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Courtesy Shelter Hope Pet Shop
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By Patrick Carroll

An animal shelter in California recently announced they will no longer be doing business with anyone who is against gun control. The organization, called Shelter Hope Pet Shop, is located in Thousand Oaks and owned by Kim Sill.

The shelter has a standard list of questions they ask potential adopters to make sure they will be able to take care of their new pet. For example, they ask about the home the pet will be living in, and they make sure the potential owner is at least 25 and can provide a current driver’s license.

However, as of May 31, a new question has been added to that list: “Where do you stand on gun control?” There is a right and wrong answer here. If you are pro gun control, they will continue to work with you. If you are against gun control, however, you will promptly be shown the door.

“We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons,” said Sill in an email announcing the change. “If your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you.”

Sill explains in no uncertain terms just how serious she is about this.

“If you lie about being [an] NRA supporter, make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud. If you believe that it is our responsibility to protect ourselves in public places and arm ourselves with a gun–do not come to us to adopt a dog. We have a choice of who we work with. Shelter Hope chooses to work with only like-minded humans.”

“If you are pro guns and believe that no background check is necessary, then do not come to us to adopt,” she continues. “We will grill you before you even get an appointment and visit our rescue. If we ask you ‘do you care about children being gunned down in our schools?’ If you hesitate, because your core belief is that you believe teachers need to carry firearms, then you will not get approved to adopt from us. If you foster for us and believe in guns, please bring our dogs and/or cats back, or we will arrange to have them picked up.”

shelter pet dog puppy cage

In an interview with NBC News, Sill mentioned that some of her Republican donors have already threatened to cut off funds if she doesn’t remove the pro-gun-control requirement.

“I say, fine, keep your money,” she said. “If I go out of business, as a result, I go out of business. But I have to do something. And this is the only thing I can do to make the point that mass killings by people armed with guns have to stop.”

The NRA weighed in on the move on Thursday. “Having this asinine political litmus test comes at the expense of needy and homeless dogs and cats,” said NRA spokeswoman Amy Hunter.

While Sill’s position is certainly contentious and probably ill-advised, there’s one thing she gets absolutely right. “We have a choice of who we work with.”

Like it or not, she has a point. As the owner of the organization, it’s ultimately her right to decide who she wants to be associated with. The government has no business telling her she must serve everyone equally. Now, there are consequences for discriminating against people based on their political views, but she seems perfectly happy to accept those consequences.

The point is, this isn’t really about gun control. This is about freedom of association. Regardless of where you stand on the gun control issue, people like Sill should be allowed to pick and choose who they do business with. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any laws prohibiting Sill’s actions at the moment. But that doesn’t mean freedom of association is alive and well.

The reality is, while freedom of association gets a lot of lip service, there are many circumstances where it is not upheld. Anti-discrimination laws are the prime example. It sounds nice to have a society where it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc., but these laws are actually an infringement on people’s rights. What anti-discrimination laws mean in practice is that you aren’t allowed to choose who you do business with. In other words, you have no freedom of association.

The classic example of this is the gay wedding cake controversy. Should a Christian baker be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Absolutely not. Like everyone else, they should have the right to discriminate. Now, that doesn’t mean that their actions are necessarily moral or virtuous. It just means that the government shouldn’t be dictating how they run their business.

Shelter Hope Pet Shop
Courtesy Shelter Hope Pet Shop

The same holds true for schools, or any other institution for that matter. Whether it’s on racial or other grounds, forced segregation is clearly wrong. But forced integration is also wrong. The problem in both cases is force. It’s not a question of segregation vs. integration, it’s a question of force vs. freedom. Organizations should have the right to discriminate against anyone for any reason, not because discrimination is always moral, but because that’s the only way to consistently uphold freedom of association.

Again, this is not to endorse racism, misogyny, or any of the other despicable worldviews that might lead someone to discriminate in this way. Tolerating something is very different from endorsing it, and our ability to live in a free society depends on our ability to grasp that distinction.

Sill’s decision to discriminate against those who believe in gun rights is pretty egregious. But if we want other people to respect our right to decide who we associate with, it’s only fair that we extend the same tolerance to them, even when we vehemently disagree with their choices.


Patrick Carroll has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and is an Editorial Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education.

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  1. Go woke. Go Broke.
    And they are scum for affecting the ability of these animals to find good homes because of their insane beliefs.
    Throw those women on the street to eat garbage and sleep in dumpsters.

