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TTAG reader Pascal read an op-ed in today’s Boston Herald about the Boston Marathon bombing. He forwarded an excerpt to us followed by a simple question:

Don’t walk the streets of Boston? Stay in your hotel rooms? Stop the music at Symphony Hall? Forget all about hockey? Oh, the savages must have loved that! How it must have delighted their warped, verminous minds. Void of conscience, they lack any instinct for remorse or compassion. So yesterday was their day, no question about it. But there’s coming a tomorrow when we will have a reckoning with them, and here’s what will happen . . .

Some shrink will try to explain how their neurosis mitigates their culpability, while some whore with a law degree will scheme to free them on a technicality. The anguish of the victims? It’ll be forgotten. All that will matter will be the showering of rights upon the perpetrators. Welcome to Massachusetts.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It’s not complicated. Evil need not be understood. It simply needs to be eliminated, by any means necessary.

That’s the only way to honor those lives that were savaged yesterday, and the only way we will begin to rebuild the America we once knew.

Eliminate evil “by any means necessary.” Got it. Does that mean we can use our guns to defeat evil, too?

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    • Well, yes, maybe, if you happen to have justifiable defensive use while traveling to/from your gun club. Of course, you’ll have to get at it in your trunk and unlock it first. Then load up your magazine. Otherwise your Boston-issued license to carry gives you permission to keep your heater locked up at home.

      Not that a LTC would have done anything yesterday even if carrying was an option.

    • That would have been preferable, if a shooter could have taken out the bomber prior to any casualties. As for me, I really don’t want to take a gun to a bombfight. I’m thinking I’ll lose, but I’ll still go if I have to.

      • I don’t see how that could have helped at all…remote detonated devices that caught everyone completely by surprise. Not much could have been done to prevent this without some advance warning. No amount of firepower in the hands of anyone would have actually made a difference in this case.

      • Was that an intentional 30 min or less reference? “Sorry officer but you brought a gun to a bomb fight”

        • Yes. My apologies.

          However, I’ve responded to bomb threats, suspicious packages, etc. Not fun.

        • Don’t worry that was the best part of that movie. I could imagine its not fun. I’m in a small town in the slave state of nj so we’ve never had any of that for my FH to respond to luckily.

    • Setting down a backpack and leaving it behind is not grounds for a defensive gun use. The defense here is situational awareness and hopefully spotting someone acting strangely before the bomb goes off. Back that up with emergency medical training in case the worst happens. In this situation, I would rather have 6 tourniquets than 6 rounds of .357 mag.

  1. No, only government employees may use gun to stop evil. Everyone else must call a government employee, then be a martyr and fall to evil, then the government employee will show up and write a report about your honorable death. Then, if they feel like it after their lunch break, they might try to stop evil with their government approved guns.

    • I hear your sarcasm. Sadly, that’s how many people think. I met a government employee who was a self-proclaimed “prepper.” She would ogle all sorts of first aid / Red Cross supplies (overpriced garbage) for emergency survival. When I suggested a gun or taser to help her protect her family and supplies, she was shocked. She hated guns, and hated violence. She didn’t even want a knife for self defense.

      I asked her what she would do if someone were to try to steal her supplies and she had no answer. Go figure.

  2. Wow. Great. God forbid we give any rights to those suspected of crimes. I guess we should just put all suspects in that no-charges-brought, no trial given, do not pass “go” line to Guantanamo, some other prison, or to an anonymous drone strike in any of the 57 states or anywhere in the world. Due process is for chumps. Certainly not for Americans.

    • This is the true face of these people. They hate rights that aren’t theirs alone. Peons shouldn’t own guns. The courts are meant to protect the status of the elites, not justice. They aren’t happy unless its a privilege they alone have. How else can they prove they’re better than us? Equality, pshaw.

  3. We can kill and they can come back and kill more of us true… (it’s called BLOW BACK), so what is the answer , First we need to change our policy toward all nations… ( reading the Book IWO) our policy caused the JAPS to attack us. They understand that they as other nations were not being treated fair…. (BLOWBACK) caused WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and now the Middle east… Like Ron Paul said the Blow back (killing) will stop when and only when we (the West) returns to Fair and equal (free trade) The Golden Rule … (the Bible calls it just weights and measurements) like real money. And paying for what we use …. FAIR TRADE…God let’s this happen because we do not trust the TRUTH… and Evil will not be stopped by God until WE REPENT… ( It means turn around and go the right ways of GOD)

    • You know, I have had conversations with quite a few Serbs about my participation in the bombing of Serbia in 1999. Not one of them has responded with anything except understandind and courtesy. Now the people we bombed Serbia for, welll that is a different story. Why are Serbs different than Muslims?

