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DrVino wrote Senator Feinstein to voice his opposition to gun control. Ms. Feinstein wrote back. I republish her entirely predictable response here to remind The People of the Gun that politicians pay lip service to that which they would destroy: Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Like rust, the antis’ commitment to gun control never sleeps.


Thank you for contacting me to share your opposition to gun control. I respect your opinion on this issue, and I welcome the opportunity to provide my perspective.

I support an individual’s Second Amendment right to own a gun. I recognize that there are many law-abiding gun owners who use guns in a safe manner for activities such as hunting, sport, or self-defense.

Nonetheless . . .

the problem of gun violence in this country is a serious one, as demonstrated by recent mass shootings. On December 14, 2012, a gunman massacred 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Earlier that year, on July 20, 2012, a gunman killed 12 and injured 58 at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. These shootings came one year after Representative Gabrielle Giffords was injured and six others killed when a gunman opened fire at a shopping center outside Tucson, Arizona, on January 8, 2011. These are only a few examples of the mass shootings that have become all too common in our country. They underscore the need to impose common-sense measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, unsupervised children, and the seriously mentally ill.

I recognize that many factors contribute to gun violence, including mental illness and the depiction of gratuitous violence in the media. That is why I have supported laws that expand access to mental health care by prohibiting insurance companies and Medicare from charging excessive co-pays for such treatments, as well as federal research programs designed to improve our understanding of, and identify new treatments for, a variety of mental illnesses. I also support the video game industry’s voluntary efforts to institute a ratings system for video games that contain explicit or violent material. This system is important because it gives parents the information they need to monitor the content of games and allows them to make more informed decisions about whether their children are being improperly influenced. At the same time, we cannot overlook the significant role that easy access to guns plays in the high levels of gun violence in the United States.

It is helpful for me to hear your perspective on this issue, and I will be mindful of your thoughts as the debate on gun safety legislation continues. I hope you will continue to keep me informed on issues of importance to you. If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein

United States Senator

Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website,  And please visit my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

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  1. I dunno, but all the shooters she references are Democrats so I think a safer world could be had by outlawing gun ownership for any Democrat.

    that should pretty well cover it.

    • That is just a stupid statement Paul B. While I agree most dems are anti-gun or will lean that way in tough times it’s ridiculous to say that the Gifford, Aurora and Newtown shooters were democrat or supported any political stance. Unfortunately for you the only proof of one is in the Giffords shooting where the shooter became fascinated and angry with her when she switched from being a REPUBLICAN to a dem. Also if you know any political history Feinstein began her rampage against guns after her supposed friend Harvey Milk was murdered in a government building by who? A REPUBLICAN politician with a gun. So please, quit talking nonsense and stick with facts, we don’t need made up facts and childish rants against an entire political party to argue our side. It’s people like you that actually hurt the gun rights fight.

      • Try again Lars? The facts are pretty evident if you looked. Even your buddy Harvey Milk was murdered by a democrat. Go ahead, look it up.

      • By whom. Not by “who”

        And the “whom” was a Democrat. Dan White was the Democrat Supervisor for District 8. He resigned, but then wanted to have the job back and when the mayor refused to appoint him at the urgings of Milk (having first agreed to do so), that is when he went homicidal. It didn’t help that he had lobbied FOR Milk to be appointed to some powerful positions when he was first elected.

        So basically a Democrat who wanted his political power back and was told no.

        That said, we all know it was twinkies that caused the murder

        • I’m not sure how he was made a fool of for calling out nonsensical arguments that somehow democrats like to shoot adults and children using guns they want to ban.

          Regardless, your comment adds much to this discussion.

          The best and brightest we surely are.

      • Libtards killed all the presidents. Libtards are anti-gun (liberty). Libtards (democrats) make up most of the felons in the prisons. Ban libtards….in the name of the children.

    • Let’s have laws and regulations apply to voters who registered as Democrats. If their lives are better safer and prosperous we can switch parties and join them.
      I’ll stand over here with my guns, health insurance, and most of my paycheck.

    • I thought Democrats hated guns. Yet, all of these gun owning, gun toting shooters were Democrats. Right.

