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The Home Secretary said the continued use of guns in UK cities is a “major concern” as she pledged more cash to get weapons off the streets in the wake of the Liverpool shootings.

On Friday, Priti Patel met police officers and visited the scene where Olivia Pratt-Korbel, nine, was shot dead by a gunman who chased his intended target into her home.

It comes as Ms Patel said the Home Office will give Merseyside Police an extra £350,000 to focus on “getting weapons off the streets” and tackling organised crime.

She also launched a £150,000 “care package” for Liverpool residents.

— Ireland Live in Gun crime across UK cities a ‘major concern’, Patel says during Liverpool visit

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  1. Come on TTAG!
    How about a link to a story where a U.K. gunman intended to shoot a 9 year old and chased her into her home

    • To clarify (from BBC): “Olivia was fatally shot on Monday after a gunman chased a man, neither of whom had links to her family, into her home.”

      • Who wants to bet the age, sex, and other demographic attributes of the shooter? Was the shooter a Japanese teenage girl? Hmm. Were there drugs in her occupation?

  2. Dollars to doughnuts, our resident limey ponce Albert will soon be here to say that everything in this article is a lie.

    • Just sneer at him, the Limey poofter really, *really* hates that… 🙂

    • Perhaps troll Al can tell us if can today in Oncegreatbritain can even own/open carry a long bow.

      • Britain was never great. I heard a group of 13 colonies of American subjects told the King and gen. gage to shove it, ya can’t have the guns and whooped the entire British Army when they invaded. True story.

        • From here on out, I suggest we refer to Miner/Albert/dacian as “MAD”, since they are all most likely just three alter-egos of the same demented mind.

        • The term “Great Britain” was conjured out of thin air to describe the Union of Crowns when James VI of Scotland came South to become James I of England.

  3. Here we go again. A political Ladder Climber giving away money that has but a remote chance of being used correctly.
    Kinda like handing the EPA fifty million dollars to “fight” pollution! POOF! Money Gone! Pallets of cash on the hot tarmac at Kabul. Hey, where’d that go?!
    Politicians and Communists take from you, then give to their pals. Your own money is then used to fetter or harm you. We NEVER know what skids are being greased by it.
    Since they just print more money in the US to give away, they should print the end use on each bill “only to be used to combat gun violence”. Bill used once, then turned back for the credit.
    My Marine friend Mario wrote “Apply To Infested Area” on each round in his magazines. Made sure they got used properly…

  4. Here I thought it was all about those dreaded pointy thingies called knives! I do remember seeing a dreaded gun in a Hard Day’s Night…get him Ringo😎🤑🙄

    • FWW,

      Anyone who can invent a semi-automatic knife thrower could make a fortune in the UK. As long as it is not black. Maybe in rainbow colors with little dancing unicorns.

        • Why not learn to throw with your arm? considering that probably as much time building this as there would have been practicing.

          Heck, I have a couple of kooky ideas in my head, but I’m waiting on the possum to finish the fusion-bomba-thingy

  5. Never believe UK crime statistics. In the US, we count every time a crime is committed and reported. In the UK, they only count a crime after someone has been convicted. If 50 people are murdered in London, and only one murder results in a successful conviction, then the records will show one murder. However, if it takes three years to get the conviction, the Brits can’t figure out which year the report should apply to, so that conviction may not be reported.

    The UK does love to cover up it’s crime problem

    • “The UK does love to cover up it’s crime problem”

      That’s easier when you have ‘subjects’ to bend at your will instead of free citizens with those pesky ‘rights’ they insist on having.

      These are the same folks who will throw you into Broadmoor prison for speaking publicly in a way that offends the rulers.

      “Broadmoor Hospital is a high-security psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne, Berkshire, England. It is the oldest of the three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England,…”

  6. Second hand info but from a trustworthy source was that, (several years ago), at Kabul airport where the source worked in a civilian security capacity, plane loads of Khat, hash, and opium gum were being loaded. When he challenged this, he was told to look away, and that this was all officially arranged.

  7. Instead of blowing smoke and handing out rewards following a crime howabout when the perp is apprehended strap them in an electric chair and have a televised countdown to flip the switch like new year in ny.

