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The gun control group known as States United to Prevent Gun Violence — “a grassroots network of 30 state affiliates working to make our communities and families safer” — has launched their Ghost Vote Interview Series, tied to Who knew? Not many people. The individual videos have garnered less than 200 views. You may remember States United as the org behind the fake gun store in New York and the video where they supposedly exposed unsuspecting action movie goers to “real” gun violence. I’d like to know who’s behind the curtain (same folks as But, in many ways, we already do.


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  1. I’d rather click the link about “32 former child stars that died without the media noticing” than give the video another view count.
    It would be nice to know who is funding yet another anti-freedom group.

    • Hollywood is a Pedophilia paradise as perpetrators have a wall that makes the Blue Wall a simple fence to hop.

      • @Pascal, What in the heck are you even talking about? No . . never mind, please don’t bother answering because I don’t even care.

        What he’s saying is that he wouldn’t give the video another view so they can claim people are watching it.

  2. It’s going to get thick this year — the antis are terrified of losing the WH. Keep up the pressure. If HIllary wins the white house, you can kiss your AR15s good bye, and then within 10 years, you can kiss all your semi-autos good bye.

    Hillary said she thought Australian gun control laws were worth considering. What did they do in Australia? Ban and confiscate.

    • The irony will be if Hillary looses, the blood in the streets will be instigated by her supporters and not gun owners.

      • That’s not a bad thing. A failed far-left uprising will make sure that we don’t have to deal with their socialist idiocy for a hundred years. THREAT DELETED

      • will be

        Will be? I think you have not been paying close attention. Already are. Phiily is likely to burn during the demtard Marxist convention. Get out of town.

        pwrserge has a good – if the maggots self-select and gather in one spot much easier to target.

        Actually I think only a relatively few PAID agitators travelling around. If there as a GOOD “journalist” he would be looking for hippie tour bus and running facial recognition software to compare the rioter at various riots. Checking on spike in drug sales to out of towners the correlate to riots. I bet could come up with a short thug photo roster.

        • Agreed. The same goes for s**t holes like Baltimore. If ever there was a city that needed to burn to the ground, Baltimore qualifies and they already have a good start. Cities like LA, San Francisco, NY, Buffalo, Detroit and of course . . . Chicago would all look better as WWII ‘after the bombing raid’ landscapes. Just block off all the exits from the city and let them go at it.

  3. It’d be nice if someone came up with job training programs while the actually parents raised their kids and tought em how to act.

    • Let’s stick with things that are possible. Like free college that certainly won’t be watered down to a near-public-high-school education level.

  4. I vote with Jeff Cooper :
    “…….no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles [ or Chiraq or DC ] are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition [ and confined to their neighborhood ]…..”

  5. Less than 200 views RF? Well I’m not adding to that #. I wish I had someone worth a damn to vote for…

    • I really want the bottom box to say “None of the above: prepare a new slate with no repeat appearances.”

    • Yep. The ghosts of the dead are right now trying to decide which Democrat candidate they will vote for 6 times each. Odds are, it’s Hillary’s Stalin over Bernie’s Trotsky.

        • The threats is real. Ghost votes are being cast without serial numbers or records of sale. A ghost vote with a 30-candidate slate can disperse with 30 civil rights within half a second. Thirty candidate rights in half a second.

    • Granted the Voting Dead are always going to vote Democrat, but I truly don’t understand why they would do so in San Francisco, since it is fall in the ocean left of center already. It is not as if they could skew the results even more to the left after all. Also how do they usually vote, do they walk into the polling station (man someone smells like they just died!), or do they do absentee ballot even though they never get out?

  6. I listened to two stories but ended before the second was finished.
    “Military grade bullets with metal tips”
    Uuhh what?
    Range ammo kills just like hp or the mystery military rounds?
    So…..maybe your kids were making shitty choices and got shitty results.
    What is common sense gun laws?
    What about these kids?
    Did they have common sense?
    Without full details on the shootings…we can’t get a sense that new laws would do any good?

  7. Why not pass common sense gun law? It’s the right thing to do.

    They are not “common sense.” You guys are seeking to regulate inanimate objects that are used by criminals and irresponsible people rather than addressing the criminal and irresponsible actions. Taking freedoms from the American people when there is no victim is not “the right thing to do.” And lastly, no, “keeping and bearing” arms does not create victims. Address the action of illegal violence, not the tool used, because that tool is legitimatly used by more than 99.9% of the population.

  8. Comments are blocked on the videos so I won’t watch them and give them any increase in watched numbers. Since the comments are turned off its pretty obvious its just another billionaire propaganda piece under an assumed name. In other words SSDD crap from the anti-liberty foundation.


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