      Stop with this nonsense. This site used to be for the armed intelligencia, not Freepers. I find more reasoned, thoughtful, and intelligent comments on M4C and SH these days. There you get a diversity of opinions, not an echo chamber.

      • I don’t understand why a factual statement has you so upset. Some of the mass shooters were registered democrats. Democrats have made an anti-gun stances part of their agenda, just like HK has exhibited disdain for civilian firearm ownership.

        • It’s nonsense to attribute the supposed political leanings of sick and mentally disturbed individuals who happen to have and shoot the very weapons democrats want to restrict to that same political party.

          And it’s ridiculous that this needs to be pointed out in the first place. Let’s get back reviewing guns and gun related products, not pseudo conspiracy theories, because Freepers already control that bandwidth.

        • I think both sides of this mini-argument need to step back.

          These people were democrats, as far as I know.

          The right needs to NOT focus on that, because there ARE mass killers who are conservative, and opening that can of worms just lends credence to the left’s “repubes are evil” thing when it happens, because we can no longer hold the moral high ground.

          Gun people need to fight for gun rights against those who seek to take them away. Democrat/conservative shouldn’t play into it. I come to this site for gun/antigun, not republican/democrat.

        • Agreed with Citizen. I am nominally a democrat, an NRA member and a firearm owner (16), and have a membership at the range near my house. I am socially libertarian and fiscally conservative. I would be called a “blue dog democrat” mainly because I don’t support the Bible Belt Christians stuff supported by the Republican party (although I have voted for republicans a number times because they were centrist) nor the corporate charity they often support. I don’t support the handout welfare state supported by many left wing Democrats either. I think people should work for what they get. I worked all through college and worked full time through grad school. I think both parties are beholden to their fringe elements and that is why government doesn’t work.

    • Not to throw gas on the fire but the democrats have always had problems with their candidates being shot by the people they want to emulate.

      It was not Freepers, or Tea Partiers that shot either of the Kennedy clan. Oswald was an avowed communist and Sirhan did not like the other Kennedy’s stance on Israel.

      Not beating any drums, just noticing some inconvenient facts.

      • I could be wrong but I’m not so sure Lanza wanted to emulate the political beliefs of those opinionated six-year olds(or vice versa), but again, I could be wrong.

    • Not that it diminishes the validity of any point you might have, because a point stands or falls on its own merit, but am I curious: just what in the hell have YOU done with your life that has advanced the cause of firearms freedom to any appreciable degree? Or is this sniping from the sidelines routine the full shooting of your wad?

      • He’s done a lot of “clever” things in public which actually accomplished an erosion his own gun rights.

      • I am not well funded as is the NRA or the SAF. Unfortunately all I have done is lost in court because the “well funded” pro-2A groups are anti-2A as written.

        The SAF filed an amicus against me and my right to bear arms in federal court. I lost in the 6th circuit and that lawsuit was denied certiorari by the US Supreme Court.

        My NFA lawsuit to enforce TN law requiring the cleo to execute certain NFA documents lost.

        Tennessee Supreme Court denied certiorari in my state gun rights case this October. The TN COA stated there exists no right to bear loaded arms outside the home.

        Next year I’ll file another 1983 lawsuit against those who arrested me for illegal weapons possession and conspired to prosecute me in my July 29th arrest.

        I have filed more 2A lawsuits than any other individual I know, but none are supported by gun rights groups because gun rights groups are not pro 2A as written. I’ll refer to them as little Feinsteins.

        • Or possibly, you’re not as effective at Constitutional law practice as Alan Gura, and other such attorneys who actually win cases.

          Nah, that can’t be it. Everyone else must be undermining you. That’s the ticket…

    • I’m OK with having my name mentioned in the same phrase with NRA, GOA, and SAF.

      That is, of course, subject to change, but at present it’s accurate.

      On the other hand, I’m not terribly interested in standing too close to you, because I don’t want to get any on me.

  2. Someone once told me that when a person used the term “but” in a statement (and make no mistake, nevertheless is just another word for “but”) it means that they didn’t really believe anything they said before the “but”.

    • “But” means “disregard everything I said before I said ‘but.'”