      • Obviously a pathetic knee jerk history illiterate does not realize what she has done equates to opening the democRat Party Jim Crow Playbook and erasing the N-word and inserting Gun Owner. Clear case of discrimination which should land her bigoted butt in court.

        • Why illiterate? They seen very literate to me. Far more so than those that would deny them an opinion that goes contrary to their own They are entitled to set their own conditions and express their own opinions as you all are . I’d say that they know EXACTLY what they are doing. It’s no bloody business of yours either way? As for actuallt beating squirrels. Not bad I must say but the butchering just aint worth it. Funnily enough this was discussed i down at bour local pub a few years ago.
          Some old Codger was expressing regret atvthe passing ofm the GOOD OLD DAYS [I’d say around the 1920/2/30/3 and how he loved his mums Pigs Trotters and Squirrel pie. Anotheold codger broke in and siad yeah, But then I went out got myself a decent job and within a short time bought PORK CHOPS and I Efin well know what I prefer and it ain’t pig’s trotters and squirrel pie. Why the flock did YOU have a squirrel pie when there were plenty of bloody rabbits about anyway??

        • Albert Hall, British Subject, If they know what they are doing, how come none of their “solutions” work? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
          We have “butchering” as you call it because the same old Leftist policies don’t work. Give a fish to someone and he will eat it. Teach someone to fish and he can support himself and his family.
          For your edification, we won a war against you Brits called the Revolution. In that war you tried to confiscate our arms. How did that work out for ya?

      • Never met a lab that wasn’t anti-squirrel. I once owned a yellow that lived the dream and actually caught one. Proudest I’ve been of anyone, ever.

    • “Go woke go broke…” but I was thinking more like “cut off your nose to spite your face.” Lots of great animals need good homes, and most gun owners are great pet owners. This poor woman is so prejudiced she’s lost sight of what she’s trying to accomplish.

    • What’s she gonna do when all the low renters dump their pit bulls and rottweilers cause they can’t afford to feed em?

      • Ever been to a shelter lately? Majority of mutts are at least half Pitt bull, many have the ears cropped and all. Too hard for the tough guys in da hood to handle after a while. Euthanizing their owners should be a best-practices option.

    • C’mon. Who in the hell cares???

      Obviously a ploy by Sill to get some attention, probably nothing more. While one sentence in this article refers to the shelter as an “organization”, there’s no indication that it’s a non-profit or in any way associated with any government-type entity or larger foundation or trust. Don’t take the bait of obvious virtue signalers.

      And this kind of BS is hardly new: for years many HSUS shelters have turned down adoptions because the prospective owner admitted the dog might be used in hunting.

      • “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

        ~ George Orwell

        • MINOR Miner49er You finally got something right. Women have a tendency to vote with their emotions rather than their head and common sense.

        • Not sure what happened to my comment, try again. When I was about 9 or 10 I discovered the joy or reading the newspaper. I was reading the want ads when I saw INNA. I asked my Dad what it meant and he told me Irish Italians Need Not Apply. I was puzzled and he told me about the discrimination he experienced growing up as an Italian in a white bread “English” town. He was good enough to caddy for the rich guys at the club but was never allowed to play even as an adult. Karma works, after the club began to have financial problems they opened up the member ship to anyone. Dad became the President for several years.

        • I can match that story, Michael. Grandaddy got married, wanted to buy a parcel of land. All the land in the township was deeded so that it could only be sold to ‘white men’.

          Grandaddy paid an old ‘white’ man to purchase the land, then to live on the land until he died. Only stipulation was, the will had to be drawn up so that my Grandaddy inherited. Thus, the land was never sold to some Slovak.

          Slovaks weren’t accepted as ‘white’ until around the late 1950s or maybe 1960s. Today, I can’t escape being ‘white’.

    • “What next? We wear yellow Stars of David on our clothes.”

      JWM, I can answer that question perfectly honestly, I am 100-pecent pro- ‘gun control’, and I spend time and money working on it at the gun range.

      In fact, I’d love to tell her to her face that I’m an actual gun control activist that spends my own money on ‘The Cause’.

      It’s just not the same ‘Cause’ as her evil cause.

