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Earlier today, I took Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Steve Peterson to task for suggesting that legally-sanctioned (and vetted) concealed carry would make Chicago cops’ work more dangerous. Supposedly, CCW permit holders would make it harder for the Boys in Blue to tell the good guys from the bad guys. One of TTAG’s Armed Intelligenstia sent the link to a local law enforcement officer. Here’s his response . . .

‎Well…I worked patrol in the hood for several years and if I learned anything, it’s always assume everyone has a gun, weapon, etc. A lot of assholes don’t have guns, they will just fight you street style. So I always assume when I show up that everyone is a bad guy until proven otherwise. It’s safer that way. Obviously this guy on the website leans to an extreme with his comments, especially about how do the police know who the bad guy is? It’s the guy doing the bad thing. He has obviously never been to the hood where no one knows nothing and theres a shot up dead guy laying there . . .

I agree, the majority of our citizens are law abiding and deserve to conceal and carry. Like anything else, its the 1% that will kill the police. The guys out there shooting the police don’t walk around with Uzi’s. They walk around with 9s and smaller weapons that everyone would have acess to. Laws do not deter the bad guys, that’s why they are bad. They conceal and carry now anyway.

Believe me, the police are the first to cheer when Good Citizen puts six rounds in a guy trying to break in to his house. Steve Peterson is a Marine and I’m sure he feels the same way. The current trend is a police shooting practically every other day here in Chicago. I suggest these writers go to or to learn about some of the police perception or where it comes from.

Bottom line: conceal and carry would put officers on edge even more in the high violent crime districts and mistakes would be made. Then the cop would get sued and lose his house (happens more than you think). Then the cop is eligible to be convicted and go to Feredal prison.

A cop, Bill Cozzi, punched a drunk asshole that was mouthing off to him and has been in Federal prison for two years. For a punch. He took two years unpaid suspension on top of it. Cops are angry because their hands are tied. In Israel, a cop makes a mistake they say, well, he’s trying to protect people sorry. No lawsuits, no nothing. Here people sue for everything.

With conceal and carry, cops would be sued for violating people’s rights.


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  1. Any time that a cop talks about “the hood,” my head explodes. Pardon me while I scrape my brains off the wall. Twice.

  2. “With conceal and carry, cops would be sued for violating people’s rights.”

    By preventing concealed carry, they are violating people’s rights, specifically the right to keep and bear arms, as outlined in the Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence also states that we are all endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Inherent within the right to life is the right to defend that life, and as God, Nature, or Evolution (take your pick) has not endowed us all with an equal physical capacity to defend that right, it becomes us as civilized human beings to ensure that those who are elderly, infirm, or simply diminutive in stature have the same capacity to exercise and defend their rights. Samuel Colt brought us the means to do this in 1836, all that is necessary for us now is to ensure that peaceable people have access to it.

  3. I thought two years for “a punch” sounded excessive so I just watched the video. Describing what I saw as “a punch” is the reason most people don’t trust cops. Cozzi used a sap to beat a shackled, wheelchair bound stabbing victim for calling him names when he was on duty, in uniform.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees some irony in cops complaining that the cuffs are too tight.

    • I knew that name “Cozzi” sounded familiar. I just looked it up and went and watched the same video you probably did. Yeah, the guy socked some cripple a few times. He let his temper get the best of him, no doubt about it, and he deserves what he got.

      IMHO, equal to or even worse than Cozzi are the handful of cops who stand around and watch – maybe even have a chuckle about the situation – and do nothing to intervene.

  4. “….always assume everyone has a gun, weapon, etc”
    “Bottom line: conceal and carry would put officers on edge even more in the high violent crime districts and mistakes would be made.”

    1 + 1 does not equal 3. If you now assume EVERYONE has a gun….how would concealed carry make a difference? Why would someone go through the trouble of getting a permit to shoot a cop?

  5. In my old “hood”, the cops waited until all the shooting was good and over with before showing up. That way they didn’t need to worry about who has a gun, legal or otherwise. You had the victims, the wounded, and a vague description of the one who got away.

    Seriously, a 911 call for a violent drunk cursing and screaming threats at some ex-girlfriend took 20 minutes before the first uniform showed up. Excuse me while I don’t care about the cops and their tight cuffs.

  6. Yeah, Bill Cozzi deserves to be in jail and lose his house. Too many cops think that the badge gives them special privileges. Beating a man shackled into a wheelchair is the act of a coward.

    Wayne LaPierre was right. They guys with the guns make the rules. Chicago cops are pissed they are no longer going to be the only guys with the guns.

