Bailey Nielsen AR-15 Idaho
Charles Nielsen, 58, and his 11-year-old granddaughter, Bailey Nielsen, testify before a House panel at the Idaho Statehouse on Monday. Feb. 24, 2020 in Boise, Idaho. Visitors to Idaho 18 and older who can legally possess firearms would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun within city limits under legislation that headed to the House on Monday, Feb. 24. (AP Photo/Keith Ridler)
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The great 2020 Virginia Gun Rights Rally last month has shown that pushing back twice as hard against gun control gets results. America’s gun owners turned out in Virginia and they brought their guns to make their point. Now, an 11-year-old girl has done the same in an Idaho statehouse hearing.

Bailey Nielsen, 11, accompanied by her grandfather, testified before an Idaho House panel today.

And her completely lawful visit garnered national news coverage.  Because the mainstream media loves sensationalism. From the AP:

An 11-year-old girl toting a loaded AR-15 assault weapon appeared Monday at a legislative hearing with her grandfather, who is supporting a proposal that would allow visitors to Idaho who can legally possess firearms to carry a concealed handgun within city limits.

Charles Nielsen addressed the committee that voted to send the legislation to the full House as Bailey Nielsen stood at his side with the weapon slung over her right shoulder, but did not say anything.

“Bailey is carrying a loaded AR-15,” Charles Nielsen told lawmakers. “People live in fear, terrified of that which they do not understand. She’s been shooting since she was 5 years old. She got her first deer with this weapon at 9. She carries it responsibly. She knows how not to put her finger on the trigger. We live in fear in a society that is fed fear on a daily basis.”

He said Bailey was an example of someone who could responsibly handle a gun, and lawmakers should extend that to non-residents.

“When they come to Idaho, they should be able to carry concealed, because they carry responsibly,” he said. “They’re law-abiding citizens. It’s the criminal we have to worry about.”

It didn’t take long for the AP story to find snowflakes melting with their bigotry. The Boston Globe reprinted the photo and the AP wire story and it met with a cornucopia of comments welcoming rich and diverse points of view.

Just kidding. The Globe’s readers hated this little girl.

Like “JohnnyCash,” the very first to comment at the Boston Globe:

JohnnyCash 2/24/20 – 1:12PM
Not a state I want to visit where 11 year-olds walk around with machine guns

Who was it that said it’s better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt?

Then comment #2 at the Boston Globe from “Slack:

Slack 2/24/20 – 2:01PM
I agree, but technically, it’s not fully automatic so it’s not a machine gun, but yeah, the gun porn loving ammosexuals are just salivating over this photo and story. It’s a weapon of war and can slaughter scores of people in seconds, which is what it was designed to do because the Army long ago came to the conclusion that most soldiers are lousy shots. So a lightweight small caliber, low recoil, high muzzle velocity weapon that can put a lot of lead on a target in seconds was their solution. Also, the wounds these weapons of war cause, because of the tumbling action of high muzzle velocity, small caliber projectiles that turn human flesh and bone into splinter filled hamburger, are much worse than bullets from other types of weapons, deadly enough in their own right. Just ask any big hospital trauma surgeon the difference.

“Gun porn loving ammosexuals?” Ad hominem much, Slack?

And leave it to another Boston Globe reader to offer a racist bigotry angle to her criticisms of a responsible 11-year-old girl!

user_3838045 2/24/20 – 1:45PM
““I stand here before you today as a mother and grandmother who has had to use a firearm to defend their child,” Zito said. She said two men once approached her vehicle with her daughter inside. “Even though I didn’t have to pull the trigger, just the fact that they could see it, and they knew that I had it, was the determining factor,” Zito said.”

What actually happened: two innocent brown people walked near her. She pulled the gun and they ran, because who wants to be shot by a crazy gun nut?

Can you spell ‘psychological projection‘? So much for welcoming diversity when it comes to people who hate guns with a visceral passion.



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  1. She’s a horrible person and her whole family needs to be rounded up and imprisoned because she stood there and harmed nobody.

    James Thomas Hodgkinson, however is a brave, complicated soul simply angered by the various injustices in the world and needs our love more than our punishment.

    If grandpa said she was a boy last week until the HRT treatments she’d be brave again.

      • Are you really a sane person? You must stay in your home day after day and not go out. You are probably hypnotized and glued to your TV. Don’t make any comments until you are mentally competent.

    • The question is not, “Is she a killer?” The question is, “Is she a murderer?”

      Gun grabbers and hoplophobes have a great deal of difficulty separating those two concepts.

      She seems to have been raised well by decent people so the idea that she might be an 11 year old murderer in hiding is ludicrous.

      But if you want to know for sure if she’s a killer, try something with her or her Grand-dad and I suspect you will find the answer.

      • This young women is setting a great example of the only way we will remain a free and powerful country is through our personal firearms.

  2. I wonder how many of the criminals that are shooting people everyday had a grandfather (or father) that took an interest in them like this fellow and his granddaughter.

    • Answer. Not many. The Welfare Industrial Complex created by the Libertarians Liberals and the Left replaced the father with government $$$ and replaced his guns. With the guns of a big city police department.
      The three L’s said a father was not necessary to raise children.

