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Steampunk guns are¬†aesthetically palatable to a mainstream audience because they’re¬†fun! Which is welcome. Anything that lowers the emotional barrier to entry for firearms freedom fence straddlers and hoplophobes helps the cause. Which includes NERF guns, of course. In fact, a lot steampunk guns look like NERF guns on acid. Still, you couldn’t get much further from a GLOCK if you tried. Have you tried? If not, a word of advice: buy a glue gun. And don’t let a steampunk cop see you with it in Baltimore. That is all.

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  1. buy a glue gun.

    I recommend

    “The new three-hundred-and-forty-four-millimeter Lepage glue gun . . . It glues a whole formation of planes together in mid-air.”

    — Yossarian, Catch-22

  2. i live halfway between deutsch wagram and smyrna. it’s as far from glockdom as i can get on earth.

  3. Steampunk? I guess the word has joined the .03%^ and become definition fluid, or something. Or maybe it’s because the maker identifies them as steampunk they are, even though they aren’t.

    Steampunk is leather, brass, bronze, steel, porcelain. Those guns are gee-whiz neato mister, but they are 1950’s sci-fi – there is nothing steampunk about them.

    Just the colors alone are a big DQ.

    • That style is generally referred to as “atom-punk”. Another major category is “diesel-punk” which takes a sort of 1930s/40s mechanical industrial vibe.

      • Learn something new everyday….

        Yes, that’s 100% more accurate, I just didn’t know what to call it. (been out of the Bay Area for a decade and some change, so I sometimes miss what’s happening.)


  4. Unfortunately for me, just 4 words.** Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.** Ranked by G&A 2015, number 48th worst state for 2nd amendment infringements. “CCCP= Cops, Criminals, Companies, and Politcians. Are the ones in MA. who have unrestricted access to arms! “

  5. But, Scifi prop collecting is cool. Have some Trek stuff. J. J Abrams 2009 ST hand phaser does look cool siting on my computer desk. Its Larger than it looked in the movie. And Adam Savage does make prop building a really cool subject! Especially his YouTube channel. Working SW Han Solo DL-44 blaster.*(broom handle mauser.)*

    • I like ’50s sci-fi and all the toys. My issue is labeling them as ‘steampunk’. They aren’t.

  6. When I was a kid I used Tinkertoys plus some parts lifted from my dad’s workbench to make my own raygun. It kept “evolving” along the way, so there was never a final version. Wish I had a pic….

    I’ve seen kids build ray guns from LEGO bricks — some are pretty impressive.

  7. I want a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range!
    And where is my jet pack and flying car?
    When I was a kid we were promised a future with ray guns, jet packs and flying cars

  8. Very nice gun collection and now they will be confiscated under the California penal code: ………………….

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