    I hope a very strong pre-emption law passes to take away all of Chicago’s power over firearms. I’ll have fun watching them whine and whine about blood in streets, which never materializes.

  7. Usually the guy in the wheelchair gets shot by at least three cops who swear that he was grabbling for his AK47. I think Bill Cozzi showed a great deal of restraint in the honored Chicago tradition. I have one question, though. Does the Department still issue rubber truncheons for witness persuasion, or did it switch to waterboarding?

  8. I’m just glad this guy managed to work Israel into his tirade. It’s not a proper rant unless the Zionists or da Juice are involved.

  9. A cop, Bill Cozzi, punched a drunk asshole that was mouthing off to him and has been in Federal prison for two years. For a punch. He took two years unpaid suspension on top of it. Cops are angry because their hands are tied.

    Ha. Go punch a cop asshole sometime and let me know what happens to you. For every one time this happens to a LEO, hundreds of regular people suffer the same fate (or worse) at the hands of our judicial system. So while I feel bad for this particular cop, I don’t see many of them shedding tears for us.

    I do appreciate the insight that contributor provided.

  10. “With conceal and carry, cops would be sued for violating people’s rights.”

    well, here’s a thought. Stop violating people’s rights. Problem solved.

    If that’s too complicated maybe he should get a job where the most challenging task is remembering to ask “Would you like fries with that?”

    What we have here is independent confirmation of my theory that concealed (and to a larger extent Open) carry is a gateway drug for conservative white men. We were all stupid enough to believe that cops were on our side, and we were willing to overlook a little head bashing because the ones getting bashed were most likely deserving of it. Now we know better. We’ve learned what our rights actually are, and we’ve learned how commonly the police violate our rights. We’re carrying guns and we are incredibly aware of how our rights can get violated and we can get thrown in jail because a little man with a big badge decides we are failing to respect his “authoriteh.”

    This cop has just confirmed that he sees the danger too. He’s perfectly safe beating the crap out of a minority who pisses him off. He’s just scared that the next person he beats the crap out of will turn out to have a Concealed Carry license in his pocket, proof positive that he’s an upstanding member of society who’s passed a background check, and has never committed a serious crime in his life. No one is likely to stick up for the minority kid. CC holders are connected to each other via email, blogs, and clubs. When you pick on one, you pick on all. And when we roll, we roll deep.

    • Excellent +1

      P.S. My gateway drugs were the Brady and AWB bills — these things “sold” more guns than any other single event, include Y2K and Obama.

  11. Don’t like cops much because they don’t like my basic human rights very much. So they can f off. Just today, a big fat neocon cop, now state senator, nuked open carry legislation here in Florida. “Officer Safety” of course.

  12. With due respect to the OP, his arguments are unpersuasive at best. He also neglects the fact that everyone safety-minded, not just policemen, must assume unless proven otherwise that everyone around them is a potential armed threat. There is significant condecension in the implication only cops deal with this.

    Also, regarding ‘making mistakes and going to jail’, again, the private citizen certainly doesn’t escape this either, and they don’t have government-funded lawyers and the good old boy’s network to bail them out when they cross the line.

  13. You either have rights or you don’t.

    Rights are inconvenient to the powers that be and make everything soooo much more difficult!

    It’s real hard to stomp someone when they’re pointing a gun at you and even more difficult to gain compliance over a group of people who just witnessed a friend get stomped. In fact you might get more that one gum leveled at you the next time you show up… Or maybe, they don’t wait but decide to hunt you down…

  14. Rule of Combat #8: Be courteous, respectful, and compassionate. Also be prepared to kill everyone you meet.

    TSgt B
    USAF (Ret.)

    • Sarge, I may be mistaken, but I think Gen. James USMC, said that. He’s the man I’ve always heard it credited to.

      It’s a good rule, one we’ll do well to remember.

  15. Cops exist to protect my rights. When I have to give up my rights, so that the cops can feel safe, then its time to get different cops.

    And thanks for treating everyone as a bad guy when you show up. Mind if I treat every cop as a donut munching, on the take, slime ball that will plant evidence, “Just to be on the safe side.”

    Cops need to get rid of their “us vs. them” attitudes. Their job comes with risks, if they don’t like it, find a different job.

  16. Bullet proof glass at all doughnut shops to protect Chicago cops. Problem solved. And no need to take away our Constitutional right to possess guns. The cop quoted in this article sounds like a real pussy.

  17. Doug in Jax,

    Cops don’t exist to protect your rights. They are the muscle of the “state” to ensure that you follow the rules. What protects your rights is having the government fear you more than you fear the government.

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