        • The Atheist Libertarians disagreed with the Christians, when they said a father is necessary to help raise children. You are not being honest with yourself and the pubic.

        • I agree with excedrine. Libertarians are not the enemy. I would argue they are the only ones being consistent when it comes to the application of freedom. Want an AR? No problem. Want to marry someone of the same sex? No problem. The rest of you are just half right and half hypocrites. That said, I hope Trump wins.

        • fyi
          To justify homosexual marriage in their minds. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left all said a father is not necessary to raise children. That is a fact. They said it. Just as Beto the fake hispanic said “hell yes will take your AR15s and AK 47s.
          Neither of you can ever take back what you said.

          I don’t care if gay people get married. As long as they don’t force a church to marry them. Or force others to support them in business. Freedom is a very mess and great thing. I love it.

          The problem is the three L’s are hypocrite pigs on the issue of marriage. I supported plural marriage. They didn’t.

          I’m sure the father and his three or four wives will make sure his children all know about guns and how to use them safely.
          The same can’t be said for children who have no father.

        • You’re still knowingly lying about Libertarians, and you know it. That is a fact, and that is a fact because Libertarians never at any pint said that fathers are not necessary to raise children. You are not being honest with yourself or the public yourself.

          Stop trying to lecture people who very clearly know better than you do.

  3. “My daughter died because of a teen with an AR 15. You should be in jail.”
    No, Fred, your kid died because too many people ignored the killer for too long and a taxpayer paid individual balked when the time came. The killer is in jail but that’s not good enough for you nor enough of a deterrent it seems. Armed response works better and faster on these loons and that’s a policy we need to get behind.

    Sorry for your loss but put your anger and energy into correcting what really failed and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Attacking a guy whose daughter died in a shooting is a bad look. Just ignore him.

      Let’s not do that. Let’s show normies that we are responsible gun owners.

      • Just because your daughter died doesn’t give you immunity from criticism. Screw anyone that’s trying to take away our rights.

        • And another +10 on top of that.

          None of us did anything to his daughter and her death in not something we should be chastised for nor have to suffer because of.

          And for the record, her killer, despite constant warning signs, purchased his weapon legally.

        • The term is absolute moral authority. It generally starts something like… ” As a (insert protected race, gender, sexual preference, etc) ” and then make your non-point. An contrary views to your non-point are attacked as an assault on whatever protected class you decide to hide behind today. The protected class can be as valid or invalid as you want. Take it from me. I’m a trans member of the all black albino lgbtxyz community and I should know what I’m talking about.

      • -1

        GS650G has struck just the right note. His was not an ad hominem attack. It was a challenge and alternative to the statement, followed with a conciliatory note.

        Being a victim does not grant super logical powers. Nor does it merit gravitas to take the rights of others. Tyranny by the victim is still tyranny. It’ll rest no less heavily on you because it came from a sympathetic pleader.

        • This guy Fred Gutberg will fade away and no one will remember him. The Left uses people and then discards them. He’ll be a memorable as the “Camp Casey” mom who camped out W’s house for months. No one on the Left cares about her now.

        • Well hell, didn’t Hitler say that the German people were victims??? Your logic and statement are quite sound sir !

      • People in their grief will confuse vengeance for justice and will not care how many innocent people are caught up in their (self) righteous crusade.

      • Ok so we’ll do it your way and when he succeeds in using his position as a victim to take our rights and property we will still say hands off?

        Nope. I sympathize with his loss but his political movements are in bounds.

      • We have always done that. We are fed up. No matter what we do, it’s seen as a threat. The time for playing nice has come and gone. The threat to our rights is real and without show of force using logic, NOT EMOTION, it will be taken away.

        Be responsible and stand your ground. Fuck his emotions.

    • I, myself, wish this never happend to you & your daughter or anything similar, to anyone else. Yet, I am not god. In this world, we have The Magnolia Problem: This happens. This is something that happens.

      There may be lots of ways to cut back on people doing violence to others. For me, until we show we have cut way further back on feral people’s feral behavior, I, myself, won’t take away peaceful people’s tools.

  4. That girl is the victim of child abuse by parents who have had their minds twisted by evil politics.

    A few sessions at a Drag Queen Library Time and the damage will be undone.

    Because the kids deserve protection from the follies of adults.

    • We have all these guns, but drag queen story hour still happens. What’s the point of the 2nd amendment if we’re being invaded by Mexicans and out homosexuals in drag in close proximity to kids?

      Yes, I’m pro-2A. But these cuckservatives are getting rolled on by the left, and they do nothing. They shout “I’m not racist” as the left destroys every last bit of society. People cheering on an 11 yo girl open carrying an AR15 is just sad. Because deep down, we all know this is stupid.

      All you guns won’t stop college from turning your daughter into a THOT.

      • “When they came for the flag, they burned it. When they came for my religion, they defiled it. When they came for the women, I stood by. When they came for my kids, I held the door open. When they came for my money, I handed it over. When they replaced me at my job, I blamed myself.”

        The logical conclusion of When They Came For My Guns, is……

        • Yes. We need to everything in our power to keep our guns. They already pushed homosexuality on us. They already destroyed the church. Guns are the last thing we have left! We need to save them!

