Brownell's CCW Sash: Must Have Tacticool Accessory?
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The Brownells company has faithfully served gun owners for decades. Furthermore, the People of the Gun appreciate companies that don’t bend to the whims of social justice warriors. And Brownells has lots of good products as well as a few oddball offerings to accommodate virtually any gun owner, including the “CCW Sash”.

At first I thought this CCW sash just as silly as a concealed carry badge – or turn signal fluid. However, after reading the reviews, I have to reconsider my earlier skepticism. And maybe you should too.

While a CCW badge might get you arrested for impersonating an officer, a CCW sash could help render you safe without risk of arrest. Several reviewers pointed out that the sash serves to announce your armed status to the world even better than open carry.

Take Ed the Hunk from Chicago’s product review, titled, “My only regret is not buying this sooner”:

My hat is off to whoever came up with this sash! Until I found this I was forced to tie a balloon to my belt with the words “CCW Permit Holder – Here to help” written in permanent marker. Trouble is that the balloon would sometimes pop which would force me to get in my defensive stance and draw my primary, backup and flare guns. Most of the time I’d drop at least one of the guns and embarrass myself. Also, those kids from the trailer park would sometimes wait for me in the bushes and throw darts at me to try to pop my balloon. On several occasions I tried explaining to them that it’s not easy to write things evenly on a balloon and that they should show me some respect because I’m one of the good guys. Anyway, ever since I bought this sash I no longer have to worry about the balloon popping problems. Now everyone knows I’m concealed carrying and is that what it’s really all about? P.S. this makes a great holiday gift. The material is a fine quality and the color easily coordinates with most outfits.

Likewise, Gary the Protector from Milwaukee shows that he’s always looking out for his fellow man.

If you are serious about self defense and the Second Amendment then this item is a must, period. I carry all day, every day, waiting for danger to strike at any time. I am a Sheepdog through and through, and since it’s my responsibility to ensure the safety of those around me this sash lets them know that if trouble were to arise that they have nothing to fear with me there. I actually carry two of these, in case one malfunctions or if I have to sash a fellow sheepdog as well. One is none, Two is one. I also carry my official CCW badge, something all professionals must also carry. I sent multiple emails to Brownells to start selling both items together as a pack, as you need both anyway. My only complaint is that the sash is made a little small; I wear a size XXXXL and it’s a little hard to deploy at a moments notice. I’ve sent multiple emails about this as well. That aside, every single Professional CCW badge carrying Sheepdog needs this, buy two immediately.

Brownell's CCW Sash: Must Have Tacticool Accessory?

Meanwhile Stonecold from Oden, Arkansas likes the Brownell’s sash for use with his girlfriend(s).

This is simply the greatest idea since sliced bread. I have two and wear one or the other constantly. What is the use of carrying concealed if no one knows? I wear one in my daily activities outside the home and believe me it gets the girls to focus on my tactical ability. I wear the other around the house, usually nude, so my girlfriend(s) can see that I am carrying a deadly weapon even when my 45 auto is in the gun safe. Thank you for this product. I may buy another one this week.

While Stonecold wants to impress his girl(s), Ivor-Bigun from Nampa, ID cares about his civic responsibility:

I received this item as a Xmas present from our Guardian Angel’s Chapter Leader. Just when I think it could get any better we had a weekend Tacticool Defense Training weekend camp at the local YMCA where we learned the following mind blowing uses: 1. Knife Attack Disarm – Krav Maga technique Ala Steven Seagal. 2. Life saving tourniquet with the help of my bic-pen – Ala Macgyver 3. Emergency Restraint System – ala TJ Hooker All in all I have to say this item is a win win for those who take their civic responsibility seriously. If you want to go to the next level then feel free to add the CCW Helmet we roll with as well!!

Brownell's CCW Sash: Must Have Tacticool Accessory?

At the same time, Reggie from Freedomland suggests improvements, including blinking LED lights for night-time use.

I love my CCW sash. The worst part about carrying a gun concealed is everyone around you not knowing you are armed. The sash is much more visible than a handgun in a holster. This way everyone knows I have a gun and not to mess with me. If someone looks at me funny all I have to do is blade at 45* and they back off every time. I wish they made it in different colors so I could color coordinate with my outfits. Blinking LED lights would also be nice for nighttime wear.

Get yours while Brownells still has them on clearance for $24.99.


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  1. I was thing on something similar based on the Second Photograph. But by hindsight, it sounded as Stupid as Both Photographs…

    • Tom,

      If John Boch’s article is not satire, I can almost guarantee you that the people who allegedly wrote those comments/reviews were trolls since they mentioned all of the false armed citizen stereotypes that gun-grabbers love to spew.

  2. I wear something that’s more direct. A t-shirt that states “keep calm and carry guns”.
    I get many strangers thanking me and agreeing with my t-shirt statement.

      • I have one of those mugs. Pretty funny when most people assume it’s a starbucks mug. Every once in a while you get some observant person that gives you a giggle or “nice”.

  3. Hahahahaha….I thought that’s what “shoot me first” vests and 5.11 clothing was for

  4. If your wearing that then your not concealed at all and may violate conceal carry laws depending on location. Printing is also illegal in concealed only jurisdictions. That way the unwashed masses wouldn’t know so their panties wouldn’t be in a wad.

