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From FN America . . .

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush 9Ti. This highly reliable, durable and versatile 9mm pistol suppressor is made from a lightweight Titanium-hybrid construction and was developed for an unmatched shooting experience with the FN 509 tactical line of pistols and other 1/2×28”-threaded firearms. The unique booster assembly, blast baffle and baffle stack design provide a tight gas piston seal and even gas distribution that flows the gases forward to deliver reduced blowback to the user’s face, reduces recoil and provides effective sound suppression.

“The FN Rush 9Ti is the first introduction in FN’s portfolio of firearm accessories that enhance the end user’s shooting experience,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “Our goal with developing the Rush 9Ti was to give consumers a reliable and durable 9mm suppressor that met FN’s rigorous quality standards and would integrate seamlessly with the FN 509 and other 9mm hosts. We tackled some of most common complaints about suppressor performance like blowback and recoil reduction to deliver a final product capable of mitigating both.”

Perfected for performance with the FN 509 tactical line of pistols and other 9mm hosts, the FN Rush 9Ti delivers smooth, reliable function while maintaining the accuracy standards that FN owners depend upon. The overall slim design and lightweight Titanium-hybrid construction provide the perfect counterbalance to reduce recoil and maintain a clear sight picture with suppressor-height sights. The simple design also breaks down for maintenance with the included front/end cap assembly tools.

The included 1/2×28” booster assembly is entirely unique and is the smallest, most lightweight on the market. Its tight gas piston seal along with the unique gas flow through the blast chamber and baffle stack perfectly time the gas flow back into the firearm and through the suppressor tube. This enables near neutral impact to slide cycle speeds that drastically improve reliability, allowing users to have a more enjoyable shooting experience with dependable feeding and extraction across a wide array of commercial loads from light training rounds to subsonic loads. Additionally, the design dramatically improves system durability with reduced back pressure into the firearm, thus reducing overall wear and tear along with felt recoil.

“When selecting a suppressor, customers often have to choose between effective sound suppression, reduced blowback or felt recoil; you very rarely get all in one,” said John Ryan, Director of Product Management for FN America, LLC. “Our team developed a suppressor that delivers an unmatched shooting experience straight from the box. You no longer have to settle for one or the other with the Rush 9Ti.”

The FN Rush 9Ti is a highly reliable, durable and versatile 9mm suppressor that can mount easily to any 1/2×28” host and doesn’t compromise on sound suppression, gas blowback or recoil.


  • Caliber Rating: 9x19mm
  • Overall Length: 7.3 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 1.375 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 ounces excluding piston
  • Included 1/2×28” piston
  • Included end cap/front cap assembly tool
  • Titanium tube, high-heat stainless steel blast and tulip baffles, aircraft-grade aluminum baffle stack
  • Available in Flat Dark Earth or Black HT Cerakote
  • Limited lifetime warranty

To learn more about the FN Rush 9Ti, please visit

MSRP = $849



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  1. These suppressor manufacturers may want to get together and lobby for the removal of suppressors from the NFA.

    I’m wanting to purchase more, but it’s been over eight months waiting for my tax stamp. My $200 tax payment was cashed by the ATF in April 2022.

    That 90 day goal was nothing more than industrial grade .gov bs.

    No more suppressors for me until they’re cash and carry.

    • “These suppressor manufacturers may want to get together and lobby for the removal of suppressors from the NFA.”

      Lobby? When we can’t even get 50 on our side to agree to that?

      Much better to craft a lawsuit and sue under the ‘Bruen’ ruling. They can’t argue against it, since in the vast majority of Europe, there’s no government regulation against them…

  2. Hope they include a vat of anti-seize for that price. SS + Ti interface is a recipe for galvanic action to the n’th power.
    Besides, for the price it damned sure should be full Titanium.

    • That’s MSRP, if they want to sell I would imagine they would need to come down closer to the competition with street price $500-600 or so. It seems similar to AAC’s Ti-rant line with a Ti tube and aluminum and steel for the rest. My Ti-rants have been fine, haven’t had issues with them sticking.

      More suppressor options, but having more branded ones makes for an easy pick for consumers if to they have the gun to match, especially for their first silencer. If you shoot SIG, get a SIG can. FN get FN, S&W to match, Ruger, etc etc. Will Glock make one?

      • Glock made a suppressor, just not one branded for or by them. The Fischer Development SUPPRESSOR FD917 in 2017 was a result of Glock prompting the company to make a suppressor for the Glock 17 and 19 for the European market.

      • Spent almost a decade as a procurement and sales manager with a major stocking distributor in the field. Very familiar with the price structure breakdown from MSRP and retail, to purchasing by full container ship volumes.

        Employee benefits btw, was cost +5%. Or -70% off retail prices to be more direct. Hence my comment on valuation. i.e. I paid 20% less than the retail business we supplied. Made it pretty profitable building and flipping modified street & race cars on the side.

        Worked in race & performance fab shops before and since leaving, so… I know both sides of the coin.

  3. Nice…Unfortunately until I can purchase a can as freely as I can purchase a $2.00 silent ice pick at Harbor Freight it’s no can do.

    • 🤣
      Best post of the day. 👍

      I wonder why noise reduction figures weren’t included in the article.
      Has FN tested it?
      Seems sus to announce a suppressor and not include relevant figures.


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