      Ron Paul is FOS.

      • “Why are Serbs different than Muslims?”

        Serbs are mostly Catholic or Orthodox. Muslims are Muslim.
        And, if you thing Ron Paul is FOS, then talk to the CIA, since they’re the ones who addressed Muslim blow-back in the first place.

        • Well Henry, Serbs are only Orthodox, that’s what makes them Serbs. If they were Catholic they”d be Croats.

          And I have lots of experience talking to the CIA. The government gave a badge that allowed me full and free access to all the three letter agencies. The CIA is just about as Arabist as the State Department. They have taken up the British Colonial Office tradition of pro-Arabism. Most of them suffer from the Lawrence of Arabia syndrome. Those analysts who don’t share their management’s romantic notions of Muslims and Arabs quickly move on to other areas.

          The question remains why did we get blowback from the Muslims and not the Serbs. Outside of Hollywood I know of no instance of pissed off Serbs engaging in terrorism agains the US or NATO interests. We only engaged in regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan while we destroyed the Yugoslavia nation. I’d say they have the bigger beef against us.

          • Why blowback from muslims but not Serbs? I presume you ask rhetorically, but I’ll bite. Because Christianity, ideally, is a religion of peace and love, and Islam, ideally, is a system of conquest by any means necessary.

        • Kosovans are muslim, being of Albanian lineage – HELL, they ARE Albanian, when I think about it.

          But Serbia was a linchpin of the Ottoman Empire, and you will still find quite a lot of them.

    • I think it’s faith and reliance on God that got us into this mess to begin with. Fair trade has nothing to do with this. These people aren’t doing this because we don’t pay a good wage for our imported coffee, tea, oil and textiles. They are doing this because they follow the hard line teachings of a religion that flatly teaches that the infidel is a corrupting devil that must be destroyed to pave the way for a muslim world. Our international visibility just put us in their crosshairs.
      Keep in mind, they do this crap to each other on a daily basis and it has zero to do with “fair trade”.

      • Personal faith and reliance on God (no matter what your beliefs in this department) is completely different from following all orders handed down from politicians etc. who claim to be appointed by God to command the nation/world.

        People usually engage in violence because they believe they are defending themselves, their families, or country, whether they are doing so or not. A politician can get people to go to war by saying “invading infidels” easier than by saying “distant, isolated infidels”.

    • What a pack of lies. America is the universal oppressor of the globe. Yeah, sure.

      Try this on for size: America is the bastion of truth and democracy, and when evil confronts it, evil feels oppressed and fights against us.

      So yes, the Japanese empire (carrying out atrocities China and Korea, holding all non-Japanese as worth nothing more than cattle) felt our “oppression.” Likewise the other tyrants we have fought (Saddam, murdering 30,000 political opponents each month, for instance).

      So if you read histories written by our enemies or by those sympathetic to them, yes, we look like the Great Satan. But the truth is you’ve stood truth on its head. There is an absolute standard for right and wrong and it’s not culturally determined.

      So, so sad we were mean to the Japanese who were slaughtering civilians and trying to expand their empire. So sad we’re now being mean to the Caliphate that slaughters innocents and seeks to dominate the globe.

      If you want to blame those innocents (children!!) who were killed and had their legs blown off for being part of nation deserving of “blowback,” somehow deserving of having their legs blown off, then YOU ARE ONE SICK PUPPY.

      • I did not say the world is good, and the West was the first people to hear the TRUTH, so we follow the Golden Rule, and God will Bless us, and Make the other peoples will to have the same Blessings of God, The Bible say to TEACH all MEN , give them missions, and help. You can have it only one way… and USA at one point, THE USA as a Christian nation was the place everyone in the World wants to come to …. But Blessing come ONLY from God, and only to the level that we follow his will.. TWO ROADS !

      • “Try this on for size: America is the bastion of truth and democracy, and when evil confronts it, evil feels oppressed and fights against us.”

