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As governments increasingly attempt to make guns and gun ownership illegal, the less they succeed in doing so. It does not mean that fewer criminals are armed. Overall crime does not drop when controls are implemented. One of the reasons is that guns are fairly easy to construct and the materials to make them are virtually impossible for an industrial society to control.

An unintended consequence of this is that submachine guns or machine pistols may be relatively easily substituted for ordinary handguns. Their simple mechanisms make them easy to put together.

The above machine pistol, based on the MAC design is homemade, as is the silencer/suppressor. Both are illegal for the nearly everyone to possess in Canada. Yet that’s where the pistol was taken in a drug raid.


In total, (Saskatoon) police said they seized approximately 1,400 fentanyl pills, 700 grams of meth and 520 grams of crack cocaine.

They also seized seven handguns, five of which were loaded and one of which had a silencer, and roughly $70,000 in cash.

An identical version was seized a year ago in Alberta.


More illegal silencers were seized in this raid in Alberta in 2015.


They seem quite similar to homemade MAC machine pistols and suppressors that were made in Australia. The person who made those admitted to making up to a hundred of them. As some of them went for a reported $15,000 Australian, that would be a cool $1.5 million for a couple of years’ work.

I suspect the underground market will eventually drive the prices down. As advanced manufacturing techniques such as CNC machinating and 3D printers drop in prices, the barrier to production will also drop.

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  1. Damn 70 gran in cash…SHEESH that’s alot to have laying around. Even drug dealers in the states are smart enough to keep sums of money like that amount, in a bank. Or at least very very well hidden.

    • $70K? That’s barely walking around money for even a mid-level guy. A street-level guy who works hard makes $2-3K a week.

      It’s not like you can put it in the bank unless you have a front company to wash the cash through and even then, it’s hard to clean more than a couple million a year even with good accounting and a high cash business. Walter White’s car wash was not very effective, and even less plausible.

      • A friend of mine from high school make $4K in profit a week selling high end weed. Put himself through college doing it.

        • Does not surprise me one iota. “Vice” has paid for lots of people who the unknowing public ‘assumes’ are unblemished, to attain the goal of appearing that way. I can’t count the number of former strippers and low-level drug dealers I know who are now “somebody”.

          It’s always about the money, power, vested interests. Booze kills more than 4 times as many people as heroin, and the main reason heroin kills is because it’s not regulated and legal. Very few people intend to OD.

    • Yeah, but it’s 70k in Canadian dollars. What’s that worth in real money? Like $29.50?


    • Even in the mid-80’s, when the USD was worth so much more than today, $70K was mere walking-around money.

      There were dope dealers busted in LA in the mid-80’s with over a quarter-mil in Bennies, all bundled up, ready to be shipped to Mexico.

      The real dangerous stuff seized in this raid was the fentanyl. That stuff will kill junkies dead as a wedge.

      • Sory, DG, but you obviously don’t know anything about fentanyl. As an APRN (now retired) in hospice, I was a pain management specialist. Fentanyl is a powerful analgesic and deserves to be used with every bit as much respect as any other narcotic, but it is not any more dangerous either. The major problem with it being used without medical advice (and too often with that advice) is ignorance of its affects and limitations. Most serious adverse affects and deaths are due to the combination of drugs, alcohol and overall poor health.

        But if people want to live that way, and take their chances on dying over it… what business is that of anyone else? Just as guns can be used for both good and evil, so can most anything. Nobody can adequately be protected from themselves, and the attempts produce far more death and destruction than the prohibited stuff.

        Prohibition of anything has nothing whatsoever to do with safety or health. It’s about control. Always was, and always will be.

        • MamaLiberty, these aren’t over the counter pills and their dosage amounts vary per pill. People import fent. from China at cost of about $20k per kilo from China. That is enough for a million doses. There isn’t enough care put in to ensure that a lethal or OD amount doesn’t go in to a particular pill. Some users pop up to six of these pills per day. So it doesn’t matter about crossing with other drugs, people’s health etc the fact is some will be lethal no matter what you do. Plenty of good videos on YouTube about the illicit drug trade in fent. Plus now carf. is hitting the streets….

