Comp-Tac DCH Dual Concealment Holster
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The FN 509, in all of its iterations, is one of our favorite 9mm pistol platforms. Whether it’s a concealed carry gun, a duty-sized pistol, something tactical or something competitive, there’s an FN 509 to meet your needs. But strangely, not every holster maker molds rigs for 509 pistols. One maker that’s filling that hole in their lineup is the Comp-Tac/High Speed Gear/BlackPoint group. They’ve just announced a range of new rigs for your 509 9mm handgun.

Here’s their press release . . .

High Speed Gear, Comp-Tac and BlackPoint Tactical have created a variety of magazine pouches and holsters to support FN’s 509 tactical, 509 compact, 509 MRD and their 10, 12, 15, 17 and 24 size magazines.

Below are some the newest High Speed Gear family of products that support the FN 509 bundles.

CT3 Level III Duty Holster – Designed for users to achieve a master grip before drawing the weapon. Combined with the autolocking ejection port lock and the intuitive self-activated hood system, makes this one of the fastest level III holsters on the market today.

Polymer TACO V2 – Magazine Pouch line offering patented TACO adaptability and adjustable retention. Compatible with various magazine sizes.

International Holster – Sleek and conservative holster option offering fast draw speeds and OWB concealability.

Comp-Tac QD Holster

QD Holster – Holster option offering an inside-the-waistband clip and outside-the-waist band paddle to configure to either carry style the user may choose.

Leather Wing Holster – Provides the reliability and functionality of Kydex holsters and the comfort and concealment of traditional leather holsters all in one.

DCH Holster – available to fit the FN509 along with TLR-7A


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  1. I ordered a blackpoint tactical holster. I was seriously disappointed. It was a leather wing w/ a WML and it just didn’t sit right, crooked, and the leather looked cheap almost vinyl.

  2. I’m confused about the FN 509. I have plenty of pistols, I shoot a lot, and I really don’t understand why that gun has a following. It is very expensive, I have a wilson and a walther Q4SF, as well as many more normal plastic guns. The triggers aren’t good, the ergonomics are pretty good, the gun waterlocks from very minimal amounts of water, the magazines are outrageous. It has price points that are common for higher end guns, it’s a basic plastic gun. Outside of, “you’re an idiot” or some comment that doesn’t address the question what is it about that gun that keeps it going?

    • “Outside of, ‘you’re an idiot’ or some comment that doesn’t address the question what is it about that gun that keeps it going?”

      black magic and caffeine fueled posting on the internet.

      • actually the 509, its not bad it’s just not great like people say. I like mine sort of and I don’t like it sort of. its not the best I have, very much prefer my Glocks and Sigs in comparison.

    • Woody I think judging from those who have them that I know it’s just different. They didn’t like Glock cause …. They didn’t like sig cause …. And this has the cool guy color.
      I’ve shot them and it was ok but that’s about all I know. No one really listed a specific reason it was better or best.

      • acquired taste. That sort of undefined ‘its different and tastes like … but can’t really pin it down’ thing but mixed in with some gun snobbery, acquired taste.

  3. the Comp-Tac/High Speed Gear/BlackPoint group holsters – overall nothing unique, overall nothing that can not be gotten elsewhere at better prices and better quality, mixed in with sometimes shoddy materiel/workmanship and overpriced stuff.


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