    I just prefer open carry instead of looking like some kind of super hero with a cape. Open carry is far more accepted than running around looking like a crossing guard. And non POTG probably wouldn’t know what CCW stood for anyway.


    • “Printing is also illegal in concealed only jurisdictions.”

      Just because the sash has printing on it doesn’t mean that you’re printing.

      Also, I’d be interested to see how a “printing” charge held up in court over this sash. I don’t think the charge would be going anywhere since the sash is protected by the 1A.

      • You could also say that carrying a firearm is a first amendment statement if you are making a political statement and/or an awareness march.

        Each state with its own laws. Would be interesting to see the charge and outcome.

      • “Your honor, my sash is clearly written in cursive so no printing occurred.”

        “Case dismissed.”

    • Ok. (red faced and face palm) I got. Its a joke. What I get for not reading thru. Had me hook line and sinker.

      Seriously tho, one failed amendment to the open carry bill in Texas, a democrat was to have to us wear a badge and have your LTC in plain sight in an ID holder. Badge and ID on your belt next to your carry piece. Glad that failed.

  5. But will it stop multiple hits from .338 Lapua while I fight my way through swarms of bad guys to get to the golf cart and deploy a full auto whatever-is-now-better-than-that-jam-o-matic-MP5 to defend the mall!?

    • If it’s anywhere near as strong as the all mighty PT belt, is should not only stop all though things, but make you impervious to vehicular catastrophes.

  6. I guess my ultimate CCW “sash” might be my old 8 3/8″ Model 29-2 in that old leather holster on my hip I used deer hunting back in the 1980s. 🙂

  7. This was a good one. You almost had me at “a CCW sash could render you safe without risk of arrest…” but I read a bit farther and “got it” about the time of the XXXXL

    When I had active shooter training a fair amount of participants would fail to notice a badge on a neckchain. Stuff just doesn’t register in that situation the way it would normally- which makes sense, as your brain (knowing it’s a life\death situation) is pulling all the alarm handles to get you to act immediately and worry more about the gun in someone’s hand than some little sash, cloth, or metal on their torso.

    Interestingly, the best identification advice I heard was to watch how the person moved. If you watch videos of these mass killers, they tend go about things a certain way. And their movements and mannerisms are often very different than what you would get from someone with tactical training.

  8. I was going to say, that it should come with a tiara. . . until I saw the pic with the lighted hardhat.

  9. Turn signal fluid is handy. You guys should also keep an extra set of muffler bearings on hand.

  10. Is it just me, or is 99% of “specialty” humor just not very good? I’ve never seen any instance of specifically gun-related humor that elicited more than one of those “expel a little air out the nose” chuckles of mild appreciation, which is odd because specifics are usually funnier than generalities. I guess it may have more to do with the vast majority of people not being all that funny to start with.

    Unless Brownell’s isn’t kidding about these things, because that would be hilarious.

    • Well these things are on fire cause I heard they will get you admitted to any gun range you show up at. But word on the net is that Brownell’s shipping dept is pissed because a memo went out saying mandatory overtime until they catch up with all the orders.

      I’m a gonna wait for a free shipping code though.

  11. And the best part is it’s on sale. 24.99 down from 34.99. That’s a bargain right there.

  12. Well I do not know about the sash, I definitely do like the hat, now if it came in Tin Foil, oh hell yes….. On a serious note however, I carry concealed for the surprise factor, or ” got the drop on them.” I do not want someone knowing I have a handgun until I need it.

    • The funny thing is that one COULD make an argument that in states that prohibit open carry some people might want to wear something that broadcasts that they are armed as a deterrent while staying within the conceal law, giving such items a theoretical purpose.

      I wouldn’t buy any of that with someone else’s money, much less my own, but I’ve heard weirder things to justify strange purchases.

  13. this is so awesome, i have to get all this stuff. talk about being the life of the party!!! its like your an adult hall monitor!! with lights!!!!!!

  14. If you want something REALLY practical, check out Cherries Apparel. The CCW/Police/Sherrif hats are a practical way to identify yourself AFTER a defensive shooting has occured. Easy to carry and efficient. Used in Israel by plainclothes and off duty police when involved in shooting event.
    I carry mine folded in back pocket. Never had to use…yet. Not a gimmic.

    • For a split second the idea occurred to me that would be a legitimate purpose for this, but no, after a defensive gun use, I want to make sure the cops know where my gun is, and know that it is not a threat to them.

  15. I suggest we make a sash that anti-gunners can wear – sort of a real “shoot-me-first” sash… 🙂

  16. This is what happens when 4chan weapons board “k” denizens try to one up each other making fake reviews for a dumb product.

    I am actually amused to see this here.

  17. You cleared the school, perp is going room temp you put this on before cops arrive. Your gun is holstered and concealed, they say thanks and shoot you anyway because they wanted to serve & protect…..someone. 🙂

    They didn’t get the memo or see this on Brownell’s YouTube channel because….oh yeah!

  18. Perhaps it should say “CHL” instead of “CCW”. The former identifies the person as possessing a “Concealed Handgun License”, while the latter simply states “Carrying Concealed Weapon”.

    And if you’re wearing the Sash, you are more than likely not concealing your handgun anymore. But you still ARE a Concealed Handgun License holder.

    My two cents.

  19. I don’t know about any place else, but in Ohio that has as much legal relevance to the notification requirement of a dead garter snake draped over your shoulders.

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