          Therefore, we need to use strategies that WORK.

          An 11 year old open carrying an AR 15 is not going over well with normal people. How are you unable to understand nuance? Ok boomer.

        • @ Both Redflagrising and Responsible Father everyone who read your comments is now stupider for doing such. Both of you are why we need both common sense free speech control and common sense reproduction control. Both your names are oxymorons but that is to be expected here.

        • ” not going over well with normal people ”

          Are you suggesting that those of us who are OK with this are not normal? I’m getting a strong whiff of Bloomberg shit here with “average people shouldn’t have guns.”

        • Hit me with your purse, Billhilly.

          Or, do you call it a satchel?

          Calling for an end to the 1st Amendment to protect the 2nd is so, PROGRESSIVE of you.

          Because you cannot understand the meaning of the words, you want them banned.

        • What a bunch of idiots. Not only did you fail to grasp the sarcasm through an attempt to shut you the fuck up, but you continue to make zero sense. Seriously, no sarcasm, shut the fuck up. Both of you confused morons.

  5. Ummm…I dunno what to quip. I’m in the “I will not comply” camp but I’m not using my 11year old granddaughter(I have one)as a prop. Besides his dad(my son)is an ex-Army fudd. By any means necessary? It may come to that…especially in ILLinois Mr. Boch.

    • Charles Nielsen was using his daughter as a prop?

      …or perhaps, more importantly, he’s teaching her (1) the value of civics and engaging in her local community, (2) how to responsibly handle a gun, and (3) to become a truly strong woman/adult who respects those around her. And all without any need of SJWs telling her she’s being oppressed because of her X chromosome.

      The Nielsens earn my Heroes Of The Week award.

      • You’re a putz haz been…she’s prop. Are you telling me she understands all the politics at play?!? Let her grow up before you subject her to the vile left…

        • Yes, she is being used as a prop to show that guns are not dangerous by themselves and/or in hands of responsible people. But I think that even at 11 she understands that leftists want to take her rifle away. Not much nuance there.

        • @former,

          Something tells me she’s not your average 11-yr-old, and under the guidance of her grandfather (and likely her parents) is much more cognizant of her world around her than you wish to acknowledge.

          She’s apparently being raised as 11-yr-olds were for millennia, being prepared for entrance into the adult world. If you place low expectations on people, former, they might meet them. But if you place those expectations higher and show the rewards involved, they’ll reach higher to meet them. That’s what makes a good parent (or grandparent) so valuable. You can’t speak of all the ills in the world, former, and then also lambast someone who’s doing something to teach the next generation how to fix them.

          I stand firm in my earlier statement that the Nielsens are role models.

        • “I stand firm in my earlier statement that the Nielsens are role models.”

          Damn straight

          And we need to find more and put them out there for the world to see.

          Here’s a European attempt to do just that :

          “Meet Naomi Seibt – The 19-Year-Old, Blond Antidote To Greta Thunberg”

          She makes her US debut at CPAC later this week…

    • “I’m in the “I will not comply” camp but I’m not using my 11year old granddaughter(I have one)as a prop.”

      All’s fair in love of country and the war on our civil rights, I say.

      The Leftists have taught us a very valuable lesson, thanks to kids like Greta and her scrunched-up pouting-face. A passionate cute kid gets *noticed*.

      It’s high time we start using the effective tactics the Leftists are using on us. We need to make a serious effort to find and promote these kids and give them *lots* of publicity as they preach “The Gospel of Gun Rights”… 🙂

    • Think of it this way: If he had done it alone, what would the outcome be? But by showcasing a smarter mind at 11 than liberals in their 70’s, he’s just proved all their bullshit to be irrelevant. There is no such thing as “using” in this context. Teaching would be the word that best described it… and the liberals are all kinds of flustered because of it. This 11 year old has more discipline than 99% of kids her age, and it’s because of parenting. Nothing more. Nothings less. Time to start putting some lawmakers in timeout.

  6. This should be the perfect example of “gun safety.” Caring, invested adults instructing kids how to be responsible, safe, and proficient with a gun. As they demonstrate their responsibility, they are rewarded with trust, but note she is still being chaperoned by the adult, not running around a mall pointing the gun at people.

    They see only the gun, gun equals evil, inappropriate to be seen in polite company or around a child, so this girl is equivalent of every gang member or disturbed teen murderer. Gun = bad. Instead, it is the person behind the gun, and their character, and in this case, the people behind the person with the gun that matter.

    The difference in the Parkland murderer was a disturbed, wounded young person who was already committing violence and abuse to those around him, lashing out seemingly without boundaries and neither loving family keeping him in line, nor school or law enforcement drawing the line on his unacceptable behavior. The best they could do is fear him, which only empowered him more.

  7. For clarification, It is people violence, there is no such thing as gun violence.
    When I was 12 years of age, I walked through my town with a 22 rifle. The police pulled up and asked “Going hunting”? I replied “yes” and they wished me good luck.

    Our grade school had shooting range in the basement where parents could sign up children for gun safety and marksmanship classes. No accidental discharges, no one shooting each other, nothing happened.