      Some examples:

      “I love you, but . . .”
      “I’d like to help you move, but . . .”
      “I support the Second Amendment, but . . .”

    • But can also mean except. And may take the accusative in this case

      I love no one, but her.

      Nevertheless, I think you have a point, but I would have to think about it some more.

    • a tip from a shrink who said to listen most carefully to what comes after the “b.u.t”.
      (behold the underlying truth)

      The rest is window dressing.

  3. Lip service?! She blows that understatement completely away. It and its ilk continue to LIE about their support for the rights of the people while they try to completely take away our rights in there entirety. A$$ for “common sense” Frankenstein and the lot haven’t a clue as to what is common sense.

  4. I respect the 2nd Amendment in some weird strange way that’s nothing like actually respecting it.

    Pretty much?

  5. I respect the first amendment, but we should take common sense measures to ban dangerous speech.

    • If you check her legislative history Feinstein is on that bandwagon as well. She recently either introduced or supported legislation that would require a government mandated training standard in order be a journalist. I’m pretty sure she’s okay with censoring the Internet too.

      As for freedom of the press, what are the chances she’ll vote to outlaw 3D printers, or the things they print, every chance she gets?

      • “She recently either introduced or supported legislation that would require a government mandated training standard in order be a journalist.”

        I’m okay with this. What passes for “journalism” these days is pathetic. Few “journalists” bother with fact-checking, even though it takes little more than a mouse click. Fewer still have a working knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

        • You are missing the point….this would serve to enact laws relegating “free speech” to being a luxury afforded only those who are “professionally trained” at expressing opinions.

      • She’ll get her chance soon enough… Apparently the House passed the plastic-gun ban “renewal” already.

  6. Bullshit! You can not set this country up to be the number one victim nation in the world and yet claim to support the Constitution or any of the Amendments. Take away anyones freedom of speech or limit or infringe on their use of any weapon or restrict their rights to practice religion anywhere, but especially in the military is wrong , wrong, wrong. You should not be in Washington but back amongst the people metering what real life is!!!

  7. The problem of gun violence is better understood by observing the dynamics of the urban ghetto than understanding some alleged fluke of a school massacre. The reality is Sandy Hook only matters because it tugs at the heart strings of white people.

    The best way for schools to prevent shootings is to stop bullying and ostracizing of certain kids before it starts. Identify mentally ill students and provide proper security or you should not be running a school.

    Stopping violence in the ghetto, the every day gun violence, is more complicated. Hoods don’t have a lot of opportunity to advance and achieve, so they make money and prestige the only way they know how. Not every felon who carries a gun wants to kill anyone, some just want to feed their families and come home alive.

    “Gun control” solves nothing and creates new problems for law abiding people. Period.

    • “Period.” is as forceful and believable an argumentation artifice as “but,…….”

      How exactly do you stop bullying before it starts? Profile would-be bullies and charge them with what pre-crime, exactly? You’re never going to end ostracism, either. Not everybody gets picked for teams. Not everybody gets asked out on dates. Not everybody wants to eat lunch beside everyone else or hang out after school. That’s just silly. Most of these spree shooters of late have been off the chart whack jobs who scare people already. Whatever the cause of their mental defectiveness, it isn’t because they didn’t have a study buddy or lab partner. In fact, the biggest recent shootings were all committed by grown ass men, some college-educated. When does the playground meanies abuse excuse ever expire?

      As for ghetto crime, few people actually want that to end. There’s an entire criminal justice industry built up to serve that market and they don’t want to lose business. Moreover, the entire Democrat party machinery depends on a permanent underclass of minorities to keep dependent on government, to keep riled up looking for scapegoats for their poverty, and to keep churning out new generations of slavish voters. Violence is an obvious and inevitable outcome of those policies and impossible to prevent without bringing down the entire dependency business model.

      Best we can do is to fight for our right to self defense everywhere and be prepared to defend ourselves.

