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“Given the impending deadline, the complexity of the back story and the eagerness of so many lawmakers to claim a few modest achievements before the end of the year, the Second Amendment crowd looks likely to prevail in the argument by ceding to the small bill. And if that happens, it will mark an undefeated streak for gun rights advocates in a year that was supposed to be the most challenging for them in decades.” – David Hawkings, Big Gun Ban Vote Will Mean Much Less Than It Seems [at]

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  1. Undefeated year for gun rights? Tell that to NY, CT, NJ, CO, CA, and any other state that got dealt the shaft in the name of ‘safety and common sense’. Hell, gun rights even recieved ripples from Herr Obama’s tyrant decrees on a national level.

    • Don’t forget MD. We got screwed too. $50 HQL + $54 fingerprinting + $50 training just to buy a handgun.

      • …in addition to 1 handgun a month, 7-day waiting periods for handgun purchases, and all handguns must be on a State Police approved handgun roster (it takes months to get a new model added).

        • NJ has one handgun a month, I believe we have a waiting period (but it’s buried under the wait for permits/ID cards) and we have to get a background check/references/police approval for every handgun we want to buy (although you can purchase 3 permits at a time, but they expire in 90 days – after taking 5-6 months for approval).

        • If I recall correctly in NJ the police HAVE to issue you your permit within 90 days if you pass the checks. If they haven’t given you the permit when the 90 days are up then you have the right to the permit and can go and demand it. This was told to me by a long time NJ gun owner who also has friends on the force, so maybe it could have been changed.

      • Wow. People should knock Illinois. We just show our FOID and buy what we want. All the headaches are with the fed regs. No fingerprinting, no monthly limits, no registration.

        Well… at least that’s true if your not in Cook County.

    • “Undefeated year for gun rights? Tell that to NY, CT, NJ, CO, CA, and any other state that got dealt the shaft in the name of ‘safety and common sense’.”

      I hear you loud and clear…..

    • Move to the Seattle area. We have fewer anti-gun laws today than when I showed up in 2010. It’s always* sunny. And we could use a few more pro-gun voters to maintain or reduce our current level of gun laws.

      *If you get above the winter cloud cover.

    • Did you forget how this works? Those bills were only “reasonable compromises” until they passed. Now that they’re officially laws, that makes them equivalent to “no regulation whatsoever”, so now they don’t count.

  2. Not sure what’s going on here. If they re-authorize the existing bill, I don’t have a problem. I would object, however, to changing a single word of the old bill.

    • What’s going on here is the bad guys defining the baseline. The baseline they want to establish is that gun freedom should be steadily erode. So when that freedom is only slightly or slowly eroded, or held constant, that’s a victory for us.

  3. The simple fact is that the existing law is largely meaningless. You can manufacture an “undetectable” gun provided that you include at least one part that would be detectable by metal detectors. That part does not have to be engineered to be non-removable either. So, under the existing law, Cody Wilson’s gun is probably okay due to the metal firing pin.

    NSSF and the NRA know this which is why they are going along with things as they stand. They know that if the existing law was not reauthorized, enough hysteria could be whipped up by the anti-gun crowd to probably get a new, tougher one passed that would be really bad for the industry. It’s a case of the Devil you know versus the one you don’t.

    Not enough of the voting public cares about this law to prevent the passage of this or a more strict one. It’s not like the Universal Background Check bill (which came damn close to passing the Senate despite the work of pro gun people). The best course of action seems to be to stay the course and get a meaningless law rather than gamble on getting something much much worse.

    • I think that the liberator has a hollow portion that you’re supposed to put a metal slug in for the metal detectors.

    • I fly a lot for work. The vast majority of airports use the millimeter wave scanners, so the non-metallic parts would be seen on the image. They will pat you down for a fold in your shirt, or any other irregularity under your clothing. My right shoulder seems to get felt up every time i go through, and there is nothing there.

      Put one of those in your carry on, and the technician at the x-ray machine is going to see it. Even disassembled, they are gonna see it. It’s pretty dense plastic, and would show up almost as well as metal. Yes, you could hide the firing pin inside a pen, and any other small metal parts in something else if you did it right. Either way, I don’t think you are not going to get it past a checkpoint.

      • the threat they are worried about is simple metal detectors at courthouses and such.

        which, this bill will do nothing to stop a determined person from entering with or without a plastic gun.

      • First of all, it’s the Undetectable Firearms Act, not the Undetectable Weapons Act. Second, it was written by congressional staff, primarily those of William Hughes — also notorious for the Hughes Amendment.

        • Ralph, Why are you using the truth to discredit some excellent muckraking? I mean we all know that Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg and that nitwit from Moms against everything are the elite secret leadership of the NRA and are using that organization as a fifth column to destroy the rights of gun owners everywhere. At least that’s what my cousin’s nephew’s roommate who once worked for a guy who set the whole thing up told me.

  4. I’m inclined to agree. My preference is a complete roll back of anti-freedom measures at the federal and state levels, in legislatures and courts. We’re not going to win everywhere every time as it is. So I’d rather hold ground where we must and advance where we can. This seems like a hold proposition., especially timed against Christmas and the Sandy Hook anniversary.

  5. Another nugget from the article: “Dec. 14 marks the anniversary of when 20-year-old Adam Lanza — armed with weapons obtained legally — shot and killed his mother, then 20 children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.” Obtained Legally!? He stole them! They were obtained legally in the same sense that when I was 15 I drank a bottle of rum which was “obtained legally.” My father obtained it legally and then I stole it from him.

    • And if Adam decided to take a 4×4 into the playground and run over 20 kids would you hear about endless calls to ban trucks, or even regulate them, or even require background checks??


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