    Don’t blame guns, blame irresponsible parents for their phobia concerning an object that will never hurt anyone without human intervention. .

      • Why? Is there some reason you think it’s dangerous to carry an AR fully loaded? Because I don’t think so. If he said it was loaded, my assumption would be that it was loaded. Every time. And I would have zero problem with that.

  8. but its okay for an 12 year old to have his parents allow him to have an sex change, this young lady probably has more time behind her rifle than 90% of LE

    • LOL Parents allow? That’s a good one. When the left controls the school system and the courts, the kids will decide and the parents will obey.

      Clark* first found out that his 12-year-old daughter Maxine was being treated as a boy by her school when he saw her new name in her class’s grade seven yearbook. “Flynn”* was the new name her counselor had helped her pick out, and Maxine’s school district in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, had decided that “Flynn” should be treated, for all intents and purposes, as a boy.

      Maxine’s counselors at school were of a different mind. They referred Maxine and her mother, Sarah, to a “Dr.” Wallace Wong — a psychologist and LGBT activist who predictably decided that Maxine should be referred to a children’s hospital for testosterone injections when she was only 13. Not to be outdone, the children’s hospital asked Maxine’s parents for permission to begin injecting Maxine with testosterone on her very first visit. Clark said no and refused to sign.

      From the middle of August until October, the hospital worked Clark over, trying to get his consent. When he finally refused, the hospital dropped a bombshell threat: simply put, they declared that they didn’t need Clark’s or Sarah’s permission for that matter.

      Keeping leftists out of power isn’t just for 2A protections.

  9. This stupid- stop using children for political purposes. This, Greta… I don’t like it.

    An 11 year old GIRL is too young to have an AR15. Normal people think open carry is cringe. An 11 year old girl open carrying in a government building is an easy target for the antis.

    This is counterproductive to keeping 2A rights.

    • Responsible gun owners don’t let 11 year olds open carry AR15s.

      Sometimes I wonder is stuff like this is a false flag to take all our guns away. Stop trying normalize fat people open carrying. The VA rally was an optics disaster. My wife asked me “why are all the fat people walking around with guns?”

      Just because the left has Greta telling you eat bugs and live in a pod, doesn’t mean we should use child soldiers as well.

        • No- public demonstrations need attractive people to be … effective.

          Why are you unable to deal with nuance?

          The same thing happened with the alt right. Once people saw LARPy demonstrations of fat people wearing plastic Nazi uniforms, normal people were like: “nah”.

    • She’s responsible enough to carry this rifle while hunting, then she’s responsible enough to carry it anywhere. It’s not for you to say otherwise.

      • Yes. It is for me to say letting an 11 year old girl open carry an AR 15 is RETARDED.

        Open carrying in public is retarded. Using children as political props is retarded.

        Do you think she’s old enough to drive? To drink alcohol? I guess I’m a FUDD now for thinking this is bad optics and irresponsible.

        • I open carried firearms in my young teenage days while in the company of my father. It is perfectly appropriate while supervised.

          In Arizona 14 year olds can legally transport unloaded firearms unsupervised to and from the range.

        • Your statement might be arguable if it were an 11-yr-old acting without prior training or supervision. However, she was in the presence of her grandfather, and has been shooting with the AR most of her life. Even successfully hunted a deer.

          She’s being trained in gun responsibility.

        • There are several hundred countries you can choose from if you don’t want citizens, young and old, carrying weapons. Please get out of mine.

        • Whoa, now. In AZ, just how does an unsupervised 14-year-old GET to and from the range, with or without a gun?

    • This just shows how deep have we fallen. “Open carry is cringe, GIRL with a rifle is a false flag attack on RTKBA, only pretty young people should be seen protesting armed.”

      This so called nuance got us in the hole in which we are now. “God forbid we might offend some snowflake’s sensibilities! Hide your shameful guns, become the gray man and pretend there are no gun owners left. Maybe the vicious gun grabbers leave us alone then.” Fat chance.

      This kind of thinking is why the left feels like the time is ripe for big push for final gun grab. Why even presidential hopefuls don’t even pay lip service to support of the 2A anymore and openly race each other, in who will come with the most egregious infringements.

      We need to get the news out:
      – guns are normal part of life
      – gun owners are normal people
      – disarming of the populace will not make anyone safer (except for criminals) but it will make us completely vulnerable and defenseless against power hungry assholes.

      I want my cake back!

    • ” Normal people think open carry is cringe ”

      More “normal people” shit. What makes you or anyone else think that being afraid of guns is normal? In my world, it works the other way around — fear of a lump of metal and wood or plastic is neurotic as hell and way outside the boundaries of what is normal.

      So what if she’s 11 years old. The rifle was slung over her shoulder, muzzle down. Grandpa was standing right there next to her. She wasn’t waving it around and screaming threats. There was no danger. There wasn’t even cause for mild concern. And yet all the gun grabbers are shitting their pants over the mere sight of that assaulty-looking thing in the room. OK, millenials, whose the not-normal in this picture?

      • I open carry because they cringe. The last time I checked, feelings and emotions were the start of bad decisions. Like marriage. So of course I want to share it with them. It just sits there. Hell, I see more people with fake “service dogs” that are a bigger threat than my open carry. Non disciplined untrained muts. But somehow an inanimate object is more of a threat in public?

