Charles: Let’s Finally Be Honest, Democrats’ Gun Control Laws Are Racist to Their Core

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In 2021, there were 142 fatalities for every 100,000 Black Americans, a 74 percent increase since 2014 and a figure that dwarfs the homicide rate for other races. “Homicide rates are as much as 23 times higher among Black men, and as much as nearly four times higher among Hispanic men than among white men,” the WSJ analysis found.

Unfortunately, the people who run the cities where Black Americans live are not up to the task of addressing this problem. During the recent midterm election campaign season, Republicans hammered Democrats for their soft-on-crime policies, which Republicans argued contributed to the increase in gun violence. In response, Democrats downplayed the matter, calling the criticism an attempt to fear-monger, or racism.

But for Black families, the reality on the ground is very real. And it’s devastating.

Yet time and time again, instead of defending Black lives, Democrats focus on the wrong thing: They try to curb gun ownership instead of gun violence.

President Joe Biden recently indicated that he plans to get a bill passed that would ban “assault rifles” during the lame-duck session before the next Congress takes session next year. In so doing, the President played to the Democrats’ pattern of focusing on high-profile mass shootings instead of on the quotidian violence in Black and Latino communities, which accounts for far more victims than mass shootings.

But pushing for more gun restrictions on law-abiding gun owners isn’t just the wrong approach; it will directly contribute to the problem that desperately needs solving.

Curbing legal gun ownership has a disproportionately negative impact on Black Americans because it hinders their ability to defend themselves where law enforcement has failed to do so.

To put it simply, the Democrats’ gun control laws are racist to their core. And it’s time to admit it.

— Jeff Charles in Let’s be Honest for Once, The Democrats’ Gun Control Laws Are Racist

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    • …History does Confirm Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide.

      The questions for today is…Will GA Blacks remain on the plantation and vote for worthless warnock who is a member of the political party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities? Or will GA Blacks escape the plantation, vote for Hershal Walker and not look like pathetic fools who fell again for democRat Party trinket promises?

    • I wonder how many of these increased deaths occurred after the May 2020 peaceful protests.

      We you look at the CDC data, the first 4 months were at normal levels compared to past years. After MAY of 2020, they jumped and never came back down.

  1. It does not matter what color you are. If the bad guys have the guns and the good guys do not have the guns, good guys are going to die at a higher rate than the bad guys.

    In areas where the crime rate is especially high, and in which it is mostly the bad guys who have guns and in which the population is predominantly black, then, black good guys are going to die at an especially higher rate.

    Short-term solution: make sure the good guys have access to guns.
    Long-term solution: figure out what the hell is going on that the crime rate is so high. Thinks like ‘no-bail’, catch-and-release’, cop-hatred, not enough cops….broken families….you know, the well-known social issues easily associated with crime….

    • It’s not always bad guys killing good guys. An awful lot of crime is bad guys killing other bad guys. I don’t think that’s good news or bad news, it’s just what it is.

    • …or maybe figure out why young black males are shooting each other in record numbers….maybe….just maybe….it’s a cultural thing?

  2. “Curbing legal gun ownership has a disproportionately negative impact on Black Americans because it hinders their ability to defend themselves where law enforcement has failed to do so.”
    He forgot to add–where law enforcement has failed (or defunded) to do so.

    • Hey guess what? Black folks vote overwhelmingly for Dims(at least in ILLannoy). Not my gorgeous brown wife though. This ain’t the 1960’s…

    • law enforcement is hindered in the black community by peoples unwillingness to cooperate with them…and nothing is going to change until that does…once again…a cultural thing?

      • Latinos…once established here…tend to buy into the American dream…and become more conservative in their outlook…the left is slowly losing them…largely because of their attacks on religion and family values….

  3. We can’t even be honest about George Floyd.

    This is really very simple. Putting Biden and all the rest of these Democrats in power HAS regressed human civilization back by decades. Biden is fighting battles that we all were passed a very long time ago.