        Which flavor of kool-ade did you drink?

        The U.S. has military presence in *130* countries on Earth.

        Now substitute “China” for “United States”, AND TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT, MISTER SICK PUPPY!

        • Try this one on for size and it doesn’t violate Godwin’s rule. Now substitute Nazi Germany for the US or China. Then substitute Imperial Japan for the US, China, or Nazi Germany. Let’s do it one more time. Try substituting the USSR for the US, China, Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.

          You are engaging in moral equivalence. Moral equivalence is not about equality. It was invented by Martin Heidegger, Hitler’s Minister of Education and unrepentant Nazi, to justify choosing evil. Each of these nations has a particular set of moral principals. So tell me which regime would you prefer to be the dominant power in the world and in which of these countries would you have chosen to be born?

    • @last marine, WHY does every one of your posts LOOK like a RANSOM NOTE with random CAPS and crazy punctuation . . . . ? I think you have important things to say and I want to read your COMMENTS, but they’re HARD to rEaD . . . (really).

      • sorry … very important that we have real answers . I am not a great writer ,,, just someone who wants to understand and follow as God directs me..

    • “…our policy caused the JAPS to attack us. ”

      Japan’s own imperialistic ambitions caused them to attack us. What do you think we should have done, keep supplying them with oil, iron, etc. in order to support the Axis conquest of the Eastern Hemisphere????

      • In truth, we didn’t care all that much about China. It was about yellow people stealing other yellow people from their “rightful” white masters.

        That’s the geopolotics of it, not the human or patriotism side. The US was he good guy, but at least in part for hewrong reasons.

        Would that we were better than a century ago it was acceptable to send in the Marines to install a new regime which will offer better prices to Dole fruit buyers.

        Unfortunately, we’ve yet a ways to go.

        • You, like many modern isolationists, have this notion that there was this golden age where the US minded its own business and was left in peace by the rest of world. You are mistaken in the belief.

          During the halcyon days of the 19th Century those God awful militaristic Prussians spent about 6 months in a state of war. The United States was at war for about 6 years not counting the Indian Wars.

          If you divide the country’s history into three periods, the early republic (1787-1814), the post Napoleonic era (1815- 1917) and the internationalist era (1917-1991) we were at war a greater percentage of the time in the early days of the Republic than any other era. Even in the 19th Century we were at war for a longer period of time than any European nation. The key factor that determines whether the US is a peace is whether the rest of our peer developed nations are at peace or war. We were involved in no foreign wars that we didn’t start in 19th Century because there were no continent wide conflicts in Europe. The Crimean War was the closest thing to a general European war during that period.

          You neo-isolationists all share one thing in common — historical ignorance.

  4. 3/27/2013 FAMILY GUY episode mirrored Boston Marathon bombing:

    In this episode, Peter – who is a TEA PARTY guy, falls in with MUSLIM TERRORISTS who plan to blow up bridges in Boston, during the marathon. Peter – from Teabagger to Muslim – wins the race by detonating the bomb at the FINISH LINE – killing the runners, and Peter is the “winner”!!!

  5. Using guns to fight evil = watch out for drones. Creating evil = Dont worry the drones are watching youre victims.

  6. declaring war on drugs – stupid

    declaring war on terror – doubling down on stupid

    …have we just declared war on evil?

  7. @The Last Marine:

    The term “japs” is really unnecessary. I don’t mean to go all “politically correct” on you, but it’s on the same level as using “the N word” to refer to black people. I don’t think it’s good to be confirming the anti-gunner’s stereotype of us as a bunch of racists.

    • “Japs” are what we called the Japanese.
      “Krauts” are what we called the Germans.
      *shrugs* It was over 50 years ago.
      If @LastMarine wishes to refer to our one-time enemy as Japs, so be it.

      Get over it.

      • Sorry, the term is racist and it wasn’t just used against Japanese soldiers. Americans of Japanese descent were labeled “Japs” and my family were among many loyal Chinese Americans at that time who started wearing buttons that said “I’M CHINESE” so they wouldn’t have to suffer the abuse of the term “Jap” as well.

        The term still is in circulation today, so let’s recognize it for what it is: a racial ephitet on the level of the n-word, ch*nk, and k*ke.