        I used to think open carry rifles was dumb… but the truth is, it’s one of the only things that will help.

    • “This stupid- stop using children for political purposes. This, Greta… I don’t like it.”

      The Leftists have proven it *works*, and we are stupid to not use effective tools in our toolbox.

      You go, Bailey! 🙂

  10. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I love this image. Something about those government types gazing upon an 11 year-old girl knowing she could take them all out in seconds kinda gives me the warm and fuzzies. Talk about talking truth to power, that’s truth to power, and the basic underlying principle of the 2nd Amendment, though usually not laid out this clearly.

    • OK internet Nietzsche. This girl is literally being used as a child soldier. This is a bad look for gun owners and irresponsible.

      Responsible gun owners lock up their guns. Does keeping my guns in a safe make me a FUDD? This will follow this girl the rest of her life through google.

      I let my high school age daughter shoot a 22 off a bench under my close supervision. I didn’t let her open carry an AR15 when she was in the 4th grade.

      You probably watch too much (((TV))).

    • “but I love this image. Something about those government types gazing upon an 11 year-old girl knowing she could take them all out in seconds kinda gives me the warm and fuzzies.”

      That sounds like the same emotional motivation as Dylan Klebold or Dylan roof or any one of dozens of other mass shooters, sick and tired of being sick and tired.

      If you get your jollies by outraging the straight people, I have concerns about your psychological and emotional stability.

      The point of lobbying your lawmakers for your point of view is persuasion, not outrage or bullying.

      And employing an 11-year-old, armed with a loaded A.R. 15 is nothing but shamless child abuse, enlisting your granddaughter as a child soldier is not a virtue.

      But go ahead, if ego gratification is more important than securing our constitutional rights, carry-on!

      • Child soldier? The kids in Africa that have been shredded in real wars as forced child soldiers really appreciate your racist ass comparing a first world white girl to them.

        And since when were you anything but against our rights? You’re a racist sham of a hypocrite. But since you support the rich white folk like bernie, bloomie and the clintons I’m not surprised.

        • You mean rich white folks like these:

          “President Donald Trump on Saturday night will headline the most expensive fundraiser of his presidency at the Palm Beach, Florida, home of billionaire Nelson Peltz, two Republicans familiar with the event said.
          About 40 attendees are expected to join the President at the exclusive event after doling out more than a half-million dollars per couple, one Republican familiar with the event said. The Washington Post first reported on the fundraiser.
          The event is expected to raise more than $10 million for Trump Victory, the joint fundraising committee benefiting Trump’s reelection campaign, the Republican National Committee and 11 state Republican parties, after each couple donates the $580,600 price of entry.”

        • miner/vlad. No response other than to say that patriotic Americans are attempting to keep the best president in generations in office? How much has bloomberg and soros spent trying to unseat him?

          Your silly ass statement about ‘child soldiers’ racist as it was can’t be defended?

      • to miner
        You would be happier with this 11 year old with a sextoy correct? Like the women at Austin Tx.
        I know the Left is VERY CONCERNED about the sex education of children for more reason. But not about a civil rights education.

      • “If you get your jollies by outraging the straight people, I have concerns about your psychological and emotional stability.”

        That’s another good point you just made, ‘miner’! I fully agree!

        So when your Leftist buddies push their outrageous crap on us, like permanent sex-reassignment surgery on pre-pubecent children, the one ones with the problem are *YOU*!… 😉

  11. To leftists, this is child abuse. But somehow pumping an 11 year old full of hormones and letting them permanently disfiguring their body isn’t. The left has become completely sick, twisted, and unhinged.

    • Maybe both are bad? Have you considered that?

      Yeah- having an 11 year old cut off their junk to be part of some (((experiment))) is bad enough… but I wouldn’t let my middle school daughter open carry an AR15. I do let her shoot a 22 under close supervision. Does that make me a FUDD?

      This irresponsible gun owner is going to make them pass laws saying children can’t even touch guns until they are 18.

      Seriously, you (((TTAG))) “people of the gun” are retarded.

      • FUDD. Children all develop at different rates. Obviously dudes granddaughter is ahead of your slow ass kid and you’re projecting. It’s not a race bro.

      • Well, I think you should have that right, but don’t get all uppity and tell me I don’t. Some 11 year olds are very mature and compsed and understand the isses. They are responsible with arms and take it very seriously. Sounds like perhaps you kid isn’t. That’s fine, we all develop differently and at a different pace. I am comfortable with my 11 yr old (then now 13) shooting my .300 suppressed SBR.

      • ” I wouldn’t let my middle school daughter open carry an AR15. I do let her shoot a 22 ”

        What’s the point? What’s the difference? Both are the (roughly) same caliber. You load them both, pull the trigger on each one, they both go bang. Only difference is the recoil. So you let her handle one, but not the other.

        Looks to me like you have a nasty case of virtue signalling.

  12. I love this quote.
    “Gun porn loving ammosexuals”

    I’m going to proudly make it mine!

    I am a proud gun porn loving ammosexual!

