Crook County might be representing. Some would say that they represent the will of the electorate.I for one wonder.

  17. “Typically, it’s scumbag on scumbag, unless innocents find themselves becoming the backstop at America’s largest open-air shooting gallery.”

    Well the author of this article is definitely John Boch, he loves that tough-guy cop talk. Throwing out cop terms like “scumbag” makes him feel more like the junior policeman he wishes he was. He’ll have to make do with the little plastic card in his wallet for now though. Big talk for a guy who brags on his own Gun Save Life website that he never stays overnight in Chicago or Cook County.

    Since John has trained with everyone from Massad Ayoob to John Farnam, I’d love to see him take a concealed carry field trip to Chicago with a gaggle of his followers to back him up. I give him a lifespan of maybe two hours around Humboldt Park, and twenty minutes anywhere south of Bridgeport, mostly due to his big mouth and nasty temper. Tell us all about Chicago crime while you hide out in Champaign County, John.

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