    “Democrats are for the poor” is something I’ve heard all my life. There just might be an element of truth to it…Democrats are for making everyone poor.

    Be honest?
    Yes, let’s be honest enough to understand that owning a gun does NOT in itself make someone a killer or a racist. But then, too many people truly believe Trump suggested that people drink bleach to cure Covid and that a 9mm bullet will seperate someones lung from them. Just like people are convinced that Jan6 was an attempted “insurrection”.

    The honest truth is that the Democrat party is being run by lunatics but half this country chooses to hang on their every word. People believing Pelosi based solely on the fact that she uttered words is something that renders our society incapable of being honest. It wouldn’t be any different if it were Trump.

  4. Targeting or nuanced approaches are always -ist or -phobic so the left, politicians in general really, deflect and penalize people who have nothing to do with the issues at hand.

    Bunch of homeless mental patients and addicts clogging up your downtown? Doing anything about them directly would be -ist and -phobic so we’re going to ignore them, blame some ephemeral ideology or scapegoat a long-dead political entity then institute a curfew on you and raise your taxes even though we won’t use the money on the problem at hand.

    Same with the violence. Blame “racism” and dead politicians, further hinder what little resources there are combatting the issue, raise your taxes and hand money to grifting “violence interrupters” and restrict your rights.

    Can’t have any real discussions because they may cross into that -ist and -phobic territory. We would rather all die than have some ivory tower nerd call us -ist or -phobic.

    • So we can’t say black-on-black deaths may be a cultural thing? Especially as that culture is from mimicking their former masters.

  5. Everything they do or have done is blatantly or disguised racist! FINALLY most people are pullin their heads outta their azzes and seeing it!!

  6. In reality studies prove that white conservative states with lax gun laws have higher homicide rates that blue states with tough gun laws. The Republicans concentrate only on the inner cities not on the entire state.

    Crime and poverty issues are complex and Republicans have refused to fund job retraining, mental health benefits, college grants and low cost loans, after school programs to keep kids off the street, to name just a few. Republicans have cut welfare benefits by promoting the Reagan racist rants of welfare queens driving brand new cadillac cars. Republicans have even cut cancer treatments and medicines that were part of welfare benefits. If that is not racism what would be.

    Foreign European countries have inner cities with high crime rates as well but they DO NOT have the mass murders, gang warfare, and homicides that ruthless Capitalvania does. It all boils down to their having sane gun laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics, as well as treating drug addiction as a health issue not a crime issue.

    If you want to cure the gun problem in Capitalvania vote out the Republicans as they are the real criminals of its society.

    • Well, of course. A racist self admitted member of the ss wants us all to believe the good guys are actually the bad guys. Lies are all they have.

      • He can’t it would be democratic counties in red states with democratic cities being the source of the numbers.

    • Chicago, DC, Philly, Baltimore, Detroit…the list goes on and on…do people really feel safe in any of these places?….large black populations equal high crime rates…time to call a spade a spade…

    • Heres an easy tip to figure out if you are about to be lied to. If it starts out with “Studies have shown…” or words to that effect, you are being lied to. Every time.

  7. People need to wake up. Gun control is people control. They don’t care about safety or lives they only care about reducing the world population and controlling those who may be left. If you think for one minute gun control has anything to do with safety then look at open borders where fentanyl and other drugs killed 100 thousand people last year, defund the police, release of criminals and other policies have resulted in an increase in violence. You have to be in a coma to not realize that all of this is intentional.

  8. Who owns and runs the fascist left? A bunch of white people. Old white rich people. You have an occasional token like kamala, but mostly whites.

    How many minority owned businesses did the ss/antifa loot and burn during their mostly peaceful protests? And how many of those lily white ss members are from wealth?

    • looting was pretty much confined to blacks who seized the opportunity…politics was immaterial to them…antia was more interested in destruction…two different agendas….

      • I stand corrected then. ss/antifa only destroyed minority owned businesses. They were not interested in profit. Which does make sense. They are the product of wealthy, privileged white homes.

