How the Gun Control Industry (and Most of the Media) Think Americans Get Their Guns

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      • Is Sarah one of those aforementioned girls seeking melanoma?
        Seriously, TTAG–I’ve had lots of comments moderated lately–yet, THIS still continues??? 👆

      • Me, too. It’s so sad…

        As my sons always say when I tell them how things used to be and what they used to cost: “You’re SO old…”

  1. Yep gotta get down to the old gunshow loophole to pick up a new gat since I shot all the ammo up from all the clipazines I had. Oh and I need one of those shoulder things that go up!

  2. So just where is this mythical free gun/no BG check vendor located? If it’s within a days drive from me I will be headed out in the AM.

      • Depending on the location the US military will gift everything from small arms to aircraft and artillery, it’s often brand new and very well maintained.

        According to the Taliban, they have to find places just to store the excess

    • I thought most of them moved to Ukraine, where Big Guy Brandon takes care of them. How many billions have we laundered in Ukraine now?

      • How many billions have we laundered in Ukraine now?

        “WE”?… We haven’t laundered anything in Ukraine, Braindeads masters have laundered billions “WE” have subsidized their latest get richer scheme. There were 40 new billionaires created from the covid “pandemic” ALL on the taxpayer’s dime.

        • Politicians view We The Little Peeps’ money as theirs to skim. scam, squander, launder and pocket, and with with to buy the votes of the free shit addicted Government Plantation Dwellers. The more money in play, the easier to execute the noted actions.

    • Washington, D.C. — but you have to be a Mexican drug dealer, a Ukrainian or a fundamentalist Muslim to qualify.

        • Southbound, of course. Incoming!

          If’n it were the northbound side, Florida would be accused of constructing a Papaya Pipeline to ship guns into states with strict gun laws. Because that’s what states with lax gun laws do. Just ask Dacian.

  3. They know how we buy firearms legally. They know how they are acquired illegally. They don’t care. They don’t care that nothing they propose will curb violent crime. (Probably increase it). They don’t care that what they propose will only concern citizens no one needs to worry about. (They probably want that). In the meantime, buy. Don’t panic buy, but buy. Picked up ten more P-Mags today. $150. Pfff. Never too many mags.

    • Uhhhh, Boog, current PC-speak
      is “dude-hole”.
      I’m a dude-hole too.
      Dude-hole-idness is in fact an underground movement. Brought into this current time/space reality by the divisive peeps that feed on the outward expression of human nature.

      Only Chuck Norris repels all Political Correctness.
      As he does to all inferior bovine feces matters.


  4. The majority of guns that get into the hands of criminals come from 3 sources, ghost gun builds, person to person sales of second hand guns with no paper work and stolen guns.

    1.Ghost guns:

    There is an epidemic of mass murders and crime committed with ghost guns and I have posted a long list of such crimes on this forum many times before. The crimes have skyrocketed in recent years.

    2. Second hand sales:

    There is an “Iron Pipe Line” as verified both by law enforcement, the ATF, and many studies such as the two Chicago studies, which proved that the average gun used in a crime was second hand, and sold with no paperwork. Also states with lax gun laws ship in thousands of second hand guns to states and big cities that have tough gun laws making those gun laws ineffective. Civilized nations have outlawed this madness decades ago but not in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable and no losses are too high when the Far Right are worshiping at the altar of free and easy access to weapons even for criminals and psychopaths.

    3. Stolen guns

    This is where safe storage laws are a must. Most gun theft is smash and grab and over in minutes in both private homes and even in gun stores. Every civilized nation on earth requires secure storage both to prevent theft and to prevent needless child deaths. In Capitalvania (where life is considered cheap and expendable) on average 1,300 children are killed by gun accidents and gun suicide because of unattended loaded guns laying around the house by irresponsible, shiftless Hillbillies who think “it will never happen to them”.