  8. Looking forward to hurling insults at the wanker from the UK… 🙂

  9. Something is really wrong in the UK. Maybe they are putting something in all that recycled water. Maybe it is because their social fabric has been ripped, shredded by waves of migrants whose purpose is to undermine and take over, not cooperate and co-exist. Maybe it is a collective guilt for the pillaging and oppression they saw as their divine right in India and Africa.

    Maybe they are eating too much soy.

  10. Y’all are going to Hell for lying, everyone knows there is no gun violence in “civilized” UK, just ask Prince Albert or dacian…

  11. Looks like my comment about inventing a semi-automatic knife thrower for sale in the UK has been censored.

    Trying again.

  12. To watch a British soldier, lose his brain box by a jihadist on a London Street and all the Serfs stand back with their phones and record, Damm. Let’s get some defensive gun use around here.

  13. I wonder how many knives they collect from stabby guys?
    But we all know these knife bins are for signaling.

  14. This is a point I’ve attempted to make many times on this forum – you CANNOT compare statistics without common definitions/methods of reporting. “Infant death rate” statistics between countries is an obvious example. “Wait times” for various “national” health care services is another. “Crime rates” and “gun violence rates” are the same issue.

    ANY competent researcher or statistician (which qualification immediately excludes dacian the demented dips***, MajorStupidity, Albert the Poncey Fake-Brit, and most (all???) other Leftist/fascists) KNOWS that comparisons like that are meaningless. Life becomes easy if you are bereft of knowledge, logic, common sense, or ACTUAL education . . . just ask the Leftist/fascists.

    ALL European countries game their “official” stats. Every single one of them. We do, too (just look at the CPI, for example – which is calculated ENTIRELY differently today than it was 20 years ago, so comparisons of inflations rates today to inflation rates under Carter is not just inaccurate, it is a DELIBERATE lie. Governments lie, all of them . . . and idiot Leftist/fascists know that, too, they just don’t give a s***.

    • 100 % agree
      Once you drill into how the data was obtained you can start to see how it was gamed.
      An example are ownership surveys. A telephone survey is done and they ask if you have guns. Reporting is usually very low. Or more like “break in and find out” etc.

  15. Just like Chicago and NYC, guns are being smuggled across London’s border with Tennessee.

  16. Surprised they didn’t blame our Second Amendment and our ” gun culture ” for their problems..

    • Ed, that’s coming.

      We eagerly await our resident “British” expert’s response.

      Or perhaps Dacian can explain the “Transatlantic Aluminium Pipeline” where the US ships illegal guns into Britain and Europe. (If he can spell “aluminium” correctly.)

      • It would be interesting to compare street prices for weapons popular among street scum. How much does a UK gang member have to pay vs a gang member in say Detroit?
        About 10 years ago I read an article how quantities of Makarovs were brought into UK by Russian mafia.

  17. The Radical Far Right make a big deal out of rare isolated incidents in the U.K. but in reality they have not had a mass shooting or a school shooting in over 25 years. In Capitalvania mass murderers are an everyday occurrence and 40,000 people are slaughtered a year here but the Far Right scream “Losses can never be too high” as we worship at the alter of the assault rifle.

    During the London Bridge incident the terrorists could not even buy shotguns so they resorted to going into a bar with knives and the bar patrons beat the shit out of them with chairs and broken beer bottles. In Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable they would have had second hand assault rifles and massacred everyone in the bar in seconds.

    • @dacian,

      The so called ‘civilized’ U.K. substituted mass and single knife attacks and attacks with blunt objects, and upped the number of (collectively) violent rapes and sex crimes – which are every day happenings across the U.K. Their number of knife and blunt object attack victims daily in the U.K. is greater than the U.S. (~1,300 daily in the U.S. for Knife and ~3,200 daily for blunt object — ~1,500 daily in the U.K. for knife and ~4,300 for blunt object daily) and in the U.K. they aren’t even prosecuted or put in stats or reports because there is no identity of the perpetrator.

    • “The Radical Far Right…….”🤪

      I find it comical how lil’d refers to those who disagree with his views as “The Radical Far Right”.

      He fails to comprehend the reality that his views are far/fringe left. This means those who are moderate left, center, and right ALL disagree with the BS he spews here on TTAG.

