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By Lee Williams

Joe Biden has always struggled with the truth. Whenever he wanders off script and speaks extemporaneously, he invents personal anecdotes – boldfaced lies, actually – in which he assigns himself the starring role. 

Whether he’s getting arrested in South Africa for trying to bust into Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, or bravely confronting AR-toting hunters in a Delaware swamp or going toe-to-toe with the arch-criminal, CornPop, no one actually believes him or takes his tall tales seriously. It’s just Joe being Joe, right? 

But when Biden’s lies are actually signed and set into type, it’s a bit more serious. He loses his normal litany of excuses: he was tired, he was confused, he misread the teleprompter, he was sundowning. 

In an editorial published Sunday in USA Today and reprinted in scores of other newspapers, the Fabulist-in-Chief dropped a whopper – even for someone who has lowered the presidential-truthfulness bar so significantly. 

The editorial was titled, “President Biden: I’m doing everything I can to reduce gun violence, but Congress must do more.” 

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Rebecca Droke)

Most of Joe’s opus we’ve heard many times before. AR-15s are bad, so is anyone who owns one. Red flag laws and universal background checks will save the world. Congress needs to do more by banning “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines, and of course his ubiquitous: “For God’s sake, do something.” 

But then there’s this: “We need to do more. In the year after the Buffalo tragedy, our country has experienced more than 650 mass shootings and well over 40,000 deaths due to gun violence, according to one analysis.”

The hyperlink whisks readers to the Gun Violence Archive – a blatantly anti-gun nonprofit we debunked years ago for their fake news

Founded in 2013, the GVA has become the legacy media’s source of choice for mass shooting data because they hype the numbers. The GVA came up with its own broad definition of a mass shooting. Anytime four or more people are killed or even slightly wounded with a firearm, the GVA labels it a mass shooting, and politicians, gun control advocates and the legacy media treat their reports as if they’re pure gold. For example, according to the GVA there were 417 mass shootings in 2019. The FBI says there were 30, because it uses a much narrower and more realistic definition.

USA Today’s vaunted fact-checkers never balked at Biden’s use of the fake GVA data. They use it too, as does CNN, MSNBC and FOX News, so they didn’t question the President’s numbers, even though they equate to nearly two mass shootings per day. They were just happy he chose their struggling newspaper to publish his biased screed. 

To be clear, if anyone actually believes Biden wrote this editorial himself, I’ve got an ocean-front property in Rehoboth Beach to sell them, complete with a $500,000 taxpayer-funded wall. Lately, Biden has difficulty even reading much less writing. He spars daily with the teleprompter, and the teleprompter usually wins. Of course, he didn’t write the editorial, but that doesn’t matter. It bears his byline: “Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States,” so he gets the credit and/or the blame. That’s the way the presidency is supposed to work. 

That Team Biden would have to juke the stats to buttress their latest anti-gun hit piece is no surprise. They’re getting desperate. No one is listening. Guns are still flying off the shelves, especially ARs, and Black females are now the largest gun-buying demographic, because they realize Biden’s rants are hollow and won’t protect them or their families. 

Biden’s editorial should be seen as a warning: He will do anything it takes to win his war against our guns, including gaslighting the American people with fake news. That, too, is no surprise. 


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  1. So, dacian is joe biden? Never tell the truth. Not even if the lie would put you in jail and the truth would make you rich.

  2. I’m sure he really cares about accuracy. Or being caught. Or lying. Or anything besides ice cream.

    • He’s so unconcerned with the truth, he keeps telling the same debunked lies he’s been telling for years. He’s been known for that for decades. Just this past weekend, right before he said white supremacy was the greatest threat to the homeland (to a crowd of black graduates), he said he was a college professor for four years after he was the VP!

        • The one he scarred for life by taking inappropriate showers (her words) with her? Good thing his Stasi busted into a private residence to retrieve that diary.

      • Well he WAS an “Honorary professor” at University of Pennsylvania 2017-2021 after leaving the vice-presidency… He lied and stated that he was a “full professor”… typical liar’s tactic.. who believes this guy at all anymore??? The other guys at the asylum for the Veracity Challenged?
        I have dealt with old guys like this… sometimes on top of things for a short while, then into their personal story-time again… you can’t really get after them about it, they can’t help it.. but then none of them were president of The United States Of America, either…

    • Biden has ALWAYS been a lying despicable POS. Now he is a senile lying despicable POS.

