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“Sorry, we were unable to approve the image you submitted. [Not shown] We will not approve any images that contain the following: ‘Violence, hatred, or cruelty to humans or animals, profanity obscenities or any type of death imagery.'” So sayeth Capital One, who sent the above text to Lou Hinge. Mrs. Hinge wanted to live the American dream (endless debt) by paying for stuff with a credit card showing her husband posing with a dead deer. Needless to say, this “Outrage of the Week” as the NRA calls Capital One’s decision (not the photo) has pissed off the hunting community but good. The story’s spread ’round the net faster than Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Another no-brainer: the NRA would like to point any of America’s 14.9 million hunters is free to slap their hunting photo on an NRA credit card, with one limitation . . .

For those NRA members who are interested, Mike Marcellin, Managing Director in NRA’s Office of the Treasurer, points out that, “NRA credit cards also offer the feature of allowing cardholders to personalize their cards with pictures—including hunting trophies.”  The card companies do ask that no blood be visible on the photo, however, so take a minute in any good photo-editing program and clean it up first. With these cards, you also support the NRA with each purchase. To learn more, please visit

Hunters who Photoshop. A T-shirt slogan is born!

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  1. As a hunter, a good tailgate or hero shot can have it’s place. But I’m careful as to where I might post it up and who might be seeing it. It’s not that I’m worried about offending people, I just don’t want to waste my time and photo on someone who isn’t into something like that. And I’m not about throwing shit in people’s faces either.
    A credit card though? And then for the NRA to say it’s ok w/ us, but please, no blood?! WTFIT?
    The whole thing, and both sides need to just shut up and move on to more important things.

    • This would have been a perfect opportunity for the NRA to bring humor and mock them. Instead we have the usual boring piousness. Take a hint from Colbert and make a joke for once, they might find that it is more (much more) effective.

  2. It’s ok to own shirts with little alligators on them, but not a credit card with a deer? Methinks the whole country has gone effing nuts.

  3. I wonder if Capital One would stop PETA from having a picture of skinned animal carcasses like PETA likes to use in alot of its banners ? PETA would attack Capital One and all the news agency would paint Capital One in a bad way… useful idiots.

  4. Capital One now wants to acquire Cabelas rather well-run credit card operation (part of the sell-off to Bass Pro). I hope we sportsmen and gun owners remember this if it happens.

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