    None of the above laws take anyone’s guns away from them but the sick paranoid Far Right who worship at the altar of no gun control will scream “losses can never be too high” and by the way it was a favorite saying by the ultra conservative dictator Adolf Hitler who contrary to Right Wing ignorance actually relaxed gun control laws when he was in power.

      • 1/3rd of anything he listed is in any way statistically relevant in recovered crime guns. One of the others is a recent oddity that might have made up a double digit percentage in a decade or so if not regulated as we see the attempts to do so. And the last is comedy.

        • It’s almost open season for insurance. Does that count?
          Yes, I know that I’m officially old. I’m embracing it.
          Partially because I can’t change it. And partially because insurance is important at this stage in my life. And very few things say, “I love you forever” like Tricare for Life, SBP, and VA benefits.

        • very few things say, “I love you forever” like Tricare for Life, SBP, and VA benefits.

          Heard that…

    • Unfortunately there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate that most gun deaths are caused by the far right and there is evidence to show that many mass shooters have been tied into the Democratic Party in one way or another. Also, it was not the Right rioting in Blue Cities with permission from their Mayors and Governors it was their leftist brownshirts Antifa and BLM. Also, when you get the time check out the videos of Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Waters and other prominent Democrat Leftists making excuses for those rioters. Also, what makes you think its the right only that purchased ghost gun parts, there are no statistics on political purchases of any firearms? You are obviously a biased Leftist anti-gunner and your bias comes through loud can clear. So taking a hike and realizing that those of us who know the gun issues are not buying everything your are selling.

    • Someone has to define safe storage. Every firearm I own is locked up but I also don’t have any kids in the house on a regular basis and when you have kids in the house I am not sure that safe storage in necessarily that safe. If a safe cracker can get into a traditional home safe what makes you think they can’t get into a gun safe or cabinet? The other kinds of locks on guns can be defeated as well. So while I would agree that it is best to have one’s firearms locked up that is no guaranty that someone will not defeat your best efforts if they want a firearm bad enough. Again your bias comes through lound and clear.

      • The definition of “Safe Storage” is deliberately vague so it can be ruled insufficient if the situation requires.

        • SC – “deliberately vague” – just like their ‘definition’ of ‘assault weapon’ – that way they can twist it to ban the evil gun of the day, not just EBRs. While we are at it, how about them tossing around “gun violence” which is a totally made up term they use to ‘justify’ clamping down on legal gun owners.

      • Lock up your kitchen knives also? The fire extinguishers? The LP tank for your grill?

        “safe storage” is BS prog sophomoric drivel.

      • If a safe cracker can get into a traditional home safe what makes you think they can’t get into a gun safe or cabinet

        FBI brought in a professional “safe cracker” (aka an experienced locksmith) to open Trump’s safe.

    • You site the numbers but not where you got them from? Therefore, your numbers are not believable. I had someone like you tell me Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by 7 million votes. I looked it up and it was 2 million 800 thousand and they obviously didn’t know we elect by electoral votes not popular votes.

      • You site the numbers but not where you got them from?

        That part is “redacted” to protect sources and methods.

    • You cite the studies done in Chicago which is a Democrat blue city with one of the highest death rates by firearms in the Country. So you folks can’t be all that smart if you do a study, ignore it, and continue to have the highest death rate while you have some of the strictest laws in the Nation. I guess the laws you have don’t include until recently being mandated to allow your residents to have firearms so they can protect themselves. You folks don’t have a clue and keep yelling the same points over and over and despite your draconian laws have the worst stats in the Country. Take a hike and learn the issues.

    • Pray tell where and when has life not been considered “cheap and expendable”? Certainly not in any socialist dreamland.

    • You won’t post the sources of the studies because you know they are easily shown to be flawed in methodology and conduct. They are likely funded by groups who need a certain result to release the cash for the studies.

      You do know fascism is anti conservatism? To claim Hitler is somehow some Ultra Conservative is as honest as any of your other claims. You share more in common with fascism than you acknowledge, anti capitalism and of course anti conservatism. You are a strange creature, a little fascists, a little socialists and communists and a whole lot of confused.