  3. I would tell him to come and get it, but I just got some ice cream and would like to enjoy it by myself.

    • it’s a (malig)nancy pelosi reference.
      canucks like her. she’s the man they wish true doe was.

  4. Let’s try this again. There has been 650 shootings where four or more people have been killed or slightly wounded. How about we use the term “Four Plus”?

    Lighten up Francis.

    • “How about we use the term “Four Plus”?”

      How about we use the FBI definition instead?

      According to their new report titled: “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2020,” the FBI defines active shootings as:

      Shootings in public places
      Shootings occurring at more than one location
      Shootings where the shooter’s actions were not the result of another criminal act
      Shootings resulting in a mass killing
      Shootings indicating apparent spontaneity by the shooter
      Shootings where the shooter appeared to methodically search for potential victims
      Shootings that appeared focused on injury to people, not buildings or objects

      Shootings were excluded from the FBI’s list if they were the result of:

      Gang violence
      Drug violence
      Contained residential or domestic disputes
      Controlled barricade/hostage situations
      Crossfire as a byproduct of another ongoing criminal act
      An action that appeared not to have put other people in peril

      • FBI has demonstrated themselves to be as reliable as Salon, Demtard Underground.

        Gut it/close it down. Give their labs to US Marshalls. The rest of their personnel can become 11B US Army but prohibited from any other fed employment.

    • “Let’s try this again. There has been 650 shootings where four or more people have been killed or slightly wounded.”

      Let’s try *this* again.

      Why do you insist on using a made-up name? Aren’t you proud of the ‘work’ you do (gag)?

      Have the balls to identify yourself. Unless, of course, you have no balls.

    • Slightly, why not six, or seven? Such is arbitrary at best. Capricious for sure.
      Why are we worrying about a definition when the problem is people committing violence?

  5. “President Biden: I’m doing everything I can to reduce gun violence, but Congress must do more.”

    We’ll, at least the 1st Demented One got something correct, entirely by accident, I assume:

    Laws in the US are proposed, debated, amended and passed by both houses of the US Congress before a president gets a chance to either approve or reject them. Any issues having to do with any part of US law should be run through this process- period.

    Actions via executive order, as in a monarchy or dictatorship, have no place in the American Constitutional Republic, and such attempts must be rejected at all times. In 2023 America, it seems getting Congress to do its job is at question.

  6. After the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Congress in a 2013 law defined “mass killings” as three or more killings in one incident.

    Public Law 112–265 112th Congress

    (I) the term ‘mass killings’ means 3 or more
    killings in a single incident; and
    ‘‘(II) the term ‘place of public use’ has the meaning given that term under section 2332f(e)(6) of title 18, United States Code.’’.

    • Because that definition only applies to that particular law, the ‘‘Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012’’.

      An Act
      To amend title 28, United States Code, to clarify the statutory authority for the longstanding practice of the Department of Justice of providing investigatory assistance on request of State and local authorities with respect to certain serious violent crimes, and for other purposes.

    • “Congressional Definition”

      What the actual fuck is a ‘name’ like that? Why do you use made-up names? Is it because you’re ashamed of the tiny dick and nads hanging between your shriveled-up and useless legs?

      What a joke you are! 🤡 🙂

  7. Because shootings of four or more are unimportant and should not be remembered.

    • Because GVA purposely inflates its numbers for shock value, not journalistic integrity.

      For example, according to the GVA there were 417 mass shootings in 2019. The FBI says there were 30, because it uses a much narrower and more realistic definition.

    • “Slightly Wounded”

      Hiding like a coward behind a fake name. You’re a sad joke, little boy.

      Very little, if you know what I mean! 😁

    • Slightly Sentient,

      Are you stupid, or do you just play stupid on comment threads?

      The FBI (to the extent they get cooperation from local LEOs) collects data on ALL shootings, crimes of violence, etc. They have a SPECIFIC CATEGORY for “mass shootings” – new flash, clown, a “category” requires a definition of what goes IN that category. I know why you propagandists want to distort the meaning of words, because it makes it easier for you to sell your lies and propaganda.