          • Sorry, George… still nobody else’s problem. If people want to take drugs, good – bad – or indifferent, they must live with the consequences in their own bodies. Prohibition by government simply adds more misery, cost and destruction of society on so many levels. It most certainly does not stop people from using drugs!

            All of the scare stories and hype from the prohibitionists does, however, encourage the general population to continue to cry out for that government to “do something.” And so, the real destroyer of society continues.

      • If the money was there real fully auto AK’s from Africa and the ME would start flowing into Mexico then walking across our non existent southern boarder. But luckily we have legal semiauto’s which keep that from happening. Take those away and watch a new black market emerge.

        • Already happening and has been for decades. Back in the 1970’s Miami was machine-gun murder central. None of the guns were legal. All imported by cartels.


          Full auto AK’s, actual RPG-7’s… just look at the LA gun buyback.

          They’ve picked up at least one RPG with multiple reloads.

        • This is a reply to Strych9:
          I’d want to see a link to a news article about an actual functional RPG7 or any other launcher that was turned in at a buyback. All I’ve found are a few sensationalist articles about expended single use tubes like ATS-4s and one single use MANPAD launcher being turned in at buybacks in LA and Seattle, respectively. Nothing about reusable launchers and missiles or functional rocket grenades being turned in.

          Surprised no one called EOD out for the demilled launchers that were turned in, frankly.

        • Also in response to strych9. The reputation for Miami being the machine gun murder capital of the world came largely from the TV show “Miami Vice.” At one point the impressions given to watchers of that show were so pervasive that dialog from the show was quoted on the floor of the House of Representatives as factual reasons in support of gun control.

      • And for PeterZ – That and the 625 reported murders in 1981. I say reported because that doesn’t count probably 3-400 more people who just got whacked and dropped in the ocean or everglades. I lived there then. It was dangerous as hell.

  2. Now we have two nations experiments proving beyond question that when guns are outlawed, criminals will still have guns.

    • “Now we have two nations experiments proving beyond question that when guns are outlawed, criminals will still have guns.”

      True, and a wise person once said-“The definition of stupid is doing the same thing twice expecting different results”.

      A politician will demand MORE anti gun laws because- “But we must do SOMETHING…..”

      Forrest Gump’s Mom-“Stupid is as stupid does.”

      • I’m sure that the Liberals via the RCMP have more restrictions they’d like to apply to gun owners, and this will help them out with all their excuses. I’m more than a little annoyed that the Kriss is in one of those photos- they may decide it’s too dangerous for licensed gun owners and ban it.

      • But they _are_ expecting the same results. The disconnect is that the desired results have nothing to do with reduction in crime, but rather increased state power.

    • From the motion picture “Mc Q”. People are so stupid. If they look at Australia, they’d know better.

  3. Is it just me or does the machining on that mac and suppressor look pretty nice. The mac even has lettering on the side so you know what it is

  4. It’s always a little amusing to me that some people are shocked at the idea of a homemade gun. After all guys in the Middle East with little to no modern machine technology have been making homemade guns out of junk since at least the Soviet era.

    And you know I recall watching a documentary about the illegal gun trade. Must have been a year or so ago. A major part of this trade involved guns produced in small remote shops in multiple nations. A lot of those guys were producing guns that were amount as nice as anything you’d get from a smaller gun maker. And more to the point a lot of those guns did end up go going to the US. Now that got me to thinking… I wonder how many of recovered crime guns are guns are resold guns from the commercial market and how many of them are being made in clandestine shops here in the US. Something tells me it’s at least statistically significant.

  5. Unintended consequence of a gun ban:
    If all guns (or all handguns) are illegal, the illegal guns made for illegal purposes are going to be mostly full auto.

  6. Thus again proving the adage you can get illegal guns in the same place you can get illegal drugs.

  7. And my online liberal friends will continue to insist that criminals would never manufacture guns, because there’s no money in it.

  8. Once they manage to ban guns the penalties will become life in prison and enforcement will become draconian.

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