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Sounds wise.


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  1. I was about to mention my pet peeve of people using “discrete” and “discreet” interchangeably, but it actually works here.

    • Rookie,

      Besides, it would sound dumb as hell to say “several discrete, discreet locations”.

      I attribute the whole “there, their, they’re” and similar mal-grammarisms to the precipitous decline in public education. My fourth grade teacher woulda whooped my @$$ over that.

    • Yahtzee…Been caching offsite for decades. Stuff even the wife is unaware of. Although the locations are in the will. More than enough for her to live on if she chooses to sell it.

  2. And now that it is legal for adam amd steve to get married why isn’t it legal for adam and eve and rachel to get married?

    • Polyarmory…I like that! After the last few daze I’ve been prepping like mad. Eff ILLannoy!

    • “…why isn’t it legal for adam and eve and rachel to get married?”

      Jealous single women unable to land a mate… 🙂

    • It’s coming. The current line of thinking is anything goes as long as it’s consensual. Minors can consent to chop body parts off and take optional life-altering drugs, so anything will go with them as well, as long as they “consent.” The only reason you can’t marry an animal is because they can’t consent. There is no right or wrong anymore. You’re the center of the universe. The universe exists for your gratification.

        • The only right or wrong that still exists outside of consensual vs. without consent is the political Left (good) vs. the political Right (bad). You can have as many wives as you want. You can raise your children in that environment. You’ll be a good person as long as you support The Party. If you stray from the path, you can redeem yourself with (proper) political activism.

        • “So I’m a leftist if I have more than one wife?”

          No, not at all. Having more than one wife doesn’t correlate to political affiliation. We already laid out the rules. The rules are, there are no rules, except for consent. You get to (and should) do anything that makes you feel good because all that matters is you. But if you also want to be a good, virtuous person, then there’s only one path for that (as laid out above).

        • Hey, entertainment is the name of the game my friend. Everyone knows the point of life is to get as many dopamine hits as possible before you die. That’s what makes people happy. Just ask an alcoholic how they feel about themselves the morning after a date with the bottle. Or you could check in with one of those zombies we saw posted in that Philly vid here the other day. They have the ultimate freedom, especially the homeless ones. They aren’t weighed down by pesky responsibilities. Shooting up is their entertainment. That’s freedom, man. They’re about as far away from slaves as you can get. And since they consented to that lifestyle, we should be happy for them. We shouldn’t try to change their behavior because who are we to decide what is right or wrong?

          Indulgence is great, but you have to respect everyone else’s freedom as well. That means you have to be okay with your wives, daughters, and granddaughters having multiple husbands as well. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind when your daughter stays at your house for the holidays with her four husbands. If you aren’t legitimately okay with all of that, then you’re just a fraud.

        • “her four husbands”

          Scratch that. Husbands implies marriage which is just some old-fashioned institution. We’re free now. Why be bogged down with marriage? Let’s change that to her four boyfriends.

        • My daughters are adults. If they’re ok with plural marriage who am I to argue? Plural marriage was in the bible.

        • “who am I to argue?”

          You’re their father. You don’t relinquish that when they turn 18. What you think always matters.

          “in the bible”

          The entire point of this conversation was to determine if there was such a thing as right or wrong, or should we just follow the Satanic motto of do as you will, which basically means do what feels good. It’s interesting that, in the end, you pointed to the Bible as a moral authority (or a cop out,) even though you’re admittedly not religious.

    • Why the f*** is our government involved in marriage at all? It should not be encouraged, discouraged, subsidized, or recognized at all.

      If it is a sacred bonding of two people, they have no business interfering with a spiritual union. If it is a contract between consenting adults, they have no business being involved in the most private of contracts.

      At best, their only place is to arbitrate when one or more parties wants out the marriage. Even then, a third party private arbitrator would be more effective and cheaper. Why should anyone have to sacrifice the fruits of their labor to pay some judge to oversee someone elses divorce?

  3. So what we’ve been doing for years has a name!? A very impressive name, I might add!👍😉

    • Doesn’t everybody? I mean there are at the very least 600 million firearms in the US. Seems like everybody is armed.

      biden is selling a million new ones a month. Ain’t he grand.

  4. Half my gunms and emu are with someone who’s never filled out a 4473.
    They live in a small town called Urbana, in Southeast Kansas. Four blocks west of the Boots and Saddle gas station/diner, on the south side of the highway, ain’t a bad place to eat. The house is yellow and has a big garage on the east side, he fixes peoples cars, so theres a lot of cars in his yard. Mostly Chevys, he dont like working on Fords so he will never get around to fixing that faded green “project” 69 Fastback Mustang parked in the back.
    I figured with all that metal laying around it’d be hard to find my gunms buried at his place.
    He’s an okay guy but I dont trust him all that much. Someday he might decide that their his and steal them from me. That’s why I took pictures of them and their serial numbers and put them in the cloud, in case I lose this phone, like I did in the last car wreck I had , the one where when the role over threw me out the truck and I hit my head on that tree real hard cause I wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
    Some people said it fcked me up and I just dont seem right in the head after that, but hah, I proved them wrong last presidential election, heh heh, I registered Republican and voted Democrat

    • after proofreading what I wrote I see I’ve made a clerical mistake. The diner is on the North side of the highway , his place is on the South side. I wouldn’t someone thinking I was full of shit.

      • Would never think that, possum – everyone knows possums have lousy short-term memory. Ya just forgot, that’s all.

        Are you sure you didn’t stash ’em at your ex-wife’s house?

  5. My brother and I have multi-millions of rounds stored away. Years of purchasing factory lot’s pre-pandemic and acquiring from other sources.

    Until relatively recently they were stored in a central location spread among a number of storage units in a self-storage type place. Fire marshal finally told us we had to have ‘bunkers’ for that much, still not clear on the specific ordinances/law because its not clearly defined in the wording and the fire marshal didn’t really care as long as we kept the haz-mat placards up because the self-storage type place is for industrial material anyway – but, city council had some concerns.

    But anyway … we initially built this nice concrete bunker on the back of my brothers property but then decided we needed to spread the ammo out among several locations. So we found some nice portable explosive storage ‘bunkers’ that had been abandoned. 20×20, plenty of room among several for all our ammo, abandoned because the company that had them went out of business years ago and they have been sitting in a junk yard all this time and we got them for $2,000.00 each where when new they sold for $70,000 each. That filled the need and have placed them in several different locations.

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