      • Mr. Houston…we will never rid the entire world of mentally ill and damaged people who may…in the future…do us harm…or have the potential to do us harm! Without attempting to disarm everyone (including the government & cops)… (which they will get around to)…you will never have a completely “safe environment”…


        I worked in people development for a long time…including trying to continue to grow and learn with regards to myself…I have been teaching people for years how to communicate, stay in the adult-ego-state (as much as possible)…identify other people’s ego-states (parental & child)…as well as educating them how to identify another person’s motivation, learn to apply empathy….learn to identify the way other people communicate and to control their own emotions..and most of all…learn to control the “fight or flight” reaction that Western Society cultivates in their youth…(better to create competitive little drones/slaves who will be emotionally reactive to almost any situation and work their lives away thinking the are “free & independent”)…as the PTB can then manipulate and control the decision making and thought processes for these undereducated folks…

        I’ve never been to college…but McDonald’s taught me a great deal about communicating and managing others….and I came from a family of very abusive, corrupt law enforcement folks…and worked 24 years with DoD all over the world teaching these subjects…they do not work on everyone..and if deemed so by an evil soul…these techniques can be used to abuse others…but for the most part (for about 6 out of 10 people) the application of these communication techniques helps to guide the lost things about themselves and others…and they learn to manage their lives a bit more successfully…

        So I think it is possible to “educate” out way out of the mess we’ve allowed to be created…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane family

    • There are things you cannot completely eliminate from the spectrum of human traits: red hair & freckles, stupidity, cancer, homosexuality, hoplophobia and sociopathy. These things have strong genetic underpinnings. Certain genes are passed on in families and spontaneous mutations occur frequently. Attempts to eliminate behavior (also genetically determined) are futile.

    • The best way to stop a school shooter is to immediately and accurately return fire until the threat has been eliminated.

  8. She say she supports the second amendment? Where is her proof? The only proof I have seen tends to support her anti second amendment stance.
    Parts of that letter were even more disturbing. She want to make our choices for us. Whats on tv. What is in video games. Sounds very suspicious to me comrades

    • She supports the part that allows *her* to carry with a CA concealed carry permit. Rights for me, but not for thee, says our public servant-cum-tyrant.

      • She does not have a CCW any more. Gave it up–very publicly–years ago. Even had her snubbie melted down.

        • She may not CCW anymore, but the point is she had a CHOICE, a choice that we should all have under 2A, but do not in CA if you are a lowly law abiding citizen. I guarantee you if she decided to CCW again, she would immediately be granted a permit, but when has hypocrisy ever conflicted with the record of a politician…..

          “And, I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself, because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I’d walk to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.” – Dianne Feinstein, Pro 2A when it suits her.

    • “Mr. and Mrs America, turn them all in” – Sen Feinstein – 1995 in an interview expressing her dismay that she could only secure enough votes for an assault weapons ban, and not the outright ban she would have preferred.

      I wonder how her “support” for the 2A is squared with that quote/interview, in her mind?

      • Crap… I just deleted it this morning… I’m sure I’ll get another one though. Sending Chuck emails from the GOA telling him to oppose his own legislation gives me the warm fuzzies.

  9. Simply a form letter that is sent from her minions to anyone with opposing views on gun control.
    (So sorry that you felt the need to put her picture on the article. Now I need to bleach my eyes.)

  10. Sounds like a canned response to me, I’m guessing everyone else who sent a letter with a pro-gun slant received this, and everyone who sent a letter with an anti-gun slant received something thanking them for their support. I doubt they’ve even tallied the pro/anti letters to gauge support, because she doesn’t give a damn what the people think.

  11. Thats a robo-response. I have a dozen of them in my inbox.

    Can’t wait for her to disappear or fall down the stairs.

  12. This is really unfair – the rest of us keep growing older and dying, and this wrinkled old crone just seems to keep going like some sort hideous hell spawned Energizer Bunny.

    • I will climb a Mountian and raise my rifle as the sun sets, while offering incense to the freedom gods.

    • I will put on my dancing shoes and head for whatever desecrated and evil ground that they found that would actually contain her corpse. I’ll load up with Z-Max should she rise after the very earth rejects her.

  13. This is certainly a robo-letter. It’s similar to the one I got in response to my own (snail-mail) letter in 1993, except that it’s less faux-congenial. Her robo-letter to me said something about ‘agreeing to disagree’ while this one dispenses with everything but the lecture.