      • IIRC, many of the “studies” posted were actually CNN and MSNBC news fabrications/”stories”…

      • to Storm Trooper

        quote—————You do know fascism is anti conservatism?———–quote

        Your statement is laughable to the extreme.

        You know nothing of WWII and Hitler.

        During the 1923 style Beer Hall Putsch on Jan. 6th The Far Right Trumpite/Hitlerite storm troopers lusted for a Herr Drumpf dictatorship on Jan. 6th, a day that will go down in infamy.

        Now try and tell me Conservatives are not Fascists’. You really went off the deep end on that laughable statement. Both definitions below describe the Far Right to a “t”

        Fascism Definition & Meaning – Dictionary.com › browse › fascism
        Fascism is a system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism, ..

        Fascism Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster › dictionary › fascism
        The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual …

        • And Dacian you show you know even less. You left out part of the definition as usual.

          We here support individual responsibility. Something you know nothing about. We don’t want a dictator regardless of your fantasies.
          Every idea of Facism is abhorrent to us, and you falsely try to pin that definition on us.
          Maybe you should take a hint, your wrong and always fail.

        • Now try and tell me Conservatives are not Fascists’.

          And YOU dacian claim to be the EXACT opposite of a conservative (YOU call me “fascist”) So that would make YOU a “KOMMUNIST” (like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, the Kims of NK) A proud tradition of leadership through terror, oppression and mass murder of the populace. A “friendly” word of advice, keep THAT opinion to the confines of anonymous posting because saying that to the face of SOME conservatives might leave you seeking emergency dental surgery.

    • But Supreme Commissar Dacian has the “Final Solution”. His Caravan of Death will eliminate gun crime by eliminating all gun owners. All for the shining utopia that will follow.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Horse pucky. Most illegal guns in the hands of your buddy criminals are stolen or purchased on the Black Market. VERY few are “ghost (sic) guns” or from “second hand sales”.

      • Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        Your response as usual is as ignorant as it is laughable. Just where do you think black market guns come from genius boy??? Again Law enforcement and two Chicago studies proved they come from two sources, stolen guns and second hand guns.

        Safe Storage Laws go a long way in addressing the stolen guns and Universal Background Checks would keep people from selling their second hand guns to every, criminal and nut case that wanted one.

        Of course this simplistic concept is way over your head as your paranoia prevents you from thinking clearly or logically. Remember the first person to scream he is normal is one in a padded cell.

        • “…two Chicago studies…”

          … which you did not cite, asshole, because you know they’re old studies and have been debunked many times.

          New rule: in any further discussion (a waste of time, admittedly, but having some amusement value), any study that you quote or reference will hereby be declared as null and void.

          You denigrate any research which I link or cite, so I’m doing the same with yours — sauce for the goose. You don’t play fair, asshole; I’m not going to play fair either.

          You’re a pathological liar and you will be treated as such.

          Now for your “cut and paste” rebuttal, which will involve name-calling, deflecting, strawmen and logical fallacies. It’s how you roll.

          And for God’s sake, look up the meaning of the word “viscous.” It does not describe a human — but you are the slimy exception proving the rule.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, you bring a whole brand new meaning to the word STUPID. They say, “Stupid is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” You and your anti-gun radicals being that a WHOLE BRAND NEW MEANING.
          You have the “brilliant idea” that all you have to do is “pass a law” and every one will bow down and obey! You cant get people to follow common sense by passing a law which is unenforceable. As to your “universal background checks”, criminals are not using the NICs checks now and you think making it “universal” will “solve the problem”? ROFLMAOBT!

    • It’s evident from your numerous posts that you are an unsuccessful comic who struggles to keep up with the rent. What better way to spend your time then to fantasize about “utopian” gun control. I urge you to be the spokesperson for BLM and ANTIFA. They will no doubt put your imagination to good use promoting their brand of terrorism.

      • He claimed in a post way back to be a member of a local antifa chapter. Probably in the comfort battalion entertaining the troops Deliverance-style. It’s why he rails on Hillbillies. Banjos give him the shivers.

