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I fired my first fully automatic rifle at a Georgia range called The Bullet Stop. The guy demoing the then-infamous Uzi pointed at the holes in drop ceiling. “Don’t forget: three bullet bursts.” Where’s the fun in that? Still, I’ve always taken more satisfaction in aiming and hitting things that simply letting loose the dogs of war—as a handgun/hunting guy. I simply don’t have the math skills for precision rifle shooting. But I sure would like to fire a 50 BMG bullet at a target six hundred yards away for the sheer bloody hell of it. The Accuracy International AW50 is the rifle I’d like to shoot. Oh I wouldn’t say no to a Barrett or ArmaLite. But the AW50 is more . . . elusive. And it’s the one I’d trust for consistent cold shot performance. What gun or guns do you want to fire before you die? Hopefully not immediately before you die . . .

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  1. Is that a tactical umbrella he’s using in the video?

    For the most part, mine’s a shoot AND own type list.

    In no particular order:
    1. SVT-40
    2. Tippmann Arms Company Browning 1919 (1/2 scale, .22LR, full auto.)
    3. A Gatling gun (I came this > < close to getting to shoot one when I was 12.)
    4. Any 50 BMG gun.
    5. A Gyrojet pistol or carbine.
    6. Any other obscure and/or interesting firearm.

  2. Haven’t really thought about it, but now that I have I can only think of one firearm I would really like to shoot: the venerable AK-47.

    Up here in Canada, assault rifles are verboten (which is not necessarily a bad thing in most cases) so I have never had the opportunity to try out a Kalashnikov. There is just something so very interesting about this particular rifle.

    I suppose a big .50 calibre would be exciting as well, but I am not much of a long arms guy.

    I did, however, get a chance to fire a C9 LMG (FN Minimi) at an Armed Forces appreciation day a few years ago. That was quite amazing.

    • “assault rifles are verboten…which is not necessarily a bad thing in most cases”… spoken like a true Canadian, eh?

  3. 1.) A Shiloh Sharps
    2.) A Thompson (doesn’t have to be full auto, it’s the aesthetics of this one that get me)
    3.) AR-50 (I have no desire to own one, I’d just like to fire it once.)

    • I’ve shot an AR-50. It was awesome. The firing line had a metal roof, so if you weren’t the one shooting it felt like a grenade went off. If you were the one shooting, it was more pleasant than a 12 gauge pump or .30-06, the mass and the break really work.

  4. There are only a few firearms that I have specifically desired to obtain before too much time passes and they would be:
    1. Ruger No.1 International in .270
    2. Ithaca Model 37 in 12 Gauge, 20 inch barrel
    3. Traditions Kentucky Rifle, .50 35″ barrel

  5. Gas-trap Garand
    Kentucky long rifle
    M14 in full auto
    Sturmgewehr 44
    Maschinengewehr 42
    Any rifle ever fired by Carlos Hathcock or Chuck Mawhinney
    What can I say. I’m an amateur historian. I can’t put the WW1 and a bunch of WW2 arms on my bucket list because I’ve already shot those.

  6. What’s the fun in short bursts? Plenty… always enjoyed the feeling of actually controlling a full-auto weapon when I’ve shot rentals at Knob Creek, and other ranges that do the rental thing.

  7. I had an old M-16 assigned to me in GTMO in the late 70’s and have wanted one ever since. We (sailors) were an augmentation force to help the Marines when the commies came over the fence and we got to shoot a bucket load of ammo one weekend every quarter. Now the price of a transferable M-16 is out of my bucket list price range.

  8. This seems like a good thread for my first post.

    I only have one: Model 1903 Springfield. The most accurate combat rifle ever used by the US Army. My dad was a pre-war regular and he said the ’03 was smoother and more accurate then the M-1

  9. The one that I have always wanted to shoot is a 20mm cannon. My father trained on 20s when he served in the Navy during WWII, and I have always been envious of that. One of my students (a lovely young woman), though, swears that a .50 caliber machine gun is as much fun to shoot as a person could ever hope for. She earned an A.

  10. I guess I’m lucky – at my local gun range, we have a “member appreciation day”. The Sportsman’s Club hold’s an annual event in hopes to increase membership and raise money for the range by taking cash donations, holding raffles, etc. They also take gun and ammo donations from local gun shops and some of the larger gun manufacturers with ties to the valley. For a couple bucks here and there, you can shoot anything from a full-auto MP5 (soooooo fun!), to 50-cal rifles (mostly AR-50s, but occassionally will have a Barrett), to black-powder rifles and handguns, decked-out open-class IPSC pistols, and even a cannon loaded with toilet paper!. DPMS is up there quite a bit, as are other vendors selling (or taking orders at least) for rifles and accessories. $200 bucks never bought so much fun AND helped a good cause!

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