        • Did he actually make it through middle school?? His grammar, spelling, and sentence structure had me thinking he was a middle school drop-out (or flunk-out). NOT an educated person, is dacian the demented.

      • Uncles George and Mike pay by the word but lil’d proved how clever he is by using copy and paste to save typing.

    • dacian, he Dunderhead, If Brits were allowed to have gund they could have stopped those stabbings.

    • Three shootings in a week???

      How is your gun control working???

      I thought you couldn’t have a pistol outside a CLUB!!!

      • Shockingly criminals break the law.
        But, the uk applied severe penalties if you carry a pistol. Far more prison time than say pedophilic rape. The obvious conclusion is that the UK cares more about policy than people.
        This does support the fact that prison deters crime. Isn’t that shocking as well? UK scum employ children to carry near them so they grab the gun from the kid, do the crime, give it back to the kid. The UK will not prosecute the children.
        Another shock is that there is a racial demographic associated with gun crimes and deaths.

    • Dacian, year after year, you keep talking about some imaginary land called “Capitalvania.” Wikipedia says: “The page ‘Capitalvania’ does not exist.” I tried Googling Capitalvania, and the top references that come up are other posts by you, Dacian the Insane, so apparently you’re the only person in the world who thinks there’s a land called Capitalvania. So tell us, what is this mythical, legendary, imaginary land called Capitalvania, and why does it only seem to exist in your befuddled mind?

        • I looked for the posting from a couple of days ago but couldn’t find it. Somebody suggested that we just start referring to miner/albert/dacian as “mad” since they’re probably all the same poster.
          Kinda like alfred e newman, yosemite sam and benny hill as the three amigos all rapped up as one big mishmash

    • I think everyone needs to read about the Nice, France, truck attack.
      Please note the death and life changing injury toll caused by the armed terrorist. Compare that to other terror attacks and comment.

    • Although a long time ago, I doubt things have changed. I was in a “posh” part of England and as curiosity I asked an employee if it was true guns were unavailable. He got very excited and offerred to have a street dealer meet me to buy a gun. I had to emphasize several times I was not interested in buying a gun.

    • dacian the Dunderhead, According to you Leftists any death is a “tragedy” if the person is “killed by a gun” Even if it is one of your criminal buddies. Fact is that crimes are not counted in Britain as they are here. IN Britain there has to be a CONVICTION to be counted as a crime.

  18. Obviously, the police need to search every house in the community. In fact, put high barbed wire topped fences around the neighborhood and call them protected villages. Take the children away from their parents so they can live in government education camps and be safe from their parents and other adults. All people will need to be constantly monitored by cameras, wire taps, etc.

    Oh shit, the UK has already done that. Guess they need to do it again, only harder

    • to mauser

      Citations needed in regards to your wild stories about the British eating children (sarcasm)

      And you forgot the U.S. government (Capitalvania) who took Indian children away from their parents and put them in re-education camps.

      And you forgot the U.S. Government (Capitalvania) who put 150,000 American/Japanese citizens in WWII concentration camps, none of which were disloyal to the country.

      A Catholic Priest (who I am sure you hate) once told me that when you point the finger at someone you have 3 fingers pointed right back at yourself and in your case back at yourself when you made wild claims against the British.

      • dacian the demented dips***,

        “And you forgot the U.S. Government (Capitalvania) who put 150,000 American/Japanese citizens in WWII concentration camps”

        That was your Dimocrat/”Progressive” hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dacian the idiot. WE already know Dimocrats and Leftists are fascists; YOU are the one who requires education. Unfortunately, you are genetically incapable of absorbing the education you so badly need, so you are doomed to go through life stupid, uneducated, and pathetic. Sucks to be you, dacian the demented dips***.

      • “A Catholic Priest (who I am sure you hate) once told me that when you point the finger at someone you have 3 fingers pointed right back at yourself…”

        You may report what he said, but you obviously don’t believe it yourself.

        • And that stupid “meme” has been around since Jesus wore short pants. It was stupid the first time someone said it; it is borderline moronic, now. But, then, we are talking about dacian the demented, aren’t we?

          That boy just ain’t right.