      ALL the shooting statistics (to the extent they are reported by local LEOs) get included in the “Uniform Crime Statistics” – under their appropriate category. So your beef is that you want to CHANGE the definition (which, conveniently, would make it difficult/impossible to do multi-year comparisons), just to inflate the statistics. Go pound sand.

  8. Does the shooting of 6 bystanders and 1 suspect by the Denver police last year count as a mass shooting?

    • “Does the shooting of 6 bystanders and 1 suspect by the Denver police last year count as a mass shooting?”
      According to the Gun Violence Archive, yes, it does, so they counted it as a “mass shooting.”

      Likewise, if four home invaders break into an old lady’s house, and the little old shoots the criminals with an AR-15, the Gun Violence Archive calls it a “mass shooting with an assault weapon!”

      And if four bank robbers try to rob a band and get shot by the security guard, then the Gun Violence Archive calls it a “mass shooting.”

      Since exaggerating the numbers boosts news ratings, pretty soon the mainstream media will claim, “There have been twenty-five BILLION mass shootings this year so far!”

  9. How about a followup to that Hyundai-Kia / AG story? If you didn’t catch it before, the various Democrat AGs were making a big deal about rampant car theft being the fault of the car manufacturer (don’t look here, look over there). Hyundai-Kia just settled for $200 million. It’s their fault Democrat AGs and DAs have decided to encourage crime.

  10. Joe Biden wouldn’t recognize the truth if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and wiggled.
    The media loves to use any shooting they can twist to fit the narrative and agenda, but will quickly memory hole anything that doesn’t fit. Some drug punk or gangbanger shoots up a house full of people in an home invasion, or in eliminating the competition and it doesn’t make it past the local news. Just another day in the hood. Some broken kid or psychopath shoots up a church or school for hurt feelings or some whack job political agenda and every gun owner in the country gets demonized.

  11. The problem is the sheeple believe this bulls**t and all the articles on TTAG don’t do much to refute it. The mass media is in on this and bombard the ignorant with this crap. As Goebbels said, “tell a lie often enough and it becomes fact”. I wonder if we can ever overcome this avalance of lies.

    • You point this out and they say all politicians lie. Then they continue voting for Democrats because, as Elon Musk said, “they’re the nice ones.” Democrats just want to help and accept people, while Republicans just want to help the rich.

  12. Biden lies?
    Of course he does. We see it all the time. And then the white house admin has to walk back what he said.
    Does he lie intentionally? Or is his dementia really kicking in? Some of the things he has said it has got to be the dementia.
    That is what half of the country supposedly voted for. The dimocrats are going to back this guy in 2024?

    • And they’ll win with him, too. Even if they have to pull a Weekend at BaiDeng’s.

  13. just assume
    that anything
    that any democrat ever says
    is wrong or a lie
    and youll be correct
    100 percent of the time

  14. Wonder what the statistics are on mass shootings are if you first subtract the gang bangers shooting at each other, then look to see how many of the remainding shootings are in ” gun free zones ” ? Then investigate those shootings and see how many were on the presciption drugs that amplify psychosis.

  15. The cleansing begins 6 January 2024.
    Long live the Democratic Party.
    President Biden 4ever 💪🇺🇸

  16. You can catch Biden shitting on the floor in the Vatican and people don’t care.

    81 million votes, fair and square. Either half the country is stupid, or the election wasn’t that fair. Or square.

  17. Joe having a massive stroke can’t come soon enough. Then hopefully he will be left as a drooling vegetable.

  18. Remove the Gang Violence from the figures and the actual Real Mass Shootings drop significantly. it’s Intellectually Dishonest to lump them together as there are differing Root issues with both.
    As for Biden, the man is a Patholigical Liar, incapable of telling the Truth, and that’s been a known issue since 1972.

  19. The Commies won’t let facts get in the way of their agenda. They want to ban gun ownership by American citizens and they will do and say anything to accomplish that goal. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric — they have a plan and it ain’t good for a free America.

  20. GASLIGHTING is LYING . . . PLAIN and SIMPLE! Tell “Beijing Joe” Biden to QUIT lying – it’s in the COMMUNIST playbook.

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