      Oh, and the cat on the right could have been a litter-mate of my own dead pet kitty… 🙂

      • I do not understand just what this has got to do with anybody. They are just as entitled to hold strong opinions about gun control as you and yor ilk have to be against it. AS for the more lurid objections to what is their own business you should all be ashamed of yourselves’ You might not have noticed but there are now sufficient numbers of the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS that support more stringent gun control measures for the mGovernmentn to make some real progress rather than just talk about it. I do not think that anything drastic will be proposed or achieved but at least it’s a start. The fact is that well over half of the US Electorate are in favour of more stringent controls and a whole lot of them must, statistically themselves be gun owners.
        I’ve tried to get the actual ,figure and as far as I can ascertain less than HALF of all Americans actually own a firearm [or possible admit to it!] so as there are known to be around 400 million firearms in circulation in America [and an unknown quantity of those illegally held] there are an awful lot of people who own a bloody lot of hardware and mostly completely unnessessary hardware at that.
        From what I can glean from available sources more than 75% of the US Electorate are in favour of at least some of the proposed tightening of gun control measures.
        I feel that as in Europe and especially them UK, over time regulations WILL be considerably tightened up though I very mush doubt they will ever approach the UK/EUROPEAN norm.
        I think it will start with a tightening up of licensing and moving on to the number/type of firearms and ammunition held for immediate use.

        • Albert the Subject, what you don’t understand could fill volumes. 1st No bill was agreed to by the 10 RINO’s. Only a Framework which the Leftists will violate when the final product comes out. Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLAHS for you. The USA is NOT Europe. We fought a war to separate from you from 1776 to 1781. Remember? Do you remember who won? Do us all a big favor and solved the problems of stabbings in Britain before you stick your nose into our business.

  2. We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons,”

    fine. I do NOT hold that the 2nd Ammmendment GIVES me any such right. SO I guess I can truthfully answer NO and get my dog. Once I’ve got him, what, will they come round and inspect my home and inventory my hardware?

    Let me guess,, these pair of woke females would stand VERY strong on the position that my bakery MUST comply wiht any perverted demands of my customers as to what gets put on the cakes I bake for anyone..inclkuding those demands to support and promote sexual perversion.

    She is mistaken, this operatioin of hers IS a “pubic accmodoation” and as such cannot discriinate against me on any basis Maybe someone whoudl lawyer up and sue HER?
    Doggies are now poitical footballs, eh?

    • Great analogy!!!!….. Never thought of Lady Liberty in that way….. good one!

  3. I hope it’s a no-kill shelter. Those animals shouldn’t have to be put down because the business owner is a cvnt.

    • They are leftist, what do you think?

      They would put down each and every one for the cause.

      Ask me how I know?

  4. Freedom of association only works one way in this country. When I rent a property to someone, there is a long list of “protected” classes that I must serve, no matter my conscience. Unconstitutional? Yes. But the Constitution hasn’t meant much since the 60s, especially when it comes to freedom of association.

    As for this Karen, the only creatures that will suffer will be the dogs. My wife and I have always adopted shelter dogs. We’ve had almost a dozen since 1990. They have all lived long, active, and healthy lives. We’ve spent tens of thousands on vet bills.

  5. The “adoptions” are actually a very pricey business. Why would anyone want to pay them around $500 to “adopt” a homeless animal. If you really want to get one off the street, then get one off the street, without the “adoption” fee.

    • In California, a rabies shot and parvovirus and dewormers probably cost $500. I wonder if it’s even legal to give your own dog a rabies shot, or you must take it to the vet? Around here, we go to the farmer’s coop to buy the shots, bring them home, and line the dogs up for injections.

      • I adopted my latest good good boy from the Simi Valley (Kaliforniastan) shelter for $45. 50% discount because he’s over 5 years old, and no license ‘cause I’m in a different county.

        • This is interesting. Pet adaption fees are significantly lower in CA than in many other places. Humane Society in DC charges $200-$250 for dogs, while in San Diego its $100. There are usually other fees that they add, but in CA they don’t seem to do that. Maybe it’s subsidized.

  6. Is she trying to infer that I don’t love my dogs? They want to limit my access to dog adoption because I believe in personal responsibility? Is she supporting people that want to drop a dog off because it has become to hard to take care of the dog?
    I am sure their are some gun owners that are not responsible dog parents, but I bet there are many more people that are not responsible gun owners that are also not responsible dog parents than not.

  7. So if you are opposed to gun control they won’t let you save an animal’s life?
    Maybe they need to screen blood donors the same way, no nasty NRA blood allowed in our hospitals.

  8. “If your beliefs are not in line with ours…”

    I’m all for this, in all honesty. I think business owners should retain the right to refuse service. It cuts both ways. The conservative owners out number the liberal owners.

