Democrat Beto O'Rourke speaks during a campaign stop, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in San Antonio. O'Rourke announce Monday that he will run for Texas governor. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
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“We want to end school shootings, but we cannot do that by making false promises,” Abbott said.

Abbott also said he opposed “red flag” laws, saying that those laws “would deny lawful Texas gun owners their right to due process.”

O’Rourke, meanwhile, did not back away from comments that he made as a 2020 presidential candidate, in the wake of the racially motivated mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart in 2019, that he would seek to confiscate assault-style rifles such as AR-15s and AK-47s. But he said as governor, he would be “focused on what we can get done.”

He said that would include raising the age minimum to purchase such firearms to 21, implementing universal background checks and enacting “red flag” laws.

“This is the common ground,” he said, citing conversations with Republican and Democratic voters, as well as families of those slain in Uvalde.

— Eric Bradner in Abbott and O’Rourke clash over gun restrictions in lone Texas gubernatorial debate

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      • Who beto o’dork doesn’t consult are families of Holocaust victims, families of Jim Crow victims and families of victims who had no means of self defense and were subjected to unimaginable horror before leaving this earth. Uvaldie is another example of what defenseless people look like who place their security in the hands of Gun Control Rats like o’dork.

        Bottom line…The only people in favor of Gun Control are murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves, perverts, child molesters, tyrants and fools.

  1. This article much like the debate itself isn’t saying anything I didn’t already know but ok. There might still be someone somewhere living a a rock.

  2. Well lets see – Red flag laws go against Due Process so they are unconstitutional. Age limit has already been ruled by a federal judge to be unconstitutional. Background checks already in place. ” Do more to prevent school shootings” – Will not work when the schools do not follow security protocols that are in place. Maybe hold the schools liable for not following security measures, could be a start.

    • The next thing to go are background checks. They are Unconstitutional and ineffective at rooting out criminals. Criminals don’t buy from FFLs. Beto can KMA

  3. Everything that O’ROURKE is proposing has been tried and states like New York and California and has been a total failure and has not stopped any mass shooting or violence perpetrated by criminals with Firearms this is not about saving lives it is simply about control and always has been and always will be.

  4. Hell yeah I’ll shoot you! Come and take it Beto you nutless wonder! I didn’t even want an AR15 till you said you were going to take it. What if I shoot you with the pc40?

  5. “This is the common ground”
    O’Dourke wouldn’t know “common ground” if he stepped on it.
    It is apparent the common ground O’Dourke and others often speak of is already well tromped.

  6. I for one appreciate Butholio’s honesty. He makes it a simple choice for Texas voters. The same old worn out failing rhetoric or Freedom and Liberty as enumerated in the Constitution.

  7. Beta O’Dork is rapidly babbling his way toward total irrelevance. Good on ya, donkey teeth. All those big contributors from New York City and Sillycommie Valley are flushing their cash down the swirling porcelain convenience, and I’m loving it.

    Sure, the country is for sale, but it’s not cheap.

    • Sure, dems took the endorsements of the UAW and USW only to kill the projects that would have put them to work and send jobs to Mexico but maybe things will work out differently for the sheet metal guys.

      At the very least union leadership will be safe and fed.

  8. Beto is a prime example of stupidity in action. I have to wonder if dacian, the DUNDERHEAD or MNOR Miner49er are related to him?

  9. You mean he did not back away from comments made before he backed away from them only to discover people didn’t buy his backing away so he instead opted to double down on comments he once backed away from.

    Yay, politicians!

  10. Red Flag laws could make some sense, if only the due process was written into the law. That is the problem with all of those laws. Cops kick in your door, confiscate your weapons, and maybe you will get a court hearing before the next decade rolls around. That’s just so wrong.

    • That’s why one does not put all one’s eggs in one basket, or all one’s guns in one location. Let ’em have a few, let ’em go away happy, note their name tags for future reference.

    • I love Beto. He’s a flawed candidate that’s about to lose his 3rd race in a row, but he sucks up a lot of out-of-state donations. Those donations could have gone to Dem candidates in close races, but they got wasted on a privileged Irish guy from Texas that tries to trick people into thinking he’s Hispanic. He should increase his streak by losing his 4th, 5th, and 6th race.

    • @MLee, I get that reaction when I see the big 4’x8′ Beto signs in the front lawns of some of the more expensive homes in the area. SMH that these people want to support someone who thinks the Texas southern border is fine and wants to ban my favorite firearm.

  11. Bob the burglar is a total moron. He was known to be a turd in El Paso when I first moved there about 20 years ago. It sucks he won’t go away and leave everyone alone.

  12. Beathoff Odork=fake Mexican and not to be outdone, now Braindead claims to have been raised Puerto Rican… There was not a whole lot of PRs in Wilmington Delaware OR the US Senate in Braindeads early years

  13. Even if you think age restrictions, red flag laws and background checks are ‘common ground,’ why the hell would any gun owner vote for beto o rourke? He’s literally said that he wants to take guns. It’s not an a la carte candidate- if you elect him, he doesn’t have to- and won’t- stick to just his talking points in the campaign. Once he gets in there, he can try to do whatever he wants

    I don’t get how this guy is even a politician anymore. Especially in Texas.

    • It’s not the anti-American politicians that concern me most. It’s the Useful Idiot free shit addicted Government Plantation Dwellers that vote for them.


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