  13. 1) She’s being used as a prop. That’s not the same as the people that use their children as a tool like Greta, to try and scold people about something, but if you attempt to argue back you’re a terrible human being for being mean to a child. Those people are using children as a human shield to try and hide their worthless arguments behind, because they can’t be defending by logic, reason or evidence.

    This young girl is being used as a demonstration showing that one doesn’t have to be a 20-year veteran tier double-secret-zero operator to safely carry a firearm without accidentally massacring every living person within a mile of you, and that the mere proximity to a firearm doesn’t turn an “impressionable young mind” into a psycho killer.

    Any argument against the display can and should be directed at the grandfather. Unlike with the Greta’s of the world, he’s the one standing up and making the case – not sending her out to do his work while he cowers behind her.

    • “This young girl is being used as a demonstration showing that one doesn’t have to be a 20-year veteran tier double-secret-zero operator to safely carry a firearm”

      This demonstration act in no way shows that the girl is schooled in proper firearm safety, there was no demonstration of proper gun handling and the fact it was loaded for a non-shooting purpose is another violation of gun rules.

    • “1) She’s being used as a prop. That’s not the same as the people that use their children as a tool like Greta, to try and scold people about something,…”

      Yes, it is.

      What’s good for the metaphorical goose, is good for the gander.

      All’s fair in love of country, and the war on inalienable civil rights. Fuck ’em.

      Game on! 😉

  14. This is what “growing up around guns” means. One of my most treasured memories is the day my dad took me to some vacant land (this was a long time ago) and taught me to shoot. Learning about guns, learning how to shoot, is a life changing experience that is personally empowering in ways that most other life experiences are not.

      • I think so, too. Learning about guns, shooting and hunting is empowering to her in ways that the snowflakes her granddad was addressing will never understand. She probably terrified them because what she represents is the gigantic cultural gulf that separates People Of The Gun from them.

  15. I’m glad this grandfather did this with his granddaughter. It’s so American! I’m glad he’s standing up for the rights of visitors to his state whether they be relatives or strangers. I’m glad he’s inculcating the American values of fairness and civic duty in this child. If only more parents would do so! When I taught my youngest daughter to shoot at age six I would have trusted her with a gun more than most adults. And, by the way, how many 11 yr old girls have gone on a shooting rampage in the history of ever? People need to grow up and mature. But, apparently, that’s too difficult.

  16. Boy, a lot of people on here making ASSumptions about this girl’s involvement in this.
    Maybe, just maybe, Grandad said “I’m going to the courthouse to speak my displeasure about a gun bill” and granddaughter spoke up and asked “can I go….and can I bring my rifle?”. I have an 11yo myself and it’s REALLY easy for me to see this scenario play out in my head because of how I’m raising my kids.

    • Exactly. And thank you. When kids like your daughter showed up in my classes as adult college students the difference between them and most urban snowflakes could not have been greater. Typically, they had confidence that they could take care of themselves. That’s what good upbringing accomplishes.

  17. Sooooo … the loaded gun there and nobody harmed demonstrated that it’s gunner, not the gun, and that even an 11 year old kid can *not* shoot up even annoying legicritters, layed out like targets at a carnival booth?

    • Well, if you gotta be as grown-up as an 11-year-old to handle a gun safely, explains why the anti-people think nobody can do it.

  18. “Assault Weapon”??? I have my doubts that this little girl is likely to “assault” anybody. It would be different if she had a sharpened plastic “Assault Knife” from the school cafeteria or an “Assault Baseball Bat”…. So, it’s not an “Assault Weapon” …it’s just a gun. My daughters, at her age, were pretty handy with guns but, never “Assaulted” anyone.
    Remember this: the average I.Q. is 100. That means that roughly half of the population falls at or, below the average and, half at or above. Sub 100 ranges from severely disabled to …not particularly bright. Seems like many of the “Sub 100’s” are irresistibly attracted to public office (democrats in particular) and, the rest believe what they say. Hey! Vote Bernie! He’s as stupid as the rest of them.

  19. “the wounds these weapons of war cause, because of the tumbling action of high muzzle velocity, small caliber projectiles that turn human flesh and bone into splinter filled hamburger, are much worse than bullets from other types of weapons” Where did this notion ever come from?

    • It’s one of those “repeated often enough that it becomes true” tropes. Drives me crazy. On a few occasions, someone has said that to me in person and I’ve challenged them to find ten survivors of an upper torso shot with 5.56×45 and ten survivors of an upper torso shot with 7.62×51 and interview them to see who’s wounds were worse. They never get the point.

    • It was common knowledge in the 1960s, right along with the fact that M16s fired triangular bullets. Amazing. Where the shit came from, I never discovered.

  20. I noticed the tweet from Fred Guttenberg, the Parkland grandstander. Why does he not object to the armed school resource Deputy who cowered in the parking lot while he waited for the shooting to stop?

  21. My daughter is just now old enough to vote, and will be accompanying me to the polls this year. Being a precocious child, she could talk politics, religion, math, science, shooting, ornithology, dendrology, literature, etc. with adults, from a young age. She was popping spinners with her grandfather’s Buck Mark at the above young lady’s age, and recently led her school archery team to victory at their first ever match, where she was awarded for being the top female shooter. She is more level-headed than most adults I know. I would not hesitate to have her accompany me in such a manner to such an event as the above article describes.