    With future uncertainty so high due to the economy, the potential for armed international/domestic conflict, food/goods shortages, etc, it’s nice to have a handle on who’s chosen to remain defenseless.

    • This is the biggest pro that would ever come out of this. Please, by all means, put a sign up saying “No guns here” when the world economy collapses during WW3, the electricity gets cut and you think bunkering down will keep you safe. Notice that its never the people who are prepared for anything. It’s the same people who pleaded with BLM protestors when they targeted neighborhoods, and these idiots came out on the lawn “in support” only to be chastised and told to prove their support. The same people that they pinned into corners inside CHOP/CHAZ and told to give them money and goods or else they’d get fucked up for not actually supporting their movement. This is the type of person that does this kind of stuff.

      Meanwhile, gun owners want you all armed. We know eventually when you come to your senses in the worst of worst scenarios, we have no choice but to work together. But they will never see that. They only see their fellow man/woman as the enemy and not the actual enemy as the enemy. Complacency.

  9. ” We have a choice of who we work with. ”

    Imagine that. But, if a baker doesn’t want to make a gay wedding cake, they will drag that baker through hell.

    As for suing for fraud – good luck with that. If you don’t ask questions, you won’t be lied to. If you think you might not like the answers, don’t ask the questions. I don’t think that you’ll win those fraud cases.

    “Well, Your Honor, I was against gun control, then I was for gun control, then I was against it. At the time I filled out this invasive paperwork, I was thinking gun control was a good thing. Now, I’m thinking I would like to buy and AR to protect my new pooch from marauders.”

  10. “If you lie about being a NRA supporter, make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud.”

    “No lawyers were consulted in the crafting of this email.”

  11. I am 100% for gun control. I was so inspired by the president’s speech the other day I went and purchased that used Kel-Tec RDB I had seen at my local gun store and mounted a Primary Arms red dot on it and was practicing gun control for several hours yesterday.

  12. What needs to happen is some little Grandma Black American goes in to adopt a pet with a Cheaters level film crew and get the denial on the evening news.

    The pet adoption owner is probably in cahoots with the pathetic bozo dad in oregan who made a spectacle out turning his handgun and AR over to the police. All the dad and the pet adoption owner accomplished is letting every pervert across America know they are unarmed easy pickings…thus endangering children and animals.

  13. They are a private business; they have the right to have that criterion with whom they engage in business with. Anyone complaining about this wouldn’t be conservative.

    • It isn’t any different from a business in Texas posting 30.06 signs at the front door. It says everything you need to know about that business.

    • Ah but it does not go both ways. If one is allowed to discriminate, then everyone should. If the left can discriminate against anyone not deemed left wing enough then so can the right.

      Business should indeed be allowed to discriminate but that should include on the basis of Race, Sex, economic status and disability. And if the issue is pressed further it can be done in any language the owner sees fit.

      If a full blow Nazi wants to put up a sign that says:

      “No k**kes, Sp**s, Ni***ers, W**s, Ch***s, Ret***s, or C**ts.”

      Then they are permitted to do so.

  14. Dingbats in masks, what do they think gun owners do after adopting a pet, use it for target practice? These people are insane, the mask just confirms it to everyone.

  15. More liberal death cult shenanigans. Better a dog go homeless to euthanasia than be adopted by the “other.”



  17. I mean, they look like a couple crazy cat lady Karens. And while they do reserve that right, how exactly would they know? It’s just a stupid move to alienate a potential client that is willing to adopt a pet. Imagine an adoption agency doing this for human lives… surely there would be some grey area that would result in litigation.

    • @Montana Actual Adoption agencies do screen for gun owners in certain states, also where your property is, if you have a brook or stream near your property, all sorts of nonsense. With these two dingbats in the article, I worry about people who value animals rights and lives more than rights and lives of humans. An animal will defend itself if needed, but these ding-dongs don’t want humans to be able to, that makes them very dangerous individuals to all humans.

      • Yea, I just posted another comment under my own after reading their google reviews. It’s pretty bad. They were 2.5 stars before but they will be 1.5 after this move.

    • Also, I just googled them. 2.5 stars and some terrible reviews. They are not an adoption agency, they are a pet shop that charges people to buy a pet. And they have ALWAYS had invasive questions and lied about the animals they are selling. What a shit show in the reviews. No wonder these Karens are doing this. Well, be sure to leave em a 1 star review (just don’t type anything).

