Brownells Giving Away $12,000 in Guns and Gear to Celebrate Their New Site Redesign

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Have you seen what Brownells has done to their web site? If you’re a longtime customer/buyer/lurker, you know that the shopping experience at hasn’t always been…optimal. That wasn’t exactly news to people at Brownells either, but you can probably imagine what’s involved in a huge undertaking like an ecommerce site redesign of that magnitude.

The folks in Iowa tell us it’s been five year long process, beginning with new ERP system, then basically rebuilding their entire ecommerce system from scratch. But the results appear to be worth all that effort and investment.

The new site is much more mobile friendly. Shopping on your phone wasn’t a pleasant experience before, but now they have larger photos and a simpler, better car and checkout system.

Another big plus: their search function now actually works. And the site’s overall navigation experience is far better than it used to be.

The process isn’t complete, though. You’ll soon have a feature at the top that will let you shop by firearm. So if you want a trigger assembly for a FN 509 pistol, you won’t have to wade through all of Brownells trigger assemblies. The filter will do that work for you.

And if you used to use their very handy firearm schematics, don’t worry, they’ll be back soon. In the mean time, Brownells wants to poke around the new site and see how it work. They’re also giving away a $12,000 bundle of guns, ammo and gear, so be sure to enter to win that, too.

Here’s their press release . . .

Brownells invites customers to help celebrate the grand opening of the new Brownells website starting Monday February 27 at

The new version of is optimized for mobile devices and features upgraded search functions along with a blog and content section.

The centerpiece of the New Website Grand Opening celebration is the Gun Room Giveaway that will give one lucky winner everything to fully outfit a gun room – including guns, ammo, accessories, optics, magazines, tools and cleaning supplies – a total retail value over $12,000.

The Gun Room Giveaway is sponsored by SIG Sauer, Magpul, Hornday, Brownells, and others and contains products from many leading companies.

In addition to the grand prize, the Gun Room Giveaway offers a $1,000 Brownells gift card for second place, and a $500 gift card for third place.

Contestants can enter for their chance to win at the Gun Room Giveaway page until March 5, 2023.

Throughout the Grand Opening celebration, visitors to the new Brownells website can expect great deals on products from Magpul, Leupold, Smith & Wesson, Federal, Hornady, Vortex and other great names in the firearms industry.

In addition, shoppers can find a special discount code on banners at during the Grand Opening. 

To see the new Brownells website, and to learn more about the Grand Opening giveaways and deals, visit

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      • I have no social media, and don’t comment on any other site than TTAG.

        Someone asked me just last week if I have a LinkedIn account, and then looked at me like I was from Mars when I told him “nope, never”.

        No social media, and unfortunately all the guns-n-ammo awarded to me in this contest would have to be reported, registered, and subjugated to the CADOJ. CA would see this as an “arsenal”. No thanks. I don’t need the additional info asterisked on the dossier CA already has on me in some database.

    • Same. And in order to win they will find an account that gets them tons of views for the giveaway anyways. Normal people don’t win this stuff, and I’d be surprised if anyone wins a majority of these things at all actually.

      • I’ve always been a little suspicious of the Brownell contest ‘methodology’ for selecting winners. I’ll put it this way, in one past contest one of the winners was a person who had not entered the contest. I’m not accusing wrong doing, but if a person doesn’t enter the contest how do they win?

        • Yup. It would be nice if Brownells accepted TTAG as a valid social media account for purposes of their contest.

          To reiterate Jeffro’s comment: Ain’t got none of the social media accounts they specify.

        • I belong to no socialist media and entered with no problemo…I also have a Brownell’s account. Sounds more like Brownells is trying to avoid shipping 12K worth of product to some 12 year old’s home address…the media would have a field day with that.

    • …that is not true. I just logged into the site with my pre-existing account, logged out, hit the ‘create an account button’, and was not prompted for third-party social media account authentication at any point.

      You may have installed a sketchy browser plug-in that’s doing credential collection.

      • Derp. Just realized you were probably referring to the contest, not Yeah, for the promotional event, they want you to tell your friends.

    • It looks like you can enter once without any social media. I entered one of these before and regretted it because they sell your email. As soon as I unsubscribed to their spam, another address began sending it. It took about three years of unsubscribing to various addresses before it stopped. I would only enter the contest with a junk email address.

    • The site is great for finding schematics and part numbers.
      The problem for me is only once did they have something in stock.
      Most of the time I would order from Numrich.

  1. I guess I’m in the lurker category. Entered very few contests ever. Nowadaze you’re harassed till the world ends if you do anything social media. I still get BS daily on Email which I apparently can’t delete(I do a mass purge every so often). I’ll continue watching Brownells YouTube channel…

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