      • Anna-lee,

        Too late, dacian the demented dips*** has already announced his support for/defense of Antifa/BurnLootMurder. What else would you expect from someone with the OBVOUS mental issues displayed by dacian the demented????

    • The primary piece that’s constantly being left out concerning so-called “ghost guns” is that LE and FBI now lump firearms with destroyed serial numbers (ground off or otherwise obliterated) into that category, which did not exist a few years ago. Neither garden variety street criminals, nor the majority of cretins supplying guns to felons, thugs and gangstas are buying 80% frames and all of the rest of the parts necessary to complete a firearm and turning them into “guns for the crooks”. Why would they have to do that when there is already a fairly deep pool of stolen weaponry already in the underworld circulation?

      Some of the crook firearms are stolen, even a fair number used to be in LE and military possession, as well as home and vehicle burglaries, etc., etc. A crook needs/wants to turn a fast buck, they don’t have the time nor equipment/skills to complete an 80% receiver/frame.

      Much more simple to just break a car window or kick in a door. Get real.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      “There is an “Iron Pipe Line” as verified both by law enforcement, the ATF, . . . ” Because law enforcement, the FBI, the ATF, and our benevolent government NEVER lie, amirite?????

      Go take a flying fornication at a rolling, deep-fried breakfast pastry, you pathetic, lying, ignorant, uneducated s***weasel.

    • John Lott and John Whitley have researched “safe storage laws” and came to the conclusion:

      “It is frequently assumed that safe-storage gun laws reduce accidental gun deaths and total suicides, while the possible impact on crime rates is ignored. We find no support that safe-storage laws reduce either juvenile accidental gun deaths or suicides.

      Instead, these storage requirements appear to impair people’s ability to use guns defensively. Because accidental shooters also tend to be the ones most likely to violate the new law, safe-storage laws increase violent and property crimes against law-abiding citizens with no observable offsetting benefit in terms of reduced accidents or suicides.”

      • to Klingon

        John Lott is a right wing nut case whose studies have been completely flawed and debunked by the professionals. His flawed studies are too lengthy to go into here but easily researched on the net as being completely worthless.

        Your rants about not being able to get a gun quickly in case of an emergency are laughable. A person has many options. He can keep a weapon on himself or he can keep a key hanging around his neck or he can use a push button desk or standing safe. Any one of these methods often takes less than a 1 1/2 seconds. I know because I used all 3 of them when I had children in the house.

        I have had real life experience in safe storage while you quote rants from a John Lott nut case.

        • Great comeback vlad! I’ll buy the next round.

          Now to “dac…”. It’s interesting that you would use the term, “…a right wing nut case…” as if the term “nut case” was close to your heart or in this case your head. You write like an A.I. “bot” – inarticulate, devoid of passion, and extremely predictable. You use simple phrases juxtaposed with links that any idiot can find by typing a single word in Google. You’re boring and in general a waste of time. Oh well.

        • H.R.130 – Kimberly Vaughan Firearm Safe Storage Act


          (a) In General.—Section 922 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

          “(aa) (1) (A) It shall be unlawful for a person to store or keep any firearm or ammunition that has moved in, or that has otherwise affected, interstate or foreign commerce, on the premises of a residence under the control of the person if the person knows, or reasonably should know, that—

          “(i) an individual who has not attained 18 years of age is likely to gain access to the firearm or ammunition without the permission of the parent or guardian of the individual; or

          “(ii) an individual who resides at the residence is ineligible to possess a firearm under Federal, State, or local law.

          “(B) Subparagraph (A) shall not apply to a person with respect to a firearm or ammunition for the firearm if the person keeps the firearms and ammunition—

          “(i) secured, unloaded, and separately, in a safe certified by the Attorney General, and locked with a trigger lock certified by the Attorney General; or

          “(ii) off the premises at a storage facility, or gun range, certified by the Attorney General.”

