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Playing politics with peoples’ lives, Illinois passed an “affordable bail” law in 2017. It stood as the first step to ending cash bail. Just as other cites and states have seen, the results of this experiments have been a disaster for everyone except violent criminals. In Chicago alone in 2020, almost three dozen individuals who were released under affordable bail provisions who had been charged with serious crimes were charged with murder, attempted murder or aggravated battery with a firearm in the Land of Lincoln.

Incredibly, the radicals behind this new initiative have had the audacity to gaslight the public, claiming no bad outcomes have resulted from prioritizing social justice over law and order. Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans claimed in a public hearing that “nothing horrible” had occurred since the bail reform law took effect.

From CWBChicago:

Two years into an “affordable bail” initiative that is allowing most accused gun offenders and even accused murderers to be released from jail to await trial, Cook County’s chief judge says the program is working fabulously.

“It’s not by magic that we haven’t had any horrible incidents occur using this new [bail] system,” Chief Judge Timothy Evans said during county budget hearings on Nov. 4.

Obviously those killed and maimed under this ‘new bail system’ would likely disagree with Chief Judge Evans. But none of the dead or injured were available to testify at that hearing.

Furthermore, law enforcement in Chicago has only identified murder suspects in 81 of almost 800 homicides in the year 2020. HeyJackass reports that CPD has no suspect information in 693 homicides. Yes, a big part of the 81 murder suspects arrested were likely free under the affordable bail law provisions. And you can speculate how many of the killers of the other nearly 700 victims were free for the same reason.

It gets worse. Given how Chicago Police have identified suspects in only 2.7% (not a typo…2.7%) the true number of “not horrible” incidents is likely massive.

CWBChicago has the story.

Welcome to the first 2021 installment of “Not Horrible,” our ongoing series of reports about people who have been charged with committing serious and violent crimes while on bail for other serious and violent crimes.

We borrowed the name “Not Horrible” from a statement Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans made during budget hearings on November 4, 2019: “It’s not by magic that we haven’t had any horrible incidents occur using this new [affordable bail] system.”

Evans’ claim was false at the time and has been repeatedly shown to be false since — unless his definition of “horrible” is different from most Chicagoans’.

So far, CWB reporters have identified 32 people who were charged with committing murder, attempted murder, or aggravated battery with a firearm while free on bail for serious felonies in 2020. Four of the accused men are charged with shooting, and sometimes killing, more than one person.

But the actual number of killings and shootings committed by persons on bail is almost certainly much higher. As of the new year, arrests have been made in just 27% of Chicago’s 2020 murders and 2.7% (Yes. Two point seven percent) of non-fatal shootings, according to CPD data.

And now, for this upcoming Illinois legislative session, Governor J.B. Pritzker and his fellow Democrats have more criminal justice reform ideas in mind. In fact, now they want to eliminate cash bail altogether.

The Center Square has the story.

After a tumultuous 2020 that forced issues of race, criminal justice and policing to the forefront, justice reforms in Illinois will no doubt be at the center of discussion in 2021.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has proposed seven principles that he said will reform and modernize Illinois’ criminal justice system. The proposals include ending cash bail, reducing prison sentences, and increasing police accountability.

It’s almost as if black and brown lives don’t really matter to them. Because if they want to keep African-Americans and other minorities oppressed, victimized and hopelessly demoralized, it’s hard to think of what they would do differently than how they presently run the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Illinois lost a net 79,847 people last year. Is it any wonder why?

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    • That’s what the gangs are currently using for population control, so it appears to be working.

      • You can see from the timelines how long it takes word to get back, guns readied, and plans carried out. Basically it’s tribal warefare.

      • @ rich coon….it is working to an extant, sofar for 6 days of the new year of 2021: currently in Chi’Raq there have been 50 shootings resulting in 12 deaths. With the douche nozzle they have for a mayor, there will be business as usual going forward!

  1. Can’t wait for the policies they support to start spilling over into Winnetka.
    Eventually they’ll figure out there’s more money and lots of fancy women 10 minutes North of them.
    The Wet Bandits will be the least of Kevins worries.

  2. Referring to the gangbangers and wannabes that were “victims here in cop speak, “No humans hurt”.

  3. Having left IL more than 10 years ago I can only sit back with satisfaction seeing the people who voted for this foolishness are now beginning to reap the reward. May the benefits turn into an avalanche. Note to normal people: Get out.

  4. a democrat run city chicago,look at any democrat run city/state and see for yourselfs,what the crime rate is an democrat run seatlle portland detroit new york,and california example san francisco was a nice town,now they even have a feces clean upo crew,that,s run by nancy-p-loser a democrat.and now they have the white house senate,under them it will be the worst run country ever.,just research what these democrats are planning,its communist/socialism.the worst nightmare you can think of.

  5. Not only does “affordable bail” put murderers back on the streets to commit more crimes, it also puts potential witnesses in grave danger. How can someone come forward with information when they are in justifiable fear of the bad guy who resides next door instead in lockup?

    The point of affordable bail is to keep gangsters out of prison — by any means necessary.

    • what witnesses? this is chicago. nobody saw nothing

      those homicides that have suspects are probably because there was a camera there

  6. California several years ago passed a bill eliminating the cash bail system. Fortunately it has been tied up in litigation ever since; the effect of the bill is to wipe out the bail bondsman industry. On the other hand, after the State, under a federal court order, started emptying out the seriously overcrowded prisons , the county jails systems state-wide have been overwhelmed; as a result, all but the most serious crimes are catch and release.

  7. No, really. If you remove all the stress and pressure of having to deal with the criminal justice system, the gangbangers will chill out and become productive members of society.

  8. so…defund the cops…no cash bail…affordable bail for GUN crimes..
    well…hope it is mostly black on black as usual in Chicago..or brown on brown I guess is more precise…
    maybe Biden and Harris will make a difference
    anyone care to wager? LMAO
    the numbers might get even BIGGER…maybe break 1,000

  9. They should continue down the road of decriminalization. Give us the NFA, build walls around cities and we will call it even.

  10. Hey, Mayor Lightfoot is doing heck of a job of draining the swamp. Setting murder records like crazy. You go girl! is almost like a scoreboard. Lol, ya got to love the Liberal view of gun control. Lightfoot has more laws than most of the Country. How has that working out for ya Mayor? We need more of the same gun control in parts of Georgia, places like Baltimore, and other crap holes in America. Let them drain the swamp.

  11. Buy a gun, learn how to use it safely!!! It may save your life, and get rid of one of the problems in our society!

  12. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that a lot of the 81 suspects identified show up later in the list as victims and first case will be closed because the suspect is dead. As I recall Baltimore did that a few years ago and actually closed some homicide cases (sort of)

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