    Any naysayers would simply be protesting out of ignorance of the facts and out of their preconceived notions, good or bad. I suspect this was a spectacular civics lesson for the young lady. If we, as parents, don’t teach our kids to be responsible, level-headed, civic-minded, thoughtful citizens, then they will learn, well, other stuff.

  22. Don’t like using kids as props when the antis do it, and I don’t like it here. More importantly, I think this will have the very OPPOSITE effect on the voting middle as intended.

  23. I think this is awesome, she has been shooting since she was 5 years old and killed her first deer at 9, just awesome!! I think we need more grandfathers and fathers (granddaddys and daddys) like this. I have two daughters, 18 and 20, they started shooting at maybe 8, 9 or 10 years old. They both got a rifle, a Ruger 10/22, on their 16th. birthday. There were some people that just couldn’t believe they got a gun at 16, my response was “yeah, I know right, they should have had one 10 years sooner”. At Christmas, when they were 18, they both got S&W M&P .22 Pistols. I got a .410 single shot at 7 years old for Christmas, I squirrel and rabbit hunted with it….the next Christmas at 8 years old, I got a 12ga. pump that I deer hunted with. None of these guns I’ve spoken of above has ever harmed a single person, I’ve never even heard one of them talk about hurting any person. signed: LEO for 26 years to present.

  24. This is what happens when a country has too much freedom. Children are brainwashed into thinking that guns are okay. They are not. Guns are a danger not only to the bearer but also to everyone else in the vicinity. This country is headed in a very dangerous direction. Do you think Venezuela would allow a child to carry a gun? You laugh at Venezuela but there is no gun crime there. This country has high crime because of the proliferation of guns. Stop guns and you stop crime. Bernie has a solution. Read it .

    • Hmm, trying to decide if your tongue is in your cheek, or if some other, um, anatomical anomaly has occurred. Saw Hancock do it once. Anyhow, we don’t laugh at Venezuela, we sympathize with its people, because of what folks like Bernie’s heroes did there.

  25. It my conspiracy theory that the three L’s wanted the father replaced in the home and the mother married to the government. To prevent children from learning from the father and his wisdom. It’s about controlling the next generations.

    “Inside the Life of 16-Year-Old Shooter Katie Francis | Women and Guns” 5 minute long video

      • same as above

        The Atheist Libertarians disagreed with the Christians, when they said a father is necessary to help raise children. You are not being honest with yourself and the pubic.

        • *ACTUAL* Libertarians believe the government should defend our shores, build our roads, and stay the hell out of our lives. Period. Anything like you are discussing has no place with them.

        • No, it’s the same as I’ve said above.

          You’re still knowingly lying about Libertarians, and you know it. That is a fact, and that is a fact because Libertarians never at any pint said that fathers are not necessary to raise children. You are not being honest with yourself or the public yourself.

          Stop trying to lecture people who very clearly know better than you do.

  26. There is no reason an 11 year old girl needs to take a LOADED rifle to the courthouse. Since she’s not hunting, the only reason to have live ammo is in the event she needs to defend herself. Now that’s paranoia.

  27. It’s sad that children are sometimes killed in so called gun accidents and that is tragic. But it is not only children. A couple years ago in a sheriff’s office in California a deputy was killed by a gun shot to the chest by another officer showing and demonstrating his back up weapon. Most of us know that in order for that to have happened there needed to be a direct violation of the first 3 of the 4 rules of gun safety… otherwise that deputy would still be alive today. The common theme here is the lack of knowledge or of the failure to adhere to and obey the rules of gun safety. We take the time to teach everyone starting at a young age how to be safe around automobiles. It does not matter if you never intend to own or drive an automobile, it is just as important for you to know enough to look both ways before crossing the street, to know what the traffic light colors mean, to be able to gauge the speed of oncoming traffic to assess the danger, to know enough not to get into an automobile being operated by someone who is under the influence etc., etc.. So then why are we not also taking the time (and actually making it mandatory) that everyone, starting at a young age, learn these very important gun safety rules in the same way that we teach them to be safe around automobiles? A young boy whose friend invites him over to his home to show off his father’s gun because he figured out how to gain unauthorized access to his father’s gun has no idea of the danger he is placing himself in unless he has been taught the basic rules of gun safety.

  28. I just watched Midway USAs Gun Stories about the Owen Gun. A 16 year old australian boy on his own, designed and built the first prototype of a machine gun. He used parts from trash cans and a bicycle. Boys will do amazing wonderful things if you let them.
    If I was a teacher I would try and put this story in my lesson plan somewhere.