          Dacian, as has been proven time and time again — You are a liar.

        • dacian the Dunderhead, Professional Leftist propagandists? That is all you ever tell us about.

    • Regardless of their source, all of the guns used in crimes are, by definition used to commit acts that are already illegal so, the origin of those guns is meaningless. Not to mention, of the 400 million or more guns in this country, substantially less than 0.04% of them are used in crimes annually. In other words, of the guns in this country, virtually none of them are used in crime so trying to control the crime by controlling the guns is a fool’s errand. You might as well try to stop a leak in your roof by trying to come up with ways to stop the rain.

    • Dacian, year after year, you keep talking about some imaginary land called “Capitalvania.” Wikipedia says: “The page ‘Capitalvania’ does not exist.” I tried Googling Capitalvania, and the top references that come up are other posts by you, Dacian the Insane, so apparently you’re the only person in the world who thinks there’s a land called Capitalvania. So tell us, what is this mythical, legendary, imaginary land called Capitalvania, and why does it only seem to exist in your befuddled mind?

      P.S.: Also, “ghost guns” do not exist. Ghosts don’t use guns, as fear is their only weapon.

    • “Lax”is a subjective term…and only seems to apply when you disapprove…people make and obey laws they are satisfied with…if their neighbors can’t behave themselves that’s their problem…not ours…

    • You totally shot yourself in your little pecker as soon as you said the studies were in non “racist” Chicago. Idiot.

      • That’s not the only time dacian the Dunderhead has shot himself in the pecker. He does it almost religiously.

  5. Recently had to get a new fiberglass thread thing for a sight on one of my pistols. Ordered a pack of vibrant, sprinkle-like colors. Does that count?

  6. Everyone knows all the illegal guns are ghost guns, straw purchased or come from gun shows. That’s what the fake-ass media sells and stupid f—ing people buy into that lying crap.

    Of course the truth doesn’t really fit their narrative. What truth is that?? Well I’m glad someone asked that, those with a functional brain excluded. A huge majority of illegal guns are stolen. They are taken in car burglaries because believe it or not, idiots leave guns in cars. If you leave your gun in your car, you’re an idiot. There, I said it. If the guns are not stolen from vehicles, they are stolen during residential or commercial burglaries.
    THAT’S where illegal guns come from.

    • “THAT’S where illegal guns come from.”

      IIRC, there was one heck of a gun dump created by Eric Holder and obama in the Fast and Furious “experiment”. Who knows really how many or to whom they all went? Certainly not all to Mexico. And one must wonder how many “illegal” guns come across the border from the cartel operations. It all involves money.

      No one was ever charged in that Fast and Furious deal, a conviction there might have helped set a precedent for today, but since it was democrats, well… we’ll never know.

      • Craig – the ‘author a teas’ admit at least 2300 guns were involved in F&F. What is generally NOT admitted is that the same tactics were used in the mid-west to funnel guns into shykongo and another group did the same in south Florida to send guns to several Caribbean nations.

    • I the last few years weren’t a lot of guns stolen while in transit from the manufacturer to the distributor? Definitely sounded like an inside job.

      • SC – yep – several from either railroads or common carrier trucking outfits. No one knows how many were ‘disappeared’ and ended up on the street. And yes, very likely to be inside jobs.
        Reminds me of the ‘steal me’ tags that were required on luggage legally transporting guns. IIRC the worst place for that was BWI and O’hare was probably in second place.

    • straw purchasers often report guns stolen just to take the heat off them…and a gun with the serial # removed s not a “ghost gun”

    • Also, EVERY time they show “ghost” AR’s, why is the side with the serial number face down?

        • left a lot of goodies in Afghanistan!

          Which the Chinese confiscated and gave to the Russians to use in Afghanistan.

      • Worse than that the Biden administration isn’t replacing the ones he is sending to Ukraine. Leaving the arsenal of military equipment even lower than after his Build back Better Plan for the Taliban.