    But the Botoxed gasbag is full of shit, as usual. If her bill was about ‘common-sense’ measures to prevent criminals and crazies from playing with guns, why did she devote more than 90% of it to banning thousands of firearms by type? And why does she continue to believe that ‘common sense’ means ‘hand them over?’ On which planet did she learn that?

    • ‘agreeing to disagree’ – she is no longer afforded that position.
      She is no longer a single private citizen, but rather a representative.
      ‘agreeing to disagree’ implies that she has her opinion. She can have an opinion, but as a Senator, her opinion is irrelevant. Her job is to represent the will of the people and protect the interests of the minority opinion holders.
      By taking the ‘agreeing to disagree’ she is essentially saying that she disregards minority and dissenting opinions and exploits her position of power to impose her will on others.

      • She’s in CA. The will of many of the people there, after years of liberal indoctrination, is to advance the civilian disarmament agenda on all fronts. Those in CA who actually support the 2A are in the minority. She keeps advancing gun control, and keeps getting elected. I’ve never voted for her, but millions will.

        • The constitution is pretty clear on the subject. It is not a state’s rights issue. Slavery makes that quite clear. The thirteenth amendment similarly outlaws a deprivation of liberty, a natural right. The states are not allowed to preempt this prohibition. If that were the case, there would be no need to have fought the civil war, southern states could just choose to ignore the amendment and reintroduce slavery, no harm no foul. Yes I understand the amendment came after the war. The concept is still valid. Deprivations of rights, when specifically prohibited by the constitution, cannot legitimately be enacted by state or local governments. If Californicators wish to change that, they need to work on amending the US constitution, or secede.

  14. Crazy biatch is crazy! Or at least not an English scholar. Words have meanings and you keep misusing them, ma’am.

  15. Fortunately she trusts herself, so has no problem with being granted the gold standard in California carry permits.

    • Cruz should have dumped his bottle of water on her and watched her slooowly melt away. How can anyone bear to listen to this pompous b_tch, she never has anything new to offer?

    • If find it amusing, in this video, that the magazine limits and AWB “do not … substantially affect their ability to defend themselves” according to the US Circuit Court over DC. But, if AWB features and high-capacity magazines do not affect ability to do violence to an attacker, what is the justification for targeting them with this legislation? The abject hypocrisy of claiming that banning these features will reduce violence while simultaneously arguing that banning these things will not affect a person’s ability to do violence to an attacker is stunning.

  16. This is the exact same bulshit form letter I recieved eleven months ago from the lying old bag. She has no intention of letting us peasants keep out leagally owned property.

    Anyone who starts a sentence with I support the 2nd amendment but; does not in fact support anything.

  17. But what about the deaths from alcohol, or alcohol-related things, or cars? Those numbers are far more scary, compared to guns. Why is she not attacking those items?

  18. Actors speeding driving recklessly,and crashing all over CA & not one has the decency to run this old cow down.

    • It would be hard for them to do that since she lives in D.C.
      That’s about as geographically, mentally and ideologically removed from her constituency as can be.

  19. Dear California Constituent:

    If you like your Second Amendment rights, you can keep them – for a brief PERIOD.
    Otherwise, fu*k off.


  20. If anyone asks me why I won’t send a letter to “my senator” about some 2A issue, this is the reason. She is interested in no one’s opinion but her own, and there is nothing in heaven or earth that will sway her.

    • That’s just fine. When she is no longer on earth she sure won’t be in heaven so she may be swayed yet.

  21. I’m surprised no one noticed her response did not include any mention of an assault weapons ban, or magazine limit. That is really going soft for such an adamant gun-control hero. I guess her marketing team doesn’t think it is a winning argument.

  22. I’ve received the exact same form letter from this crazy, controlling old witch the few times I have written her as she is my Senator. Her regard for her constituents as “Serfs” and her self appointed role as their Nanny is nauseating as is her husband’s role in the 330 billion dollar “Train to Nowhere” debacle we are currently gearing up for here in Kalifornia. Her new nickname is “Kalifornia’s Imelda Marcos”.

