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As if the hypocrisy of the Gun Control Industrial Complex wasn’t already on full display after the Moms Demand Action crowd announced their intentions to use the anniversary of the Newtown shooting to push for the infringement of Americans’ enumerated civil rights, word comes today that Barack Obama’s political action committee Organizing For America is trying to drum up some “grassroots” gun control advocacy events for that day, too. Their website makes the same, tired (now debunked) claims about “overwhelming support” for increased gun control that we’ve heard regurgitated time and again, almost as if they’re trying to hypnotize their members into believing it despite all the polling to the contrary. Via National Review, the following was sent to the PAC’s email list . . .

“OFA will give you the resources you need to ensure your event is a powerful reminder of what we lost a year ago, and a reminder that we as a nation need to do more to prevent gun violence and keep our communities safe,” the organization said.

The email contains a link to a page on where users can log in and create an event.

“Despite overwhelming public support for expanding background checks for gun sales, Congress has failed to act,” the organization says. “Join local supporters as we remember Newtown and ask Congress: What will it take to make our communities safer?”

On the one hand, we knew this was coming. Waving the bloody shirt works as well as anything for gun control advocates, since they’re able to appeal to their targets’ emotional response rather than having to rely on facts and logic — neither of which is on their side. And the first anniversary of a tragic event on the order of Sandy Hook will indeed get wall-to-wall coverage on the major news networks. It’s a prime breeding ground for new gun control advocates and the usual gang of statist gun grabbers won’t let such an opportunity go to waste.

On the other hand, there may be hope. We’re less than two weeks out, and this is the most we’ve heard from the gun control advocates so far. I was expecting a much bigger push than a simple email blast and a “do it yourself civilian disarmament coffee klatch.” But nothing bigger seems to have materialized.

We’ll have to see what actually happens on that day — there are many options still on the table, including the fact that the ATF’s proposed rule comments period ends the Monday before the event and we could very well see some action from the White House on the gun control executive order front. But I’m quietly optimistic.

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  1. anyone else bothered by the fact that the Obama 2012 campaign, OFA, and all have almost the same exact page design, color scheme, and fonts?

    no tinfoil hat, just pointing out the almost annoying continuity in everything this president is involved in.

  2. I feel our best approach is to be as lowkey about the Newtown anniversary as possible. Quietly respectful. Let the fence sitters see how sick the bloody shirt waving is.

  3. I’d like to sign up, and then host an event at a local range to teach people how to defend themselves from sickos like (name deleted because I don’t want to give the sicko any attention).

    But honestly, Vendetta is probably right. We should just stay low key.

  4. Wave the bloody shirt NATIONWIDE!!! Why do you think they’re so desperate to get all our guns?

    FEINSTEIN: “Mr. and Mrs. America, TURN ‘EM IN!”

  5. Disgusting.
    Waving the bloody shirt as usual.
    How low will they go??
    That’s a question no one can answer in my book.

    I didn’t even read the other comments here 1st. Seems some of us do think alike on this one for sure.

    William even we can agree on issues.

  6. I read my First Freedom magazine and my kid’s issue of American Rifleman. I’ve tried to keep up with this administration’s antics, but I missed something. What other Executive Order have they floated?

    Anybody know more?

    • They haven’t floated any new Imperial decrees yet, and Biden is just as pleased as punch about the progress on the ones that have been signed already. Why, he even told the Chinese.

  7. If I haven’t already said so, I really dislike this president. Remember all that stuff prior to the 2012 elections when roughly half of TTAG thought Obama was gun friendly? I think that’s well and over now. I’m tempted to host an event at a gun range, but the media would probably take that as an opportunity to show how insensitive I am.

  8. I’m with you guys 110% with the comments and all. But seriously, did anyone really expect anything different from this administration?

  9. I think that the gunrabbers and cultural supremacists have waved the bloody shirt so often that the only effect it has now is to distribute the stink of their desperation. It’s absolutely killing them that they have no power at all. Their ennui is palpable.

    Leave them alone and let them wallow in their hopelessness.

  10. my event: An Armed US is a polite US
    location: across the street from the Antis

    wonder if we we could crash their computer system?