    • Hmmm…pretty sure homie n pedro get their gats on the streets of Chiraq. Back in the daze I was approached at the gym(LA Fitness) about procurement. I was gym buddies with some black dudes. Buying and/or selling. Iron pipeline as it were. Kinda like way back when there was a pot pipeline from Meh-he-co. Also why the feds will NEVER stop pot or gats…

  7. Frickin A, you people are going through way too much trouble. I just do a quick mouse click and order whatever I want off the interwebs, no questions asked. I just wait for the doorbell to ring a couple days later and it’s just like Christmas… machine guns, hand grenades, crates of ammo, guided missles, anything your lil’ heart desires. ( as seen on TV )

  8. Went to Cabella’s today. First time in more than a year. Last time, the ammo shelves were bare. Today, shelves stocked! Bins in the middle of the aisle, stocked. Some good prices, some not so good. Loaded up on 22LR to feed my wife’s new 10/22.

    Picked up a t- shirt: “If this flag offends you…….I’ll help you pack”

    • “First time in more than a year. Last time, the ammo shelves were bare. Today, shelves stocked!“

      Yep, President Biden has been in office a little more than a year and things have really changed for the better, glad you noticed.

      • You mean like nearly 9% inflation, double gas prices, stock market losing over 1200 points last week (down over 4000 points for the year), mortgage rates tripled, home prices crashing, adding over 3 trillion to the debt in just 19 months, got 13 servicemen killed needlessly and left 83 billion dollars’ worth of high-tech military gear for the Taliban, 230 “vacation” days out of 580 in office (not including being infected with WuFlu twice in two weeks, getting us back into the Paris climate scam AND the Iranian Nuke deal, constantly lying to the people, allowing Russia to roll over Ukraine, weaponizing DOJ and FBI and he has managed to assemble to most incompetent group of advisers and Cabinet members in the history of the Presidency On a positive note he did give conservatives that really cool “ultra MAGA” label and he has so far managed to keep Kamaltoe out of the BIG chair. The only reason there is once again an adequate supply of ammo? Most people are spending their grocery money to buy gas to get to work and don’t have the extra money to spend on bullets or gas to get to the range, fortunately I don’t have that problem, so I am able to take advantage of the current availability of ammo. “Thanks, Braindead”…

        • Wow! You left minor speechless! Just kidding he’s coming up with a completely nonsensical rebuttal I’m sure.

        • Not because of Sleepy Joe.

          Yes, it REALLY is because of Braindead and his FAILED economic and energy policies that have left many American CITIZENS without expendable income to spend on “luxuries” so instead of buying up shitloads of ammo and heading to the range they are buying stuff like bread, milk, eggs and GAS and holding on to their stock of ammo for possible emergencies/self-defense… SO yeah it is BECAUSE of Covid Joe.

  9. I’ve made this clear in the past and nothing has changed. I want a toaster slot with a bagel option.

    The sprinkles are like a hotel minibar.

  10. I routinely go to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream and firearms and ammo. Its a super secret code thing, so I’m going to share it with you so promise not to tell anyone:

    1. you ask for sprinkles and you get ammo of your choice
    2. you ask for an ice cream with nuts in it and you get firearms of your choice.
    3. you ask for mint chocolate chip you get a .50 cal rifle of your choosing.
    4. other flavors and toppings brings even more firearms goodness

    Baskin Robbins, always well stocked with 31 flavors.

    • There are 223 Baskin-Robbins locations in CA. Interesting number, eh? The truth is out there…

    • I never knew that! I can’t stand York peppermint patties but mint chocolate chip icecream is my favorite! Gonna have to ask for extra sprinkles for sure.

    • Man–I have to find out what I can get for Rocky Road and Rainbow Sherbet. Maybe some special NFA goodies with hush-hush and giggleswitches?

  11. Study: Crime Guns Obtained Illegally Shortly Before Shootings

    Study says better enforcement of current law could result in a noticeable reduction in gun crime

    “The CIS respondents were almost all barred from purchasing a gun from a gun store because of their prior criminal record—as a result, their guns were obtained by illegal transactions with friends, relatives, and the underground market,” the researchers wrote.