    She is senile, experiences delusions and visions of ghosts and should be institutionalized but the brain dead, low information masses of this state will keep electing her long after she is rotting in the ground. She is a disgrace and emblematic of the crazy, controlling shrews that seem to propagate the seats of elected office in this country. Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi all hail from Kalifornia. You’re welcome rest of the country. It’s no wonder that free staters sneer at Kalifornia, I was born and raised here and I sneer at this state as well.

  23. Everything she says is BS and California and politicians like her need to be put in their place by recalls and law suits.She has never read the Bill of Rights or the 2nd Amendment and doesn’t even know what she doesn’t even know! California ,like Illinois ,needs to get it’s ass sued off and like Colorado needs heavy recall efforts.
    Feinstein is responsible for more murders and gun crimes than all the shooters in recent mass shooting events,by her policy of disarming law abiding citizens.She is clueless about CCW laws and the 2nd Amendment in general. These ‘Dictator ‘politicians need to be removed by term limits and recall as they simply enforce unconstitutional laws on the public and use their stupid BS ‘common sense ‘ logic on people who are as clueless as they are!
    She ,in particular, is a Treasonist, and I don’t say that lightly .Her ‘I support the 2nd Amendment ‘ balcony as she ‘infringes’ on every Right Americans have to ” Keep and Bear ” Arms.
    Everything and I mean Everything California ,with her at the lead ,is Illegal! And not only Unconstitutional but totally steps on the 1968 ‘Firearms Owners Protection Act”, which she doesn’t even know exists .
    There is NO reasoning with Treasonist ,there is only Removal and Replacement. Gun owners need to Demand there Rights Be restored ,No Discussions ,No BS Common Ground with Antis as they would have none with us.No disputing the 2nd Amendment NONE,especially with this Idiot!

  24. Anyone else think DiFi looks like Mama Fratelli from The Goonies? Either that or one of the creatures from Gremlins.

  25. The reason I forwarded this response to TTAG was that it was my impression that for the first time, I think, her response mentions “self defense” as well as the roles played by mental illness and violence in popular culture.

    Whether that represents a new separate form response to pro gun folks or that we’ve affected their position (or just talking points) – I’m not sure….

  26. Yeah. Feinstein supports the 2nd Amendment… And Adolf Hitler supported Jewish owned businesses.

    Callous words, I know. But appropriate given how she has treated the intrinsic right to self defense. This person has done her best every year to pass laws that will completely strip our rights down to a fain glimmer of what they are.

  27. JEEZ! PLEASE change that picture! Scared the crap out of me. She looks like she’s been stuffed and mounted.

  28. Wow she literally mentioned absolutely nothing that would truly alleviate violence in this country. She blamed guns, video games, mental health, and movies… Mental health being the best response but still a stupid one, considering mentally disturbed individuals account for very few murders in comparison to gangs, drugs, poverty, and turf wars.

    • You forgot “I support the Second Amendment, but he’s kind of an asshole.”

      You’re going to find very little sympathy around here. That may not be fair, but that’s the way it is.

  29. Basically all the laws past and supported by Feinstein are asinine or, quite simply, idiotic, a public placebo based on misinformation and ignorant lies that targets and alienates law abiding citizens (gun owners), as well as, doing nothing to stop the criminal element all at the same time. How can we ever take her seriously or ever stand by a word she says in support of 2A. It will never happen and should never happen. I am appalled that a politician who ignores the Constitution and uses the Bill of Rights as a doormat can be an elected official in this great Country. But I fear the citizenry is the biggest failure of our system.

    And why the hell do I get so many pop up ads when I come onto TTAG. Holy hell!

  30. Back when I still lived in CA, I called her office a few times to voice my opposition to whatever gun control was on the table at the time. Though I was calm and businesslike on the call, staffers answering the phone hung up on me before I completed my first sentence. The same thing happened when my wife called, and many others.

    Senator “turn them all in” doesn’t give a damn about the 2A or any natural rights.

  31. I may just have to speed up my next firearms purchase, since every one of those that happens makes her die a bit inside.