  9. And they don’t care. Theirs is the soft prejudice and tyranny of low expectations, it is how they justify all those government programs. How much collective harm have they done to the Black community in our lifetime is a question only God could answer. It shames me that I ever voted for a Democrat, but I am going out today to vote against one.

  10. It is beyond stupid to believe Dems do not want to take EVERY gun away from EVERYBODY, no matter what color they are.

    The calls for assault weapons bans come mostly after mass shootings by mostly white criminals.

    Keep fighting the ‘racist’ gun control laws from decades ago that only allowed whites to buy and own guns OR fight the real threat of control for ALL people that is going on today.

    • would tend to agree…the recent pandemic has shown just how much the left is enamored with “control”…in all its many forms….

    • No colors anymore, I want it to turn black.
      I can sing about it. I can wish and dream about it. I can wait for somebody important to fix it and come to my rescue.
      But then, Possum, we give up being the Agent of change to whomever rises to the top of the stack. If Liberal, they paddled and swam to the surface of the putrid water in the bowl. I don’t care who they are, 95% of people who WANT to be in charge should NEVER be in charge. Wanting to be president should be a sure and certain disqualification for the job.
      Push, push, push Mercilessly for Firearms Training. Pound into the squishy heads of the Public that if they don’t have the requisite skill, They are UNABLE to use the FIREARMS OPTION, should they finally CHOOSE TO. Change the NARRATIVE, and change the ATMOSPHERE.
      Make a TV ad.
      Show videos of tyro Libs trying vainly to load a weapon and pepper a silhouette target with a huge digital timer superimposed on the video. Then, with the same timer, show a big masked thug rushing the camera. Finish up with Rape, Stabbing, Murder and Bludgeoning statistics.
      Show Libtards what life looks like through the eyes of us victims.
      Screw the “Important People” and Talking Heads who we rely on to speak for us. Let’s speak for ourselves.

  11. I thought the anti police demonstrations taught us were supposed to paint broad brush strokes about entire populations based upon the actions of a few. Who are we to defund according to this graph?

  12. Again with facts and data.

    When will our “side” learn that facts and data roll off gun-grabber backs, like water off a duck’s back?

    Biden didn’t “gaffe” when he said, “We believe in truth over facts”. He simply said the quiet part out loud.

  13. Where are the TTAG readers that like to post ” the usual suspects” etc etc on the articles about chicago or anytime a black person shoots someone? I’d be interested in their opinion on whether gun control is racist. Especially since they are always crying that people cry racist way too much.

    • really two different issues here…black on black crime and mass-shootings….one is cultural and the other often hate driven…often by mental defectives….there is no simple or singular solution short of getting rid of all the guns…which we know is not going to happen short of repealing the 2A…so what do we do?…

  14. really two different issues here…black on black crime and mass-shootings….one is cultural and the other often hate driven…often by mental defectives….there is no simple or singular solution short of getting rid of all the guns…which we know is not going to happen short of repealing the 2A…so what do we do?…

    • You said, “there is no simple or singular solution short of getting rid of all the guns…which we know is not going to happen short of repealing the 2A.”

      How would repealing the 2A “get rid of all the guns”?
      Do you actually think repealing the 2A is going to make CRIMINALS turn in all their guns?
      No, only the most law-abiding citizens would turn in their guns.
      Meanwhile, millions of gun owners would become, at the stroke of a pen, outlaws and felons, so repealing the 2A and banning all guns it would CREATE millions of criminals — heavily armed criminals. Remember what happened during Prohibition of alcohol?
      Increased crime, violence, murder, and mayhem. Multiply that by 1,000 in the case of guns, because there are a lot more gun owners than there were people brewing bootleg whiskey and moonshine. Banning guns would cause a huge increase in violent crime — both by formerly law-abiding gun owners who forcefully resist gun confiscation, and by black market gun sales, and by robbers, rapists, and murderers emboldened by their victims being newly disarmed by the government!


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