    “We conclude that more effective enforcement of the laws governing gun transactions may have a quick and pervasive effect on gun use in crime,” the researchers said in the study’s abstract.

    • alien,

      Ah, but see, you’re pretending they actually WANT to reduce crime and “gun violence”. They don’t give a shart about either one. The ONLY thing “common sense gun safety laws” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) are meant to do is control us deplorables. Leftists gotta leftist; fascists gotta fascist.

      • Lamp, no pretense here, but you know that.

        Just another data point proving that Universal Background Checks are a farce. None of the criminals would have submitted to a background check because they already knew that they would not pass one.

        “The CIS respondents were almost all barred from purchasing a gun from a gun store because of their prior criminal record—as a result, their guns were obtained by illegal transactions with friends, relatives, and the underground market…”

        Some fool on the forum believes that UBCs will prevent criminals from obtaining weapons. He is incapable of understanding the very concept of “criminal.” He’s incapable of a great many things regarding intelligence but I’ll leave it at that.

    • Wild – since I don’t have a basement can ya do a guy a favor and send me a few samples via lend lease?

  12. In my experience, the average anti-gun nut knows next to nothing about the legalities surrounding the purchase and possession of anything related to firearms. I used to have a neighbor, knew her for several years before she discovered that I have a not-insignificant gun collection. One day, early in the morning, I was loading up for a trip to the range with some friends and she saw me carrying several cased guns to my truck. She asked, already slightly alarmed, “What do you have there?” I said, “Oh, this is a Winchester shotgun, that a Ruger rifle, these three are handguns, those two are Remington rifles,” etc. She turned white as a sheet, “So, those are all guns? “Yup, off for a day at the range.” Then she asked, “Are they registered?” I said, “Absolutely not! Maintaining a gun registry would be illegal and I am a law abiding citizen.” Her brain locked up and I took the opportunity of her grey matter trying to re-boot to break contact and get on with my day.

  13. IT’s entries such as this that –
    ONE Do your cause no good which may be or may be not a ‘good’ thing and
    TWO Do you really, really believe that Americans in general believe that the gun-owners of America get their guns free when there are gun dealers on every bloody corner ?
    If so then you are on the edge of reason and mentally unstable enough to ban you from ever ever owning a firearm of any sort .
    Desperation seems to be setting in among the Gun owners of America. If they don’t soon start to co-operate in the bringing about of some serious changes within the gun-owning community they will have forced upon them far more Draconian restrictions than maybe strictly nessessary.

    • Albert L J Hall, what in God’s name are you talking about? In America, we believe in the right to bear arms and that the government shall not infringe. No gun has ever been “free”. You have to pay for it with greenbacks.
      Seems that it is your mental stability that is seriously in question here.
      The only changes we want is putting violent criminals in jail where they belong.
      Don’t bring your dumbass “Draconian restrictions” here. They have already been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the US Supreme Court.
      Do us all a favor and get lost!

      • Actually, Albert claims to be old enough to remember when guns were free – as in Lend Lease and American citizens sending Brit citizens their private guns to be used in defense of Country.
        Hey Albert, can you tell us all how you thanked us for our efforts ? I’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with dumping our shit in an ocean… too bad you’re not currently communicating your rubbish in Germanic form.

    • they will have forced upon them far more Draconian restrictions than maybe strictly nessessary

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, seems like some dumbass TRIED that before…. Perhaps YOU should read more history books. And who the fuk told you there is a gun dealer on EVERY street corner? More moronic drivel…

    • A H, aren’t guns free in the u k! you don’t say, OH! that’s right you can’t even purchase a gun and the ruling class expect you to not complain and just die.
      Your inability to read and comprehend the English language is record setting.

    • Albert the Poncey Fake-Limey, Fake-Military,

      Cry harder, try harder, and lie harder. You are only persuasive to your fellow Leftist/fascists.

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