    As for when this “individual” will finally kick the bucket, I am not sure that $#!t is mortal.

  32. “I support the second amendment”….as long as it pertains only to registered water pistols manufactured in the shape of a bagel, so as not to alarm the discriminating voters.

    • For that matter, would Paul Walker and his buddy be seen as tragic heroes if they had died while randomly firing off rounds instead of recklessly driving? I ask because to me, there is no meaningful difference between the two actions. They recklessly misused that vehicle, and we are all lucky that they were the only people killed this time. 30,000+ vehicular deaths a year dwarfs the number of firearm homicides.

  33. her “nonetheless” gets me haha before it was edited by her team it read… “nonetheless I shall be using your rights and your letter as toilet paper after I indulge in a fine meal at taco bell.”

  34. Within minutes of WNY shooting, she was running around saying he used and AR-15 shotgun.
    She held a gun symposium in the US Capital and had the DC police bring her semiautomatic weapons into the building!
    She held a gun buy back at the Catholic church in DC, not exactly separation of church and state.

    • Separation of Church and State seems to only apply when the Church wants to voice its opinion on a subject… especially if it disagrees with the person’s views calling the foul.

      Separation of Church and State, is clear to me. As in the State cannot support or condemn any religion (and I’ll include anti-religion with that) in any way shape or form. It in no way states a Church cannot voice a view on policy, politician, or law. However, just like the Second, it is an inconvenience they deal with by ignoring or redefining it.

    • It sounds like it, but I’d be willing to give it a shot. I do pretty well being condescending in a little apartment.

  35. When exactly was this reply written?

    “I also support the video game industry’s voluntary efforts to institute a ratings system for video games that contain explicit or violent material. This system is important because it gives parents the information they need to monitor the content of games and allows them to make more informed decisions about whether their children are being improperly influenced.”

    Ummmm, I asked that question because, I can pull games off my shelf from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011,and 2012 that all are ESRB (The Entertainment Software Rating Board) rated with explanations to content. (i.e Quake4 (2005) – Rated M: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language) The ratings have existed for years already, but parents tend to ignore them anyway when grabbing a game for Jr. just because Jr says he has to have it.)

      • My local GameStop locations tend to enforce the ratings… as does Wally (Sam and his vision is dead, long live our HUGE profits at the expense of American workers’ jobs) World (Please note that I’m not anti-profit/anti-success as has become one of the PC stances… I do have a problem with real greed as a M.O. though.) and other retailers. Still, when parents are involved, most don’t pay any attention to the ratings at all.

        Putting that aside, she seems to be oblivious that that system has been in place now for more than 10 years… and has been giving details as to why a particular rating for more than five.

        • Yep. It is totally about the parents. Long ago, I worked at a store that enforced the ratings, and we would get angry parents that were annoyed that they had to come in to the video game store instead of just giving their kids the money to pick it up.

  36. I sent her 2 internet form emails this year asking how i can sue the state of califnaiziland for lessening the quality of my life here. My reasons included her , forced expansion of I-5 , smog, polluted water , and greedy politicians here. She sent me a true email, not canned.

  37. “These are only a few examples of the mass shootings that have become all too common in our country. ”

    That is a false statement. Mass shootings, including school shootings, are on the decline.

  38. She don’t get that much of the 2nd A is about Asymmetrical warfare. Statist libtards (democrats) don’t like that part. You can guess why.

  39. “There is no cause for alarm. The high tide of prosperity will continue.” – Andrew W. Mellon / Secretary of the Treasury **These words were spoken immediately following the stock market crash of 1929. The market took 31
    years to recover to the level of that day. I post this simply to show that often the leaders in our government don’t know the future. Nor do the realize the consequences of certain actions and the snowballing effect they cause. I don’t doubt Feinstein believes her ideas won’t infringe on my rights….. But…. She is simply wrong. She is a poor student of history. This is why the 2A movement refuses to give another inch. Support the NRA. Support the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

  40. DiFi and Box-a-rocks are an embarrassment to the Senate and the state of CA.

    Perfect examples of what big money from the limousine liberal set in S.F. can do to rule like little emperors, over the objections of the rest of the state.

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