      • At the current moment Russia is removing large numbers of children from Ukraine and re-educating them to become good Russians.
        Children are so plastic that after just a few months you can convince them to hate their parents and their own culture. Those Schools for the Indian kids would beat kids for speaking their own languages and tell fake stories about how evil they were whereas in reality the Europeans committed atrocity on the natives. Lots of pedo attack as well. Many kids just died, many were brainwashed to become servants for white families. Man people are not nice. But UK has been quite nice for say 60 or so years.

    • The U K should create “Knife Free Zones” and post signs to such.
      Perhaps a knife buy back weekend every now and then.
      Not to mention KOID cards.

      • The U K should create “Knife Free Zones” and post signs to such.

        The entire city of London IS a “knife free zone” and sales of sharp-edged knives are banned; residents are encouraged to surrender their knives.

        In Britain, it is currently illegal to carry a knife longer than three inches in public “without good reason” and illegally carrying a knife can be punished with up to four years in prison and an “unlimited fine.” Self-defense is not listed among the examples of “good reasons to carry a knife.”

        Last year, the number of acid attacks in London rose again; a steep upward trend that is likely to continue. These disfiguring and disgusting attacks are portrayed as being with “acid,” but this obscures the reality. These are most often household cleaning products that ordinary people have in their homes. The British government solution to this problem was to introduce laws that banned children from buying acid products.

        Over 13,000 knife attacks took place in London during 2017, a record that is well on its way to being beaten this year as the London murder rate overtakes New York City for the first time in 200 years. How many of the knives used in these horrendous attacks were either bought online, delivered to the attacker’s home, or were “zombie knives”?

        The fact is that most knives used in attacks are sharp kitchen knives or utility knives that will in no way be impacted by the proposed laws.

        A nation can not regulate its way out of a crisis such as this. When guns were banned, people turned to other weapons. When knives and kitchen products are banned, those intending to harm others will choose something else. Bike chains? Cars? Stones?

        • There was a lot of acid attacks for a while. BTtery acid thrown in the face then they took the purse or wallet. Those UK people are very tolerant so long as it’s mostly peasants.

  19. British politician: Look, squirrel!
    British citizens: That squirrel sure has a fuzzy tail!
    British criminals: Stick a knife in him it’s less noisy than your gun, and grab his phone and wallet!
    dacian: I am so glad we don’t have those nasty guns where a citizen can damage our valuable criminals!

    • “PRAYERS”?

      Not for nothing, but I think the big guy is sitting this one out.

      What’s “NEEDED ALL AROUND” is for citizens to pay closer attention and educate themselves. Getting involved in local politics, such as school board elections.
      Taking the children away from the progtards and groomers is long overdue.

  20. * Gun crime rises in UK in last year with more than 9,700 cases reported *

    It comes after Sky News learned the number of firearms seized by the National Crime Agency has quadrupled in the last three years.

    The NCA is lobbying for greater gun controls in Europe after noting an alarming increase in firearms on UK streets.

    In 2017/18 the agency confiscated 104 guns but that rose to 168 in 2018/19.

    Over the past 10 months, 425 guns have been seized.

  21. On top of the other violent crime that goes in daily in the victim-firearms-defense-deprived dacians-supposedly-civilized-UK-cause-gun-ban .. ~33% of the female population over age 10 annually are victims of a violent sexual offense…less then 11% are reported for fear of the perpetrator coming back and less than 6 % appear in reports and stats because the perpetrator is unknown. Most of the rest of dacians-supposedly-civilized-cause-gun-ban Europe is about the same as the UK for violent sexual offense.

  22. Here’s what an Englishman, Thomas Paine, once wrote about guns in 1775:
    “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; the weak would become a prey to the strong.”

    • A very astute observer of human nature was old T. Paine. 200+ years later, his observations still hold true.

  23. I can guess they will run by around and harass and catch a few guys with guns and pay rat money out and a few guys will get long sentences. Meanwhile rapists and so on will be back burner.

  24. How about everyone that has “THE” solution to these problems, form a group and take out an ad in a magazine, say SOF, and then hire out to eliminate these problems?

    • I love it. Hire the Somali gangs to take out the Russian mobsters. Then hire the Iranian mob to take out the Somalis. And so on.

  25. Here in the ‘UK’ the criminals are armed, the Police are armed (but won’t be there when you need them) but the public are defenceless….

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