        • Get over it, sir. It’s nothing worse than calling the British ‘Brits’ or the Americans ‘Yanks’ or the French soldiers of WWI ‘poilu’. You have an axe to grind — find another website.

        • ‘Sorry, the term is racist and it wasn’t just used against Japanese soldiers. Americans of Japanese descent were labeled “Japs”‘

          No, it’s just a shortened term to call the Japanese, just like Serbians are called “Serbs”.

  8. “By any means necessary?”

    The problem is that “by any means necessary” makes it a whole lot easier for the powers that be to railroad a convenient scapegoat rather than put in the hard work of catching the actual culprit. Simply grab a random individual, preferably belonging to some politically unpopular group, then torture him into confessing, followed immediately by summary execution. Fast, neat, simple, and wrong.

    • For me, “by any means necessary” hasn’t anything to do with the authorities – more like the Israeli model, where an armed populace can catch a terrorist in the act and deal with him. No scapegoating required when you know you’ve got the right guy.

    • I’m very sorry to tell you this, Paul, but g has every right to be here. He has a reasonable opinion, is articulate (unlike you) and has as much right to be here as anyone. Even you.

      If you can’t hack diverse viewpoints, it’s YOU that needs to move.

  9. The wake of this tragedy will be a dangerous time for civil liberties…Fear is one of the 3 most powerful motivators of humankind. To ease the specter of fear people will do irrational things. Isn’t that how the Patriot Act was passed? Looking back there are some pretty big flaws in that policy and its results, yet there doesn’t seem to be a big push in Washington to address them.

  10. MA has some of the most restrictive gun regulations in the Nation; not the strictest but up there. The noose will tighten more not loosen.

    • Sadly, I think this is exactly what will come of it even though no guns were used by either attacker or victims. Any news-worth incident that involves violence of any type is used to further the agenda of the liberals. They will find a way to spin this tragedy in their favor.

      • During MSNBC late coverage of the terrorist attack, they made sure to intertwine Newtown in with the bombings!

  11. I have no sympathy at all for evil. I am also not turning this into a gun debate. I hope our senators are paying attention to Boston.

  12. Obama better call for stricter bomb control. Maybe he can hold up a bloody running shoe when he does it too.

  13. The emotional outrage quoted here, while completely understandable, is exactly the type of reaction we’re fighting on gun control and is a perfect example of why irrational parties stricken by grief and/or driven by anger should never be part of a body that determines public policy. You don’t need to be a “shrink” to see that, no matter how heinous the crime, every suspect is guaranteed certain inalienable rights under the Constitution. You don’t achieve justice by rushing out to “eliminate evil”… whatever that means.

  14. We must ban marathons from taking place along public venues. All marathons must be regulated to take place on an enclosed race track or along a sports track where the public can be monitored and controlled. All individuals entering and their bags must be checked. All runners will be electronically monitored to count their number of times around the track to determine the winners.

    The Future.

  15. “All that will matter will be the showering of rights upon the perpetrators.”

    Oh, don’t worry, Mass. is working pretty hard to do away with all those inconvenient “rights.”

    I found it pretty ironic that Bostonians have the gall to celebrate Patriots Day in the first place. With the utter apathy and willing cowardice with which they’ve given up the rights that were won only miles from their homes, they dishonor the founding fathers simply by calling themselves Americans. Do you think they even realize that these patriots they “honor” would, if alive today, utterly loathe them and not even consider them countrymen?

  16. I bet DHS can’t wait to get it’s grubby mitts all over you, your wife, and your children at every sporting event (professional and collegiate) from now on.

  17. My own two cents on the Boston bombing:

    Welcome to Fourth Generation Warfare, ladies and gentlemen.

    • How about “Welcome to Israel”? How many years have we been fighting IED’s and suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re still losing people to them. Whether Boston was international or homegrown terrorism, it’s really difficult to stop….and a year from now, how many people will notice somebody putting a backpack in a garbage can?

      • Those of us who try to live in the yellow should. Start carrying concealed. It’ll heighten your awareness.

  18. CC holders didn’t do this yet all roads lead to gun confiscation. We are dealing with the mentally ill, people who would harm themselves & others by leaving helpless in the face of crime. One day I hope to see where it is a serious crime to not protect your family. There is no duty for a state to protect, they help if they can. It won’t happen till smooth criminal lover gets out of office though, Randy

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