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Cheaper That Dirt! has yet to explain or apologize for its post-Newtown decision to remove firearms from its website. I guess they figure their stonewalling worked, leaving them free to buy their way out of their PR problem. To that end, the on-line retailer has been busy transforming itself into a flag-waving supporter of the Second Amendment; they recently sent the Second Amendment Foundation a big ol’ check. Funded, in part, by the company’s post-Sandy Hook inflated prices. And now CTD’s attempting to further sanitize their image amongst gun rights guys and gals by “partnering with [the NRA] by offering discount membership rates and added incentives.” The NRA pays recruiters a commission. Is it cynical of me to look for a statement from CTD about forgoing that commission and wonder about the fact that I can’t find one? A quick mea culpa would do just as well . . .

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  1. The combination of their response to Newtown and the price gouging is not negated by their pittance of a donation. They try to make amends while charging $89.97 for a $12 pmag . CTD can f’off — forever.

    • I got the $300 Life Membership thru this deal, doesn’t mean I’ll be patronizing Dumber Than Dirt anytime soon.. Same way folks will buy cheaper gas even if it comes from Al Qaeda-funding dictatorships..

      • The $300 Life Membership is always available through a sponsorship from an existing Life Member. I would encourage y’all to do that rather than clicking through from any link affiliated with CTD.

    • We don’t have to buy, and most of us don’t. It’s a free market and I for one support a free market.

      • Exactly. It’s still a free market (well, in some industries). If you don’t like the price, go somewhere else. I’m sick of the word “gouging”, which is nothing more than a leftist smear against capitalism. Stop adopting the vernacular of the anti-capitalists, fer cry in’ out loud.

        • +1. If producers and sellers had the courage to price to the market, and if the people in this land weren’t so brainwashed by public schools government indoctrination camps and main stream media the ministry of propaganda, there would be guns and ammo on the shelves waiting for those who really need them, and not being bought up by those who don’t really need them but are just panicking.

        • Sasquatch, you wouldn’t know capitalism if it bit you on the @ss. Complaining about high prices and gouging (oooo, I said the G word) is as capitalist as it gets. Regulating prices isn’t.

  2. Eh, I got P.O’d at CTD way before all thid.

    They refuse to sell ANYTHING to me because I’m under 21.

    • Yup, I heard him the other day shilling for CTD. He was going on and on about how they “ran out of guns” after Sandy Hook. But that they are such great supporters of the 2A. I nearly puked.

      • Further proof that Beck is not the champion of conservative values he paints himself to be. He clearly put profit before principle with his endorsement of CTD. Feh to the both of them.

  3. When they pulled the firearms, I said it was a ploy so they could sell them at maximum profit once the prices reach a high point. Nothing I have seen since has made me change my opinion. They are cashing in on hostage capitalism while the going is good, and now trying to cover their bases when things recover.

    Unfortunately they are about on par with the other stores that have what I want in stock. And as a Coloradan, I face the gamble of purchasing now at inflated prices or risk losing any chance.

  4. They can partner with Elvis Presley for all I care. Get your commemorative Graceland/ctd pin here, yeah, that would sure be one to jump on, Randy

  5. Teaming with ColionNoir: +1 NRA

    Teaming with CTD: -1 NRA

    So, what’s next: one step forward or one step back?

    • If gets membership (bragging rights/hit progressives over the head #s) to 5million members or 6 million partner with demunderground.

  6. Well, hell! That’s enough for me. I’m going back. As a matter of fact the order is “in the mail”. Honest!!

  7. They could be doing a whole lot worse than donating to the NRA and SAF. They’re not on my “nice” list yet, but I do appreciate the support of the 2A. They’ve still a long way to go to re-earn my trust, though.

  8. I verbally told them over the phone to remove me from their email list and I’ve replied to their emails to remove me from their lists. Still, I get their weekly harassment. CTD seems to be one of those firms that promises to remove you from their email SPAM weekly plus mailings yet fails to follow through. My guess is that it is probably intentional based on their business ethics which IMO stink.

    • I had no problem whatsoever unsubscribing from their mailings. Took me exactly one click, haven’t heard from them since. Maybe they just really like you.

  9. As Americans we have the choice to spend our money where we would like. I do believe CTD’s decision after Sandy Hook was a bad one. But has anyone here posting ever made a bad call? CTD changed their decision and is ‘trying’ to make ammends.

    besides if CTD had their 9mm FMJ target ammo in stock for $16.08 who wouldn’t jump on it?

  10. Yeah I’ll buy from CTD when they can go an entire year without doing something stupid.

  11. Ok, I think it’s evident now (even as one of the most vicious F-THEM guys after the price gouging) That they are trying to make amends. They have a 3day back pack on their website right now for HALF THE PRICE I’d pay somewhere else, free market people, I’m not going to go all lib on your asses, you’ve all heard it before.

  12. Their prices for weapons are no longer “Cheaper than Dirt”. I’ve moved on from CTD to other distributors. They blinked, and I remember.

  13. I went in a CTD store in McKinley, Tx last year. They were well-stocked with every kind of ammo one might want. And you had to REALLY want it to pay the astronomical prices they were asking. I gave up on CTD a long time ago – their post-Newtown fiasco only convinced me I made the right decision.

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