  18. Seems to me that is discriminatory and will wind them up in Court. Don’t see that being any different from any other kind of discrimination and I hope someone or an gun rights organization in CA sues them,

  19. Typical virtue signaling by a brain dead leftist. Pitty the animals that are depending on her to find a home for them. Is she going to adopt them all herself when she goes out of business, or is she going to have them all euthanized like PETA did?

  20. I’m all for gun control. A good two hand hold on my pistiol while propertly aligning my sights.

    • Wally; pistiol? Propertly? Hey, you might be intellectually challenged but at least you’re not a liar. Right, wally? Oh, wait a minute…

        • Tell you what, wally: don’t lie about your ‘time served’ and then call me out as the liar when I question you about it (and yes, I can absolutely prove it) and stop trying to make like I’m the ‘uneducamated’ party here when you obviously can’t type out two sentences back to back without multiple grammatical/spelling errors in them. How about doing that… wally?

        • Well, Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. 1) I don’t like; but you sure as hell do. 2) You could not proved that you are human. Anything you post about my alleged “lies” would be something you construct or you wouild have done it a LONG TIME AGO. 3) You are about as bright as a one watt bulb that went out last week. 4) What “grammatical errors”? 5) You are one long grammatical error. 5) Go to Church and tell Father your Confession.

        • Wally dear, I got it all ready to go, date, time, article, etc. Just haven’t wanted to bother yet. I’ll wait until you make an ass of yourself again, as you surely will, up front n center in a spot where more than just you n I will see it. Carry on… beverly.

        • Riderless/shootOff Canuck Ah, sorry but I am not your dear. I don’t roll that way. But if you do, that is your problem. I guess you have been in the closet for sometime? Another three dollar bill folks.
          You have squat. The real ass here is you. Does your boy friend know you are playing on his computer?

  21. I wonder about her response if you tell her that you are a dyed-in-the-wool card-carrying Democrat but you own a rifle / shotgun for hunting?

    Just more ridiculous virtue-signaling.

    EDIT: a couple of years ago my son and his spouse were trying to adopt a rescue dog in Washington. They had to have home inspections, references, interviews…so many hoops to jump through trying to give a home to a middle-aged dog abandoned by it’s previous owner…deal fell through when the agency found out both families included active and former Military and Police.

  22. Always had a sign in plain sight stating ” We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service To Anyone.”
    Never much cared what color someone’s skin may be. Nor who they sleep with.
    Come into my place of business with an attitude of superiority or that I or my staff are subservient you may very well be escorted off the property and asked to not come back.
    Seldom had any problems with people but a few were removed and given a trespass warning.
    Even had a couple arrested for trespassing. I also never had a problem barring someone because they were drunk and disorderly. Usually for a week or two, but a few were permanently barred.
    So, if the woman wants to cut off possible business/pet adopters over her politics, that is her choice. Would not be surprised if she does end up out of business before long. Sad thing is it will be the animals that suffer for her hatreds.

  23. Sounds like they would rather be woke, shove their anti gun agenda down everyone’s throat rather then find these animals good homes. Looks like they really care about these dogs and cats, doesn’t it. More sick, woke extreme left fools.

  24. Was the baker run out of business or forced to comply? If so then the same should be done to these commies.

    • The cake situation was worse than this. They were trying to force him to participate in something that went against his beliefs. He never turned away gay people because they were gay. He gladly made cakes for anyone, including gay people. He just didn’t want to participate in their marriage. He said he would also refuse to make a cake with a disparaging message against anyone, including gay people.

      No one is asking these flakes to participate in or affirm anything. They’re discriminating solely because they’re ignorant bigots.

      • Yep. A great example is the “no white zones” they setup in CHAZ/CHOP. They had “indigenous peoples only gardens” lol. Can’t make this shit up. The hatred is so blinding they don’t even realize they are racist – and that’s the scariest part. History will always repeat itself, just not exactly the same. It’s been that way as long as wars have been fought.

  25. Who the hell cares. Go adopt a dog from someone else. Or buy a frigging dog. It isn’t like nobody else is out there adopting dogs. Three quarters of all the dog rescue groups are run by wack jobs anyhow. Quite honestly most of them are idiots completely oblivious to the fact that the animal rights people, all left wingers by the way, want to ban ownership of dogs.

    • I’ll bet that they’re allright with the homeless and crackheads shitting on the sidewalks but would insist that you pick up after your mutt while out for a stroll. Maybe salty sea air dissolves braincells.