  11. I think scheduling an event at the local Obama Lakes Recreation Area would be appropriate (the rest of my community knows this as the sewer lagoons). If got it listed at perhaps could pull in some leftwing wackos. Likely doing so also attract the IRS and FBI thugs.

  12. I partially agree with some of the above about staying low key: i.e. not be political and show respect.

    But I also cannot stand to see these lobbyists leverage this tragedy for their own political gain. So don’t be shy about going to their events, or posting on their blogs/twitter/etc. Not in a confrontational/argumentative way, though. just one that helps elevate their “rational, common sense” agenda to the top:
    “How much money do you think this will raise”
    “Releasing the tapes will only help us”
    “If you could have only one gun-control law, in 140 twitter characters or less, what would it be?”
    etc. etc.
    I’m sure the readers here can come up with a few more good motivators to get the floatsom to the top of their image for all to see.

  13. Awww….look at that. The Annointed One is getting the old band back together. Rev up Air Force One, cue the crushed parents, it’s “Slaughterpalooza 2013: the Reunion Tour.” What a sick twisted fiend this man is to celebrate the Sandy Hook savagery for political purposes.

    He can thump hard his dark-hearted chest in his otherwise empty suit. He can wax angry in faux indignation. The Wicked Witch of the Senate can dance in any remaining bloody puddles she can manage to find. Don’t be fooled: it’s all just cynical stagecraft in the macabre melodrama that is these fascists’ ideal.

    • Don’t forget the best part, where Dear Leader stands before the audience, surrounded by small caskets. Stagecraft this impressive has not been seen since the 1930s.

    • Don’t ever forget that this sort of twisted opportunism was/is routine for him in Chicago and later in the Senate. A tiger can’t change it’s stripes.

  14. Why rehash a tragedy,that didn’t get the gun laws that they wanted before.Well now that the leftist socialists in the senate voted to change the law governing the 60% law about such legislation being able to get past a majority rule point,maybe they can try to get the gun laws they want past,but. What they don’t understand is when they use this draconian measure to get what they want , they are going to start the 2nd Revolution , it almost happened this past April if the gun bill would have passed.Quite a few members in law enforcement and other law institutions agreed with this assessment . The members of Congress along with Heir Boobama do not or cannot understand that We the People do not want these laws , or they figure that they can roll over the citizens if they don’t follow the laws they pass down . Yes there is Revolution in the air and it keeps growing each day with all of the restrictive government being put in place , eventually it will be armed confrontation , at least in this country we do have the capability to fight back against tyranny , some countries in the past have not had that right . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  15. I feel for the parents of those kids. Even, to some degree, the ones who are helping the anti-gun cause, because I believe they’re acting out of genuine, if misguided, emotion. But mostly I feel bad for those parents who aren’t anti-gun, or who are indifferent to the gun issue in their grief.

    And however much I feel bad for those parents, it’s an order of magnitude less than the contempt I feel for those who are coldly, calculatedly using this to further their own agenda, especially those using the grieving, misguided parents to do it. I wish those despicable folks all the karmic retribution the universe can muster.

    • This. It’s perfectly typical of survivors to involve themselves in causes in the wake of losing loved ones well before their time. I had a friend who died last summer at 30 of glioblastoma, a particularly virulent form of brain cancer. His family staged what will now likely be a memorial charity bike ride in his honor to raise money and awareness.

      Riding bikes isn’t going to do anything to cure cancer, but raising money and awareness can fund research that one day may and improve the quality of life for those that have it. These demonstrations will do nothing to prevent future mass killings and really only serve to fuel the anguish of those who have to relive losing the ones they love every year so some putrid opportunist can advance his toxic ideology. It’s not the fault of the parents, children, siblings, friends and other family who lost the ones they love; it’s the fault of the vultures and the snake oil they sell.

  16. Im gonna create one of these events and hold it at a friends property. While there, we will shoot to our hearts content, learn some defensive tactics, and then shoot some more. We’ll even have a few teachers and a principal there. The funny thing is; i wouldnt have to create an event. This is life where i live, at least twice a month. 50+ people, and tons of guns. Then we break bread and have a few drinks.

  17. Wouldn’t a political action committee expending resources to drum-up advocates be the very definition of Astroturfing?


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