Has Mrgunsngear Found an Actual GLOCK AR-15 Rifle?

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We’ve been teased/trolled by Photoshop jobs purporting to show oddities like GLOCK 1911 and AR-15 designs for, well, years. They’ve all been so much internet fluff.

Mrgunsngear, however, has come across some new images from the land formerly known as Great Britain that purports to show an actual GLOCK AR-15 rifle, dubbed the GR-115F. This thing has apparently been submitted for consideration in trials for a British military contract.

Watch the video above. Mr. GnG makes a very good case for thinking this is the real McCoy. The images of the rifle and its features correspond very closely to patent filings GLOCK has made in recent years, which Mr. GnG lays out very nicely.

We pass no judgement as to the rifle’s authenticity. We also respect Mr. GnG’s analysis and his opinion that this is likely the real deal.

Give us your thoughts below along with your level of interest in such a beast should it ever show up in your local gun store rifle rack.


We’ve been made aware that a couple of other sources got this before Mrgunsngear, so we wanted to present those as well for your consideration and edification.


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  1. I don’t see the safe action trigger. Does Glock now want their customers to die fumbling around for the manual safety?

  2. I said I was done, but this is too good. A Glock AR is still only going to be an AR. They’ve been around for 50 years. They are not modern anything. That said. I like Glocks. own a few. I expect I’ll own more. I’ve attended Glock armorer school three times. No doubt Glock will build a decent one. That said, it can’t be anything special because the AR reached its zenith a couple of decades ago. It’s simply dimming now. BTW, JWT I enjoyed your African story. I said I was going to quit visiting TTAG. That’s about the only thing that keeps me coming back.

    • “They’ve been around for 50 years. They are not modern anything. […] No doubt Glock will build a decent one.”

      And yet, despite the Colt Woodsman and other .22lr pistols being around for over a century…

      • Nanashi, I have a 4 1/2″ Colt Woodsman Match Target in the box that my son found for me. Three SAAs. One .22 LR. Two .45 Colt. A 6″ stainless Python. A real one. I dismember the 1911s that have passed through my hands. A few still remain. Oh, I’ve said this before. Be patient. I’m getting old I repeat myself. I’ve been paid to use, and owned the AR platform, since 1979. I still own a Palmetto Arms M-4 configuration carbine and a Colt Delta Elite AR-15, with all factory accessories. So yeah, I like to think I’m familiar with a few Colt firearms.

  3. A rather anti-climatic revelation, if true.

    Be interesting if they decide to market it to the common people…

  4. Yeah I saw Mr G&R’s nearly breathless video last night. If there’s ever a civilian version(in America) with a giggle switch I’ll get excited. BTW even though he’s a bit dry in delivery I’ve learned a LOT from his channel. Absolutely one of the best gun channels!

  5. I won’t buy one of those either. My M&P 15 is just fine. They would be better off to make a pcc.

  6. I would buy a glock 10 mm carbine, if they decide to make one. I already have moulds and dies for.40. 175 gr lswc be just fine.

  7. Great.
    Another AR15.
    How many manufactures are cranking out basically the same thing?
    With a few exceptions, maybe piston driven, or a side charging handle, I just cannot get excited by one any more . . . meh.

  8. “If I may… Um, I’ll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you’re using here, it didn’t require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn’t earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don’t take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you rollmarked it, and serialized it, and set up Blue Label deals, and now you’re selling it. You want to sell it.”

    Joking aside, glock is going to be printing money with these things in all likelihood.

  9. a GLOCK ar15?????????????

    Why not a hi point ar15????

    What did GLOCK bringing to the table?????????

    GLOCK should stay away and go work on a Glock 26x

    SMH this is a JOKE

  10. I though it was weird when those Glock AR-15 parts patents appeared on the internet a couple years ago.

  11. He didn’t find anything, that’s been floating around forums and boards and he “discovered” it there.

  12. What an utterly, utterly boring Dick-Head. It’s a bleedin’ rifle not an object of religious adoration and no different to a hundred others on the bloody market. No need to get orgasmic about it.! Though this boring Dick-Head looks as if he’s never been ORGAGSMIC in his life or not in any way normal accepted way that is..

    What do I Make of it? Nothing more than to give me an excuse to rant on about the lunacy of boring Dick-Heads

    • Albert we found something you are expert on. I think you know your way round a dickhead sure enough.

  13. Same guy who nearly burst into tears when the Yankee Marshal accused him of stolen “valor”?

  14. That’s a stubby optic. Like IOR Valdada pitbull stubby. I wonder what it is and what the specs are.

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