  26. I’d like to ask the lady where she stands on abortions. If she’s for them, I’ll go elsewhere.

  27. I checked out their website. They are a non-profit entity. I am not a lawyer. Does anyone know if a non-profit can discriminate against customers (as donations to a non-profit are tax-deductible)? Could they have their non-profit status removed?

    Other than that, hell, they can do as they please. Knowing their political views, I would avoid their business like a 300 lb woman with a mustache.

  28. Its not a bad idea. I have seen hunters shoot their dogs in the field when they misbehaved or were poor hunters. I have seen gun people go to pet shelters and pretend to adopt pets and then take them out and use them for target practice.

    • You have seen these things? Telling about your circle of friends isn’t it? Did you report these crimes? Or are you complicit?

    • You are, once again, proving that you are a lying liar, lying. First of all, you’ve never seen hunters hunting, target shooters shooting, trap shooters breaking clay pigeons, or anything else . . . because you are a lying liar, who is wholly ignorant of firearms, and have probably never even fired a firearm in your entire, lying life. Second, hunters spend considerable time with their dogs, training them. They get attached. A hunting dog doesn’t even get fielded until it completes “basic training” – and no hunter would bother taking a dog that couldn’t pass “basic training” into the field. So you are, once again, an ignorant lying liar, pretending to knowledge you don’t have, and will never achieve. Nor did you EVER see a hunter buy a dog, or rescue a dog, and take it out and shoot it. Some of your Antifa/BurnLootMurder scum, maybe, but no hunter, EVER.

      Just own your lies, dacian the stupid. Go jerk off to your Karl Marx poster, and leave us the f*** alone. You are to stupid to insult. THATISALL.

    • What a horrible human you are, herr dacian. But then you’re a nazi. Who expects anything but from you.

      Did you high five your partners in crime?

  29. Every dog and cat (yes, cat) I’ve owned most of my adult life have been rescues. Real rescues. I didn’t ask permission from a shelter. Red, was a red nose pit I found hiding behind a hot water heater at a burglary. The vet guessed him to be six-eight weeks old. Who leaves a puppy at a burglary? Anyway, he was a great dog. He had a distinctive white triangle on his head. I took him with me everywhere. I kept hoping someone would say, “That’s my dog!” I was going to say, “You’re under arrest!” I did eventually make an arrest, but Red didn’t have anything to do with it. I retired, Red died.

  30. They say they are a non profit. Maybe someone should employ the tactics of the left and do an audit of the books. I would wager that like many such non profits little money goes to helping the animals and most of it goes to the lifestyles of the owners.

  31. But I need a weapon to protect my cat against those antifa trash pandas that come looking for a free meal!

  32. I wonder as to what will become of the unadapted pets. Seems sad that humans, who should know better have opted to use defenseless creatures as political ploys. Shame on them.

  33. If you image an animal hoarder, turn the clock back 20 years, and add a successful husband to sponge off of you get the women pictured. Such busy bodies are also attracted to HOA boards as having inconsequential existences they lust for power.

  34. I’m not sure i’d want to adopt a pet from those two women in the picture to begin with. They are looking at the camera with that sort of predator serial killer look.

    • Not to mention that I’d feel sorry for the animals. I mean, they clearly defang and declaw them, right? To prevent the animal from defending itself, right? That’s part of their moral stance. No? Just the humans? Wow! How cruel can you possibly get…or hypocritical?

  35. Fortunately irrational hoplophobes who care more about their hangups than the animals they’ve taken it upon themselves to rehome don’t hold a monopoly on pet adoption.

  36. Well, I believe that any business has the right to do business, or not do business, with anyone for any reason, so if they want to adopt that stupid policy, that is their right. Doesn’t speak much for their “concern” for the animals they are trying to place, does it?? Equally, I would not do business with such hoplophobic bigots as those two. I’m sure they own multiple cats each, and smell like the local fish market.

    I find them pathetic, and laughable . . . although, thinking about it, even MinorIQ and dacian the stupid might have a chance with these two. Nah, that’s just crazy talk, even those two deranged cat ladies wouldn’t tolerate dacian the stupid or MinorIQ . . . fortunately for the gene pool.

  37. Any time you get to wondering about a ‘charitable’ organization, as in ‘who got how much’ – look at the organization’s IRS filing. All 501(c)3 outfits have to file a ‘Form 990’ annually and it is made available to the public just so you and I can see where the money goes.

    Search: “name of the organization” “Form 990” – at Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo et al.

    Huntmaster commented about veterinarian fees. In 2019 Kim paid over 74,000 in vet fees.


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