    The Australian Owen SMG, video 3 minutes long

  29. Excellent comments by Cliff H. Dan and some other fathers!
    Strong healthy parenting the way “God” intended it to be. Now let’s flip the coin and use an irresponsible parent and child plus guns, etc. True story that I assisted in an investigation of several stolen guns, true story. A stepfather is a vet with PTSD, very paranoid, has a frisky stepdaughter in high school that never learns responsible behaviors and likes to get attention from boys/males in school, so she starts skipping school and having alcohol parties at their rural home with boys. Eventually, the boys are curious about the large gun safe in the living room and start asking questions about how to open it. The step daughter knows the combination because her step dad, long ago, “hinted” what it was to her not thinking that she would figure it out. So she finally gives into the teen boys and they get the combination and open it up, take pics with the weapons together with alcohol beverages, then post them on FB! Ok, were talking hyper stupidity, fear, unaccountability, failure to educate his attention seeking daughter and yet underestimating, insulting her and giving her the combination is just stupid. I could break this down even further, but you fellas in the “know” already understand and I’m long winded, lol. Two weeks later, four of the boys return to the house at night with nothing more than a taser thinking they are going to rob this vet of his guns and tase him if necessary, lmao. Thank God no one was home or I’m sure all four boys would be dead today. I know one is already in prison at 18 for most of his life for murder with a stolen pistol. This boys biological father rejected him and his obese mother married a drug dealer. Dont need good fathers, mothers or mentors? My ass! So these dipshits luck out and get away with expensive guns that the party girl basically gave them and hide them at various places and one boy buried some in the earth to hide them and ruined them. Another two weeks go by and the local law already knows who took them and waits doing surveillance. Then they never notify the school or parents or pick them up in a safe place. They go to the school “SWAT” and apprehend three of the boys in class and then later the others. The principal is raving at me a few days later, because they “LE” jeopardised the safety of the school for so long and then confront them in class, which could have been a shootout and forced him to open the boys vehicles for searches!
    I had nothing to do with it, apologized and agreed with him, etc. I only handled follow up and assisted the detectives that kept coming up with zip on where the guns were stashed, because the boys made a pack not to talk. I had an angle from experience and contacts and it worked. I got all of them back and the others located within 12 hours. Ok, court comes, testifying, etc. They cook all but the one boy who cooperated with me and he still got spanked, plus heavy restitution. Are you curious about the stepdaughter? I sure was, but she was never charged with a single thing nor probation, never even seen her! I felt the system failed there. The vet was only concerned about the restitution and got so paranoid after the robbery that he actually up and moved. Three years later, three of a total of the five boys, one who’s mother was a stripper on drugs, who let her son drop out of school at 15 hooked on meth that he got from his mothers boyfriend. The 18 year old who later went to prison for a homicide over ten dollars in Rx drugs. Then the one who cooperated, he barely graduated and lost out on college, does more drugs, crime and jail, as his mother was “enabler and babied” the boy and consistantly undermined his father, who tried to intervene and help his son repeatedly. Dont know what happened to the rest involved, except the girl.
    What a waste of young lives.. It completely grieves me to the bone the entire time I worked with this case and to this very day. Ya know, I think that the little girl and her grandfather are going to be just fine. She’s getting the right kind of male attention and being educated and empowered by it, as a girl and a future grown woman.

    • Parenting is the most important job you will ever have. My kids go to a school that is consistently highly ranked in the state. When people see that, they think it’s the school, and in some cases it probably is. Well in this school, the teachers aren’t impressive at all. The main difference, in my opinion, is the students have parents that are very involved in their life. They also throw a ton of work on the students which helps weed out the riffraff pretty quickly. It’s easier to learn when you aren’t distracted by kids that have no respect for authority.

      It’s sad that democrats can’t figure this out. You don’t make the education system better by throwing money at it. Maybe they have figured it out, and they’re just buying off the teacher unions for votes, with promise of, you guessed it, more money!

  30. First I would like to say that, I’m very sure, this 11 year old girl had to get special permission to bring a weapon into the Statehouse. I know it has a magazine showing but, I’m also sure, it was not loaded because of security, legal, and safety reasons. Now, the AR-15 IS NOT AN ASSAULT WEAPON, IT’S NOT FULLY AUTOMATIC AND, BY DEFFINITION THE MILITARY DON’T EVEN CALL THE M-16 (which can be selectively chosen to be a fully automatic weapon) AN ASSAULT WEAPON. They refer to it as a SMALL ARM. The term ASSAULT weapon was coined in the lame stream media by anti-gun activists to instill fear in the hearts of their uneducated readers. Those of us that carried the M-16 have the education to know what is going on.

  31. I started my son and daughter both with Gun Safety/Gun Handling/Shooting at the age of 5. My son’s now in Law Enforcement, and my daughter runs her own home based business, both are responsible Gun Owners. Now, I’m working with my son’s children (12 and 10), my daughter’s kids are toddlers for a few more years, but they’ll come to Grandpa to, when it’s time. Kudos to both the girl and Grandpa, for teaching her proper care, safety, handling and use.

  32. What something CAN do is not the same as what it DOES do. And the limp wristed, panty wearing, functionally illiterate, need to learn this. The “evil black rifle” that sends warm rivers running down their legs at first sight, is used in less than one half of 1% of firearm murders in this country. Far, FAR more deaths come from the use of the automobile, the club, the knife, and the fist, than from the AR or AK. Bees kill more people than the “evil black rifle”. But, writing about cars, clubs, and bees…Just isn’t as sexy as writing about us “ammosexuals” and our “machine guns”. And, it just doesn’t fit their agenda.


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